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Sorry to ask and you can ignore if you wanna, since it's literally just me being curious but... what did you major/are majoring in or studying? Did you take arts or something?

you’re good, i have a BS in physics and one in astrophysics, im currently back in school taking art classes amd plan on applying for animation programs this semester! so i guess, if ppl have suggestions as to good programs, uhh, hmu? im still in the middle of my crisis of whether this is something i can do but im getting there, so might as well start to get serious, wow this turned into a long answer


a/n; i felt bad not giving magumagu a scenario of his own,, so here is an au,,,,,this is also gonna be a lil lengthy so grab your snacks and prepare yourself for the fluffiest bf au you will ever read and also i might be swerving for him thanks cheryl and im sorry jihoon

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  • a totally last minute thing i suppose
  • i wanted to write to just isolate myself from reality
  • so ok enough deep shit w zechu
  • leggo
  • ok so
  • you’re in the same school as daehwi since like?? middle school or something
  • and ya’ll weren’t close like him and somi ukno
  • but still friends!!
  • ngl when you guys were about to choose high schools your heart decided that it was a good time to have a crush on him
  • i mean
  • just look at him

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ok so im starting hs next week and my dads getting deployed tomorrow to countries he can't tell me and my family and im just... im really scared that he won't come back. with that and going into somewhere that really counts for my future every step of the way, im having all sorts of nerves and anxiety attacks and idk why im telling you this. i just needed to get it off my chest. sorry for bothering you. have a good day.

Take a picture with your dad and tell him you love him. I’m sorry, but there’s always a chance he won’t come back. Make the time you have with him count. But always have hope he will. Compare this to highschool, hs is a piece of cake! It’s just bigger than your middle school basically. It’s okay to be anxious and nervous and don’t let anyone tell you that it’s wrong or stupid or dumb. If you ever need a friend to talk to or a therapist I’m always here! Just breathe and everything will be okay. Maybe carry a picture of your dad in your binder at school. He’ll always be with you and that might help your anxiety.

The blue comet

Private tutoring (part 3)


still didn’t get better in english -_-’


It was hard for Faith to follow the teachers. He can’t concentrate because he is so tired. And his thoughts always goes to Rose and her sibling, the blue comet. He wonder what kind of guy that person is, except that he is very overprotecting over his sister. As school ends he didn’t saw Rose the whole day. That’s a good thing, right? But as Faith heading to the exit, a familiar voice calling for him.

Rose: Hey Faith! Wait a second, please!

Faith looks around, but there were nobody else then the two of them. 

Faith: What do you want.

Rose: I-i know you said you c-can’t come to the p-private tutoring today, b-but may i c-can have your ph-phone number, please. 

Rose blushes very hard.

Faith: *Man, she looks nervous. That’s somehow … cute*

Faith blushes a bit, by catching himself thinking of that. He shakes his head to get a clear head.

Faith: *Geez calm down, Faith* Why do you want my phone number?

Rose looks shy down at her feet.

Rose: W-well, uh, so we can better organize a-appointments, y-you know.

Faith: Is that so.

Rose: I can g-give you my phone number, i-if you want.

She is a total blushing mess. Faith can’t help it, but starring at her face. But that makes her feel uncomfortable. She turns her head, so he can’t look directly in her face. Maybe she really have a fear of people.

Faith: … yeah, ok.

He gives Rose his phone, but she just starring at it, like she is totally surprised. 

Faith: *such pretty eyes* (shakes head to get a clear head) W-what are you waiting for?

Rose: Oh, yes, s-sorry.

Rose takes his phone and type her number in it. 

Rose: H-here you go. W-well, see you tomorrow then.

She gives Faith his phone back with a shy, but nice smile, still blushing. Faith blushes a bit again.

Faith: Yeah, bye.

Faith heading home with quick steps. He is so confused. Why is he acting like this? Why does she makes him thinking of things like that? Ok, he does not have much to do with girls. That probably means nothing. Besides he have to be careful. Not that he make Rose upset and sent the blue comet to him to beat the shit out of him. Not that Faith is scared or anything, he would be able to defend himself. 

