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taylor sapphirestump’s i needed to do something to feel productive masterpost, seven ish hours after finally giving in to the anons asking for a second one !! have fun kids ok, remember to tag this as food and bookmark for rainy days !!

movies (be sure to check their imdb page for smth that may be triggering)

10 things i hate about you // 21 jump street // 40 year old virgin // 300 // adventureland // akeelah and the bee // aladdin // alice in wonderland // american beauty // american pie // avatar // the avengers // back to the future // back to the future part II // back to the future part III // batman begins // batman: the dark knight // beetlejuice  // black swan // blair witch project // the breakfast club // camp rock // cinderella  // a clockwork orange // cloud atlas // clueless // corpse bride // crybaby // dark shadows // dead poets society // django unchained // donnie darko // easy a // edward scissorhands // the emperor’s new groove // eternal sunshine of the spotless mind // fantasia // fight club // forrest gump // freaky friday // girl interrupted // grease // hairspray // the hangover // harry potter masterpost // heathers // the help // high school musical // hocus pocus  // home alone  // horror movie masterpost // how to train your dragon // the hunger games // ice age // inception // indiana jones and the temple of doom // indiana jones and the last crusade // iron man // jackass // jaws // juno // jurassic park // kick ass // leo dicaprio masterpost // les miserables // lilo and stitch // the little mermaid // lolita (tw rape, pedophilia) // madagascar // mean girls // men in black // mulan // monsters inc. // monsters university // monty python and the holy grail // musicals masterpost // napolean dynamite // nick and norah’s infinite playlist // nightmare before christmas // oz the great and powerful // paranormal documentaries masterpost // the parent trap // perks of being a wallflower // peter pan // pitch perfect // the princess and the frog // the princess bride // pulp fiction // rocky horror picture show // romeo and juliet // scott pilgrim vs. the world // school of rock // shrek // sixteen candles // skyfall // snow white // the social network // space jam // studio ghibli masterpost // the suicide room // super 8 // suckerpunch // tangled // titanic // teen movie masterpost // trainspotting // toy story // toy story 2 // toy story 3 // v for vendetta // wall-e // wreck-it ralph // zombie movies masterpost // zombieland


this site has a lot of stuff and this one has like every anime ever


cruelty-free cosmetics // foundation // 5 best foundations // best powder foundations // how to use liquid foundation // contouring // contour diagram // how to use bronzer // highlights tutorial // how to contour // blush // the right blush for your face shape // how to apply blush better // skin care // how to wash your face // wash your face correctly // facials // diy facial // types of facials // eyeliner // make your own gel liner // how to do winged eyeliner w/ tape // tips and tricks // styles of eyeliner // eyeshadow // the right eyeshadow for your eyes // smoky eye // how to apply eyeshadow // lashes // how to apply fake eyelashes // tips for beautiful lashes // eyebrows // brows for your face shape // guide to perfect eyebrows // lips // a shade for the occaision // lipsticks for blondes // gradient lips // how to make your lipstick look matte // lipsticks for fall // lipstain with kool-aid // infamous crayon lipstick post


cheap clothing sites // ways to tie a scarf // visual guide to (everything?) // loads of neat clothing websites // clothes for people in wheechairs // plus-sized clothes // more clothing websites // cute shirts with cats on them ? // shoe dictionary // how to wear x thing


breakfast // no-bake energy bars // vegan french toast // banana pops // breakfast wrap // fairy porrige // vegan pancakes // spinach and eggs // baked eggs with red sauce and greens // honey butter chicken biscuits // chocolate waffles // pizza omlette // cinnamon sugar french toast sticks // no stove pancake mug // cheesy bagels // whole wheat greek yogurt pancakes // lunch and dinner // pizza bites // some type of tasty looking casserole ? // parsely pesto pasta // stuffed aubergine boats // sausage and mushroom risotto // tortilla soup // deep dish chocolate chip cookie (this can SO be dinner shut up) // crab cakes // blue cheese drop biscuits // coconut chicken soup // cowboy steaks // asian chicken bites // chorizo oil prawn linguine // grilled egplant and roasted red pepper sandwich // ten commandments of PASTA // asparagus white bean pesto pasta // crossaints + words i cant spell // snacks // spice up your hot chocolate // butterbeer recipe // 100 cal snacks // snacks for clean eating // sweet potato fries // peanut butter milkshake // strawberry banana ice cream // cinnamon carrot chips with honey yogurt dip // parmesan roasted broccoli // greek salad skewers // dressed up popcorn // buffalo chicken dip // baked apple chips // fried sweet plantains // coconut milk whipped cream // zuccini + cheese // fruit dip // dessert // ice cream sandwich // magic cocoa recipe // triple chocolate mousse cake // cake batter ice cream // mini chocolate chip muffins // easy baked doughnuts // chocolate pie // almond joy smoothie milkshake // raw strawberry cheesecake // white chocolate mousse cupcake // toasted coconut chocolate chip cookies // cinnamon rolls (gluten free) // mug cakes // mini pumpkin cheesecakes // more cupcakes // red velvet chocolate swirled brownie bars // chocolate and pomegranate cake

