im the crossover queen


I return with more pjo/yj crossover with frank as gar/beastboy, hazel as terra, and reyna as mal/guardian (thanks @prongsapolloson who I totally owe for that one, good call tags are a blessing friends) 

When I’m done w this i’m going to do a compilation post of all of them w my explanations (heres pt1)
bonus red arrow frank bc I was torn

ok for supergirl season 2 consider this 

  • no more love triangles 
  • lesbian alex danvers!!! 
  • lucy becomes a part of the supergirl team
  • astra flies into the sun in her fancy little space coffin, absorbs the energy and LIVES 
  • a visit from lois lane? 
  • kara and cat going on lunch dates
  • lucy gets her own story
  • more vasquez
  • alex and cat getting drunk together
  • get rid of the love triangle
  • Carter grant graces us with his presence every episode