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Please Macron don’t forget people elected you because they just didn’t want the nazi wing to win.

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Katsuki wearing glasses one day to school. How do you think everyone, especially Deku, would react.

Everyone would be surprised.

The other students are shocked. Katsuki wears glasses?? Since when?? Are they new, did he wear contacts? It’d be endless questions!

And Deku would be most perplexed. He’d stare across the room at Katsuki all day long. During PE class, during lunch… he would be constsntly watching. Because how the hell didn’t he know Kacchan wore glasses?! They’ve been friends since childhood- and they were becoming even more than that now. So how didnt he realize something like that?

Deku actually confronts Katsuki about it too.

Katsuki only scoffs slightly, but can’t dare beat around the question. He didnt have a reason to lie to Deku.

“Can’t see shit with out'em.” He states, like it was obvious.

“Kacchan you’ve never worn them before..!”

“Do you ever see a fuckin hero wearing dumbass glasses? Besides that four-eyed friend of yours. ” Katsuki folds his arms.

Deku frowns a bit.
“Whats wrong with them?”

“Cant have good accuracy if I cant fucking see. Ive worn contacts since I was younger. I hate wearin glasses..”

Deku smiles a little crooked. He also could tell that Katsuki disliked them for / other/ reasons. They made him look far more studious.

“I like them Kacchan..” Deku admits, playing with his hands shyly. “I.. I think you.. look.. pretty cool with them” his face is turning red, and he can see Katsuki just staring.

Katsuki’s lips curl into a smirk, and he presses the frames up with his middle finger.

“Yeah? You /would/ think so, Deku. Well dont get used to'em. Im only wearin them today. Im gettin another pair of contacts after classes today.”

Deku almost looks disappointed. But he smiles none the less. He can’t help himself, thinking Katsuki looks handsome and even kind of hot wearing them. Katsuki eyes his soon to be boyfriend’s face. “….I’ll wear'em occasionally I guess– when we’re not doin anything ‘heroic’..”

And Deku’s face just lights up.
“Okay Kacchan!” And he wraps his arms around him and-oh- kisses him.

Whoops. Thats how they had Their first kiss.


Jesus actual Christ, these are 100% my aminos. So far my experience in the ML community has been great but I’ve been accused twice for stealing my own art on the Star one. (Like lol, what? God forbid a girl doesn’t post everything on Tumblr).

Look, I get it, you’re looking out for other people’s shit but it wouldn’t kill anyone to actually ask around a bit?? Getting false accusations at like 10:30 isn’t exactly pleasant.

Believe It or Not. Part 4.

Surprise (;
Summary: with y/n getting angrier, practically by the minute. She finally gets someone answers when she witnesses a scene between Jackson and an unexpected guest in her school.

Content: no fluff (sorry), I guess they kinda have a fight, but no really ?!?!

(Based off 1x04 “Magic Bullet”)

My alarm went off at the normal time of 6:15, although, I developed back the habit of pressing the snooze button 8292 times so I didn’t actually become conscious until around 6:50.

I got dressed in a light blue sweater and placed my white vest over the top, zipping it up Half-way. Then I decided on plain black leggings, and long white lace socks so the top of them would show out my black boots.

I quickly grabbed a protein bar since I was running late and stepped into my car shoving half of it into my mouth. Honestly so blessed that my moms work gave her a bonus and she was able to buy a new car, letting me take over her old one since Scott insisted on riding his bike still.

Speaking of, I didn’t see him at all this morning and when I walked into the garage his bike was already missing.
- - -
*changing POV here don’t get confused*

Considering the awful habits she has for waking up on time, or not at all. Y/n showed up about 5 minutes late. Least to say Mr. Harris was not very pleased at all.

I quickly took my seat next to Stiles who was sitting behind Scott. Soon after I sat down Mr.Harris started handing back our most recent tests, I was pretty nervous to get mine back, and I don’t think I was being very subtle about it because Stiles seemed to notice.

“I think you can calm down a little, we both know you probably aced that test.” He leaned towards me so I could hear him.

It took me a second to realize he was speaking to me before I said,

He just laughed, “your leg hasn’t stopped shaking you sat down.”

I looked down at my own leg to see that he was right, I hadn’t even noticed. Mr. Harris FINALLY placed my text down and I was hella pleased to see an A written in red ink with a bright red circle around it. My leg stopped shaking.

He then went down the next row and handed Scott his, his D written in the same red ink and surrounded by the same bright red circle. I was about to say something before Stiles beat me to it.

“Dude you need to study more.” To which Scott pretty much just gave Stiles a death glare.

“That was a joke,” Stiles continued, “Scott, it’s one test. You’re gonna make it up. Do you want help studying?”

“Scott I can help you later tonight after both our practices if you want.” I offered, wanting some quality time with him due to recent events lately.

“Thanks but no thanks, y/n,” I tried to hide my disappointment as he continued talking, “im studying with Allison after school today.”

“That’s my boy!” Stiles patted his best friend on the back.

“We’re just studying.” Scott added turning around to face Stiles.

“Uh, no you’re not.” I said before Stiles could cut me off again. Scott now had his attention on me.

“I’m not?” He questioned.

Stiles and I just exchanged glances and smirks towards Scott’s innocence.

“What!” He pried at us, we just continued to ignore him.
- - -
Again, running late to my next class. Passing period had already ended and I still needed to go to my locker. This was just not my day I guess, and it wasn’t even Monday.