mental and physical health

a guide to hair pulling and skin picking // find your prescriptions for the lowest price // discreet and disguised pill boxes // guide to real ocd // party drugs and emts // the sex ed guide you needed in high school // this cute app reminds you to drink water // meditation // contraceptives masterpost // how to do cpr // a masterpost on dealing with mental illness, abuse, etc // how to do yr monthly breast check // what to do (and not to do) when somebody is having a panic attack // african black soap (super cheap, and it’s SO amazing for acne) // a visual guide to migraines // an acne chart // the cold and flu infographic // sleep aid resources // ocd masterpost // yoga for period cramps (tw: cissexism) // how long to nap // this post is really nice for self care wow // what to expect from your first gynecologist appointment // how to make a doctors appointment // how to get free therapy


lazy girls workout // huge workout masterpost // yoga poses at your desk // FitTube // bikini body workout for at home // ultimate workouts for yr booty // 27 squat variations // tips for a ‘sexy back’ idk // yoga masterpost // how to push ups without, like, breaking your arm // burn calories without the workout (NICE) // seven minute home workout (no equipment) // two minute pre-shower routine // super mega workout masterpost // yoga poses to increase yr flexibility // weekly exercises to do in your room // more workouts to do wow // tighten yr abs // before school yoga

general life tips

how to not kill your plants // how to not kill your succulents // writing jobs // make your damn appointments // how to blacklist triggers //  masterpost of being an adult // bullet journaling // how the stock market works (plus how to invest) // lifehacks masterpost // how to conduct interviews // extension for reading w/ dyslexia, adhd, etc //  a guide to having an apartment // how to thrift // how to buy a car // guide to LIFE // stress relief // super cheap fidget toys //  general bra guide // what tea you should be drinking // how to fix broken makeup // helpful website masterpost // buy your own damn groceries // tips for first time fliers // visual guide to food stuff // ways to take a break // how to google x thing // how to remove sharpie from y thing // when to buy things cheaper // nowyouno masterpost // how to store yr groceries // resume cheet sheet // how to re-record your voicemail // how to do taxes (plus what taxes are) // how to vote // write a check and balance a check book // tips for banking (ah) // cheap books


(all of these are masterposts) one two three four five six seven eight


falling out of love // character building // family history // plot a complex nvel in one day (literally all day) // writing diverse south asain characters // punctuating dialogue // tips for science fiction writing // tips for writing sex // creating a new language // naming characters // how not to write // pixar’s tips for storytelling // avoiding writing insecurity // how to use a semicolon // how to make yr protagonist likable // why character motivation is important // 41 emotions expressed through body language // how to write flashbacks // chapter checklist // questions to ask when creating a fictional culture // how to write action scenes // self imposed writing deadlines // characters and endings // writing multiple povs // 16 day redesign challenge // how to get started writing // character development // when not to write // why you should leave comments on fanfic // creating a new world parallel to earth // writing a series // child speech // writing summaries // subtle signs of love // getting published // living in the desert // here’s a masterpost im so tired


annoyingly long but super helpful languages masterpost // how to study for college exams // a neato planner // taking organized notes // how to revise // mega cool masterpost // dealing with exam anxiety // apps to control procrastination // strategic reading // note taking tips // exam life hacks // why the right study setting matters // remembering what pi means // studying daily vs night before cramming // planning and writing literature papers // dealing with school and stress // lil masterpost


huge 'so you wanna go to college’ masterpost // choosing a major // seven hour college health collection // ways to organize yr dorm // cheap things for school // another college masterpost // dealing with a shitty roomate // yet another masterpost // textbooks masterpost // eating healthy in dining hall // apps for school // starting the school year with higher grades and motivation // surviving college // what to do if you think you’ve been drugged // how to prep for college in highschool //

