im thinking of making a blog just for photos

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hi!! i just found your blog and I absolutely love your art! if its no trouble, could I ask how you draw your noses? im not that great with them and yours look so amazing :P

Ok I’m not the best at explaining but I use a reference photo of the character I wanna draw and study how their nose looks

for example Torbjörns nose is very crooked and big while tracer has a pointy small nose.



prim!!!!!!!! you beautiful soul!!!!!! thank u so much for all that you do. i’ve been following your blog for a while now and the amount of love you have for everyone is astounding. u always reblog so many of your tagged photos even if they don’t fit your theme perfectly and it’s so nice!! you’ve reblogged so many of mine and it honestly has made my self esteem go up a lot! you’ve been getting hate lately and i’m not making this just because i’m a part of the “sunshine club”. seriously guys, i didn’t think i’d get in, im a very small blog (1.1k followers), and don’t have an established anything really. so it really was inclusive and will continue to b so! anyways prim, thank you for trying to be a literal ray of sunshine when this website often gets so dark. it’s rare to find someone who genuinely cares so much abt the well-being of strangers. we all love you very much and appreciate your kind heart. 💛💫🌈

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I love your blog and all of your photos. I desire greatly to live this life, but much like you were, im sitting in class thinking, yearning. Did you finish college before you did this? How do you make money?

Thank you! not everything is as my photos make it, most of these photos have been taken in the course of 2 years. It takes time and dedication but if you want to make it livable you will find a way. Focus on shooting what you can and getting better and I promise the rest just comes. 

I never did the college thing, I learn better on my own and I know that if I went to college it wouldn’t be for me. 

I’m actually starting a volg to talk about how what this life really is, and just life in general. it’s starting right now with just trip vlogs but it will be evolving into something more.  

uhhh yea so who is this person in my submissions that thinks im gonna post their photography to my blog to get promo’d to all of my followers when they have never spoken to me before and are not following me??? and their content is not even relevant to anything ive ever posted before in my life? and there’s not even a caption to provide context for the photo? 

 I know how difficult it can be to get your work noticed and just how much traffic you really need to make it but uuuuhhhhhh at least introduce yourself to me first maybe

also its time to close my submit i think, i only had it on so someone could show me their drawing awhile back 

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i think you've already exposed me once before but you should do the yfip thing for me

  • has the same name as one of my best friends
  • n o about page linked in bio !!!!!!!!!! ??
  • i still think of her as pctrohclus rip in rest 
  • every time i see her name i start singing olivia by 1d 
    • i want a refund bc it makes me cry i miss them
  • i just clicked on her desktop blog for the first time and started sobbing bc a big ass photo of harry attacked me 
  • doesnt have harry OR 1d on her tags page smh,, #fakefan

request; Could you do a 4/4 ( or just any of the boys) where it’s almost prom and when y/n sends a picture of her dress to them they think it’s a little to tight or shows to much? I just found your blog and it’s adorable 💜

it won’t let me put more than 10 photos so im gonna post 2/4 on this post and on another 2/4. that’d make 4/4. thanks for the request! 😘

i feel like i don’t fit in with the studyblr community.

now, this community is one of the nicest group of people ive ever seen! but i also dont fit into the typical “studyblr” box.

im trans,
i dont have enough money to buy muji or anything other than walmart,
i don’t go to target (too far) or stationery stores,
i don’t have apple products,
i don’t have a spotless and aesthetically pleasing white/black desk (years of crafting has left my desk covered in dried glitter, glue, paint and marker),
im not good at taking photos,
im too anxious to approach anyone in the community,
im riddled with depressive states and anxiety,

im not what people think of when they hear “studyblr” and that’s why it took so long for me to make this blog (a year!!) and that’s why im making this post.
im not sure what the real point of this is- not attention, but more of, recognition.

i want to meet others in similar (and different!) situations.
i want to point out the diversity this community has that goes overlooked.
i dunno, i just want u guys to know that i… exist? that there’s true diversity here and that we deserve to be the face of this community too- everyone does.

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how do you make your screenshots so pretty I've looked all over your tags to see if you did a tutorial bc I think I remember you doing one but I can't find it im sorry -.-

no it’s fine i really don’t expect people to scour my blog looking for an answer when it’s a lot easier just to ask! i take my screenshots in miiverse (i no longer have an sd card reader otherwise i’d probably only use it occasionally). then i open them in photoshop and resize them before i do anything else - 540px for one photo, 268px for two photos, 177px for three photos are tumblr’s standard dimensions. then i reduce the noise and sharpen, i posted the settings i used to use here but i no longer use those ones. after that i just add a couple of filters depending on what i want it to look like, usually a gradient map on soft light, a photo filter, sometimes curves. hope this helps!