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ace-flux will solace headcanons because ive seen a lot of anti-ace stuff recently:

1) will solace didnt know when it started, just that, for as long as he’s known about [salt n peppa voice] S.E.X., he’s been… more fluid about it. when he’s younger, about the age most people start thinking about this stuff, he figures he’s just got mixed feelings. other people his age are all gungho and loud about it, but he feels.. something else. something less, almost. he doesnt know any of the words for it. it confuses him sometimes. he brushes it off as him just being weird, because its better than the voice inside telling him hes broken

2) he doesnt really date anyone, has a few crushes, but finds himself .. worried. the way he sees it, he only wants them sometimes, even if he thinks he wants them romantically all the time. he tells himself that people deserve better. he tells himself to give up and just be alone. “take one for the team”, so to speak. that is, until nico di angelo comes along.

3) will cant figure out what it is about nico that makes will want to date him so much. when he asks himself, the answer is always “everything”. he’s terrified to let himself be with nico, but he cant help his hands shaking and his breath disappearing when nico is near. he gets so nervous, his entire stomach and chest full of butterflies, that he can barely speak. all he wants is to be close to nico. he sometimes imagine himself and nico falling in love, giggling quietly to himself, before pushing the thought from his head. it always returns, and hes glad for it

4) when he and nico do get together, it doesnt take long for them to say “i love you” and “i want to be with you always”. theyre disgustingly sweet and mushy in private, balancing it out with sarcastic, biting comments in public, both laughing quietly to themselves. nico doesnt like pda, so this is their substitute. will loves it. he loves nico. he loves everything about his life right now.

5) it doesnt take long for them to be intimate, either, despite what most people would assume. will doesnt mind - it excites him, which doesnt happen often - and for a while, he feels like nico has fixed him. maybe they were right, maybe he just hadnt found the right person. until one day, when theyre cuddling and nico starts implying he wants more, kissing at will’s neck and whispering sweet words. and will doesnt feel the same excitement he did before. it makes him so worried, he makes a face and wiggles away a bit. nico pulls back and looks at him in worry. “everything okay?” he asks and will nods and nods, but he’s nervous. its not that he doesnt want nico. hes still in love with nico. but, he doesnt want to be touched right now, not like that, not at all. “im sorry,” he says in a guilty whisper and nico quiets him with a quick kiss to the lips. “dont be sorry. you know we dont have to, right?” will nods, and they go back to cuddling, but will cant help the guilt that creeps in. maybe he’ll always be broken.

6) it happens again and again as they start to become more intimate, and it makes will afraid. he wants to be better. he doesnt want to be this way - he wants to make nico happy. sometimes, he tries to force himself, but nico always notices and puts a stop to it himself. “you arent broken” he promises. “theres nothing wrong with you” but will doesnt believe him. he tries to, knows nico isnt a liar, but cant help but feel.. maybe hes the liar himself, for pretending he could be normal, in a happy relationship with a guy. he wonders why nico hasnt given up on him.

7) it isnt until later, when theyre off at some pride event (both of their firsts, theyre so excited its almost hilarious) and he sees all the different flags that it comes out into the open. will carries a little bi flag, waving it happily, with different trans flag buttons and “he/him” buttons. nico has his own small gay flag, wearing a few small rainbow pins and, thanks to will’s insistence, a huuuge, flamboyant rainbow hat, with feathers and glitter - so much glitter!!! theyre both grinning like fools, holding hands, and staring around like kids im a candy shop. they find people decked to their bones with purple, grey, and black flags and will asks “what flag is it?” so they tell him what asexually is, and his eyes grow wide, smile falling in surprise. “you mean, thats normal?” the people smile at him and nod. they understand. “what if its… only sometimes.” nico rubs circles on will’s fingers and it almost distracts him from hearing the word they say “that would be ace-flux. you can go from sexual to asexual, dont worry. its normal.” ace-flux. ace… will isnt broken. and if he is, then all of these people are too. hes not a freak. “im… im that? im not bad?” they hand him a little ace flag to go with the bi one. “told you so,” says nico, which makes will laugh. no one says anything about how wet it sounds, or about the obvious tears stinging his eyes. they wave and walk away from the other aces, but will doesnt stop thinking about it all day. he’s not broken. he’s asexual.

The Babysitting

Summary: Based off of angreydj’s separation Au, and some family hcs’ of my own. So basically Capt. U convinced, Krupp to babysit George and Harold for the weekend. Don’t know why, but you know screw logic in fanfics right ?

“Can you remind me again Captain, why I am babysitting those little devils ?”

The glare Mr.Krupp gave Captain Underpants could freeze any student of Jerome Elementary School, although it couldn’t even faze the bubbly man in front of him grinning in front of him.

“Because Benny, they didn’t have anyone to watch them!” That grin was a weapon, and Captain UNderpants knew how to use that against him, “Now splash me with water! I want to be with them all weekend, and we can’t do that if we don’t fuse back right now!

Captain Underpants now had his hands in front of his face both hands clutching together with Krupp’s own and practically vibration off the floor ( He may have to check if Captain had ADHD, but he could deal with that another time.) Krupp sighed he wouldn’t win.

“Alright, just let’s not destroy the house tomorrow and Sunday okay ?” He eyed him as he poured the water in the cup.

“Of course Benny, besides this will be great practice from when we have our own.”

“OUR WHAT ?!” in the panic of flusterness and panic, Krupp splashed Captain Underpants with the water.

In a pink flash Krupp, was once again, alone in the room with only his thoughts of possible children and the impending hell for the next few days.


Saturday, a day which is supposed to be relaxing and peaceful.

Not for Benjamin Krupp, who spent the whole day worrying and fretting for 3:00, the time of reckoning. When the notorious pranksters of his school come into his, his safe zone and place of rest, until Sunday the next day at 12:00. By the end of the day he just knew he was going to regret the whole ordeal.

But yet, even though they were going to be in his house, Krupp couldn’t get over Captain Underpants word from yesterday. Those 4 words shook him down to his very core “When we have our own.”

But yet, time flies and by the time he was done thinking it was 3:00, and he heard his doorbell ring. He got up from his love chair and opened the door. There in front of him were George and Harold, and the corner of his vision he saw a car speeding away.

He them gestured inside and closed the door and immediately snapped his fingers. In a flash of light pink, there standing next to Mr.Krupp was none other Captain Underpants.

Mr.Krupp fidgeted uncomfortably and coughed, “ So, what do you, two wanna do ?”

George spoke up first, as Harold was talking to Captain Underpants. “ We haven’t had dinner yet, we could totally eat something now, and we brought some board games. Right Harold ?”