for when yr bored

live sloth feed // learn to do a lot of things (this ones sick) // read any book // these games are so cute // make a font from your handwriting // play the games you played when you were a kid // answer questions to donate food to the hungry // do things with long distance friends // things to help you make things // play tetris // make burgers, ice cream, pancakes, pizza, tacos // your keyboard is a piano // learn to code // watch that bob ross show // some relaxing games //  expand your vocabulary // be hugged // by a book on amazon for one cent // adventure time princess maker // play pokemon // play trivia games // notable cats and dogs // when to take a bathroom break during a movie // weird wikipedia articles // make yr own vitamin water // free indie games // secret door to really cool places // sushi cat game // learn how to do that hipster shit embroidery // plant studio // make a printable poster // wtf should i make for dinner // watch old nick tv shows // final grade calculator // its a pun generator // wikipedia articles to read in the dark // make a cute lil squid // how to make a glitter jar // are you tone deaf // the dress up game masterpost, in which i discovered god is real // make art with sand // see where ppl are instagramming // football players singing // coffee shop sounds // how to lucid dream // 100 things to do


“Real monsters are far easier to deal with than imaginary ones.”

Chapter 2 was fantastic. I didn’t think that the dragon and what happened to Achaka were going to affect him that much, and I was pleasantly surprised by what it did for the story. 

mmmmm yeah you know im still trying to work on my painting style, i had this piece about 75% done and then it sat on my desktop as a wip for like, almost a year. it is so hard to sit there and fill in details like that, with no line art to color up to, but hey, you know metroid prime is a big deal to me so i had to make the picture a big deal.

check out my art and sweet deals i have lined up on my patreon, or just show your love to a struggling artist

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You like tomato fox?!??? Ahhh F1 Nathaniel E4 Lila please if not that's okay but your art is so perfect it gives me inspiration!!

well it’s not my absolute favorite ship but I don’t mind drawing it ;P i think it would be cute if they actually did put it in the show ^^ AWAHHH thank you so much anon!! im so glad to hear my art inspires you?? you have no idea how big of a deal this is to me <333

I’m only finishing up requests for this outfit ask meme! Please do not send anymore. Thank you!

Yugi’s smile was wide and impish, like he knew something Atem didn’t. His eyes glistered as one of his hands extended forward, palm open as if in offer of something. For a split second, Atem wondered if he would slice his own palm in some sort of blood ritual, but the dagger in Yugi’s hand didn’t budge at all from where it rested by his side.

“Well Atem? Do we have a deal?” He asked, voice as smooth as ever. Atem glanced down at the hand, then to his muddy reflection in Yugi’s dark armour. Of all his features, his eyes shone back the strongest, like no matter the amount of dirt on the surface, nothing could remove that level of intensity they seemed to exhibit. Was Yugi right then? Would he never be able to go back? And if he couldn’t, then where would he go? He was backed into a corner, and the only way out was via Yugi’s help.

Atem slid his hand into the cold grasp of Yugi’s. “We have a deal.”

Something from the Demon Prince AU! Wanted to do a fully coloured piece with Yugi, and Atem will be up next! 

Chara’s a needy prick that demands attention 24/7. Frisk just learned to deal with their random affection cravings.

lynns-art-blog  asked:

*hugs* You don't gotta be someone's therapist, yo. And peeps shouldn't expect ya to be. Don't stress yourself out, yo. It's good to let them know that, too. ^^

pffff, the funny part is that I AM a therapist, just not those kinds that deal with mental stuff :P And as rude as it may sound, I am not obligated to help people if they are not my patients lolol

So no, I don’t feel stressed after posting that (ㆆᴗㆆ)

thank you! im glad he’s liked; his name is Pox, not very well skilled in the actual chemicals part of things, but a decent enough talker and showperson to make it seem like he’s the real deal. Tends to be a bit of a neat freak, preferring to be 100% covered most of the time

He’s so cute aGAHDGAHSGFASDGFJ I hoipe i get to see more of them maybe thank you for showing me this good boy


Okay but can I just take a second and talk about “The Good Dinosaur”?

They say this movie is Pixar’s biggest flop in the box office due to advertising strategies yatta yatta business talk…and I say it’s Pixar’s biggest HIT THE NAIL ON THE HEAD FILM. My mother said one of her friends took her daughter to see this and she cried because she was just as scared as Arlo (the dino) in most of the scenes. A lot of kids have been reported to experience an overly emotional response to this film, and i think that’s a very good thing!

