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Dating Poly! Chanhao

@xxitbmx17xx asked:   a dating poly with chanhao¿

chanhao is a concept I have never thought about before… why haven’t i seen this glorious couple

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  • I like the idea of you meeting them as a trainee
  • well, you as a trainee and them as debuted idols
  • I feel like Pledis would maybe make their debuted idols evaluate their trainees
  • and that would be how you met
  • ceo-nim asked the performance unit to come watch and help any trainees they saw need help
  • and your group was the first
  • you would probably be the best in your group and they would be surprised
  • you danced gracefully and yet still had an emotion to your movements that expressed you weren’t to be fucked with
  • minghao would probably feel more connected to your dance style
  • chan would feel a little frightened at how good you are as a trainee but your grace would make it impossible for him to take his eyes off of you
  • and you made his heart do weird things
  • the song stopped and soonyoung began to tell the girls what they did great and what they needed to improve on
  • and chan would look at minghao and just glance at you and mouth ‘wow’
  • and minghao would nod his head slightly, widening his eyes in response
  • then you had two boys fawning over your dancing
  • i feel like each sub-group in seventeen are closer than the main group
  • like of course everyone has friends outside of their unit and stuff
  • but most of the time is spent in units so therefore they would be closer
  • right?
  • anyway that’s off track 
  • so performance unit would be close, that was the point of that 
  • and them being close would let them know each other’s body language better
  • especially with them being dancers
  • so i feel like minghao would know when the maknae liked someone
  • and being the good hyung he is, he would tell the maknae to go talk to you
  • but chan would be like “neither of us would have time to date”
  • and minghao “I will make the both of you have time” 
  • and chan would be like ‘i’m not dating someone you like hyung. that’s rude”
  • and that would shock hao because he hadn’t known he was obvious with his staring
  • and hao would jokingly say “we could share them”
  • chan’s nonchalant shrug also shocked hao
  • so the two of them went to talk to you
  • and they both asked you on a date
  • and you would ask who was going to take you on the date 
  • and chan’s “both of us. we both want to go on a date with you, if that’s cool with you”
  • and you would glance at them, shrug and say ‘sure’ 
  • hao has never been more confused in his life
  • why were you both so nonchalant about this?
  • minghao would ask chan later that day if they were going on a date too or if they were just both going to take you on a date
  • and chan looked at with him with a small smile, a slight blush on his face and said “we can go on a date if you want to, hyung”
  • and minghao decided his fluttering heart agreed before his brain had time to hesitate
  • “i’d like that. i think”
  • to save time, the date went perfect and from there the three of you became a terrific trio
  • why do i always say that word “trio” that sounds weird
  • anyway i keep getting off track
  • minghao would take the more “dominating” role in the relationship and treat you like his babies
  • i see him as a very protective boyfriend, but not possessive because he views you as people not objects
  • anyway he’s protective and treats you and chan like the royalty you both are
  • i don’t exactly mean him as a dom like you and chan would have to be the submissive ones but he would probably be more in charge of the relationship
  • chan would spoil you guys
  • i feel like that would be how he showed his affection and adoration for the both of you
  • little trinkets that reminded him of you guys 
  • i don’t really view them as touchy-feely people
  • like they hug and stuff 
  • but as for like public skinship, the most you would get would be a hug
  • maybe a cheek kiss
  • most of their lives have been in the public eye so they probably reserve most of their affection for private times
  • or in front of the members
  • the older members would tease you guys lovingly
  • the younger members would straight up roast you
  • hence protective hao (i’m weak for that)
  • I don’t think fights would happen often
  • hao has a bit of a temper, but it would never get passed some raised voices as he never would want you to be scared of him
  • chan is a pretty calm guy so he wouldn’t start fights, so he’s kind of be the mediator if you have a temper too
  • cuddles would be amazing
  • overly warm but awesome
  • i picture it as you in the middle and the boys spooning you, one on the right and one on the left
  • ah that sounds great i could use some cuddles
  • kisses would be common, but mainly pecks
  • making out would be saved for special moments
  • i don’t feel up to writing sexy stuff because i still view chan as a baby even if he is legal (and older than me) butttt i can’t stop your imagination
  • so you do you
  • i don’t know what else to say
  • i’m pretty rusty at this i hope it was good

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Allura and Coran’s age

Okay so I haven’t really seen anyone talk about this but with the release of the Paladin Handbook we know for sure that Allura is a teenager. Well an Altean Teenager at least. But that brings up the question of how old Allura and Coran actually are. 