——— The next day ———

Faith comes late in school again, not much but still. He couldn’t sleep last night and he don’t know why. He tried his best to not falling asleep, but he can’t help it. At lunch break, he sits on a bench, eating a bagel that he bought from a store nearby. He never had the time or the mood to make something for school. He also eats food from the microwave. Of course he has a kitchen and can cook, but he thinks it’s a waste of time. After eating he lays down on the bench and close his eyes. The sun shines warm on his face. He almost falling asleep again, but a shadow lays over his face.

???: Hey you! Are you Faith?

He opens one eye and looks in … Rose’s face?

Faith: Rose?

???: No. But when you know my sister, then you must be Faith.

Faith open both of his eyes and sits up. That person has the same face like Rose, even the haircut, but at the same time not. This face looks more self-confident. Also that girl is wearing pants and a baseball cap backwards, and all in blue. Even how she stands, in front of him, shows how self-confident and fearless she is. She has her arm crossed. 

???: Can i have an answer, please?

Faith: Wait a sec, who are you and what do you mean by sister?

The girl rolls her eyes. Faith notice that her left eye is shaped like a star.

Hip: I asked first, but fine. Im Hip, Rose’s twin sister.

Faith: Twin sister?

Now that he thinks about it, he remember that this Goth guy mentioned a sister. 

Hip: Yes, twin sister. Is there an echo?

She has a sharp tongue. Twins, huh? But how can twins be so different tho. One shy, the other one though.

Faith: Yes, im Faith. What do you want from me?

Hip: I know that my sister giving you private tutoring.

Faith: And?

Hip: From her telling it seems that you don’t want to learn, im i right.

Faith: She told you about me?

Hip: Uh, duh. Rose tell me a lot when we’re home. Anyway, im sure you noticed how shy my sister can be. Im here to tell you some things about her, do you have time?

Faith: Uh, sure?

Hip: Ok. So first; Rose is so shy because she was bullied, but she tries her best to get over her fear. She doing great tho. But there are still idiots who make her feel uncomfortable and uncertain. And i make sure that they don’t do that again.

As Hip saying that her voice got a dangerous tone. Faith don’t know why, but a little chill goes down his spine.

Faith: So you mean i sould be nice to Rose?

Hip: Exactly. I also don’t like it when people take advantage of her kindness or playing with her feelings. In middle school were a group of girls who offered my sister friendship, Rose was so happy that she found friends, but they lied and let her do all of their homework. (mumbles to herself) Stupid Bitches.

Hip’s left eye twitches as she remembered. She looks back at Faith, who flinches a little.

Hip: So im warning you. If you ever hurt my sister or playing dumb with her, cause you’re “not in the mood to learn”, we will have have a problem, my friend.

Faith: Isn’t it better she doesn’t give a tutoring then?

Hip: I told her the same, but she is too kind and she don’t want to give up on you so easely. It seems like she has hope in you.

Now Faith i really confused. Why should that girl, that he met two days ago and she don’t know him, would thought about him like this?

Hip: Listen, my sister will wait in the library for you, if you want to come over to learn. I will be there too, cause i need her help by some homework.

Hips cheeks get a hue of light blue and she scratchs the back of her head, like she is a little embarrassed to admit that she needs help to do her homework. But only for a moment.

Random Student: There you are, Hip. Come on, we want to start with the Training and we can’t start without the blue comet!

Hip: Yeah, yeah, comming.

Hip turns around and want to leave.

Faith: Wait, blue comet?

Hip stops and looks at Faith.

Hip: Yeah, thats my nickname. I think it’s a bit dramatic, but it’s a name you won’t forget, don’t you think?

She gives him a smirk. She knows that Faith heard of her stories. With that she left Faith alone. He didn’t noticed that he started to sweat.

Faith: The bue comet … all the stories … that all was … A GIRL??!!


end it here again . . .  what? at least i finished part three tho

Faith: @vaultsdan (i wanted to post this on your b-day as a gift X,{

Rose and Hip: me

naj: @kiyashie

teacher!au / junhui

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part 4/13 in the teacher!au series

other parts: s.coups / jeonghan / joshua / jun / hoshi

(note: s.coups is found on my main)

more notes at the end!