Now, i’m not one that likes to see kids cry, but if they’re crying because they can feel what the characters are feeling then this movie is a really great teaching agent for empathy sake and getting them to look outside of their own perspective too by switching the personalities of the human and the animal. (Any of yall in RL who follow my Poetry Bestiary or Animal Arithmetic studies know I’m HUGE on that kind of thing, because its what most of my art focuses on.)

The Good Dino is nice refresher that shows a movie doesn’t need complex looking characters to teach a beautiful lesson about growing up and conquering one’s biggest fears.

And Im sure a great deal of adults, young and old, especially ones with anxiety learned many important life lessons and coping strategies from this film. As a depression recoveree myself, I related to Arlo: scared of everything and anything big or small under the sun that could pose potential harm because I myself felt small and useless and that I had no fight. I wont spoil the film for those of you who havent seen it yet, since it’s still fairly recent.

But I will say the end message, though simple, really holds and important lesson and realization a person has to come to to overcome their struggle. Sometimes you have to go on a journey bigger than yourself to find out just what you’re made of.


This is all :)


Its been a long time since I uploaded one of my digital art but Im finally back and thats all that counts ;)

Well let me introduce you to my version of Mettaton, also called sexy long legs :3

I dedicate this painting to @digitalmecam for showing me this gorgeous character of undertale and encourage me to continue uploading paintings on my tumblr account :D

Also I know there are some mistakes on the inking but I couldnt change it at clip paint studio so I leaved it like that  cause there are no big deal, I think.

Speaking of daydreaming on my side blog, it’s hard to believe that there was actually a time where I daydreamt of people actually talking to me in my streams and genuinely showing interest in my au’s, fandoms, and art. I can’t believe that was such a big deal to me. Thanks, everyone, for making one of my dreams come true. <3

1candy12  asked:

How do you deal with people stealing your art I want to post my art but Im too protective of my art I tried once but I always got the feeling in the back of my head that someone will steal it and the thought of it makes me mad

The first few times it happened I was pissed! I showed all my friends and they would report that person (without me telling them to lmao cuz they were good friendos) it was hellish.

But. The more you post your art, the more your skills improve, the bigger your audience becomes….the more often it will happen. Is it right? No. Is it fair? No. But it’s reality and there’s no way to prevent it. 

Eventually you get less angry, not because you’ve totally accepted it, but more in a sense of you’re dead inside and you know theres nothing to stop it. If there’s a way to report the person I suggest doing it. They’ll hate you. They’ll try to argue with you. But that’s the best part! Making reposters/art stealers angry is the best. Cuz fuck em. 

I will say though, there’s no point in arguing with them only cuz you’ll never win. They think they’re always right and they think they have the right to your work since you post it online for everyone to see. So if you try to go the nice route and ask them politely to take your work down/stop copying you and they act hostile just straight up report them. Don’t argue back. Don’t waste your time.

Also feel free to let your friends/followers know about that person so people keep an eye on them. Give them a negative spotlight. Maybe more people will report them. I’m getting bitter now. I have to go now. 

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It's Kind Of Complicated [GOT7 Series]

Originally posted by jaflawless

Summary: In which you, the new girl at school unknowingly captures the hearts of most of the GOT7 boys, who are determined to make you theirs.

Word Count: 2 895

Type: School! AU/ Comedy/ Fluff/ Angst

Characters: GOT7, with guest appearances by other Kpop groups

A/N: Yes, this is yet another series that I have published and yes, I will complete this series because the plot I have for this really excites me and I feel like I’ll always be motivated to write this. I sincerely hope you enjoy this series, as well as other series I have also published on this blog and I’m really excited to start this thing! Expect an update very soon! :)

Happy reading! x


Your breathing pattern had increased rapidly, so quickly that you swore you were experiencing some sort of hectic panic attack as you stared ahead of you. All of the boys stood in front of you, all seven boys stood neatly in one line with their hands behind their backs as they all stared at you, desiring to hear only what they wanted to hear.

You don’t how, or even why this happened, but the majority of those boys managed to fall in love with you, discovered that it wasn’t just them that was in love with you and were now faced with the extremely daunting and dramatic event where you would have to confess as to those who truly loved you who you had fallen most in love with. Just the thought of this made your head spin and stomach twist and turn.

Your hands grew clammy the longer you had stalled saying anything regarding the boy you had chosen to be in a proper relationship with, your nervous and shaky eyes leaving the ground for the second time that day and looking at all of those boys yet again, thinking how could you live with yourself knowing you would break so many hearts with one decision.

