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Today, 4 years ago, one of the greatest bands known broke up. 2 minutes ago, I remembered and started crying.
I am not afraid to keep on living, I am not afraid to walk this world alone, but sometimes I wish I had them to walk with.
If you don’t know who I’m talking about, it’s My Chemical Romance, and I fucking miss them.
Not a band, just an idea, but this idea was the best idea someone has ever had.

Kpop mutuals

hey guys ♡
I recently made this new blog and i don’t know anyone so i need new people to follow. Like/reblog this if you post any of the following:

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WOW IM BACK - about fanart!

for those who don’t know i actually hit post limit trying to reblog long exposure fanart/content to a new fanblog?? post limit is like 250 i think. thats SO MUCH STUFF YOU GUYS MAKE FOR ME WTF 💕

so that poll- the popular vote was actually to “keep everything on this blog”, but reading the responses i think “make a blog for fanart” had a better argument. some people can’t blacklist the “art for me” tag for various reasons, and felt my blog was getting a little cluttered/overwhelming with all the fanwork. while on the other side’s opinion, reblogging fanart here was good because it boosted lesser-known artists work to give them (heh) exposure

so i’m gonna try for a compromise

i made a blog specifically for fanart and other fan-made long exposure content:


…instead of reblogging fanart here from now on, it will be reblogged there. please follow that blog to continue seeing all the amazing fanart made by really sweet artists!!!!!

HOWEVER i will continue to reblog one piece of fanwork once a week as a sort of special feature! (”fanart feature fridays” maybe??) does that sound ok?? i’ll still tag it with “art for me” and “not my art” in case anyone wants to blacklist it (unless you’re on mobile- then you’re kinda out of luck sorry..) 


Five times Nursey is the biggest disaster Dex has ever seen, and the singular time he’s, surprisingly, the chill guy he always says he is.

i wrote something and was super proud of it so i published it a while back but nobody read it! so im popping it here for y'all :) i really loved this one

-shows up at 7 a.m. and does a hero pose-  morning glitter bombs  !!!!

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“Those things you said yesterday… Did you mean them?” - Renee and Allison ?? Xx

It’s one of those lazy mornings that makes Allison feel like she’s leaning on the pause button in the middle of a joke. Like the laugh track will blare back to life as soon as she leaves her room.

It’s the three of them, sleepily threading through their morning routine like a sewing needle lost in thick fabric. It’s easy to feel like she’s caught in that web when Dan and Renee are there blinking placidly and putting their hot, comforting hands on her bare shoulder. They’re so bright and they ask so much of her without even saying anything.

She’s grateful for them, but she feels like a disruption in their frequency sometimes, when they’re positive and blinding and overcoming, and Allison is not. She’s partway through her story, and sometimes she thinks she’s been that way since birth. Sometimes she thinks she’ll die before she reaches the meat of her own story.

And then there’s this thing with Renee. Like the very best days of your best friendship, replayed and replayed and replayed.

Renee folds her lean legs onto the couch beneath her and puts one hand in her own feathery hair, damaged from bleach and flushed with colour. Allison feels her own lip jut. She wants to put her hands where that cross is a protective arm slung over her neck. Her stomach twists up in the sort of brutal and beautiful bow that Renee’s clever hands would tie.

Renee turns and smiles at her, and Allison feels an ocean of feeling swallow around her heart. She was stupid to toss it at the surface and expect it to be light enough to float.

“Penny for your thoughts?” Renee says, sipping from her pebble grey mug and smiling with the corners of her eyes and her upturned nose.

“I was just thinking about practice being cancelled. I bet Kev and Neil aren’t having as much fun as we are.”

Renee hums and looks at the far wall like she can see them through it. “I’m sure they’re coping.”

“Imagine wanting to sweat for three hours more than you want to sleep,” Allison says, disgusted. “They’re freaks.”

“I can think of a few ways I’d want to sweat for three hours,” Dan announces, wandering over from the kitchen and grinning.

