im the specimen

I hate people who say girls only watch football to impress guys. Nope, I watch it because I actually enjoy it, and because I want to stare at their massive asses lol bye


My lady slipper v raisin pie bloomed today and my friends all said it looks like a penis :(

—- Well, flowers and plants do sadly (hilariously?) Have that connotation attached to them but that’s not necessarily a bad thing unless it really bothers you… But the more important thing to focus on here is HOLY DAMN LOOK AT THAT ORCHID THAT’S SUCH A COOL ORCHID Thank you so much for sharing this pic with me its such a beautiful plant you should be very proud of it.

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Why don't you ever say 'her' name?

What, Five? It’s an imperfect name, because the numeral differs depending on timeline. Besides I find it strange to keep refering to Her by name, it’s too formal. And I don’t expect you to recognize the nicknames I call Her.


we went hiking today with bandit and obie of @noodle-dragon!! we had a blast, and i cant wait to go again :^D