It had all started a couple months ago, when your parents informed you that they, along with your younger brother named BamBam and you were moving to the city to try improve your standard of living with their new jobs there, as well as be closer to your older brother, who was off at college in that area. At first, you were completely against moving, incredibly upset with the fact that you would be leaving your dearest friends and school behind and have to go to a new school and try make friends there (which wasn’t exactly your thing because you weren’t such a person that could easily approach people and have a conversation with them). But after you had moved to your new house and walked past the new school you would be attending, you thought twice about the sudden move.

Your eyes were glued to the tall buildings on the large school campus, curiosity getting the better of you as you continued to stare at the school and have millions of thoughts on the school and millions of scenarios of what life would be like at the new school. Your attention was averted to the big school gate as you heard the loud honk of a car horn, your eyes gazing upon the black gates that slowly opened, all before a bright and somewhat blinding yellow Ferrari car sped out of the open gates and raced down the street, zooming straight past you at a rate that caused your strands of hair to blow behind you as if you were appearing in some commercial for ridiculously priced hair products.

Originally posted by artoftheautomobile

Wow, that was a nice car. I wouldn’t mind sitting in those leather seats someday, you thought to yourself.

You stared at the school yet again, deciding on checking out the campus and get lost now rather than tomorrow which was your first day at the school where you would, without a doubt, get lost in the busy crowds of students. You crossed the street, making sure to look both left and right as you walked before you arrived at the small gate at the school entrance, explaining to the guard that you were a new student and you wanted to check out the campus before school tomorrow.

With a groan and a nod of understanding, the guard had let you onto the school campus, taking your first steps on the campus with curious eyes that tried to memorize where everything was for tomorrow. You ventured through the fairly large campus that could easily be mistaken for a university campus, having your breath taken away by all the beauty there was on the campus, even taking some pictures to show your parents back home, eyes witnessing some boys and girls that looked both younger and older than you running around the track while their coach timed them before you went off to explore other places.

Eventually, you had reached what you assumed was the dormitory area which you just looked around curiously, absolutely fascinated when finding some people from all walks of life leave their dormitories and walking towards a cafeteria you had walked past before. Your eyes lingered on a blond haired boy, who at the time wore a grey beanie on his head, hands in his slightly baggy ripped jeans pockets as he waited for his roommate to come out of the dormitory they shared. He glanced in your direction, the sight of him and his charming features enough to make you blush as you looked down at the ground and walked away, sighing heavily when you realized you already found someone attractive in your school. 

Originally posted by blondetuan

You wandered away from all those buildings belonging to dormitories, cafeterias and leisure activities, and walked into the buildings where all the classrooms were. You were surprised to discover that some students were doing self-study sessions in the classroom and quickly walked past, snickering quietly to yourself when you found a brown haired boy sitting in the class while on his phone. You walked all the halls of all the classrooms, peeking into some of the Chemistry, Biology and Physics labs and smiling softly when finding a room filled with chairs and instruments. 

After you escaped the building where all the classrooms were, you started to pointlessly wandered around the campus for another hour, catching a glimpse of the attractive blond yet again and running away before you could look at him for another second. Once the hour was over and spent well discovering different places, you decided to call it a night and left the campus grounds, riding your bike all the way back home.

You parked your bike in the new family garage, walking into the house and instantly being hit with the scent of your mother’s delicious cooking. You smiled in satisfaction, knowing that dinner tonight was going to good as you smelled your favorite dish being prepared. You walked past the lounge, stopping in your tracks and walking backwards, finding an unknown red haired boy casually sitting next to your pink haired brother, BamBam.

“BamBam, who is this?” You asked with a raised eyebrow, the red haired boy turning around and looking straight at you, his eyes speedily enlarging before a pink blush settled onto his pale cheeks.

You worried that what caused this reaction was that something was wrong with you and fixed your hair that didn’t need any fixing, having no clue that the boy only reacted this way because he found you extremely beautiful. “I’m Yugyeom, BamBam’s new friend.”

Originally posted by gotsolucky

“He knows how to dab and all that, he’s my new brother,” BamBam mentioned to you as his eyes remained on the TV screen for one more second before he turned to look at you, Yugyeom and him dabbing in sync as BamBam sang, “Dab boy, dab boy!”

“Ugh, you’re so obsessed with dabbing,” You said for the thousandth time in your entire lifespan, rolling your eyes in the process before looking at Yugyeom and sending the younger boy a polite smile as you said, “I’m heading to my bedroom. It was nice to meet you, Yugyeom.”