Allura is referred to as a teenager, but given what we know about Alteans Allura is most likely a Teenager as in the point in the Altean life cycle that would be the same point as a Teenager for the Human life cycle.

Alteans live for hundreds of years (if not hitting into the thousands) as shown by Coran.

Coran mentions that the Castle is 10,600 years old, well we can knock off 10,000 years for the time they where asleep. Meaning before they went to sleep the Castle had been around for 600 years. Well Coran also mentions that he helped his grandfather collect crystals from the Balmera when they were building the castle. Meaning the castle wasn’t complete yet and Coran was around for the entire 600 years since it was finished. 

(That and anyone have here a grandfather who was around 600 years ago?) 

So Coran is well over 600 years old, but appears to be middle age, if he was human he would most likely be in his 30s or 40s. And he had to be old enough to help when the castle was being built, meaning he couldn’t be like 601. 

(I am basing him in his mid to late 30′s and mid 40′s as every person I know who has hit 50 has had graying hair, then again Alteans are different and the only Altean we have really seen age (Alfor) have had white hair to begin with. I am not counting Honerva because of the quintessence messing with her appearance.) 

So my theory is that for every 10 years a human ages it takes Alteans 200 years. (Meaning Humans have very short life spans compared to Alteans) 

So after 600 years for an Altean they would age like a Human would in 30 years. 

So if Coran is somewhere in his 30s or 40s (maturity wise) (this is just my estimate based off of how he appears) he is probably between 700 (35) and 900 (45) years old. 

Now this is assuming they mature at a steady rate and don’t like, grow like how a human does to a certain point then just stop aging for a few hundred years. 

So that brings us to Allura who is a Teenager. Now assuming she is maturity wise between 15-19 human maturity wise (Which we know being 15 would be being very liberal with the age range.) Then Allura would be between 300 and 380 years old based off of my theory. 

Now of course this is just a theory and 100 Alteans years may not be the same time frame as 100 human years. Since like a tic is longer than a second and that there are 20 Vargas (hours) in one Quintant (Day). And that a year is called a Deca-Phoeb and Phoeb is the Altean word for Month and Deca means 10, so an Altean year may only be 10 Altean months long. So an Altean year may not be the same length of a Human year. 

That and Coran says in episode two that the portals would only be open for “two of your Earth hours” implying that an Earth Hour and a Varga may be different lengths. 

This of course opens up many other things, such as Coran and Allura way outliving the Paladins and having to watch them age and die long before they would be old themselves. (I mean imagine having these close comrades, basically your family, live and die in a time frame that is less than 5 years for you. (100 years = 5 years maturity wise))

And if they do age that slowly how long does it take for them to like talk and move. Do Altean parents have to deal with a 1 year old for 20 years? Does an Altean spend 200 years in their “Teenage” years? 

And what does this mean for any of the Allura x Paladin ships.

Now of course I could be far off on the aging rate, but regardless Alteans live for hundred of years. (Possibly even up to 2,000 since 100 Human year maturity would equal 2,000 years for an Altean) 

And do Allura or Coran know how young the Paladins would be compared to them? We know the Paladin’s birthdays, but the show isn’t going in live time, it’s not like they have spent a year in space yet. (I plan to make a post about approximately how long they have been gone.) 