“Two dollars in the Matt jar,” Allison says immediately. “Freak,” she adds as an afterthought.

Dan topples into the arm chair sideways, legs flung over the arm. “I didn’t actually mention his name, damn. Maybe you should put two dollars in the Matt jar.”

“Only if I start fucking him,” she replies, just on the right side of nasty. She likes to throw the most violent way she can say something out into the room and wait for anger or laughter. It almost doesn’t make a difference which one she gets.

“Please don’t,” Renee says airily, and Allison looks at her sideways.

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Just got back from Atlantic City and I’m hanging with @wickedxlilxmeal smoking and watching some One Piece. But I was tagged by @godshideouscreation to stop and take a hit a while ago so I’m finally getting to it lol. I was also tagged by @mtvcliffrd to take a hit.

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do u even have any more blue pictures in your gallery aqsa???

………..ofc i do ;-) as you can tell, rainy blue grays and jisoo are my aesthetic 💎💙

tagged by my soft shiba @imperialidiot (tysm!!!) I finally came around to do the mood board req! I’ll be catching up to a lot more of stuff now that I’m back (sorry for the hiatus again ;;;;;) so voila! here’s step 1 of many ^^

even tho you guys have probably already been tagged/are too tired for it (sry bbs ;^;) I’ll be tagging: @cinnamingyu @vitaminniedk @tookorean @vernkn @cafewoozi @vernonlaugh @hansol-and-roses @suega @minghaeo @wonholdmypurse and @zabibo !!

ok i’ve mentioned this before but like imagine Legally Blonde: The Musical if Emmett was a girl (EMMA FOREST)

  • when Calahan (is that how you spell his name idk) starts laughing and yells “OH YOU LESBIANS THINK YOU’RE SO SMART!” he could kinda gesture back and forth from Enid to Emma too.
  • “I grew up in the roxburry slums with my mom and a series of bums. guys who showed me all the ways a man could fail” she’s already disappointed and underwhelmed @men 
  • “they laughed at me like they laughed at you” ties into the whole feminism and sexism narrative
  • “thats the best part. the outside is new but now it reflects whats already in you. I couldn’t change that if I wanted to…and I do not.” “thank you…”
  • “think of the girl you want most to be….not quite the girl that I chose to be”
  • “is he gay or european?” “WELL HEY DON’T LOOK AT ME”
little break


hey guys.

so i’m just going to get right to the point and i’m pretty stressed out with my life between /important/ stuff like school, volleyball, etc, along with trying to write and do things that I enjoy on the side.  Unfortunately, I feel pretty drained and not in a great place right now, so I’m going to take a step back from everything and kind of figure things out… so with that, I probably won’t be active on tumblr for the next week, 2 weeks… maybe 3 depending on my situation.

I hope you all understand because it kind of sucks just laying around and being unproductive with everything in your life and with 0 motivation and inspiration.  Things have been pretty dull and I just need to to reassess.

Thanks guys.

So I just want to let you guys know that the content of this blog is probably going to be changing a lot soon, I’ve finally come to terms with the fact that i am transgender (mtf). after a lot of soul searching and 5 years of going back and forth of debating whether or not its worth it to live my life like this ive decided that im not going to spend another day or week or month lying to myself. Its really hard being in the industry im in but my happiness is more important.


Characters:Steve x Reader(platonic),avengers x reader,eventually Bucky x reader


Warnings:none in this part.

A/N:so this is my first fan fiction ever.its going to be separated into multiple parts and I’m not sure how im just going to go part by part.i really hope you guys enjoy it as much as I enjoy writing it!feed back would be great as well!here we go!

Summary:Reader is an agent/avenger whose father is a retired agent but becomes very ill which causes him to be in and out of the hospital.but one day reader leaves for a mission and gets bad news from her mom about her father.what will happen?
P.S.Im sorry I’m bad at writing summaries.