“It was nice to meet you too.” He sheepishly smiled, feeling the heat in his cheeks increase greatly in each second that you spent in front of his eyes.

Thankfully, you quickly walked off to your bedroom to sort out some things in your room, as well as some things for your first day at school tomorrow, Yugyeom left thinking about how pretty you were and what a beautiful smile you had that he didn’t hear BamBam sing, “Dab boy, dab boy!” yet again. 


  It was your first day and even though you toured around the school campus just the night before, you found yourself completely lost as to where to go. Unlike your brother who had Yugyeom to show him around, you didn’t have any new friend to show you around the school and were left standing in a mildly busy and buzzing hallway, standing in one place like a lost puppy. 

Jackson, who had just been sorely rejected by yet another cheerleader, was walking in the same hallway you were lost in, his eyes landing on you as he furrowed his eyebrows and asked himself whether he had seen you before. After not recognizing your face and noticing how lost you were, he approached you.

“Excuse me, you seem to be a little lost and I haven’t seen you around before, so I’m assuming you’re a new student here. My name is Jackson.” Jackson introduced himself to you with a small and friendly smile.

Originally posted by ughjacksonwang

“I was hoping my new face would go unnoticed,” You attempted to crack a joke, feeling rather grateful when you heard Jackson chuckle as you tucked a strand of your loose hair behind your ear and introduce yourself, “I’m (Y/N).”

“So (Y/N), where do you need to get to?” Jackson curiously asked you, you answering the boy saying that you needed to go to the office to collect the reminder of textbooks, as well as receive your timetable and locker key. “Ah, all the office type of areas are in a different building called Secretary of Head.”

“Secretary of Head?” You repeated the name after Jackson as you two began to walk towards the building, “Do all the buildings here have names?”

“Yeah, like the building we were just in, it’s called Leonardo’s House which has classrooms to deal with subjects such as Drama, Dance, Woodshop, Creative Art, those kind of creative subjects, as well as the Ledger Hall where we have all of our school assemblies, showcases and talent shows,” Jackson began to explain to you, “There’s also the Phil Allen building where you have your everyday subjects like, Maths, English, History, Geography, Economics, and so on and there’s also Hoover building for all your science subjects like Robotics, Chemistry, Physics and all those other subjects I’m not good at.”

You couldn’t help but chuckle at the last of Jackson’s words, the boy smiling triumphantly when he saw the amused smile on your face. After you seemed to be focused once again, he continued to talk about the school and its various amount of buildings, “There’s two buildings that both are for dormitories. One building called the Local Building where all the local kids live, and the Foreigners building where all foreign students live.”

“It’s so cool that this school has foreign students, I never had foreign students at my other school.” You mentioned to Jackson, who just smiled as to what you had said. 

“Well, this is an international school, so there should be foreign students, right?” Jackson rhetorically asked, his question causing you to chuckle yet again during your conversation. 

You two had stopped walking when you came upon a small building compared to the others, Jackson leading the way up the small flight of stairs before he opened the door for you, you thanking the kind boy before you walked inside, instantly getting yourself sorted with the secretary at the front desk. 

After getting yourself sorted, your schedule and map of the school in hand as you walked towards Jackson, who comfortably sat in the small but comfortable waiting room reading a gossip magazine that claimed to have the latest updates on famous Korean stars. You shook your head in amusement as you watched Jackson stand up and put the magazine away before he took your schedule and read over it. 

“So, you’re more into the arts than anything else, hey?” Jackson quizzed with a sly smirk, commenting on how many classes you had in Leonard’s House rather than the other buildings. 

“I’m more of an artistic and realistic person, so it made sense to do more subjects that relate to art, so my grades don’t drop.” You answered Jackson truthfully with a satisfied smile making its way to your face after you spoke. 

“Same here, high five,” Jackson agreed with you, the two of you sharing a high five before you heard Jackson say, “We have all of our classes before lunch in the same building, so we can have lunch in the same building.”

“There’s different cafeterias in different buildings?” You asked in disbelief, watching Jackson nod his head and mention to you, “All these buildings have floor below the ground floor called B2 where the cafeteria is, and sometimes a study center is.”

“Damn,” You expressed in subtly surprise, “This school is just too big and complicated.”

“No kidding, I literally couldn’t find my way around this place for a solid year, and to think, there are probably places here that I don’t even know is just scary really.” Jackson answered you with an amused chuckle, the secretary at the front desk sneaking glances at the two of you in the waiting room not too far away. 

