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when you think about the way taylor said that “she found herself and somehow that was everything” in the 1989 prologue and how in ‘finding herself’ in the ootw mv we never got to see her full face, and then you compare that with lwymmd where the ootw taylor is now a bedraggled zombie, you could maybe imply that in fact during and shortly after the 1989 era, taylor never really actually found herself.

she realised soon after that those muddy explorations were more or less a ‘failure’ and that her life unfortunately became an entanglement of sorts; she lost her kingdom keys whilst screaming so loud but no one heard a thing. you could say at this stage, she truly finally felt what she’d previously acknowledged in the past, being: “i don’t know if you know who you are until you lose who you are” and in losing herself entirely, she erased all memory of the characters she used to be, got smarter and harder in the nick of time, and she completely reinvented herself, reinvented her ‘reputation’, and made it into the clear. she doesn’t trust nobody and nobody trusts her, but she knows where she stands, and she is ready to reveal the almighty truth that lies beneath her.

i find it interesting how she mentions “in my dreams, i know i’m gonna be with you.” she knows she’s going to be with him, but where? in a dream. i find this an interesting, subtle detail. think of all the relationships she had that were like a dream come true, but were ruined by the media. but there’s one place those relationships can stay untouched, forever together, and where is that? in the middle of the night, in her dreams.

OK BUT GUYS has anyone thought about how we don’t actually know what they made Taylor do?? Like, LWYMMD really just tells us that she’s fighting back now. We don’t even know what extremes the media/backbiters’ screwing over of her reputation has taken her to. That’s what we’ll find out when the rest of the album comes out; and may I just say, I sure wouldn’t want to be them right now.

somebody reblogged one of my miscellaneous posts about taylor swift and implied that im incapable of thinking critically or reading context clues. also, a few posts up they called taylor swift a creative genius,


time moved too fast

you play it back

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people keep talking about the fact that Speak Now Era Taylor really isn’t anywhere to be seen in Look What You Made Me Do, and I think there’s something to say about that. That was the album Taylor wrote completely by herself when she was 18/19/20. That album was completely from her heart and there wasn’t much influence from anyone else, especially not in the lyrics. I think this was an album that was completely Taylor and I think Taylor recognizes that and respects that part of herself. While, yes, all of the other albums came from her heart, there was something about Speak Now that was so pure. It was just after the Kayne drama first started, and it was before the media, and the world hated her blindly for being herself. I think she left out Speak Now Taylor because she still believes fully in the things she wrote about at that stage of her life, that those lyrics are still just as meaningful to her as they were to all of us. Just a thought.  @taylorswift

...Ready For It?

Don’t let the sick beat fool you, this song is hella personal. To me it sounds like she’s anxious about the relationship because she knows what the media can do and has done to them in the past. Maybe we have been looking at this all wrong guys. Maybe in this song, she’s dreaming, not about what they do in the bedroom, but about what it would like to just be with someone without all of the background noise. She knows that with her status, that will never happen though. So she’s asking him in this song, “are you ready to never know what normal is ever again?” And I think that’s kinda sad.

im still thinking about that taylor swift song its literally so funny??? first of all its just too sexy for my shirt. second of all she didnt DO anything?? third the music video is a wanna be lemonade!!!!!!!!!!!! i wish she would just do country songs again she never tried (and failed) to stir the pot back then

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I have been puzzled why she made her rs with him so public recently with the trump/kushner connection looming, but making sure people know you had a bf for 4 yrs before u dump him sort of makes sense, bc face it a lot of people didn't know she had a bf. So close to tayv!n tho , I don't know. I suppose time is of the essence tho if she wants to cut that association with trump.

This seems like a puzzle, and the pieces are beginning to fit together too nicely for all of this to be a coincidence. 

See, I’m starting to think they had this plan made up at least 6 months ago, probably even more… From every front. Starting off with Taylor and Calvin specifically, I’m starting to think they weren’t meant to end in February like we initially thought at the time. I think they were dong what they did last fall… They cooled off because they had nothing to really promote , but once they did, they increased their stunting. They also needed to make sure everyone knew they made it to one year. But once the promo period for NR was over in March, and everyone knew they made it to one year? They started seeding the break up for 2 months. They increased before it ended. 

As for Karlie and Josh, I first want to talk about the lack of Josh’s presence on that NYE trip. They tagged him in one post (when they were heading home), but we never saw his face. He was not there. At the time, we all thought this was extremely weird considering they’ve gone on a trip every year for the past 3 years. Him being a no show is also why I think they’ve had this plan for at least 6 months. It was clearly an intentional move not to have Josh on that trip. Just like Taylor and Calvin did, Karlie and Josh cooled off right before they amped it up. Josh was basically non existent in January and February (as was Calvin). But right when Taylor started to seed her own break up, Karlie and Josh started increasing. The timing on all of this is again super intersting to me, especially now that it seems like Karlie is dropping Josh. Which, that might have something to do with the Trump association, but like I said, this plan seems to have been made up a long time ago. The way Karlie and Taylor are following the same pattern is what has me really looking back through the last 6 months. They both increased their own stunting before the “relationship” started to end… They even got papped mad/angry with their beards to help seed! 

Then you factor in how long Taylor has been planning this move back to New York, and things really start to click. Like I talked about in this post, the move back, renting the place in West Village, and the renovations have been in the works for months. So all of a sudden within 2-3 weeks we have one beard dropped, Taylor moves a  1/2 mile away from Karlie, and now there’s the potential for another beard to be dropped? It’s too perfect for this not to have been planned out long ago. 

Now, some of this depends on if Karlie really is getting rid of Josh. I personally think she is because if her team wanted those angry shots covered up, Daily Mail wouldn’t have mentioned it again in their last article on her. Especially since  that’s her team’s mouth piece. Only time will tell on this one. 

TL;DR - Nothing is a coincidence, and the girls seem to have a plan, one we are finally seeing. 

The thing I love most about Taylor is how she unites us. The girl next to us in the Manchester pit was sobbing away just like we were to the Clean speech, but she was in the pit by herself, so while I had my best friends to hold my hand and cry with me, she didn’t. I looked over at her as Taylor was talking and she was literally ballingEnglish wasn’t her first language, but as Taylor was talking we both shared this look, and it that moment love for Taylor was communication enough. Before I knew it I grabbed her hand really tight in mine, just like my best friend was doing to me, and we shared the moment together. That is what Taylor has always represented to me. Not only her songs, but her very attitude to us and to life is so totally inclusive. 

It feels like everything Taylor does and writes says, I understand, and if I don’t understand, then I’m here for you anyway.