im the horns

eatshitmineta  asked: would tavros put the poncho on tho. his horns will rip it or get stuck. karkat would be ok...he has very little horns but poor tav. never going to enjoy wearing a poncho


Voltron: Epic Trailer Theme [New Brass]
Voltron: Epic Trailer Theme [New Brass]

thanks so much to everyone who listened to my epic trailer score!!! i can’t believe it’s had like 50K plays that’s ridiculous THANK YOU SO MUCH. ahhhhhHH. so i got some sweet new brass samples and spent some time this evening putting them in alongside adding some extra lines! hope you enjoy this updated version, more music to come 8) im actually working on a part II to this and many other vld projects ;) 

What each instrument says the most
  • Oboe: I bought shot-glasses and cigarette paper this weekend.... NO IT'S FOR MY OBOE I SWEAR
  • Flute: Yeah, she said she was going to do the Chaminade too. Looks like we'll have two people playing the concertino for the solo show this year, or there's always murder, you know
  • clarinet: It's my reed. Hold on I'll get another one out... also if another person asks me to play the mozart clarinet concerto i'll slap a bitch
  • Bassoon: could you scoot over a bit? I need more space to lean my bassoon... My posture is just fine, THANKS
  • Saxophone: shit. i still have my neck-strap on don't I?
  • Drums: Is the snare on? GOD, who turned the snare off again?! AND! Where the frickity frack are my sticks?
  • timpani: i gotta tune the timpani. hold on
  • trumpet: i hate partial jumping practice so much
  • trombone: Do you want to hear my gliss?
  • tuba: i literally play four notes the entire piece..,.
  • horn: look i don't know why we stick the hand in the bell. don't ask. it's just how it is
  • cello: yeah my cello cost 13,000 and my bow is custom made, so it's like 6,000 and my new case which is shock absorbent, fireproof and waterproof cost like 7,500
  • viola: I know we're trying to play louder it's the loudest i can get i know i know i'm so sick of pizzicato accompaniment give me a break please
  • violin: um I can't see the concertmaster's bowings from back here... yeah i know i can watch the person in front of me im not stupid it's just...
  • double bass: how the fuck am I supposed to carry this thing through the door? Hey, can you hold it open for me

I can’t ever size things correctly for tumblr c’’’’’:

anyway i am sad so have more more Indulgent Hanzo Drawing again featuring Crown of Horns because I wanted to challenge myself with the lighting again and gee

a thing happened

idk if it turned out okay but it’s a thing


Did you arrest him because of what I said? Only in part. But it helped? Yeah.