(Y/N) was an Avenger, not with abilities, but was more of an agent/Avenger. Much like Clint and Nat who were like family to her. Growing up (Y/N) always wanted to be a shield agent. Thanks to her dad who was a shield agent all her life ,until Shield was compromised and he retired. He was her hero, he was strong and a really good man who loved his wife and daughter very much. But he became very ill a couple years ago which caused him to be in and out of the hospital during that period of time.(Y/N) felt bad she couldn’t always be there to support her parents due to missions she had to go on. But when she got brakes from missions ,she was there to help her mother with her father.When (Y/N) had a week-long mission to go on she got a phone call from her mother as she was just taking off on the Quinjet.
“Hi mom.”
“Hi sweetheart.” She said with a deep sigh following.
“ Is everything okay with you and Dad?”(Y/N) says, her voice laced with worry.
“Um. Not exactly… your father I just had to rush to the hospital.” Her voice now we can cracking.
“ which hospital is he at?”(Y/N) now trying to figure out how to get to her father.
“ he’s at MedStar Hospital Center.”
“ Ok.. ok.. I just left for a week-long mission and about 2 hours out from New York ,I’ll have Clint fly me back and I’ll get there as soon as I can.”
“ No sweetie that’s too much go to your mission and come when you can-”(Y/N) could hear her mother interrupted by her father.
“ Babygirl girl,listen to your mother go on your mission and save the world for the hundredth time.” He said with a small chuckle and (Y/N) felt tears sting her eyes and one fall down her cheek.
“ but you need me more than the world needs saving buy me ,an Avenger with no super abilities. Daddy I’ll come to you as fast -”
“(Y/N), no go to your mission and be safe, I’m not going anywhere. I’ll be okay they just need to run some tests and figure out what’s wrong with me and give me more medication and I should be home by the time you’re back from your mission and then you can come take care of me.” He says trying to sound convincing, but she knew him better than he would give her credit for ,but she went with it and tried her hardest to sound strong for her father despite the fact she was crying.
“ Ok.. I love you Daddy.. And I’m gonna go kick some bad guy butt for keeping me from you right now ,and I’ll get to you as fast as I can daddy.. I promise.”
“ ok baby.. Please be safe.. And I love you more.” After his last word the line cut off and (Y/N) took a deep breath to calm herself down, and get her thoughts focused on her Mission so she could complete the mission as fast as she can and get to her father.
(Y/N)’s best friend Steve seen the worry all over her face, like always when he was concerned about his girls on the team he would check on them. He knelt in front of her eyes full of concern but still comfortingly soft.
“ you look a little down in the dumps and worried. Is everything ok (Y/N/N)?” Now staring Steve straight in the eye ,she can’t help but sigh.
“ Well.. no everything is not ok.”
“ What’s wrong? Do you want to talk about it?”
“ It’s my dad. He’s in the hospital again and I can’t be there by his side because of this Mission. He says he’ll be okay.. But it wasn’t very convincing. He’s fought so much over these last couple of years and I know he is so strong .. but what if this is it? What if he is too tired to fight anymore? If something happens while I’m on this Mission, I’ll never forgive myself for not being there.. I don’t know what I’ll do without him Steve.”(Y/N) gets out realizing she was holding her breath and tears falling once again. It hurts Steve to see his best friend in such distress and he couldn’t protect her or save her from it. He wasn’t even sure what to say that would comfort her and reassure her that everything would be okay. So he gave her a tight bear hug and held on to her as if he was protecting her from the world. When he finally got his thoughts together he spoke and the most soft and gentle voice he could.
“(Y/N) everything will be ok and if your dad says that he will be ok then you gotta trust him .I understand you’re scared and want the best for him. But everything will be ok, and like you said he’s strong and a fighter. I’m just sorry you have to be away from him on this week-long mission.” Just as he finish speaking Clint ,who was flying the Quinjet speaks up.
“ Cap we’re 10 minutes from our landing point.”
“Ok thanks Clint.Ok (Y/N/N) now I need you to focus on the mission okay. And I promise as soon as our mission is complete, we will get you to your dad as fast as we can. I promise.” With that Steve gives her one last squeeze and a kiss on her head before standing up to go over Mission plans with everyone.(Y/N) took what Steve said to heart and got her mind focused on the mission with her dad needing her as a motivation to complete this Mission successfully. She walks up to the rest of the team after getting herself together.
Steve was assigning Partners when (Y/N) stood next to Nat who squeezed her hand comfortingly while looking straight ahead and Clint and Sam giving her reassuring Smiles, in which she returned back.
“Ok Nat and (Y/N), you two take the south side of the building to get to the data room and extract all files and wipe their system clean ,me and Sam will meet you from the north side of the building ,and Clint your our eyes and back up if needed.”
With that everyone nodded their heads in agreement and prepared their weapons.
“(Y/N) remember stay focused I can’t have you distracted and getting hurt .Ok?”
He said with a slightly firm voice but with kind ocean blue eyes.(Y/N) nodded her head.
“ yes Cap ,understood.”


