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hi please dont publish im just wondering is there any way you could talk to harlow and ask him to stop talking so negatively about TØP on his blog? its not a joke to me. ive messaged him about it and hes such an ass every time but he doesnt understand that literally almost all of their songs are about mental illness and resonate with me on a personal level. its also incredibly ableist for him to dismiss their views on suicide. i know youre his friend so can you please talk to him? thanks rose💕

hi, fuck you


Posting again because I LOVE all the friends I’ve made from posting here. So, my name is Anjelica. Im 23! I’m from Kansas. I graduate nursing school this May, and am going to be an ER nurse. I love meeting new people and I love talking about conspiracy theories and aliens, you know, the important stuff in life lol. I love being outside, going on hikes and all that good stuff. Like I said, I love talking so I could rant forever but I think I’ll stop there and we should just follow each other on here or Instagram and start talking!
Instagram: @anjelicadiana
tumblr: @baby-ilove-yourways

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Haven't been around for so long, what is the language meme hell?

So once upon a time my insane followers started the Language Meme. It started out innocently enough with people trying to confuse me with numbers.

And then the baby eaters arrived.

Outta freaking left field im being flooded with asks in various languages talking about eating babies in various languages. Grilled, etc, you name it.

Also various versions of the bee movie, something star warsy, and and a very destroyed version of Smash Mouths All Star.

This went on for EIGHT HOURS

I lost 200 followers do to the spam and got several dozen nasty asks.

And THAT was language meme hell

welcomedmachine があなたの投稿に返信しました “so there’s definitely this weird undercurrent of thought in sj spaces…”

There’s this current of “keep all cultures isolated and Pure” that is DEEPLY DISTURBING coming from people who claim they aren’t racist

thats what im talking about!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

This is the problem with cultural appropriation discourse it’s worried about ‘contamination’. But actually ‘contamination’ is an absolute, foundational, integral part of what culture is. All culture is ‘contamination’. You cannot have a culture that doesn’t change and isn’t influenced by other cultures, it just doesn’t exist as a living culture to which people belong.

whenever white people say “shut up and share your culture” to native americans, i honestly just look up like im in The Office

im native american (algonquin and ojibwe from northern ontario) and white people say this shit to us all the time.

by talking over a native american (or hell any other race for any other reason) and going “shut up and share your culture” youre invalidating our beliefs while wanting us to share with you at the same time. and like WE TOTALLY WOULD SHARE OUR BELIEFS WITH YOU AND STUFF IF YOU WENT ABOUT IT IN A RESPECTFUL NATURE.

i also always see this argument being used so ill talk about it:

using the argument of “well japanese people are PoC and they dont care when you wear kimonos” is immediately a void argument because many japanese people want you to embrace their culture and no matter what, you normally do so respectfully. you spend a few weeks learning the language, engaging with japanese people, asking for help, etc. and besides kimonos can be worn by anyone in a civil class. so comparing kimonos that can be worn by anyone to something like war bonnets that can only be worn by war vets is a huge reach. dont ever make that comparison please because youll just be a laughing stock.

but if you wear a fucking makeshift war bonnet from the dollar store halloween section youre NOT going about it respectfully and youre appropriating and engaging in racism. because war bonnets cant be worn by a normal person like how kimonos can. War bonnets are sacred to people who have survived war. theyre not to be worn by just anyone.

not to mention that it’s offensive how sexualized war bonnets are now (which i address in this post when someone tried to post a nearly nude white women wearing a war bonnet – theyve since deleted their post so dont harass them)

that post above that i linked also has rape statistics for native american women because theyre so fetishized by white people so yeah go read it if you want

but all in all

you wouldnt wear US war badges and medals of honor for serving if you didnt actually go to war. it would be considered disrespectful.

you wouldnt dress up as an Afghanistan war veteran for halloween. it would be considered disrespectful as fuck.

you wouldnt let some nude chick wear war medals around her neck to sexualize them and post them to instagram for notes. again it would be extremely disrespectful.

but because native americans are so easily appropriated and white people have been dressing up as PoC for centuries now for “fun” and to be racist (aka things like blackface, yellowface, etc.) its suddenly ok and now white people argue that you should “share the culture”

well maybe we’d share with you if you’d go about things respectfully. did you ever think about that?

complained about this already but tumblr has dumbed me down and squeezed out all of my creativity? i used to tell jokes and they were good? someone talks to me now and all i can reply is “same” or “true” as if ive never had an original thought in my mind before and i hate myself for it! you might think thats because my humor has matured or whatever but others can attest to this i was a damn riot as a kid and reading the things i used to write im like who is could i have become such a bore? its looking too long at a computer screen and trying to find humor in the most depressing mind numbing garbage thats what it is

I know im the 300000th person to talk about this and ive talked about this before but no offense no jokes Yuri!!! on Ice legitimately has my favorite plot twist of all time bc it rewards a rewatch SO MUCH. It changes SO much of the context, but doesnt destroy it. It just lets you experience it AGAIN from ANOTHER characters perspective, and lets all these pieces click into place. The feelings and emotions and reality is all there, it just makes MORE sense now.  More complete. More fulfilling for both Yuuri and Victors stories. And it changes so much of how you view Victor as a character, and was a major reason he ended up being my favorite character.  

When you watch it without spoilers, you’re seeing things from Yuuri’s perspective, which is both unreliable AND missing crucial information, but the development is still rewarding and his perspective is still fantastic. 


“we don’t talk enough, we should open up, before it’s all too much” is such an emotional and honest line i get emo every time i think about it because it’s so desperate and earnest and im just like yes!! yes you should talk about it!!! whatever it is don’t let it bottle up don’t have regrets!!!!! like honestly????  i hate this song fskdfjgdfgklsf it just hits me too hard in so many different ways every. single. time.

