im taking a break for 2 weeks

10 productive things to do when you’re not studying

when im not studying i like to think that i’m still being sort of productive ?? (tho it’s totally ok to take a real break sometimes and scroll through social media or watch an episode of ur fave show) so here’s a quick list of some things i like to do to take my mind off school!!

1. clean/organize your room

2. draw/doodle something!!

3. plan out your week/update your bullet journal

4. practice calligraphy/hand lettering

5. maybe try learning a few words from a new language!

6. make any phone calls you’ve been meaning to, reply to texts or emails, answer tumblr asks, etc.

7. pick a fun topic and do some quick research on it! maybe you’ll find something you’re really intrigued by!

8. do a quick workout! sitting in one place studying for hours on end leaves me with muscle cramps so moving around definitely helps!

9. meet up w/friends to catch up on what you’ve been up to recently!

10. run some errands!!

as always, have fun & don’t forget to stay hydrated and remember to take care of yoursefl!!

[The pocket Spy event is done!! :D]

[Ask box open once more too! It should never close again.]

[I’m gonna take a small break/hiatus though, because I have ground all of my fingers into nubs by trying to post daily all through October. XD]

that concludes my consecutive daily doodles so this blog is now in queue-mode ;v;

this blog will now be a general darkstache blog that reblogs art/fics 

thank you so much for following my daily doodles during these ~2.6 months. i honestly didnt think i would last more than, like, 2 weeks max and im really proud of myself for getting through 80 daily doodles! im sad that its coming to an end but im happy i was able to go through this experience :>

i will still occasionally drop some doodles from time-to-time but for now ill be taking a break from doodling these two. also ill most likely start posting paintings in the future bc i like painting :’D (here’s the inevitable-advertising-of-my-main-art-blog portion of this post LOL) if you want to see my other artwork or just chat, my main “”art”” blog is @envarchy!! 

so yeah!! again, thank you for joining me on this wonderful adventure and giving me words of kindness and support ;__; you’ve all made me so happy ;;v;;

this post sounds like i gonna die or something lol im just a really sappy person ok im sorry ;D;

im gonna queue like 900 posts now. thanks again!

anonymous asked:

im working a 16 hour tomorrow because 4 people have quit in the past 2 months, 2 were fired, we're unable to hire people because of a fuck up with corporate, spring break is next week and almost everyone my age (18 and under) has requested the entire week off so they could go on vacation, one of my co-workers (awesome lady no shitting on her) has a health condition so she can no longer take tables and can to only do administrative work, and it's all a fucking nightmare sorry I had to vent :(

i thiiiink im gonna try to finish 2 pages today so i can post public update tomorrow (they’ll be up on patreon sooner as always tho)

and then maybe take a week off?? idk i always say im gonna take a break but then i end up wanting to make new pages anyway so hhhM

Wasn’t going to post anything for another few weeks because my graduation induced 3 weeks long break seems to have made my skills hit rock bottom. But ended up trying to make something with my warlock son during the breaks. I mean this silly show has been literally the only source of positivity I had in the past 2 months so there is that.

darthd  asked:

Oh yeah being specific would have helped haha. Ok so I've drawn a bit, I have okayish form? No set style, but I'm at the stage of drawing random stuff and just wanting it to look better/more consistent, but not knowing what to start improving first. I'm trying to get from general bodies to proportional bodies, like do you study limbs/muscles individually? How do you incorporate all those bits? I hear practice anatomy a lot, but what do you start practicing to eventually get consistent results?

