im the leftover

me: mom im hungry
mom: theres thanksgiving leftovers in the fridge
me:  …thanksgiving was three weeks ago,,., im starving
mom: you aint hungry then


HYUNGIM going for a ride and drink

I have got to learn to eat a meal in one go as oppose to eating ¼ of it and then the other ¾ later on


wow this is one of the prettiest pieces of music i think ive ever heard 

neonmars-deactivated20170223  asked:

fmk (k standing for kiss bc i dont like asking like "who do u wanna kill out of these ppl" it makes me sad) patrick stump, joe trohman, pete wentz (and as a bonus: andy hurley, you can say whatever u want abt him, like im not saying he's leftovers i just want to add the whole band u know)

ahhh ok

f: pete
m: patrick
k: joe
cherish forever: andy hurley