So it is very possible none of their birthdays have passed yet. It’s possible they left in the summer (so after Shiro, Hunk and Pidge’s birthday) and with everything going on I doubt any of them are keeping track of what day it is so it would have been possible that with everything that was going on Lance’s birthday was completely passed over. (Idk about you but if was in the middle of an intergalactic war my birthday would probably be the last thing on my mind.) Or if in Fall they could have passed over Keith’s because considering how much Keith prioritizes the mission he doesn’t seem like the kind of person to bring up his birthday. 

This all has been running through my head for a long time now and I’ve just gotten around to typing it up. What do you guys think? 

Watch Me (Joker x Reader x Avengers) pt.1

A/N: OMG! FINALLY I THINK OF A STORYLINE FOR A MASHUP WITH MARVEL AND DC!!! Good god this took longer than I thought! There’s going to be more than a chapter for this because BOI IM REALLY EXCITED! Please tell me if you want to be tagged in the future parts! Hopefully you guys enjoy this!

Summary: You are one of the avengers on a mission to get details of Jokers next heists and big thefts. You are sent to his house to act like a sniper who can help him and stay by his side. A few days in, you start realizing Joker likes you. You would have meet ups with the avengers to discuss about what thefts he’s doing next. One day he finds out and you have to think fast. Will he come back for you???

⚠️Warning(s): A LOT OF SWEARING


“IM GOING TO DO WHAT?!” You yelled in the middle of the lab. “Y/n, It was Patchy’s idea,” Tony fought back. You looked towards Fury who was standing there like he had no soul. “FURY! I’m GONNA FUCKING MURDER YOU!” You speed walked towards him and he only moved an inch. Fury flinched a bit from heat radiating from you. He knows your power.

He knows what you can do. Your powers were the four elements, telekinesis, and bending electricity when needed. “HOW THE FUCK DID YOU AGREE TO DO THIS? HES A FUCKING PYSCHO!” You yelled as if you are the only person in the room which creeped the other avengers out. No one has ever seen you so pissed because they were scared of what you can do to them.

“I can kill you right now, but I’m not going to because I’ll lose my job.“ You said calmly making sure not to make anyone panic. You walked to the table and sat in between Steve and Bucky. “Why can’t Nat go? She’s hotter than me!” 

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Doggy Park (Hanzo x Reader)

Request: Hello, I was wondering, if requests were still open, if you could do something with s/o being sick and not able to walk their dog and thus asking Hanzo to do it for them? How do you think he’d handle it or would he interact much outside with other dog owners? Thank you!

Dude, I had so much fine writing this! Btw im sorry because I kind of tweaked it, youll see what i mean later lmao. Hope you enjoy it nonetheless

Words: 1055! Dang

TW; None! Please tell me if I need to tag something

Hanzo stared down at your dog, Beau. Beau was wagging his fluffy white tail while cocking his head, as if trying to ask him ‘Where is my other parent?’. Just a day ago you were fine, now you were too tired to get out of bed and you could barely breathe out of your nose due to snot. Hanzo had to sleep on the couch due to you not wanting to be near him too much incase he got sick too. He had to do some of your normal chores that you always insisted to take upon yourself. One was walking your dog. You had adopted Beau from a rescue shelter just a year after you started dating Hanzo. Beau wasn’t quite used to Hanzo, as he had just moved into your house only a few months ago.

Hanzo sighed as Beau left him to go to his doggy bowl and lap at the water. Hanzo grabbed the dark blue leash from the dinner table and walked to the white dog. He hooked the leash onto Beau’s matching blue collar, and they were out the door in less than five minutes. Beau seemed to have memorized the route that you would usually take him on, seeing as he was leading Hanzo instead of the other way around. They passed multiple other people with dogs, some waving or saying hello to him. After about seven minutes of walking, they walked by a man with his cat on a leash. People were crazy nowadays, Hanzo thought.

After a few more minutes Hanzo could feel his heart drop in his chest. Beau had led them to a doggy park. Dogs of different shapes and sizes were running around, playing fetch or just playing around with other dogs. Hanzo sighed as he took them to a small empty bench. He sat down and bent down to Beau’s level to take the leash off of his collar. Beau had yipped happily and immediately ran in the direction of the nearest dog his size.