Harold Still talking to Captain underpants, just absentmindedly said “uh huh” and went back to talking to him. Something about dolphins with lasers? He really didn’t want to know.

Mr.Krupp saw what was happening Harold and Captain Underpants and then looked to George, and sighed “Well George, I don’t think those two are going to tire that conversation anytime soon how about you and me make dinner, and teach you How to make some real food, and not that microwave crap they sell nowadays.”

George gave Mr.Krupp a quizeled look for a second before smiling, “ Yeah okay! What are we going to make ?”

Krupp could only give a sincere smile, “ We’re going to make something,my mom, used to make its, called Tomato Basil Soup. We used to have a lot of leftover chicken, so this dish was fairly common in my childhood home.”

“That sounds so good, Mr.Krupp let’s get cooking!”

George grabs Mr. Krupp by his hand and started dragging him towards the kitchen. Krupp could only laugh at George’s excitement at making a new meal.


“So Harold, my trusty sidekick, how have you been besides , making comics about dolphins with lasers?”

Harold immediately lit up at that question like he was just waiting for somebody asked either it be mr. Krupp or Captain Underpants. “Well Captain Underpants, there’s this boy at Jerome Horwitz Elementary who just transferred from Florida right? And he’s super cute I think, I might even invite him with us to Treehouse some time.”

Captain Underpants chuckled, “ Well Harold, it seems like a very special boy! Do you know his name?”

Harold faltered at that question. “ Well, no. But George is going to help me later at school on Monday so I can get to know him better though. You know George he’s my like 90% if my courage”

They both laughed, that statement. knowing that George being Harold’s courage was the same as Krupp being Captain Underpants courage.

Before they can get another word in their conversation, Mr. Krupp yelled the kitchen saying dinner was ready.

That dinner ,even though Mr. Krupp would never admit it, was one of the best he has had in awhile. The whole dining room is just filled with love and familiarity that this could be something that he could get used to. Maybe Captain Underpants is right that they should adopt a kid or two.

After dinner they ended up playing a game of Monopoly. Unfortunately the game ended all too soon , as tensions were rising between Mr. Krupp and Captain Underpants about who could get the certain Railroad , but fortunately George and Harold had thought of this and brought out a couple of DVDs to watch for later.

For the rest of the night they watched those two DVDs being the Bee Movie, and Frozen by the end of the night both Harold and George fell asleep by the end of Frozen. Captain Underpants and Mr. Krupp both grabbed a boy each and brought them to the guest bedroom ,and laid them down and tucked them in. They both left the room hands intertwines and heading to their own room where they would sleep the rest of the night away peacefully.


Harold tossed and turned in the bed unable to shake the nightmare here just awoken to. It was horrendous Captain Underpants and mr. Krupp wear in the clutches of Professor Poopypants once again, but this time he was not holding back this time he was sure he was going to kill them, the Turbo Toilet 2000 was clutching them and they dropped to the ground lifeless. And that’s when he woke up.

“George, George wake up!” Harold said from across the room in his bed. George still not stirred from sleep Harold got up and shook George awake.

George finally woke up from the rough shaking from Harold. He sat up in bed and rubbed his eyes. Blink the sleep out of his eye.

“Harold ? What are you doing, it’s like three in the morning?”

Harold tugged on George’s arm and dragged him out of bed.

“Dude, just come with me to Krupps and Captain Underpants is room, we need to make sure if they’re okay .I had a bad dream and I don’t think they’re okay and I need you to come with me because I want to be by myself!”

George, now knowing what was going on got up with Harold and went to the bedroom. Is a cracked open the door to see Captain Underpants and Mr. Krupp asleep , both on their backs

But when George looked at Harold he saw he still wasn’t satisfied at just the site. So George grabbed Harold by his arm and dragged into the bed and quietly made the shush face and climbed into bed with them. Harold now getting what was going on crawled into bed with him too. Luckily both adults did not wake up and wrapped their arms around the two boys that, now sleep in the middle of them.


Krupp as usual, was the first to wake up. He noticed there was an extra weight in the bed and on his chest, opening his eyes he saw what the extra weight was. It was George wrapped around his chest basically on top of him sound asleep.

Krupp deciding not to question it, gently lifted George off of him and onto Captain Underpants who currently had Harold wrapped around him the same way George was to him. He then went in the kitchen to make some breakfast.


“So! What did you think of the two little boys decided to crawl in our bed last night?” Captain Underpants as he wrapped his arms around Mr. Krupp who is scrambling some eggs for the last breakfast.

“It was definitely a surprise, I didn’t think they’d actually trust us enough to do that. But you’re right this was some good practice and I thought it over and maybe we could go do some research on adopting later.”

Captain, now with a glint in his eyes and a huge smile on his face went down the hall to go wake up the boys. The boys came in with a blush on their face thinking over what they did last night, but to their surprise Captain Underpants nor Mr. Krupp had brought it up.

The rest of the day went normal until 12 when their parents had to come pick them up.Though Krupp did get surprised when George and Harold both of their arms around Mr. Krupp and flashed a smile to the window where Captain Underpants was. They ran into their car waving the whole way down the road until they turned the corner.

While standing on the lawn Mr. Krupp only had one thought on his mind. “I think I wouldn’t mind having kids around the house.”

BTS Scenario:Taking care of you while your sick


“Y/N you told me you only had a little headache.. this is way more than a headache princess, your’e burning up and sweating like you just ran a mile. Is there anyway I can help you”? 

“Yeah Joonie just cuddle me” With a huff he walked out of the room and you could hear him getting his keys. Confused you got up and tried to follow after him.

“Y/N get your ass back in that bed and find a movie you want to watch, I’m going to head to the corner store and get you some medicine and ice cream”. All went silent for a minute while you abided and walked back to the bedroom with hooded eyes and a stupid smile on your face,then you heard a light “fuck” and you could only assume your’ protective and concerned Joonie had lightly slammed his finger in the door on the way on the way out.

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From Y/N- Jin I Know your’e out with the boys rn but I don’t feel good and we don’t have anymore cold medicine.

From Jin- I’m leaving now, be there in 10 with ramen and medicine. 

10 minutes go by and you feel starved at the thought of ramen and can’t wait to get your hands on whatever cold remedies Jin decided to get because honestly you felt even worse than earlier. The sound of the door opening and rustling of bags snapped you out of your thoughts

“Sorry it took me a few extra minutes but I wanted to make you homemade ramen instead of instant,it always helps when I feel down. The medicine is in the bag on my right so go ahead and take that and go relax on the couch”. Well worth the wait you thought to yourself. 