but in general, like, props to nintendo for making an open world adventure game and not following the bioware/bethesda model at all. i havent found a single random diary reading “im gonna go check out this cave, hope i dont die, i have a family bluuuh”. the koroks & shrines are genius in their simplicity and give the player like… actual drive? no one cares about some dead guys diary in a video game but seeing a circle of lilypads next to a ledge is TOTALLY gonna make me see if i can land right in the middle of it. its fcking intuitive. its back to its roots while still being… zelda, when zelda has thus far been characterized as being incredibly formulaic, long and dry.

what makes it zelda? i think botw tries to say its the trio - link, zelda and ganon, but zelda and ganon arent even in some canon games. its probably gameplay, because thats all you really had to begin with, and the gameplay is swords, puzzles and monsters. so instead of… dragging these elements out - constant sword swinging, dungeon after dungeon, boring enemies fckin everywhere - everything is much more. succinct. short puzzle shrines. a billion different weapons that break after a while. enemies spread out in packs, with different ways to attack each one. its a lot less tedious to go thru the motions of gameplay, and in doing so gets zelda out of those formulas and repetition and forces everything to be more challenging & new.

i have no idea where they can go next after this, though, because again - it breaks so many conventions that you cant foresee what the series will do next? i dunno. i hope itll be good. this game and a link between worlds were fantastic and i want them to keep moving in that good zelda direction. but i guess we’ll see

dove: o shit
leo: scout ! bro remember i told you about dove yesterday
scout: wait. this is the guy you met at the park? leo!!
dove: i should go
scout: yeah you should pal
leo: what? no! 
scout: leo i told you not to hang out with him you dont know this guy!! 
dove: yeah i should Definetly go
leo: scout youre not my dad oh my god! stop trying to control me!
scout: oh, because youre doing such a great job of controlling yourself?? it hasnt even gone a day and youre already back to this shit!
dove: uhh i dont wanna make any trouble so im just gonna leave now bye leo

I locked my hotel key in the room and didn’t realize till we were coming back from dinner and I was so stressed!! About having to ask for a new one at the front desk cause what if they were exasperated. But the guy at the desk was so nice im so relieved 😭😭

Dersha Fam Update!!!! 😩😩😩 I Know Im In Trouble Big Time With You Guys

Ughhh I feel like im always apologizing for my late post. I SWEAR ITS NOT ON PURPOSE!!!! I PROMISE DERSHA FAM ITS NOT. The night I was suppose to post chapter 2 my friends end up taking me out for my birthday and yesterday I ended up on a very impulsive trip to the Casino because of my crazy ass friends. Im on my way back now on a two hour drive. I literally have been no where near my laptop so i can’t post….The chapter has been done since Friday now and Ive literally haven’t had the time to post because this has been the crsziest birthday ever…(LITTTTTTTT)..THE CHAPTER IS SOOOOOO DAMN GOOD….(well in my opinion) and i can’t wait to share. As soon as I can. I promise you’ll have it. If you guys aren’t completely done with me. I promise the other chapters will not be this long to post.. AGAIN sorry sorry sorry!!!!

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