Just then, you heard an odd sound go off that you could guess would be a bell, but it sounded more like an alarm used to wake soldiers up in the morning. You gave Jackson an odd look, the boy laughing at your expression before explaining to you, “That’s the five minute warning bell. A different bell will ring in five minutes to signal the start of class.”

“Oh, thank goodness I found you - well, you found me. I would literally be so lost here.” You commented in amusement, humouring Jackson yet again that day. 

“Yeah, thank goodness,” Jackson laughed, “I’ll walk you to class.”

“Thank you.” was all you said before you two walked out of Secretary of Head building and walked to the Phil Allen building, taking a shortcut through the school parking lot to get there faster. 

As you walked together and made simple conversation, you heard the screeching sounds of tires skiing on the road, almost letting out a scream when that yellow Ferrari from yesterday came speeding into the parking lot, almost knocking you over, but unfortunately bumping Jackson the slightest bit.

Jackson loudly cursed before slamming a fist down on the front of the car, the driver of the car, as well as a passenger in the expensive mobile quickly climbing out of the car while talking to one another. 

“Jesus, Jaebum, please don’t drive that fast ever again, we barely missed that old lady crossing the street.” A brown haired boy warned the driver of the car, who you hadn’t gotten a chance to look at until now.

He was gorgeous. So gorgeous that he could be a model, hopefully for Calvin Klein underwear, of course. He was very well-built, under that black v-neck and black leather baseball jersey he wore. He removed the black snapback from his head, running his stubby fingers through his silky soft strands of black hair before wearing his snapback again. 

Originally posted by defwang

“I had to be on time today, my teacher is getting tired of me always being late and threatened to call my parents if I was late again. What a bitch.” Jaebum - you’re assuming - answered the unknown passenger as he grabbed his backpack from the inside of the car and shut his door, the car immediately locking itself.

“Jaebum, you spolit dumb jock, you practically just ran me over with your stupid bumblebee car.” Jackson exaggerated to Jaebum, who stood before him with an expression that didn’t look the least bit sympathetic.

“Well, you’re not underneath the damn car or injured that badly, so you weren’t exactly run over, Mr. Wang,” Jaebum smartly answered Jackson, who just rolled his eyes. “If you want to act, go to Leonardo’s House, I’m sure you’ll find other people besides me obviously, who appreciate your terrible acting.”

“You dumb jock with a little co-” Jackson was about to spit out viciously, but was rudely interrupted when Jaebum asked, “And who is this?”

You slowly but surely began to blush when Jaebum had brought not just his, but everyone’s attention onto you. You witnessed with your own eyes a smile spread across his gorgeous face as his eyes sparkled while they stared into yours. 

“I’m (Y/N).” You introduced yourself with a small closed mouth smile, slightly pulling at your backpack straps to calm your nerves down. 

“Jaebum. Remember that, you’ll be moaning that later.” Jaebum introduced himself, your blush intensifying ten thousand times more after Jaebum had spoken, the boy having the damn nerve to wink at you afterwards. 

“Eww Jaebum, you’re sick,” Jackson stated the obvious, wrapping his arm around your shoulders as he sassed, “I’m not gonna let you pollute (Y/N) here with your manwhore ways and will just leave. You’ll be hearing from my lawyer about the broken leg I’m 99.9% sure I have, goodbye Jaebutt.”

Jackson had pulled you away from Jaebum before you could say anything else, you turning your head to see Jaebum waving at you with a smile that could melt your heart while the brown haired passenger leaned against the Ferrari with a book in hand, the final bell that signalled the start of class ringing as you took your first step into your Foreign language class.


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Hey oly! Im surprsing my mom with a trip to Seattle for her birthday, and as a local I was wondering if you had any suggestions outside of the typical touristy stuff that we should go to?

yes!! and im taking this as my cue to finally add this to my faq

i mean first and foremost you straight up should visit pike place. its fun. i go there all the time lmao. just have a plan and put ur elbows up and dont go on a weekend if you can help it and pike place is great (also dont call it pikes place i like… i feel bad about it but it 100% makes me roll my eyes). dont bother with the fish market like i will never understand why people love watchin em toss fishies. walk around and take every free slice of nectarine market vendors give to you. i love local color and beechers cheese is amazing and i love golden age collectibles its just like fun kitschy stuff and theres a intage print shop that i adore downstairs and a really cool music shop two floors down. pike place is cool. BESIDES THAT!!!