“Yes sir” you salute at Jin who was already starting on the ramen. 

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“Y/N! Y/N! Y/N!”

“Ah Jung Hoseok.. I love you but if you don’t quite down just a little you might make my head explode” You say as you roll over into the pillows and further into the duvet. Normally you could smell J-Hope all over the bed but now your nose was so stuffed you weren’t even sure if you had one. 

“Y/N I’m sorry but i just wanted to see you smile for once, it feels like you’ve been sick forever

You decide to force a fake smile and turn to look at him “Now you’re the one that looks like a horse!” as he quickly takes a picture and sends it into a group chat with his close friends, with the caption “GUYS IM NOT THE ONLY HORSE” 

“J-Hope you are so mean and I will get you back when I feel better.” J-Hope has always been a playful character, even though you hadn’t shown it; it did make being sick a bit better.

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Yoongi (Suga):

Yoongi went to take you into his grasp in the middle of the night, when he then realized you weren’t there. He glared around the room still with sleepy eyes when he noticed the bathroom light on and could peek you just sitting on the floor. In a light panic he rushes to the bathroom to make sure your’e okay. 

“Yoongi please go back to sleep I just have a light stomach ache, that’s all” “Leaning over the toilet in the middle of the night isn’t a light stomach Y/N and your’e crazy if you think I’m going to leave you like this.” He walked out of the bathroom and a few moments later he returned with pillows,blankets, and your favorite show already playing on the laptop. You hesitantly watched him wondering what in the world he was doing as he was putting the pillows and blankets in the bathtub. As soon as he was done he got all cuddled up and gestured you in to join him. 

“If your’e going to spend the whole night in the bathroom might as well make it a bit enjoyable right?”

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Taehyung had a way of making even the worst moments feel a little bit better, his giggly and bubbly personality would always distract you from whatever was at hand. Today’s issue was a massive migraine. The curtains drawn shut, room pitch black, and the slightest noise would make your head throb type of migraine. You could only imagine the type of antics Taehyung had been holding in all day since he had just been sitting in the living room having no one to mess with. That’s when you heard the door creak open and a boxy smiled Taehyung peak in. 

“Y/N I’m bored and I know you like watching me rehearse my dances so I thought I’d come in here and practice and you can just watch if you’d like.”

“TaeTae I would love that but the music would kill my head right now”                  “That’s why I came prepared with headphones so the music wouldn’t disturb you.”

When you finally sat up he had a goofy grin smeared across his face and began dancing, but it was nowhere near what his actual routine was, the dork was just doing his own thing just trying to make you smile and that’s more than enough for you.

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“Kookie if you keep making me eat frozen yogurt and mochi with you I’ll eventually only feel worse.”

“I’m sorry baby I just hate seeing you sick and I just want to spoil the sickness out of you” As much as you loved that you only had a slight cold and didn’t know why Jungkook was reacting so dramatically. Though you knew he loved spoiling you, he was rarely able to due to being so headstrong and independent. So in moments like this you let him have his way for once. 

Next thing you know Jungkook was now walking into the room with containers of take out. 

“KOOKIE I told you no more food!” You laughed it off and eventually ended up eating with him anyway. 

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Jimin comes home from a long day of dance rehearsal, knowing that your’e not feeling too well he goes and gives you a quick peck on the forehead while letting you know he’s about to go take a shower and then will make the two of you dinner. When he comes out your’e still in the same exact spot as before and you grab his wrist as he walks by “Jiminnie I know you had a long day and we’re both exhausted so why don’t we just order some pizza and call it a night?” 

Lightly nodding his head in agreement with you he kisses your hand and goes to make the call for delivery. When he comes back he lays beside you on the couch nuzzling his head in between your neck and shoulder and starts to lightly sing you to sleep while the both of you drifted sleep. Pure bliss was the state you were both and not to mention completely forgetting about the pizza he had ordered.   

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Hello! I just have to say that I love your blog!󾌧Can I request an EXO angst scenario with Baekhyun? A really angsty one, but with a fluffy ending >u< thank you, keep up the good work! ^^

Ill Protect You

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pairing: baekhyun x reader

genre: angst with fluffy(ish) ending

rating: 15+

word/character count: 2014 words and 10670 characters

warning: abuse, strong language, mentions of explicit content

guide: (y/n) means your name,  (y/b/f/n) means your best friends name, 

author note: i decided to make this an au scenario if you don’t mind because i had a spark of inspiration. if you don’t like it just tell me and ill do another one! sorry in advance if you don’t like it, and thanks for the request! I didn’t proof read it so if you notice any grammar mistake, please notify me and ill fix it.


      “Y/n, are you listening?” You shake your head and snap of your sleeping state. Sleep is something you rarely get anymore since moving in with your boyfriend, David. He graduated the previous year and you were in your senior year of high school. Everyone told you it was bad idea since you barely turned 18. Now all you feel is exhaustion. 

     “Huh?” You blink your eyes twice before focusing on your best friend, (Y/b/f/n). Her hair eyes stared into yours. She sighed once. Your free hours were always spent together in the library. It was empty except for the cranky old lady in her desk, a couple students and you two. (Y/b/f/n) sets her book on the table where you sit. 

     “I was going to invite you to go for some ice cream after school but, you look too tired for anything but a good cat nap.” It does sound great, but David would be so mad if you went somewhere instead of staying at home with him. You nod your head. 

     “You’re right, I’m tired. Go take someone else with you. Im sure any of the girls would love to go.” It was always like this. She invites you somewhere, you decline. All for the same reason, Him. You do love him, but he isn’t someone to get mad, for anything. (Y/b/f/n) nods, accepting the decline again. You look at the clock on the wall. It was the only clock in the school besides for the teacher lounge. The school staff believe that having a clock in a class room will distract the students from learning. 


     “We have a minute left. I can’t be late to get picked up.” You hurridly grab your bag and various book that are scattered on the table. 

     “(Y/n)? Is-is David still… hurting you?” She touches her arm but you yank it away. You shake your head, not looking in her eyes that stare at you. You couldn’t verbally lie to her. Her getting in-between your relationship with David can put her in danger too. “Are you sure?” She asks again. You look at her and smile, nodding again. You both jump when the bell rings for the end of school. You turn around to get to the door when you run into a solid chest of someone. You look up slowly from his dark blue shirt and to his dark brown eyes. You’ve seen him many times before but you don’t know his name. His soft light brown hair drapes over his almond shaped eyes. He smell of colonge and detergent swam into your nostrils like a swarm of fish. He smirks down at you. Handsome was the one word that came to mind.