Hanzo scanned the park, some dog owners were staring at tablets or books while others talked to each other. Multiple dog toys were strewn around. Did people bring their own or was it provided by the city? He didn’t know. His thoughts were interrupted by a loud belch, and a body dropping right next to him on the bench. “Howdy, there.” The man said, taking a sip of what Hanzo assumed was beer. Did he sneak it in?

Hanzo didn’t know what to do. Does he say howdy? Does he tip his imaginary hat? Not knowing what to do, Hanzo stared at the man. The man scratched his rough beard and held out his hand. “Haven’t seen you ‘round the dog park before, you new?” He asked. Hanzo shook his head as they shook hands. “No, my-” “Wait, are you Hanzo?’ Asked the man. Hanzo slowly nodded. “Yes, actually. How did-” He was cut off, again, as the man began laughing loudly. The man seemed to wipe a tear as he took another gulp of beer. “Oh, man! All the regulars here know about ya! Y/N never stops talking about you.” He said, somewhat endearingly.

Hanzo could feel his cheeks flush slightly, it was nice to hear that you talked about him to others. “Didn’t reckon you’d ever come here though.” The man grinned, slapping Hanzo on the back. “So tell me, Y/N somewhere ‘round here?” He asked, looking around the park. “No, they’re sick,” Hanzo informed. The man sighed. “Hate to hear that, they’re a good person.” He pointed to a large golden retriever that was playing with a small ball. “Now that’s my girl, Jelly.”  Hanzo eyed him warily. Was he serious? “You…You named your dog Jelly?” “Yessir.” The man said fondly. “Girl can’t get enough of PB&J sandwiches.’ Dear lord, Hanzo thought. Dog owners were weird.

“How has Beau been? Last I saw that boy was up to my thigh.” The man said with a laugh. “He’s been good, the vet said that he’s finally stopped growing,” Hanzo answered. As if on cue, Beau had dashed to where Hanzo and the man were sitting. “Beau!” The man shouted, immediately getting onto his knees to play with the big white dog. “How ya been, boy. They treatin you right?” He asked, scratching the pooch’s stomach. Beau barked happily. They were like that for awhile, till the man’s own dog came back to him. “I reckon me and Jelly start heading back.” The man stood up and stretched, grabbing his beer and patting Beau’s head.

“Is that beer?” Hanzo asked, hooking the leash to Beau’s collar. The man seemed to be shocked. “Beer? This is an alcohol free zone, this is apple cider.”

 The two men and their dogs wished each other farewell before heading out in the opposite direction. While Hanzo was leaving multiple people stopped to ask him if he was Hanzo, seeing as the recognized the dog but there was no Y/N with it. After one conversation too many, Hanzo made a dash for the exit, with Beau running happily by his side. He did not want to converse with anyone else. Hanzo didn’t stop running till he was home, and wiped his feet off on the rug. He got the leash off of Beau, who ran for his water bowl. Hanzo slipped on his indoor house shoes.

He didn’t hear anything from your room, and he assumed you were asleep. He filled up a small glass with water, and grabbed a few pills that he had picked up from the pharmacy to help with your sickness. He knocked gently on your door, still no noise. He opened the door slowly to see you sprawled over the bed and comforter. Hair sticking up in unusual places and drool coming out of your mouth.

Even at the odd sight, Hanzo could feel his heart swell with love and adoration. Hanzo placed the water and medicine on the bedside, then leaning over to kiss the top of your head. He heard you mumbled something incoherent, before turning on your side to hug a pillow. He smiled, and heard the scamper of excited dog feet. He made sure to close the door properly after him, leaving you alone in your room.

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Refering to your tags on the winwin gif: if you find a list of books sicheng mentioned would you post it here on tumblr too? I'm really curious what genre of books he reads :) thank you in advance :D 🐤💖🐦

Hello anon sorry for the late response~ I was waiting for a user to get back to me about the book list because they said they’ll post it but it’s taking a while so I decided to do some digging on my own.