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when you get this, it would be be cool to post 10 facts about yourself and then pass it along to 10 followers :)

1. whenever i see the moon i passionately scream at her and depending on how she looks ill tell her she is glowinG or if shes hidden under a cloud ill say to whoevers near me that shes just being a little shy

2. i like eating peas frozen,, my friend introduced it to me back in middle school and ive loved the cronch ever since

3. whenever im talking about my future “family” or “kids” you can be sure that im talking about all the animals i want to adopt someday,, 

4. when im low and i need to get myself to accomplish necessary tasks (i.e. shower, do homework, eat), ill pretend that im two different people. im a child that needs someone to take care of them and also the adult/friend who is taking care of the child who cannot take care of themselves and that is how i can convince myself to get the things Done in a gentle way

5. my friend taught me how to knit last night and i love it so much man

6. i saw a quote in a bathroom stall today that really made me think. the inscription was this: “She got a big booty so i call her Big Booty  - William Shakespeare”

7. i “lose” my phone all the time cause i always misplace it and i just dont try hard enough to look for it cause it is a grandma iphone and it just reminds me that apple is of the devil. i need a smart phone to function in society (work, school, socially) and yet if i buy a newer one, it will literally degrade as soon as the newest iphone comes out and its a never ending cycle of   s u f f e r i n g

8. i have so many dreams of self improvement but i ultimately get overwhelmed by it all so im trying to start small and be patient with myself and im kinda happy at this moment

9. just started college over a week ago and im both more terrified and more eager than i expected

10. i have no clue whats going on right now or ever but i feel like thats ok

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Hello virtual sister nice to meet you, how're you? I'm effing stressed and I'm finding it hysterical. I'm a freshman so the way things happen in high school and middle school are just TWO DIFFERENT POLES AND IM HAVING MY SEMESTER EXAMS FROM 29TH THIS MONTH AND IM BUSY CRYING!! ANY ADVICE HELP!!!

OKOKok first step is to calm down and take a breath! Often when we’re overwhelmed we can’t focus on anything, so my advice would be to take a 5-10 minute break before you start studying anything. And by break I mean drinking water, getting a snack, or even listening to music that’ll relax you; not starting a TV show or online shopping. Bc believe me, from personal experience I know you’ll never get anything done if that’s what your breaks consist of.
Next, start small. Get one task done at a time. Small progress still counts as progress and before you know it, you’ll be done!
Lastly, remember this: you’re a high school freshman. You slipping up a little freshman year is not the end of the world; trust me. If anything, freshman year is just crucial for adjustment. Just breathe, get your tasks done, try your best and you’ll be good to go ❤️

High Cut vol. 155, August 2015 - hyukoh interview

Disclaimer: This interview is the property of High Cut. All translation mistakes are my own. Please credit me if moving or translating into a different language. Thank you!

National MC Yoo Jaesuk vented about hyukoh, saying that “amongst the people I have interviewed in the past 10 years, hyukoh have been the most difficult”. Their songs, based in melancholy, have been quite earnest, and their past interviews have shown profound sensibility in the members. Thus I was afraid, right up until the moment that I met the real hyukoh. I came close to the 23 year old boys of hyukoh, that I faced at a photo studio for one night. Inwoo, who was excited at being complimented on his high jump skills, continuously touched the ceiling without fail, and Oh Hyuk, equipped with a pink pen used for body painting, displayed an overflowing mischeviousness while writing the absurd message “mother” on the arms of all of the staff. Interviewing them was very much the same. At ease after a drink, the conversations kept coming and going during what had become a noisy drinking session. The conversation was pulled in all directions. And so went my delightful 2am chat with Oh Hyuk (vocals, guitar), Im Donggun (bass), Im Hyunje (guitar) and Lee Inwoo (drums). Journalist Bang Jungsun

An article about you visiting the HIGHGRND office was given large space on a portal site’s frontpage. Since being signed to HIGHRGND, is there anything that’s changed?
Oh Hyuk: It’s good. First of all, (Ta)blo is really good to us. He listens to us well. He councels us a lot. Although it’s only been up until recently that we’ve been in the same field, if you nitpick at the details, they were different domains, you know? I think it’s good that he speaks to us from the same perspective of making music.