     “S-sorry” You slightly bow an another apology and walk past him. His eyes follow you until you’re out of sight and out the door. You rush down the halls and down to your locker, grabbing your needed textbooks, you close it and run down to the front door. Almost tripping down the cement stairs, the cool spring air smelled fresh unlike the stuffy atmosphere of the school. In the front of the school you find the old Ford truck that you look for everyday. An angry man sits inside, looking at you. With people around you asking why you’re running, you ignore them to get to the vehicle. 

     “What took you so damn long?” You look at the clock, 2:56. One minute past the bell. He turned on the radio quietly as he drove the car back into the street that lead you home. His dark almond eyes narrowed as you didn’t answer right away. “What took you so long?” He asked again in a  louder tone. 

    “I had to go to my locker.” again, another lie, sorta. He sighed under swore sunder breath. The car ride was silent except for the sound of the radio. Most of the car rides home were like this. Neither one of you said a word to each other. He just looked out onto the road, and you, the window. When you pull into the drive way he finally says something. 

     “Im hungry, go make food for me and don’t over cook anything like last time.” He gets out of the car and into the house. You sit there for a few seconds before getting out yourself. It wasn’t like this before you moved in with him. He was sweet, a gentleman. Now, all you see is a monster. All he does is tell you what to can and can’t do. Like no hanging out with friends after school, no going out on weekends, and no texting anyone but him. You’ve broken the texting rule once when you texted (Y/b/f/n). What he did now makes you not even want to touch your phone let alone text anyone but your mom.

     The kitchen is small, enough room for one person. Plates are staked in the sink. He most likely had people over while she was at school. You set your book bag down before going to clean the pile of food covered plates and cups. The T.V. bases while you scrub them clean. David periodically laughs at the dumb cartoon on the screen. A half hour later and its all clean. Glancing at your book bag, your mind yells at you to do the large amount of homework. You sigh, starting to make a dinner. You hardly ever ate anything. While he ate, you normally start of your homework, since he was occupied. 

     An hour later, you carry the food of meat and potatoes to the couch where he ate every meal. He only nods at you as you hand him his silverware. He laughs at the screen again. You smile sweetly at him. 

     “Im going to do my schoolwork now. If you need anything, just call me in here.” You carefully word your sentences to him. He’s like a bear, one wrong move and your hurt and bleeding on the floor. He doesn’t say a word as you grab your stuff, heading to your shared room. It was small, like the rest of the house. There was a queen size bed, a dresser, and his nightstand. Sitting on the bed, you start on your essays and maths assignment. Not even 10 minutes later you hear loud foot steps and your name being yelled from outside the room. David runs in the room, anger in his eyes, his veins popping out of his neck. Oh no… the meat. 

     “How many times do i have to tell you, you useless piece of shit!” With that he picked you up by your school uniform. He tossed you down to the carpeted floor. You hit your head on the dresser, making you feel dizzy. “Don’t overcook my food!” It was the dumbest things that made him blow up. It was one thing or another. You couldn’t do anything right for him. He picked you up just to toss you down again, harder. You cried out in pain, your body hitting the dresser again. 

     “Im sorry! It won’t happen again, please d-” He smacked your cheek, he has never hit you. Sure he was pushed, shoved, yelled, grabbed you roughly, but never has he hit you before. Your hand reached up to your cheek, where tears now run on. Your eyes fill with hot tears, your head throbbing. He stood above you, breathing heavily. Opening your mouth to speak again, he hits the side of your mouth. Tasting blood, you try to stand before he roughly grabs your waist, throwing your body onto the bed. He presses his lips to your neck, his breath smelled of alcohol.

    “Don’t worry baby girl, daddy will punish you we-” You bite his hand which ran up your chest and onto your cheek. “Ow!” He stammered back, he clenches his teeth, glaring at you. Grabbing your phone from under the pillow, you run as fast as you can though the house, him following behind, and out the door. You run out to the yard and onto the sidewalk where you run into a chest with a familiar smell. You look up to see the boy from school that you ra into in the library. He looks at you, touching your arm. He glances at the dog he was walking before looking at the bruises on your face. 

     “Are you okay? I heard yelling from inside. I didn’t know you lived here.” He looks up from you to see David running out the door, and running straight to you. Your eyes fill with fear, trying to hide in the boys arms.

     “He’s going to kill me!” He looks at the fear written on your face as he pushes you behind him. David walks right up to the him and gets in his face. The boy doesn’t even move an inch as David tries to get you from behind him.

     “She isn’t your problem, give her to me, now” David speaks with anger. He was clearly pissed off. Again he tried to grab your arm but the boy moved you farther away from his grasp. 

     “Now she is. Back off. You have no right to hurt a women, you’re an animal…” When those words rolled off his pretty lips David forcibly pushed him out of the way to grab your arm. You try to yank yourself away but his grip was too strong. The boy grabs David’s arm and punches in the nose, hard. When this didn’t effect him, and David tries to pull you towards him, the boy grabs his shoulders, and punches him in the throat. David stumbles back, his hands reaches for his throat, gasping for breath. A hand grabs your wrist. 

     “Lets go.” You stand there, looking at the boyfriend you once loved, now on the ground, trying to breathe. He looks up, one hand still on his throat. His dark eyes looked at you with such anger, you were scared for your life. “Run!” The boy yells, yanking you with him. A small bark from behind you followed with the footsteps. You look behind you. The medium sized dog, ran ahead of you two as the struggling man tried to catch up. The boy’s fingers lace between yours as he takes his phone out his pocket and dials three numbers.

    “Hello-yeah I’m reporting a domestic abuse…” His words drown out. All you see is his mouth moving, but you don’t hear any words. A strange feeling of fear and safety washes over you. Your skin touching this hand gave you a feeling of safety, yet when you turn your head, the one source of fear was right behind you. The boy looks at you, saying something, but you don’t hear him. Everything starts to blend together. Time seems to blank out. 

     The boy yanks you into a house, his dog running inside. He quickly locks the door. You slowly back up to the middle of what opens to a living room. David bangs on the door, demanding it to be opened. The boy turns to you, rushing over, grabbing your hand again. He leads you to his bedroom and into his closet. Together you sit, his arms wrap around you.

     “Don’t worry, (Y/n). The police are on their way.” You stare at him in wonder of how he knew your name. The school you two go to have hundreds of students, how would he know yours. “Don’t look at me like that. Ive… noticed you for a while. Ive been in the background. Since we are in this, unfortunate situation, i should formally introduce myself. Im Baekhyun” He quietly chuckles. “This wasn’t exactly how i wanted to meet you.” You nod, your body shaking from the fear still inside you. “Im here to protect you, he won’t touch you again.” He pressed you body closer to his, kissing your tear chained cheek. Shouting from the police coming in the house, allows to you realize that it was all over. There in Baekyun’s arms, the fear melted away and you finally felt safe.

