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local man thinks about boyfriend all day long, best friend remains a victim of his four am texts. 


isn’t james still taking cat’s place at catco? what did he think about kara getting fired? would he be able to do anything in his position? would he even want to? does james even know??? does kara ever talk to him anymore? didn’t they agree to be friends? where is james 87% of the time when we don’t see him? why are the writers forgetting who james is and what his role in the show is? who is this monk elk and why is he in my house

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Hi there!! I just wanted to say that even though I've been sick and pretty :( this whole weekend (bleh bleh) seeing your nap time with fluffly friends made me cheer up so much!!! So thank you so so much!!!!! ( ´▽`)

Oh dear! get better soon!!! ó^ò)/ and oh gosh im glad my little drawings could help you feel a little better

here take some more fluffers to cheer you up and get better soon!!

I just really love her a lot.

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listen... i'm 25... i'm a teacher... and earlier this year when i went to take my ID picture, the lady running it grabbed me by the shoulders and pushed me back out of the room and told me, "IT'S NOT TIME FOR NINTH GRADERS YET, GO BACK TO CLASS!!!" and that's the story of how everyone thought i was 14 and wouldn't let me take my picture :(


fam im sorry. thats so terrible. i laughed. im the worst™

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Hi I love your stories and I'm sorry if I'm awkward (I'm new at this) But I wanted to ask what are your 3 OTP of over watch. And will you be making more awesome Widowtracer stories in the future?? (By the way I love your widowtracer stories did I said that?)

hello hello hi how are you thank you for taking time out of your day to lemme you dig my stuff :D cause that means a lot to me and now im smiling like a fool. 

hmmm top 3 ships of Overwatch….


(Symbra comes in as a close third) 

I have  A MILLION BROTPs but these are my main ships 

I will ALWAYS be writing more widowtracer. Unfortunately due to my new job its been harder to find time to do so but I have some huge plans in the future. I’m thankful you all are very patient with me :D 

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hi!! im just curious as to how you go about taking lecture notes? like, do you have time to perfectly execute aesthetically pleasing notes during class or do you do it afterward? thanks and hope you have a good week!!

hello cutie!! i use my laptop to take notes during lectures and then write them up when i get home ✨  hope that helps, and i hope u have a good week too~

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you wanna take this outside? lol LET US ENJOY THIS why are we bias and niall fans are not?

It’s not the fans that have a bias is the media. Like no matter what the other boys do he will never have to work as hard for air time. He just won’t, he gets coffee and it’s a thing. Which is smart on him, for aligning himself with certain media leeches early on. MY BEEF!!! is with the fans that insist that the boys are on equal playing field and that ‘the releases are different’ is a reasonable excuse for what i was looking at on my dash, liam had a fucking child!!!! and all i saw was the same four frames?? There is a clear unbalance and when anyone points it out then they are bitter and an enemy to the harry regime.And thats what gets me. Like I use to be 60/40 harry and niall back in the day, all i would write was harry and read was harry like i loved his ass, but over time,,,,like theres this bubble with him? that only exists with two other groups of people that i will not name. and its SAD!!! I wanna enjoy him, and i dont blame anything that happens on him, its everything around him thats nuts.  

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I was wondering if i could have a ship with any harry potter char, really (marauder era pref idk if you do them tho lol) But im 5'3, brown skin, black hair down to my mid back, im rlly curvy (boobs for the win honestly) and also chunky. i love nature and film. I spend most my time reading, writing or sleeping honestly. Im a mix between Griff and Slytherin. My makeup is always poppin tbh i always have on fake eyeslashes and shit but i dont wear foundation or contour tho bc i dont have acne, tnks!

I ship you with Sirius!

He loves taking you out to enjoy the world, admiring the nature around you. He can simply talk and talk about anything with you, even during the films you may be watching. He finds you immensely attractive, and he loves how confident of a person you are.

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i really wish i could just smoke an enormous joint right now and go to sleep but instead i get to pile on 12 more hours of being awake so i can finish my final final essay which ive alrady had a week extension on and have not so much as an outline ohhh my godddd this is why im not supposed to take full-time….. asjdlk;fjas;dlfkjsd;lkfjsd;l mistake

i defintley have an A in spanish!!!! though!!! 


bonding moments w/ my bby boi lance <333

send me a topic to write a meta about my muse on

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