Right now people go wild just at the breathing of hyukoh. Is there anything that’s changed between last year’s hyukoh and this year’s hyukoh?
I feel a large difference. There are a lot of people who recognise us, and last year we couldn’t even think of stuff like people singing along.

The singalong at Ansan M Valley Rock Festival a while back was amazing as well.
Oh Hyuk:
So many people came. It was packed all the way to the sound engineering seats. It was fun. It was fun, but stuff like the animal smell was a bit much. (Laughs)
Inwoo: The mosquitoes were no joke either. Mosquito festival. (Sticks out leg) Look at this.
Hyunje: Oh? I wasn’t bitten even once.
Oh Hyuk: Because your blood is dirty. My blood is clean, so I got bitten a lot.

You’ve been defending the top of the digital charts for over 20 days, even beating out the girl groups.
Will we be given something if we pass a month?
Oh Hyuk: It feels good. It’s not something that happens to just anyone. It’d be nice if we stayed on the charts for half a year.

The longer time passes, the more the expectations of your next album grow. Please give us a hint.
Oh Hyuk:
We’re thinking of releasing it in September. Orientalism with an odd ambience.

Several of your songs are ranked on the digital charts, but what are the members’ favourite songs that aren’t necessarily on the charts?
Oh Hyuk:
‘Hooka’. It was the most fun song to work on. 'Wi ing Wi ing’ and 'Comes and Goes’, that are liked by IU, make sense to me, but Hooka being on the charts was amazing.
Hyunje: That’s all thanks to IU, isn’t it.
Oh Hyuk: Thank you, IU.

In just a year you’ve become superstars. What’s your secret?
Oh Hyuk:
Our attitudes being different? Thinking of it now that we’re here, I think we’ve been lucky. Before we gathered as a band it was just me. By the way, I had absolutely no understanding of bands. I knew no one in this scene, and (pointing at Im Hyunje) that guy was just at home. He’s an applied music major, but didn’t go to school. And as for me, I took a leave of abscence from school and sold shoes. (I heard you’re good at tying shoelaces because of that?)
Donggun: According to him, he can tie them in just 3 seconds.
Oh Hyuk: Today you didn’t hear it from me. (Proudly) It seems people think that simply because I’m good at it. I can really tie shoelaces in only 3 seconds. There’s a video too. Anyway. I was close with these guys who did hiphop. Come to think of it, I think I used to approach musicians in other scenes differently.

Hyunje, you entered Seoul Institute of the Arts as a top student. Why didn’t you go to school?
It wasn’t interesting. Having tried it out, it felt like I was learning the same things all over again.
Oh Hyuk: I’ll go back to school next year. Taking classes with the freshmen. (Laughs) The seniors used to be afraid of me, since I look scary. I couldn’t get used to that, so I didn’t even smile properly.

Hyunje, do you still like SISTAR’s Bora?
I used to think she was charming, didn’t I.
Oh Hyuk: It’s IU for me. She’s our savior.
Hyunje: By the way, we’ve met IU in real life. She’s really pretty in person, I think.
Oh Hyuk: Rumours are going to start circulating, saying  Im Hyunje and IU are in a relationship.
Hyunje: Hate comments are attention too.

Donggun, while you have played guitar since middle school, you play bass in hyukoh.
Because there was no one to fill the bass part. I played the guitar for about a month. Hyunje’s style fit the team better. I have no discontent with it.
Inwoo: Since he’s a really cool guy. He’s dignified. Im Dignified.

Isn’t it it because Donggun is so manly that he takes lead of the atmosphere in the team?
Donggun is a hippie. Whatever happens happens. He thinks that all the events in the world happen for a good reason. He gives the impression of not putting too much meaning into matters, and chooses to have an attitude of moderation.
Oh Hyuk: In any case, it’s something that no one will remember in 100 years.