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South Park: Avatar AU

idk this seemed like a fun idea at first. it’s kinda long! please spare my soul ಥ⌣ಥ
The L
egend of Korra AU, in which Kyle and Cartman lose a probending match

It would have been a quiet, relaxing spell for the quaint little eatery. It was the middle of the week and the lunch rush had just ended. There were few customers left in the small restaurant. Yet, the dining area was far from quiet—All the energy and bustle radiated from one particular table, where two young men glared daggers at one another.

“Dammit, Cartman! We could’ve won the damn thing if it weren’t for you!”

“Hey, it wasn’t me, it was that stupid backup waterbender! And at least I pulled my weight! You were pretty sloppy back there, Kahl!”

“Don’t be stupid, I practically dragged your sorry fat ass for you across the ring!”

“Well I seem to recall a certain firefarter tripping himself right out of the ring!”

“That’s because you earthbended the plate under my foot!”

The argument went on and on. It neither escalated nor subsided—It simply kept going. It appeared that there was little hope for a resolution at this rate.

Stan turned to look over his shoulder. The two arguing young men had resorted to yelling obscenities at each other now.

“Alright, guys,” Stan interrupted the yelling match just long enough for the two to listen. “What is it this time?”

Like a broken dam, the response exploded in his face as both parties simultaneously shouted their discontent.

“Whoa, okay! Guys!” Stan tried again. The shouting ceased, but the glaring did not. “One at a time. Kyle, you go first.”

There was never a correct choice when it came to choosing who would speak first, but Stan had to choose someone.

“This fatass cost us our win!”

“Wh—Me?! Did I not just mention how this firefarter hurled himself out of the ring?!”

You knocked me off!”

I was under attack by that guy you were supposed to mark!”

“That was your job!”

“I was going on offense! I literally yelled ’I am going on offense!’

“You don’t suddenly go into offense when the rest of us are also in offense!”

“Maybe it wouldn’t be a problem if you weren’t such a pisspoor firebender!”

“Maybe if you had stuck to your role we wouldn’t have lost!”

Maybe if you actually watch where you're—”

“Maybe if you weren’t such a—”

There was no room for interjection. The two shouted back at each other too quickly. They weren’t even listening to each other at this point.

The argument rose higher and higher in volume, until it reached its peak—and abruptly stopped.

“You. Me. Outside. Now.”

“Damn right we’re taking this outside, you goddamn Fire Nation.”

With an air of determination—or perhaps it was of stubbornness—the two marched out of the eatery. A man approached Stan’s table. He shook his head when he saw the two young men standing in face-off outside his restaurant.

“If those two boys destroy my signboard one more time…”

“Let them be, dad,” said Stan with a wistful expression as he watched the ensuing fight outside. “They’ll never let go of this otherwise.”

“No kidding. It’s too bad they didn’t have Kenny for the final round. A real doozy of a match.”

Stan merely hummed in response. Outside, the battle between fire and earth had been reduced to a fistfight. Most people circled around them as they passed by, mostly ignoring them—The denizens had long grown accustomed to the boys’ fights.

“You haven’t told them, have you.”

Stan tore his gaze from the brawl to meet his father’s eyes. He shrugged.

“I told Kenny when I visited him at the Swamp.” He glanced outside. “I’ll tell them once they’ve calmed down.”

“You’re transferring to the Southern Air Temple this very weekend. They’ll be pissed you waited this long.”

“I know.”

Randy raised an eyebrow at the spiritless response, but made no comment. It didn’t seem like Stan wanted to expand on it.

“So…” Randy sought for another topic to talk about. “Oh, the Avatar’s at the South Pole, right? You’ll be real close by. Any idea what he’s like?”

“I haven’t actually met him yet, but…” Stan looked thoughtful. “I heard he’s pretty extraordinary—Well, what Avatar isn’t? I heard he fights like a champ. And that he heals like one too.”

“Sounds like an Avatar, all right.”

Stan nodded. He stared at the steamed bun in front of him. The smell of warm, freshly steamed bun wafted to his nostrils. It was a familiar smell, one he would instantly recognize as home.

“I’m gonna miss you, dad.”

Randy smiled warmly. He ruffled his son’s hair.

“I’ll miss you too, buddy.”

Okay, so, we all know Dia’s normal expression, she doesn’t smile much. Even Ruby, her little sister said it herself, in the newest scans.

“She would say that with the widest smile on her face……
It’s something that I rarely get to see, that prized smile on her beautiful face.”


This is the only scene that Kanan and Dia actually interACTED, FACE-TO-FACE! AND WE GET THE MOST BEAUTIFUL AND SINCERE SMILE FROM HER! 


Connections in Precure Names

I’ve noticed a lot lately that a lot of the Precure’s normal names have some sort of connection to their Cure self (not that I’m the only one that’s probably noticed it). Here’s another not-so-extensive list of “research” (aka google translating) that i’ve done:


Honoka Yukishiro/Cure White: “Yukishiro” literally means “snow white” (Yuki being snow and shiro being white)

