im the most awkward person to ever exist

me after i die
  • me: i've been wanting to find an answer to this question since the existence of time itself
  • god: ask way, my child
  • me: why... is namjin such a cute couple istg they're both so awkward and fumbly and they probably get all touchy-feely in their dorm right like i remember this one time when i think in a bangtan bomb or something, namjoon got caught absent-mindedly holding jin's hand so it's probably safe to assume that they are comfortable with skinship and th
what the fuck is my life

so today my mom and i went to the dog park like usual, except there was only one other person. 

then this other guy shows up and he knows the other person there and they’re talking and stuff and he starts talking to me and my mom

and like holy shit he was the most stereotypical to the point of which you didn’t even know they existed (like what you see in movies) gay guy i have ever seen. and im not making assumptions, he announced it to us almost immediately

then he noticed my blue sandstone necklace and he asked to see it which was rlly awkward because the chain is not that long and he was pretty close to me. so he was examining it and asked me what the stone was and we were just talking about it

then he stops suddenly and is like “wait let me go get you some more stones and crystals, i have a bunch in my car” and me and my mom look at each other and we’re like …..aight 

and he’s in his car for a while and when he comes back he says he didnt have any stones or crystals on him but that he does have something else for me

…….he comes out with a bronzed wishbone

so now i have a bronzed wishbone??? i tried to refuse but he made me take it??? i feel like i’ve somehow started some sort of magical journey with it that i dont know about??? WHAT AM I SUPPOSED TO DO WITH A BRONZED WISHBONE??? someone should make a movie about this