Oh Hyuk, you’ve heard the talk about you looking like Manse, right?
He’s pretending to be cute a lot these days.
Hyunje: Isn’t it that Manse looks like Oh Hyuk?
Donggun: Since Manse got famous first.
Oh Hyuk: Manse is more famous. So first of all, Manse is hyung. I think I look like Manse hyung.
Hyunje: You don’t care that articles like this will come out?
Oh Hyuk: I can’t. I’m a rocker. I’m 23 years old. I’m 21 years older (than Manse). If he was born the year before last, then now we have a kid worthy of cheering.*

It seems people are even more crazy about hyukoh due to your lyrics speaking the minds of the youth. I wonder if such an interpretation is a bit exaggerated.
Oh Hyuk:
It’s exaggerated. I just write my own stories.
Inwoo: Cyworld aesthetic.**
Oh Hyuk: I’ve been criticised by someone for my lyrics. They said it felt like peeking at someone’s diary. I don’t actually write a diary.

Are all of you in relationships?
I have a girlfriend, as does Donggun.
Inwoo: (Stealthily raises hand) You’ve worked hard.
Oh Hyuk: Inwoo has one? Since when?
Donggun: You were dating her?
Oh Hyuk: I’m disappointed. How could you not tell me? In the end I’m the only one without one.

Oh Hyuk must put in more effort.
He’s receiving love from a lot of people. He can’t be satisfied with only one person.
Oh Hyuk: What are you saying. (Laughs) I want to be in a relationship. I’m aiming for monogamy.
Everyone: You’re saying weird things.
Oh Hyuk: Instead of being in a relationship, I’m living diligently.
Everyone: Are we not living diligently?
Oh Hyuk: Relationships waste your 20′s. Your 20′s is a time for preparation.
Hyunje: From now on, don’t say you want to be in a relationship.
Oh Hyuk: But I want to. The truth is, I don’t want to be preparing in my 20s.

* He’s speaking nonsense here and didn’t use proper particles, so it’s difficult to decipher exactly what he’s saying. Hyung = older brother. Manse also means 10 000 years, and is a term used in the context of cheering, ie. the phrase “Daehanminguk manse” would be something like “Hail the Republic of Korea”. (Manse and his brothers are named after this phrase.)
** Cyworld was an extremely popular Korean internet community, where you had your own mini homepages where you could publish content like diary entries, videos and photos, and that you could decorate with themes, background music, stickers, etc.

ADHD is a mental disorder too fyi

Having ADHD is actually really fucking hard and i feel like people dont realize this

Its almost impossible to do homework because i get distracted and never start, or if i do it around other people i spend half the time talking to them (doesnt help that those people are usually my parents who also have ADHD). Then my missing assignments pile up and i eventually break down sobbing because i have a mountain of missing work and its just too overwhelming.

I randomly zone out in the middle of something (usually notes in school) and by the time i come back to reality i have no fucking clue whats happening

I cant organize anything and lose important things or forget them

I have very severe ADHD and so when my medicine wears off i go batshit crazy and literally cant function around others as being around people makes it worse for some reason

Even when im medicated it doesnt completely take away the ADHDness so i live in constant fear that my constant slight hyperness and tendency to ramble is annoying the people around me

I have to take medication to function around others and sometimes it makes me really upset because i feel like i have to at least partially suppress my true self to actually do anything with my life (this fact has reduced me to tears more than once)

When my parents tried to get an iep for me last year because my ADHD was causing missing assignments to pile up the school was like “we have to show weve tried something first and it didnt work” fast forward about 9 months and i have no iep and am failing social studies from missing assignments bc apparently my ADHD doesnt qualify me for help

And to top it all off no one seems to really care and i rarely see it even acknowledged as a mental disorder that seriously affects your life (in a health textbook i once saw it classified as a learning disability. Ill have you know that i pick up things very quickly in fact faster than most of my nonADHD classmates. My learning ability is not disabled, thank you very much.)

I see so many awareness things for all kinds of things on this website but never one dedicated to ADHD. Where are the posts saying not to get annoyed if i ask you to repeat things, cause sometimes i zone out even when trying to pay attention? Warning people not to get annoyed when I ramble as I often dont realize it? Saying that teachers shouldnt get mad at ADHD students for getting distracted or off track as we often cant help it? Pointing out that just because I get distracted doesnt mean its hard for me to learn?