Hikari Kujou/Shiny Luminous: “Hikari” is the word for light. Nozomi Yumehara/Cure Dream: “Nozomi” means hope (Dream is the Cure of hope) and “Yume” means dream. Miki Aono/Cure Berry: “Aono” is the word for blue, her theme color. Inori Yamabuki/Cure Pine: “Inori” is the word for prayer (a center of her attacks, you can hear her say it during her introduction). Setsuna Higashi/Cure Passion: “Higashi” is the word for east, referencing her previous identity of Eas. Tsubomi Hanasaki/Cure Blossom: “Tsubomi” means bud, as in a flower bud, and “Hana” is the word for flower. Yuri Tsukikage/Cure Moonlight: Interestingly, “Tsukikage” translates to Moon Shadow. Hibiki Hojo/Cure Melody: “Hibiki” is the word for sound, going along with the music theme of the season. Eren Kurokawa/Cure Beat: Don’t know if this means anything, but “Kuro” translates to black. I’m assuming this also references her past as a black cat. Akane Hino/Cure Sunny: “Aka” is the word for red, her sub-color. Also, “Hi” can translate to sun, but I think it can also translate to fire, her element. Nao Midorikawa/Cure March: “Midori” is the word for green, her theme color. Reika Aoki/Cure Beauty: “Reika” apparently translates to below zero??? I mean, her element is ice, but something about that seems a little wrong to me? i dunno. maybe that’s where diamond’s name comes from, since they share it. Mana Aida/Cure Heart: “Ai” is the word for love. Alice Yotsuba/Cure Rosetta: Getting off track with an English derivative, “Alice” means ‘noble’, possibly referencing her high status and maturity. Megumi Aino/Cure Lovely: “Megumi” can mean love, and “Aino” means of love. Hime Shirayuki/Cure Princess: “Hime” is the word for princess, and “Shirayuki” is Honoka’s name low-key switched (‘white snow’). I guess it refers to her Sherbert Ballet form. Haruka Haruno/Cure Flora: “Haru” is the word for spring (as in the season of flowers). Kirara Amanogawa/Cure Twinkle: I realize it’s not exact, but “Kirara” looks like “Kirakira”, the word for twinkling. Also “Amanogawa” is the word for milky way, one of her big attacks. Towa Akagi/Cure Scarlet: Again, “Aka” is the word for red, her theme color. Kotoha Hanami/Cure Felice: Once again, “Hana” is the word for flower, her theme. Aoi Tategami/Cure Gelato: “Aoi” is another translation of blue, her theme color, and “Tategami” is the word for mane, as in a lion’s (her animal) mane. Akira Kenjo/Cure Chocolate: “Kenjo” might translate to wise woman, which reflects on her personality. ‘Tis all! thx ♥️
Dancing Together - Jaebum

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Pairing : reader x Jaebum (Got7)

Genre : Fluff

Request : 


You had a crush on Jaebum otherwise known as JB from Got7. It was pure luck that you guys met, mostly because of your class reunion. After meeting again, friendship blossomed between the two of you.


You didn’t like that word. It labeled your relationship strictly platonic, meaning no romantic feelings for one another. But you couldn’t help it, your feelings had a mind of their own!

You could only dream the day that Im Jaebum would return your feelings, yet alone even think about it. He was above you, you being a normal person and him being an international idol.

Until the day that either you lose your feelings or confess, hopefully the second one, you were satisfied with just being stuck in a one sided crush.

A huge smile was plastered onto your face as you quickly got on your dance shoes. Although you dance from time to time, this time was special. Jaebum and the rest of the guys invited you over to their practice room to hang out. 

“(Y/N)!”, everyone cheered when you pushed through the glass doors of their practice room.

“Hey guys.”, you smiled, giving every member a hug. You accidentally hugged Jaebum a bit longer than normal, making some of the boys giggle. Thankfully, Jaebum didn’t notice. If he did, then you would’ve dashed out the door.

“So let’s start then?”, you offered, distracting them from your mistake.

Yugyeom hummed in response, walking over to the stereo and turning it on. In a matter of seconds, music blasted throughout the room.

You tapped your feet to the beat and rhythm of the music before bursting out into moves. As soon as you did, Yugyeom joined you, shuffling his way towards the group.

Only in a matter of seconds, everyone was dancing in a circle, having a great time. You laughed as Jackson attempted to do the robot while Bam Bam did the dab continuously. 

Beep. Beep. Beep. 

“Who’s phone is that?”, you shouted over the booming music, which no one heard.

“Who’s phone was that?”, you repeated, jogging over to the stereo and turning it off.

“I think it’s mine.”, Junior called out, pulling his phone out of his back pocket. “Shoot.”

“What, what happened?”, Mark asked.

“Lunch is here, let’s go.”, Junior waved over before leaving, with the rest of the members except for Jaebum.

“You aren’t going?”, you asked, titling your head at him.

“I’m too tired to go, they’ll get it for me.”, Jaebum smiled, turning the music back on. He stayed where he was, watching you dance along to the beat of the song.

“Oh, I love this song! Come dance with me!” you grinned when you heard the song change to your favorite slow song.

“Yeah, no.”, Jaebum chuckled, waving his hands ‘no’.

You stomped your way to Jaebum, cheeks puffing out. “Yes you will, it’s my favorite song~”, you whined, tugging on this arm.

“Fine.”, he sighed, giving in to your aegyo. You beamed at him. He let you drag him away, stopping in the middle of the room.

You wrapped your arms loosely around his neck, burying your head in his chest. You heard Jaebum’s breath hitch before he hesitantly wrapped his arms around your lower back. Slowly, you swayed from side to side, moving along with the song.

With the song coming to an end, you looked up at Jaebum. You blushed slightly when you found his eyes already on you. 

You stared into his eyes, and his into yours. His dark orbs seemed to lure you closer and closer to him. Slowly your eyes flutter shut, leaning closer and closer.

Jaebum’s eyes widened when he saw you getting closer and closer. All he could do was stare at your soft lips.

In a matter of seconds, your lips were on his. His lips felt soft and smooth on top of yours. Jaebum took the initiative. He deepened the kiss, adding his tongue into it.

Your tongues battled, his dominating the kiss. Your hands raised by themselves to his hair, intertwining his locks with your slim fingers. You pulled him closer as he does the same, pulling you towards him from your back.

The two of you quickly separated when you began hearing cheers from behind you.

“I knew it!”, Jackson exclaimed. “See? I told you they liked each other!”

Both you and Jaebum refused to make eye contact, not after getting caught making out in the middle of their practice room. 

You peeked over at Jaebum, who was stealing looks at you. You saw his lips turn into a grin, your lips doing the same.

The day that Im Jaebum liked you was today.

im gonna try to keep this short [failed] as to WHY this is complete and utter bullshit

gonna throw this out there now, i did like the movie for its MESSAGE not the bullshit narusaku assumptions, it did have its crappy moments but nothing’s perfect, moving on

where in road to ninja was there a POSITIVE narusaku moment? go head and try theres nothing positive in narusaku’s favor in this movie, NONE and here’s why

we get off to a bad start anyway, everybody’s got their parents to recommend them to become Jounin’s but Naruto and when Naruto trys to interrupt Sakura from being too hard on her parents she tells him to mind his business, wow so positive, but how is that an argument? dont worry there’s more

fast forward to Sakura’s argument with her parents as she leaves the house she runs into an already depressed Naruto and drags him off on an ‘escape’ date just to avoid her parent’s, hell even Naruto said it himself!

he’s well aware he’s being used as a decoy, yet this counts as positive? get serious but dont worry, there’s more

this by far is my most hated scene of the movie and if you watched it you can already guess what it is, the SWING scene omg that was just AWFUL i admit if SP wanted to paint Sakura in a terrible light they did a GREAT job at it, Naruto is already feeling shitty about his situation and everybody having familys and just look at what she says

are you fucking kidding me!? do i even need to explain why that’s bad for narusaku? just look at him!