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hey i love yr art ive not seen u saying this but from looking at ur scultpures it seems like they r influenced by bodies and the discomfort of having a body, a gendered body idk it just seems like ur communicating discomfort in the psychical form... is that an influence or ? srry this is invasive feel free 2 ignore im just rly interesting in the meaning behind ur art, if ud like 2 talk abt what ur scultpures r communicating id love 2 hear it

Thanks for this question, i like answering this kind of stuff bc it’s like all I think about 24/7 lol.

In essence you’re interpretation is correct, although I tend to talk about in terms of tension…the tension between gender and sexuality, gender presentation and identity, and being a body that is always gendered but whose gender is in flux. I try and represent this tension through my gendered material choice and the physical stress I put on it.
I’m also interested in the projection of subjecthood onto soft objects…there’s a tendency to see the body reflected in them. So I pretend they Are people, they have ‘flesh’ and are able to be objectified and fetishized just like I am.
Fetish practices, like bondage/bdsm, are driven by the objectification of a (often female) subject, so I thought I’d flip the script and objectify soft objects to try and seize the means of my own particular oppression.
I hope this all makes sense it’s hard to condense my thesis into a short answer

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Curious because I just saw your post about the TLD. Hear me out, but couldn't one argue that the creators were simply taking a new approach to Sherlock (i.e. the more postmodern season 4 vs the other more linear mystery narratives of 1-3), and that the harsh reaction to this newest season is simply because the fans are incapable of adapting to new cinematographic styles? That's ironic. Because wouldn't you say that above all the POINT of Sherlock is its modernization and shit im outta space

Tbh no one in the fandom is arguing about the cinematographic style. Unless it comes to TFP. Which is a weird example of cinematography and editing in an otherwise flawless show. As I said, TLD had the most stunning visuals. Talking about the modernization..Umm the show was modern from start. Nothing changed there. The whole point of the show was of course modernization and it remained the same. Upgraded as it should be according to passing years. The problem isn’t there. Ask anyone. They will say the same.

The problem totally lies with the narrative and storytelling. Which pretty much changed from s3. And jumped a ten foot building in s4. It is not about the liner narrative. It’s about a confusing narrative.We ignored the change in s3 because most of us expected something else from s4 and thought s3 was just a warm-up. But what did we see in s4?  Putting the canon narrator i.e John Watson in the sideline for most of an episode. The iconic duo that was the beating heart of all of the adaptations, making the relationship between them bad. A character, which had every potential to be a badass villain, getting redeemed. Asking questions, raising issues. And then brushing them aside like they are nothing. Fans are not incapable. Fans are just tired of not getting answers.What happened is the writers forgot about storytelling 101. 

It was still a Sherlock Holmes adaptation upto s2. Then became a loosely based on ACD’S Sherlock Holmes show in s3. S4 was a show using canon characters and names bearing no resemblance to the original work. You can say it’s a still a detective story, a thriller,a mystery, even a superhero show ( talking about Eurus here). But it’s not Sherlock. Actors tried their best. But it’s not their story and their effort is limited.

As always, personal opinion.

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if fish!mob was canon, would we ever hear him speak? or would everyone just reply to him without the audience hearing his words? im sorry for some reason this au amuses the fuck out of me

I am very torn between him speaking like nothings out of the ordinary and him not speaking at all bc both is great so. do w/e you want with this tbh I bear no responsibility over fishmob

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Can I try to guess what your kinks are or would that make you uncomfortable?

uhh id rather you not sorry id feel weird and gross publicly discussing this in great detail like i thought all the boot jokes were funny but id be uncomfortable talking about shit no one really needs to kno in detail publicly unless im like making a joke about it or something


         A small call meant for people who would be INTERESTED in DISCUSSING a possible MAINS connection between our blogs! 

         What does mains mean to ME? It, generally, means that I will prioritise our threads, come to you first with possible plot ideas ( When I can think of them ), and if Eddie mentions or hears about YOUR muse, your muse will be the one he’ll thinking / talking about ( Given the context, of course ).

         So hey, hit that LIKE or REPLY and I’ll hop into your IM / Discord ( If I have that ) and discuss possible stuff w/ you. :^)

okay but 

my favourite thing about jaal is that, at the beginning he sends you this email sayin he brought his own blankets and bedding just in case your “alien bedding is insufficient or uncomfortable” and we know just how big on comfort jaal is (dude makes his own lotions) and in the end, after all that the talk about comfortable bedding, the greatest thing about all of this is he brings a fuckin air mattress and has no blankets or pillows on it at all

I’ve seen a lot of repost accounts as well. (My own content being reposted as well) I have a whole conversation with one blog that proofs they repost but I’ve always been scared of being seen as a mean person I didn’t post it. When i first got into MONSTA X everyone was lovely but now im a lil further in I see problems that nobody ever talks about. I’ve seen posts about how you should stop calling members certain names and that’s great but I really wish i saw more people comfortable with talking about their opinions.. I post way less rants then I want to because I rarely see people talking about things. It makes me scared people will hate me if i’m the one who starts talking. But I’m done keeping my mouth shut all the time.

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“Don’t move! Yes, yes. That’s perfect, Nico. Hold that pose.”

Older Nico di Angelo commission for KelseyAh! I’m so happy I got to draw my boy, The Underworld Prince. Look at him, so clueless lol. Redbubble


well, I,


But I guess I was never much of a writer (insp.)


Kageyama Tobio for my dearest friend, Seda ♡♡