Idk man sometimes i just feel like no one really knows how hard it is to have ADHD or really cares at all.

People dont even know anything about AD(H)D. They think its a learning disability or that all ADHD is the same (actually there are three types: inattentive (aka ADD), hyperactive, and combined type). Or that you only have it as a child. Well guess what? Not only do my parents still have it (and were diagnosed as adults) but my grandmother who is in her 70s still has it. You dont grow out of it. You have it forever.

No one is going to read this. Who cares about ADHD when there are other, more talked about mental illnesses to spread awareness about? My struggles aren’t as important because they aren’t as well known. And there’s something wrong with that.

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okay, okay i saw your freshman survival guide for college but can you do one for high school bc im sweating right now

Oh honey, it’s okay to be nervous but I promise you you’re going to love high school. Even on the tough days it’s 200% better than middle school. Some of these might be more pertinent to girls because that’s what I was back in the day, but hopefully I can help. 

Classes in high school are not as hard as middle school teachers make them out to be. they gradually get more challenging as you gradually become more skilled. If you get the chance to take honors or AP courses, do it! They’re more fun, have better people in them, and will help you get into college. 

Join some clubs or sports teams; having something non-academic to do with your head and your hands is A+ for mental health plus you’ll make solid friends in clubs pretty quickly. I myself swear by choir and theatre troupes, they’re ride or die and crazy fun and you can sometimes wriggle out of class to go build sets or travel to competitions. 

High school is a really underrated time or life to explore faith. Try to start thinking about what you believe about the universe and why, read up on some world religions or great thinkers, swing by some church services or atheist meetups or anything else you’re interested in. You teenage years as a great year to get your feet wet in religion and try different things. 

Also, not everyone around you is having sex, despite what TV and braggers on the school bus say. You do not have to have sex to be an adult or prove your love to someone. Sex doesn’t magically change you. But it’s basically just a personal decision with a lot of health and relationship-related responsibility attached to it. If you decide to wait for the right person, fuck anyone who tries to talk shit to you. If you have sex just for fun or with lots of different people, fuck anyone who talks shit. If you’re celibate for religious reasons or asexual, fuck anyone who talks shit. No matter what choice you make, love yourself for it and please be safe; there are so many options out there to prevent STDs and babies; if you’re mature enough to have sex, you’re mature enough to do it responsibly. No matter what, never have sex to make yourself feel better about yourself or make somebody else happy. 

On the subject of significant others; high school can be a great time to go on dates and maybe even fall in love, but heed my advice. If they cheat on you, leave them. If they make you feel anxious or scared, leave them. if you’re embarrassed by them, leave them. If they try to pressure you into sex, leave them. If you’ve been with them a while and feel obligated to stay even though you’re not having fun anymore, leave them. If they threaten to kill themselves if you leave them, I know it’s hard, but leave them. If they hit you, leave them and call the police. Also, if someone more than one or two years older than you takes an interest in you, I would highly advice you not to get romantically or sexually involved with them. It can work but it’s rare and usually it just opens the door for a lot of creepiness and unhappiness and controlling behavior. If someone outside of high school takes an interest in you, run.

Always wear chapstick and carry a bottle of water around with you every day to drink off and refill periodically. You need 8 hours of sleep so you can work hard and party at your optimum potential, so limit the all-night fanfic binges and Mario Kart tournaments. Don’t forget to eat fruits and vegetables.

Finally, and I cannot press this enough, be grateful for your parents and go easy on them. I know they’re frustrating and they don’t get it a lot of times, and seeing them as flawed humans is an important part of growing up, but they are trying their best just like you are. They love you and want what’s best for you and sometimes, yeah, you know better, but it doesn’t cost anything to say you’re sorry or that you love them or smile a little more. They’ll appreciate it, believe me. 

(Also, go to the school dances and for God’s sake dance. Skipping them in protest or showing up to stand around sullenly is not cool. You know whats cool? Free dances. You can’t go a nightclub for years yet. Enjoy what you have.)