Naruto is even getting fed up with it, and how does she respond? she doesnt realize her wrongs in saying that to someone who lost both their parents RIGHT AFTER HE WAS BORN and apologize, no, she ACCUSES him of taking her parents side and has the audacity and stupidity to say this

are you kidding me!!!????? did SP completely forget the manga!? because i cant believe Sakura would be that STUPID! do i even need to tell why this is fucking stupid? at the very early stages of the manga when they all still friggin genin Sakura said similar things about Naruto infront of Sasuke and what did he say?

nuff said…im fucking done with that scene, that was NOT positive in NaruSaku’s favor and im gonna leave it at that

fast forward to the AU world in which Sakura has everything she wanted, she doesnt have her parents to nag and yell at her and tell her how to take off her boots how to do this do that

and Naruto can clearly see that Sakura’s enjoying it and not really trying to get home

while she’s enjoying herself and her freedom how does Naruto feel? he wants to gtfo and go home

but does this change anything? NO, even when he encounters his AU parents hes beyond all furious and hurt because of course he wants his parents back but not as phony’s, and yes Sakura does appear sensitive, but not really, because the only time Sakura got her shit together and wanted to go home was on HER terms when SHE got lonely and missed HER parents for once and got played by Sasuke, yeah i feel the positive in that decision

oh but wait, we have this lovely scene here

ah yes, she rushes to Naruto’s house after realizing she was wrong and that she’s ready to go home but what does she find? now HE’s happy with HIS family in this fake world just like SHE was happy without HER family in this fake world, oh how the tables have turned, if it wasnt obvious, NOW NARUTO DOESNT WANNA LEAVE EITHER

then we get THAT lovely scene, looks happy doesnt it? NO! now Sakura wants to leave and Naruto doesnt even though they dont say it and they part ways, Im sorry but am I the only one who has yet to find anything positive? oh right

he saved her, gee i wonder how many time’s he’s done this in the anime and manga? get serious, no matter what Naruto will ALWAYS save Sakura as well as anyone else who needs it, but yes, this counts as positive but NOT in a romantic way, after all Itachi saved her too

but in the end everything goes back to normal and Sakura reconciles with her parents and apologize, Naruto smiles happy for her and brings up the date again but Sakura responds that she just BEEN on a really long date with him, AGAIN back to the negative, how the fuck was that a date? and just because it was comic relief does NOT make it positive in their favor sorry, and even though Sakura learned a lesson for her own situation and to appreciate her parents more, what about her lesson towards Naruto? did he get an apology? was she there for him after this? did she even give a pep talk? NO

know who was there for him and apologized?

Iruka muther fucking Sensei, he understood Naruto, he was there for Naruto, he APOLOGIZED to him for being hard on him before, he COMFORTED him by being there when he got home saying happy birthday and the words Naruto’s always wanted to hear when he came home 'welcome back, Naruto’

Im sorry but THATS what Naruto needed and Sakura gave NONE OF THAT during this movie!!! and dont get me wrong this isnt anti Sakura after all this is a movie and it ISNT canon and everything of Sakura officially as a character is 100% in the manga so i DO like Sakura and this isnt to bash her in any way

but i hate when people whether their pro narusaku or anti narusaku or whatever call this an narusaku movie because it WASNT, this movie had a much deeper meaning and message thats often overlooked, and that was the value of parents, to appreciate your parents because no matter what they will ALWAYS be there for you and when their gone its a pain you cannot imagine untill you’ve lost them and once you have you will always miss them

but it doesnt have to mean your alone, because even though Naruto thought he was alone and had no one, who was there for him? Iruka, but nothing can ever take the place of your parents, even so there are STILL special people out there who have a place in your heart and can lift you up when your feeling down

NaruSaku as a pairing was NOT pushed in this movie nor glorified in any way, SP did not promote NaruSaku they DESTROYED it, the message was family NOT narusaku

and for those of you who say this destroyed SasuSaku too, two words for you

chapter 700


one direction // preference // he buys you tampons
  • harry: you'd asked harry to buy you some tampons and chocolate, seeing as you were feeling a few cramps and couldn't be bothered to get decent enough to leave the house. harry agreed casually through text, though he had absolutely no idea which tampons you wanted. by the time he was stood in the feminine care aisle, he had a deep furrowed brow as he looked over the vast array of tampons that were available. he was holding a packet and reading the back as he wondered what exactly it meant by super-heavy when his phone buzzed. he pulled his phone out of his pocket and sighed in relief at the photo you'd sent him of the packaging of the tampon box that you usually bought before he picked it up and went to the checkout.
  • zayn: 'erm, babe i really have no idea which ones you use.' he said through the phone, one arm over his chest as he scanned the different, colourful packages of tampons, 'and i really don't want people to catch me staring at tampons. they'll think i'm a creep.' you rolled your eyes, cuddling up tighter in bed as another cramp hit you, 'zayn, its a pink box. the one i showed you before you left.' there was a silence, and then the sound of cardboard hitting the floor - and a curse from zayn that was muffled by the phone pressed to his shirt. you let out a soft laugh as you rolled your eyes, waiting for his voice again, 'i got it, sorry. i dropped a whole heap. okay i'll be at yours in five. love you.'
  • louis: he was heading out to do a weekly shop seeing as you were rather busy with some work. he'd taken the shopping list - and you didn't hear from him for half an hour. until he rang your phone and quietly asked which tampons you usually bought. you let out a laugh as you realised he was probably standing in the aisle, feeling way out of his comfort zone. 'like there's light, and there's heavy, and there's super heavy.. and super heavy plus?' he said, making you erupt into giggles again. 'listen, i'll send you through a picture of the exact ones okay? just remind me to never send you out to buy tampons again.'
  • niall: he chewed on his nails as he stood in front of the tampons, stepping forwards and reading the front of the boxes before stepping back again. it didn't take long for an employee to walk over to niall, asking if he needed any help; the confusion evident on his face. he let out a weak laugh and nodded, 'it's for my girlfriend... i don't know which ones she needs. i thought it'd surprise her with some sweets and some tampons.' niall said, cheeks heating slightly. the employee chuckled and mentioned that he should just ask what you needed - so he pulled out his phone and sent you a quick text. 'i was trying to surprise you, but im an male and i don't know what tampons you use. help?'
  • liam: he listened to your phone ring out again, making him groan and whisper to himself, 'i don't want to wake you up but answer your freaking phone.' he stepped back and looked over the tampons again before grabbing one type that looked most normal before he took it to the checkout. he arrived at your house only ten minutes later, walking inside and into your room. he sat on your bed and kissed your temple as you slept - causing you to rouse. 'sorry babe.' he whispered after waking you before smiling softly, 'i got you some food and some tampons, these okay?' he asked as he handed them to you. you chuckled tiredly and brushed your hair back, 'actually, they're a bit too heavy but.. that's just extra protection right?' you laughed, making liam shake his head, 'yeah, sure.. whatever that means.'
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i just saw a photo of luke that wasn’t edited or airbrushed and i saw all of his acne and it just made me really happy. like it gives me a reality check that shows that he’s just a normal teenage guy that has to deals with teen problems everyday. i don’t know i just start smiling when i see someone i love or idolize have flaws, it makes me feel more confident about my own imperfections.