the space needle is worthless its super expensive if you want a cool view go to the top of the columbia tower its actually a better view. the pier is kind of awful and a lot of construction is happening down there anyway so its gross.

i mean… if its a nice day its genuinely really fun to like have a lil picnic at gasworks. go to like home remedy and get picnicky stuff. that would be very seattl. the panorama is really fun! check out the seattle theatre group there are always fun stuffs happening at one of their theatres. check out the seattle international film festival theaters because they always show really cool movies and the main theatre is by the space needle so you can see it without like… dealing with all that jazz. when i have days off and like Go Out and whatever i like to bop around cap hill i love everyday music and elliott bay book co. thats my fave bookstore. i just like walkin around you know? the seattle art museum genuinely owns and if you come after october first theyre doing IMPRESSIONISTS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! im so excited. also the henry art gallery at uw is amazing. uw is cool in general the reading room in suzallo is so cool. art shows and galleries and concerts are very Seattle so keep an eye out for that kinda stuff

the biggest contribution i can give you is RESTAURANT RECS!!!!! all i care about is food.

  • downtown: le pichet, boka is ok, steelhead diner is fun because you can reserve a seat that overlooks pike place and the water and jazz. serious pie is a classic i mean like tom douglas is a seattle treasure hes a Sellout but the yum yums dont lie. also their weekday happy hour KILLS half a pizza is $6 and its the perfect amount. also the slu location does yummy breakfasts
  • wallingford/u district: tilth (amazing fancy fair all very Local), morsel (best breakfast best BISCUITS!!!), aladdins (only the one above 45th lmao), kabul is the first restaurant i ever ate at like literally ive been going there since i was a baby its amazing, elemental pizza is really good and if gluten free matters to you they have the only legitimately good gf pizza crust ive ever had, also a family friend owns the place. musashis is the best sushi… ever… its a bit of a pain to get into like its super super super small and has weird hours but holy hell is it worth it. also theres a molly moons here and its way less crowded than the cap hill/u village locations
  • madrona/central: ok lotus thai is legitimately the best thai food i have ever had in my life its… god its so good i love them get the brown rice, ezells fried chicken is a seattle staple and its so good and so cheap and amazing, the harvest vine is a really nice spanish restaurant that just has the nicest vibe ever i love it i found it on a whim and its SO GOOD
  • capitol hill: tavern law is so good… god.. that whole strip of cap hill has the best food. tavern law and barrio and plum bistro. theyre all so good. even manhattan is good. love it. if yall want drinks sun liquor is fun like of all the plaes ive gone its just nice and chill, especially on weekdays. tacos chukis cant be beat. americana is such a classic ive been going there since middle school lmao. i also love hana sushi. bluestone korean bistro KILLS ive only been there once and i think about it all the time

Hey, I want to show you something… I know, is… Agh.

Beginner? But I hope you like it, I made it with love u.u
I really love Afterdeath, and his child… Is just amazing! Your design is so cute ❤
And sorry for my bad English u.u I try

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ok reposting bc tumblr uploaded it weird BUT HERE’S A SPEEDPAINT NICE OK BYE


AAAAAAND I’M DONE!! i’m so happy and proud with this!! khdfkshgufhg I SHOULD BE IT’S ALMOST 20+ HOURS OF WORK

i actually didn’t know exactly how light/ dark my friends are so this is relative to me (theyre all lighter/ im the darkest), so they’re all pretty whitewashed oops lol. not really a big deal with them tho. maybe i’ll edit it in the future.

anyway, it’s one of our plans to actually do a group cosplay(?) for AX. funny thing is, isiah, the one on the far right, didn’t actually want to wear a skirt but since i showed him this he actually wants to do it now (his parents also saw it)

also screaming bc his other circles of friends saw it too WHEEZES

hi every1 im new!!!!!!! holds up spork my name is toby but u can call me t3h PeNgU1N oF d00m!!!!!!!! lol…as u can see im very random!!!! thats why i came here, 2 meet random ppl like me _… im 13 years old (im mature 4 my age tho!!) i like 2 watch invader zim w/ my berg (im an engineer if u dont like it deal w/it) its our favorite tv show!!! bcuz its SOOOO random!!!! its random 2 of course but i want 2 meet more random ppl =) like they say the more the merrier!!!! lol…neways i hope 2 make alot of freinds here so give me lots of commentses!!!!
DOOOOOMMMM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! <— me bein random again _^ hehe…toodles!!!!!

love and waffles,

t3h PeNgU1N oF d00m