im terrible at backgrounds

Patrick in Wonderland for hurleyvxv ’s AU! 

Mad tea party with Joe and Andy will be up next! Such a fun concept to draw

(it’s transparent, yo!)

happy bday @drgnsmile !! here’s an orange feathery asshole

Heres a drawing I did  of @poketrio ‘s  oc sketch storm and kami! (poketrio is super cool and you should go check out their blog ) 

I honestly do know how to go about describing this tbh. I saw sketch storm while looking for references on poketrio’s deviant art and had thought “kami would find him cool” (or something it was really early in the morning and i will still half asleep) around 12 i remembered this idea and asked poketrio what he was like and after seeing him be described as artsy I decided to draw them together!) (probably talking about art or something) 

I plan on drawing more of their oc’s in the near future (hopefully with an appropriate background) (my computer didn’t want to cooperate and i had to try and finish this before it crashed on me (also im terrible at backgrounds ) I had a lot of fun drawing this and plan on posting the warm up doodles i did earlier really soon! 

I hope you all like it! bye for now!