I was walking in the direction of my locker rummaging through my bag to make sure I didn’t forget my glasses when I saw Jackson still at his locker, he wasn’t alone though. Was that Derek Hale?
Didn’t he graduate a few years before? I mean curiosity kills the cat right? However, satisfaction brought it back. So I let my curiosity get the best of me and I hid around the corner to eaves drop, one tardy wouldn’t kill me anyway.

“Where’s Scott McCall?” Derek asked Jackson. Obviously im staying to hear the rest of this now.

“Why should I tell you?” Jackson replied sassily.

“Because I asked you politely, and I only do that once.”

Jackson turned around now to face Derek.
“Okay tough guy. You know, how about I help you find him if you tell me what you’re selling him? What is it? Dianabol?”

What the hell? Is this why he’s ignoring me? He’s on steroids?

“Steroids.” Derek whispered, “I’ll find him myself.”

Derek started to walk away but Jackson interjected, “no, we’re not done-” right as Jackson said that derek grabbed his neck and shoved him against the locker. Y/n gasped slightly as Jackson yelped a little. She couldn’t tell what was running down Jackson’s neck, is that blood?

Jackson didn’t hear her, but Derek did. He turned and made eye contact with her, as she stuck her head around the corner of the wall. He didn’t say anything, he just left Jackson standing there to examine his injury.

She was confused before, but now she doesn’t even know how to feel. She didn’t ever think Scott would turn to steroids. But after all the games sitting on the bench, it didn’t make sense that this year he was playing first line all of the sudden. She’s done getting blown off, Scott is going to tell her what’s going on if she has to tie him down to a chair to find out.

The final bell rang and she shuffled off to her class finally, not that she was going to be paying attention to any of it.
- - -
There was a huge line of cars waiting to get out of school that day, although none of them were moving like they’re supposed to. All I could hear was a bunch of impatient car horns.

Getting impatient myself I stepped out of the car to see what the root of the problem.
Imagine my surprise, or lack there of, when I see that Stiles’ jeep is the first car in line. I see Allison walking the same direction I am. I walk to the side of Stiles’ car, but no one is even in it. That’s when I shift my gaze and see Derek laying in the street, and Scott angrily telling Stiles to ‘get him out of here.’

A few other angry mumbles fall from Scott’s mouth as they place Derek in Stiles’ passenger side seat. I remain by Stiles’ side of the car because I can’t really ask Scott what the hell is happening considering he looks preoccupied explaining it to a very confused Allison.

“Stiles, what the hell are you guys doing with Derek Hale?” I ask as he rushes around to the other side of his car.

“Look y/n, I really can’t explain it to you right now-”

“Like hell you can’t! I saw him in the school today hurting people!”
I was trying to be quiet and yell at Stiles at the same time since a crowd of people was beginning to form. At least Stiles was actually looking me in the eye and paying attention to what I have to say.

“Hurting people, hurting who?” He questioned me.

“Does it matter?” I snapped back, “what is he your dealer? Is Scott buying steroids?”

Stiles continued to open his door as a frustrated sigh left his mouth, “y/n I really can’t deal with this right now.”

“You mean deal with me.”
Stiles looked at the hurt girl. He had tried so hard to convince Scott to tell her everything that was going on. But Scott insisted he was trying to keep her safe. And if Scott thought keeping everything from her would keep her safe, then he was going to play along.

“No. No, that’s not what-”
He tried so hard to make her understand without actually having to tell her anything.

“No it is. But don’t worry, im done asking questions now. I’ll stay out of your way.”

With tears about to stream down her face she walked away leaving him standing with his door still open. He felt the need to run after her, but he was pulled back to the problem at hand when Derek groaned in the seat next to him.

Y/n would have to wait.
- - -
The confused girl drove home and arrived to an empty house after practice. She walked in and set her keys on the table and welcomed the silence after the day she’d had.

It couldn’t really be steroids, could it? But what other explanation is there?

She worked her way up the stairs and quickly undressed before hopping in the shower to wash off the stress of the day.

She and Scott had always been close. They always knew what was going on in each other’s lives. And she wasn’t trying to be nosy, or annoying, just a worried sister.

She should be more hurt by the fact that Scott was blowing her off, but what Stiles said today really stuck with her. Any normal person would back off and let the two boys handle their own problems. But she was y/n McCall. And she’ll be damned if she lets the two people she cares about most in the world go through something alone.

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Hello Nina,I am still wondering how do you find ideas for new theories for fairy tail? You know most of the FT fandom don't find these series/manga interesting and they consider norm to offend popular characters like Erza, Lucy, Wendy, Gajeel and etc.

Mashima himself said:

The fairies are in our heart

Originally posted by jyoshikausei

No matter what people think,

Me, i love fairy tail, i love Mashima-sensei

Originally posted by ultearrr

And that is why I make all these theories today,

It is true that Im disappointed with the Alvarez arc,

But I keep hope,

This is what gives me inspiration in my theories,
Show that fairy tail, is not a simple manga,

It is much more,
And I always look for the best of what I love <3

ya know even if todays episode disappointed me im actually really glad to see how many people can agree at least that it was rushed to hell??

god the whole episode i was just think “yea but that romantic part in the first half mostly seemed like comedy so its not serious…” then teh nude scene and i was like “yea its just for laughs…” sngdfkjfg huuuhghgh

if they hadnt pulled that ending ashi wouldve been a fine character in this plot. we couldve missed that Born Sexy Yesterday trope if we didnt do that. so close man!!! so close.