“Where is Daddy?” Nate Maloley

Character: Nate (Skate) Maloley
Word Count: 1,203
Estimated Read Time: 5mins
Requested: Hey could you do an imagine where Nate finds out he has a kid from when he was a senior in high school (and the kids name is Easton ) 😄

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rugrats au: the reckoning pt. 2

the original | halloween | clothing | the reckoning

  • they sneak off to the bike rack and pedal off
  • “where are we going?”
  • “decima academy. we need information”
  • john gulps. “you don’t want any backup?”
  • “this is personal”
  • john bites his lip. “no weapons either?”
  • “we don’t have time to grab the wagon. pedal faster, john”
  • they arrive ten minutes later. they slide between the metal fence posts and head towards the playground. everyone knows they’re Not From Around Here. kids move out of the way to let them through
  • john, under his breath: “who are we looking for?”
  • “we don’t have enough time to get to the high school to interrogate greer. martine will have to do”
  • root straight up punches martine in the face: wrist straight, thumb outside, just like shaw taught her to
  • martine goes down hard. hits her head on the steps to go up to the slide. she’s knocked out cold
  • She grabs jeremy lambert next. “WHERE IS SHE”
  • jeremy is terrified. “who?”
  • he doesn’t know. he’s panicking. he’s a mess
  • root’s half a second away from starting an all-out brawl. john grabs her from behind and carries her off
  • “the teachers are coming WE HAVE TO GO NOW”
  • root is already planning the next attack. “and then tomorrow we can leave earlier, get to the middle school, talk to someone higher up the ladder. we’ll take down greer. we’ll take down all of samaritan”
  • they’re biking home and pass by shaw’s house, there’s a kid sitting on the steps
  • tires screech to a halt
  • “hey nerds. miss me at school today?”
  • (later shaw will tell them that her father had fallen back to sleep after her mother left in the morning and had forgotten to wake shaw up for school. the combination of late nights and hangovers for the adults has caused them to sleep the day away. an honest mistake)
  • root tackles shaw: “don’t leave don’t leave don’t leave–”
  • “how am i supposed go anywhere with you hanging off me like this?”
  • “good. don’t even think about it”
  • “you’re weird”
  • john sighs. he’s going home. it’s been a long day
  • root and shaw go inside for an after school snack
  • root wont let go of her hand, shaw’s parents take like 19 thousand pics
  • root tells her about what happened that day, shaw’s eyes go huge
  • shaw stands up and starts digging through her closet, she pulls out a stuffed dog
  • she looks at the ground, nervous: “this is bear. when i was a baby i had him to make me feel safe in the dark when i was by myself. so i wouldn’t
    feel alone anymore”
  • she shoves the toy into root’s arms. “i want you to have him. so you don’t get lonely. or ditch school to beat people up any more. if you got grounded that would suck”
  • root is pretty sure they’re married now
Fic: Orphan Blog (Chapter 13)

Written by Devon soccercopping and Aimee tatianathevampireslayer

Main Ships: Cophine and Soccercop

Rating: T

Word Count1264

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Alison read Beth’s message over and thought briefly about her response before typing it out.

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Can you believe that Valentines day is a month away and I’m already trying to rush around and find you guys little cards with those stupid lollypops. I’m about to take you all back to middle school with this crap and you’re gonna love me for it. Now I have a very important question. Would you guys prefer iCarly or puppies and kittens on your valentines cards?

me getting manic: “I loVE drama sock it to me fucking. just throw everything u got at my fucking face just do it!! fuckiNG FIGHT! ME ! ON!LINE!! lets get back to middle school MySpace vague bulletin shit lets fucking GO !!! TEAR MY ASS UP!!!!”

me four minutes later: h..hha y-yeah. I j…ust…. yea h ims o. luv thisx. hhh. i. uhm. c-can ii juts like,,,,,,take a break plea se.


At my school we have a tradition where all the juniors and seniors have the option of buying a reserved parking space, with of course the option to paint it whatever you like or get your name stenciled in. I got one, kind of in the back, and this is how i painted it~ im really proud of this because im bad at painting and drawing big, and this was both and it turned out great~ sorry about the shadows tho, the people next to me decided to stand up in the middle of me taking photos