I have to say, although i’m seeing some/very little previews of bangtan at the airport, im very pleased with what i saw. they walked normally and freely without having to go through crowds and cameras being shoved at their faces. they don’t have to force a smile even though they are tired from a long flight. there were no barricades. there were no fans too close for comfort around them. i like it. i really like when the boys are able to walk around comfortably :)


Lindir stood by the school door waiting for the bell to ring. Come on… just one more minute… He had gotten paid, and planned to take little Moscow somewhere to eat. She liked walking with him around the city, her emerald eyes bright and full of wonder. Lindir’s thoughts were broken as the bell rang and kids spilled out of the doors to meet their parents. Moscow ran to him, tiny feet making tiny tapping noises on the concrete, auburn curls bouncing. “Ada, ada!” The six year old jumped up and down, waving a paper in the air. “Look!” Lindir took her hand and took the paper with the other, begginning to walk in the direction of the cafe. “One hundred percent? Goodness! You’re becoming too smart for me.” Moscow only giggled.
The cafe wasn’t as crowded as normal, and a sweetly smiling waitress lead them to a table, giving Moscow paper to color on. Moscow eagerly started on the task, drawing rather inaccurate seven legged purple and green cats.

Getting Hate: Cameron Dallas part 2

quickly ran out my room towards Nash’s room. how dare he start all of this. he knows what happens and he does.
“WTF MAN” i heard Cameron scream. i stopped right at the door. Cameron’s face was red with anger and Nash sat on his bed with his head down. good he knows he did something wrong.
“Nash!” i yelled walking in. Cameron looked at me with worried eyes.
“Delete it now” i said
“its not gonna make a difference its already out, chill out it will blow over just like the Madison thing.” he muttered taking his phone out. i rolled my eyes crossing my arms over my chest. i glanced at Cameron his eyes met mine and he smiled weakly.
“I’m so sorry” he said stepping closer to me. i nodded my head, i didnt blame him for what happened, and i wasnt going to stay mad at Nash forever but the hate is was eating me alive. i never took hate well and My best friend knows that. once i became popular some people left mean comments on my videos i was forced to ever reply to any comments or tweets unless i saw something sweet or nice. i cant stand hate im not strong enough to live with it. i didnt notice i was crying until i tear hit my arm. i wiped it away and Nash’s eyes were filled with regret
“Don’t cry” he said pulling me for a hug.
“You know what Hate does to me Nash, i told you everything, you know how girls get and you still posted the picture” i said pushing him off me. i walked out of the room before anyone else could say anything. i walked out into the back yard were there was a swing set. i laughed a little knowing they had one. i sat on one of the swing clearing my head. i closed my eyes trying to imagine being some where far away where the words wouldnt get to me. i learned how to ignore it sometimes. but this was too much. Cameron is a big star and i knew this wasnt going to be easy. my phone beeped.

Please stop with the hate. She isnt my girl friend. you know how flirty i get. Cameron tweeted i didnt want to tweet or anything at the moment.

“hey” i looked up as Cam walked over to me. i gave a small smile but didnt say anything.
“I’m sorry, i always get girl into this mess. that sort of the reason i don date much” he softly spoke sitting in front of me. if i started to swing i for sure hit him.
“Its okay Cam, really im okay, i just dont handle hate well” i shrugged. he frowned and covered his face. i knew he felt bad and i do too. he isnt the only one hurting from the situation, he wants to have a normal life yet loves his life now and doesnt want to upset fans.
“Worth it” i said after awhile. he looked up confused
“Worth what?” he asked
“Hate was worth it, i got to lay on top of Cameron Dallas” i teased of course i was joking, i wanted to lighten up the mood. i wanted to pretend like nothing had happened. Nash was right this would blow over just like the whole Madison Beer thing. he smiled at me catching on to my joke.
“Having you on top wasnt too bad either” he teased back. i let a small chuckle out.
‘Come on lets go inside" we both got up walking back into the house. They guys sat on the couch watching come in.
“hows everything” they asked
“It will blow over” i promised sitting down next to Matt. they all nodded understanding no to talk about it any more. we all sat down watching what ever was on.
“take a selfie with me” Carter said opening up his camera. he sat beside me
“HEY I WANNA BE IN IT” Matt yelled
“ME TO” cameron came over i was in between Carter and Matt, Cameron sat on matt’s lap.
“WAIT” Cameron said
“ill go get sunglasses !” he quickly ran into the kitchen bringing back Carter’s glasses i laughed picking one and putting them on. we took the picture as Nash was walking in. he looked at me and i smiled at him letting him no i was alright.

i checked twitter ready to RT Carters picture.

Drama Free it said i Rtd the picture and looked at the fans tweets.

the feels
I ship Her and Cam
aw cam is on top of matt!
i wish i was @Y/T/N
they all look so good

i smiled feeling better.
“lets go out to eat today!” Matt said


the guys had sent me and Cameron to pick up the food. they were to into their game. as we walked into the the restaurant a few girls noticed Cam. i ignored them until the saw me too. i smiled knowing they were fans. more and more girls came over making a mob. i started to lose sight of cameron until i felt his hand on mine. he led me out as i heard girls talking.

they are holding hands!
is this happening
tweet it!
they yelled tugging on me trying to pull me away. my heart rate started to speed up making me panic. i felt another tug this time pulling me away making me get lost in the crowd. i started to panic getting mobbed was very new to me. i fell to the ground as girl around me followed Cameron and walked over me. they didnt know and didnt care who i was. i crawled my way out and leaned against the nearest wall. tears running down my cheeks scared out of my mind. i looked around a few girls laughed at me making me feel worse. i looked down trying to rock my self to calm myself. nothing was working. i kept freaking out as more girls came out of no where jumping over me, kicking me and pushing me further back onto the wall.