im the same height as drew

joltikhime  asked:

for the requests thing!! can you draw the jettwins hugging/cuddling please? ;v;

I drew them hugging! i hope you like it @joltikhime !

I also was playing around with the effects, ill get really good with them I promise


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According to the wiki, John's the tallest, George and Paul are the same height, and Ringo's the shortest. But I think in real life George Harrison is taller than the other three?

it says both paul and john are 5′11 (the fact that real paul is that big is terrifying tbh)

george is 5′10

and ringo is 5′6

so the cartoon was almost right. now if they had any consistency in the way they drew them as to the way they described them…

So I’m gonna tell you guys about a dream i had. Usually i don’t remember dreams too well but this one has stuck with me all day bc i just can’t stop thinking about it. 

Basically i dreamt that Nintendo realised a new game for their new console, which i was so pumped about. The game was super plot based and a 3d platformer (think 3d world) and it was great. The game had lots of cut scenes too and mario in it got married to peach and they settled down. 

Soon mario and peach had a daughter and i guess bc my mind had never seen what that would actually look like, it just threw together traits of peach and mario and patched them onto a child bc??? holy shit this kid was ugly. Like the worst thing i have ever seen. She had mario’s face and nose, but peaches lips and eyes. Her body was stout like mario’s but had peach’s tiny legs and hands. Her clothes were a strange amalgamation too. Also even though she was a baby she was the same height as mario???

I woke up after that bc i thought that was a sign that the dream was turning into a nightmare and i didn’t want to see the rest lmao

i drew a rough sketch so you can all know my pain:


I couldn’t decide on a background

y o u  D I R T Y  B R O T H E R  K I L L E R 

I’ve had so much fun drawing these!!

I plan on drawing frisk with the rest of the characters, but here, some FRISK-y doodles 

more to come!

(*drawing Undertale characters fill me with determination) (click on the pictures for a running commentary)