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my brother and i have come up with a new brawl for overwatch, its called “get out of our house” and its in hanamura. you cannot pick either of the shimada brothers.

they will, however, come and attack both teams at random times. there is no way to tell when they will attack or from where.

they fight with the strength and abilities shown in the dragons short and it is entirely possible for both teams to lose and the brothers win, however, they cannot be awarded potg and this upsets them, fueling their desire to fight.

a soft boy


lets grow some lesbians

thank you griffin mcelroy for all the lgbtq+ representation in taz !!!

taako and kravitz: transmutatin some borrowed ravens into gay romance doves
roswell: good agender birb speaking with the earth to grow some flowers
carey and killian: watering some fellow lesbians
lup: my trans gal be providin sunlight and fireworks!!
sloane and hurley: becoming badass gay dryads and save a child

heres the last images in a better quality cuz tumblr sucks


All Forbidden Art goes into the Box™ to be hidden forever

Voltron fandom once again cannot do anything in moderation and I am a sea full of Salt™ right now so let’s go!

Do y'all know what development is? Do y'all realise that you can’t jump from point A to point D without going through B and C? Why is all the meta I see about the scene where Lance comes to talk in Keith’s room so polarising? It’s either “Keith did great they love each other time to get married!!1!!1!1” or “Keith fucked that one up BAD and ruined poor baby Lance uwu” and like????? It’s neither of those things?????

It’s somewhere in the middle.

Look, Keith is learning. Keith isn’t a people person and a big part of his development is understanding and sympathising with others more. We saw him struggle with this in s1ep4 when Pidge wanted to leave. Keith didn’t show any empathy for her cause. In s2ep11 he does better with Hunk. It’s not perfect, and he’s a little impatient with his “I said will you be alright?” But it’s enough to calm Hunk down enough to get the job done. And when the job is done, he gives Hunk a verbal pat on the back for pulling through.

In s3ep4 Keith goes to talk to Allura knowing she’s upset about the comet. He tries to reassure her that they did the right thing (granted, it doesn’t really work but at that point she has every reason to be worried about the comet in Lotor’s hands so like…there’s not much to cheer up about really).

The thing is, Lance is tricky. Lance’s insecurities are tricky. Lance’s relationship with Keith is tricky. Lance is good at understanding people, which is why he successfully navigates their tricky relationship to support Keith throughout the season. He’s good at that.

Keith, however, is not so good at that. He doesn’t really get this stuff when it’s not so obvious. Hunk’s anxiety in the weblum had an obvious cause, Allura’s upset had an obvious cause, but Lance’s insecurities don’t have an obvious cause, especially considering it’s probably clear to everyone else (Keith included) that Lance has his place in the team. So when Lance came to talk, Keith wasn’t really sure where this is coming from or how to deal with it. And I for one think that’s partly why Lance came to him at all. Lance knew Keith wouldn’t just say what he thought Lance wanted to hear.

And Keith didn’t say what Lance wanted to hear. He said what he thought was appropriate but he misjudged and Lance left the room in no better state than he came in. Keith saw this and made a last ditch effort to cheer Lance up, hence the teasing. His body language in that shot is warm and open. His arms aren’t crossed, he’s smiling, and his chest is facing Lance. He isn’t talking down at Lance, he’s presenting himself as a friend. 

And Lance sees this effort for what it is. He knows that Keith is trying to cheer him up and I think he genuinely appreciates the effort. Keith may not have provided the reassurance he sought but he cared enough to attempt to cheer him up and I think that means something to Lance.

I don’t think that’s an “all better” smile. I don’t think it’s a forced “hide the pain” smile either. To me, that smile says,

“Thanks for trying, buddy.”

Namjoon: So do you like my gift? 

Jin: You gave me a mutilated tomato. 

 Namjoon: It was a tomato rose! I cut it myself! 

 Jin: *pats Namjoon’s back* It’s the thought that counts.



AU where Rad and Enid are Lord Boxman’s robots and Shannon and Darrell are siblings that work at Gars n stuff.

+ really bad screenshot redraw