(just a note i have gotten word that when i reply to asks privately tumblr doesnt send them sometimes, which is why i tend to publish most of my answers. just fair warning!) ok well, you have the right idea! starting with bodies and getting better at proportions is def what you should start with. it wont help you to draw perfect anatomy of an arm when the rest of the body doesnt match, right? lol so yes! def start with Gesture and Figure drawing. get used to drawing the whole body first, as one thing. when you feel more competent doing that, THEN slowly divide the body in the essentials, my recommendations are as follows, in no particular order, just whatever you have the most desire to improve upon first, though try to spread it out(i.e. do one section of the body this day, and this section the next, etc.)!!;

-Skeleton (youll most likely be drawing people with FLESH 98% of the time but you NEED to know the skeletal structure, as it the FOUNDATIONAL FRAME from which muscles are built on)

-Head and Shoulders (muscles would include the trapezius, deltoids, sternocleidomastoid; bones being sternum, clavicles, and spine, mainly, and everything involving the head, especially at different angles/perspectives)

-Torso [Back, Chest, Groin, and Booty] (muscles being pectorals, abdominal muscles, latissimus dorsi, serratus anterior, glutes, etc. bones being the ribcage, scapulas, spine, and pelvis mainly. especially the 4 parts of the spine; the cervical, thoracic, lumbar, and sacral!!)

-Legs and Feet (all the main leg muscles and bones, calves, thighs, femur, tibia, fibula, patella..)

-Arms and Hands (muscles of the upper arm and lower arm, bones being humerus, radius, ulna, carpal bones, phalanges, hand muscle groups)

You can divide these into further parts, but i lump them together in way that corresponds with the other (arm muscles affect the hand, leg muscles affect the feet, etc). 

I practiced drawing the whole body first, and then started zeroing in on different parts, but not focusing too much on one for too long; mix it up! work on this part one day and that part the next, whilst keep drawing the WHOLE body regularly, which will utilize what you learned. Kind of see it as a Week long schedule; day 1 for head & shoulders, day 2 for torso, day 3 for legs and feet, day 4 for arms and hands, and day 5 the whole body, with everything together… and the other days take a break lol. THIS ISNT A SET SCHEDULE. i made this up as an example, use it if you think it might work for you, but essentially you want to improve on different parts but FREQUENTLY go back to drawing all the parts together.

god i hope this made sense??? im sorry this was long i hoped this doesnt come out like a garbled mess. again, this is just my advice and recommendation, based on my own experience. i am by no means a professional, so take it as you will. i hope this helps somewhat!!

  • nicob: yea guys im gonna take a break from the Kingdom Hearts lets plays for a while, I don't want to get burnt out playing all the games back to back
  • *one week later*
  • nicob: fuck it! Kingdom Hearts is one hell of a drug, we're moving right along to Kingdom Hearts 2

Me: *gets back from like a stressful 2 week traveling* oKAy iM GoNNa TaKe A bReAK

few mins later makes a lil animation thing and regretting life choices Fck

AHHHH I MISS MY TABLET SO MUCH OKAY XD This is gonna take me some time to get my groove back again hrnnnn. So have this little thing before I head to bed cause im so so tired T-T

Check!Sans © Me (oh hey he blushes :])

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Question.... are you taking a break from the lapidot comic for a while? Just wondering.

Im traveling a lot and when i have time i work on commissions; will be back on the comics in 2-3 weeks

all i ever do is respectfully engage in ariana discourse and it even got too much for me that i had to take a break. thats the whole reason i havent said anything for the past 2(?) weeks. theres a ton of asks left in my inbox that i havent had the energy to answer. it sucks that people would assume that i’ve been blindly defending her when thats far from what’s actually been happening. im so tired and angry and i know it shouldn’t matter but it’s really exhausting to keep seeing people in my notifications continue to misunderstand me just because i dont have the energy to write a whole nuanced argument

an apology of sorts ?

sorry i’ve been MIA lately!! my life has been super busy, with school stuff and team stuff and some BIG decisions about college i need to make right about now, and sr. ball is coming up oml whew im getting tense just talking about it… aaanyways, i’ve been busy and so i’ve been pretty inactive. I’m going to take the rest of today to try and catch up on what i’ve missed. I’ve been writing while i’ve been gone, and i currently have 2 massive projects in the works. 

Spring break is in a week, so i will for sure be around and online a fvck ton then :)