Most of them are chinese books (will write briefly about the chinese books, the rest can be found on google haha~), there goes the list:

1. 171014澳门《皮囊》蔡崇达 
    171014 Macau《Pí Náng》Cai Chong Da

Genre: Short story/Realistic fiction/Fiction narrative(?)

This book is a series of 14 prose put together with an ambiguous genre/style.

This generally talks about life and the relationship/how one approaches problems surrounding their family, friends and religion/god while exploring the answers to life. Writing style and tone is said to be a bit harsh, depending on your preference. Recommended by quite a number of famous celebrities.

**Mostly known for its touching plot but also criticised for it’s lacking writing style.

2. 170712签售 《白夜行》东野圭吾 
    170712 Fansign 《Journey Under The Midnight Sun》Keigo Higashino 

Genre: Mystery 

3. 170622直播 《浮生六记》沈复 
    170622 Live 《Six Records of a Floating Life》Shen Fu

Genre: Autobiography with a touch of historical elements/Literature

Title is a direct reference to one of Li Bai’s poems《春夜宴从弟桃李园序》“夫天地者,万物之逆旅也;光阴者,百代之过客也。而浮生若梦,为欢几何?” Which basically means that everyone/everything in this world is fleeting. Only 4 of the 6 records were published, the other 2 were found but were claimed to be fraudulent (lol).

**This book has an english version (and also in a couple of other languages if im not wrong). Its a really good book so do search it if you want to! 

Winwin finished the book in 3 hours and he was so touched by it that he cried 3 times reading this on the plane~ 

4. 170220签售 《摆渡人》克莱尔•麦克福尔 
    170220 Fansign《Ferryman》Claire Mcfall

Genre: Fiction/Young adult fiction

5. 170209无限的房 《手捧空花盆的孩子》赵华昌 
    170209 Limitless Room 《The Empty Pot》Demi

Genre: Fable

**This one is a classic haha im sure most people will know this story.

6. 时间不明:《活着》余华
  《To Live》Yu Hua

Genre: Fiction novel, Historical

A life story through countless of war, the Great Leap Forward, cultural revolution and other social changes.

The novel explored the countless of deaths and the attitude towards the possibility of death. Known for it’s craft and artistry. Death in the narrative plot takes on a symbolic meaning of life.

7. 时间不明:《白水煮一切》大张伟 
  《Bái Shūi Zhǔ Yí Qiè》Da Zhang Wei / Wowkie Zhang
    * Direct translation means ‘water boils everything’

Genre: Short stories, Autobiography, Comedy

The books covers a wide range of events/stories that happened to himself/his friends, sharing his life experiences and thoughts. A book with a very uplifting mood.

**Da Zhang Wei / Wowkie Zhang is a famous singer/actor/MC in China.

That’s it lol so you can see that Winwin reads books from a variety of genre TuT Truly our king of intellect!

Please let me know if there’s anything missing/inaccurate in the list.


“Can I request headcanons on how the guys propose to their s/o?” - Anon

This one is an ask from the old blog, so if your ask is in the current inbox, please be patient as we’re trying to clear out the old one first!!!

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a/n: this is a bit very nsfw and…interesting choice of words (v filthy) so read at your own risk. really, this just happened out of nowhere

“Open” he commanded with a single word and you obeyed, his cum stained fingers entering your mouth and you were sucking your own cum of his index and middle finger, making sure to fully get your mouth around and swirl your tongue around his fingers while looking up at luke with wide fake innocent eyes. he inhaled sharply at the sight of you that almost brought him to his knees but he quickly reminded himself that you were the one supposed to be in that position. his fingers glided out of your mouth glistening with saliva, he regained his breath and pushed you down on your knees forcefully. you moaned at the rough treatment and saw luke unzipping his pants and almost jumped for joy, you would now finally get your treat. “so slut, you know what to do open that pretty little mouth of yours” you nodded and got fidgety, your hands reaching out, just because you were so excited but he slapped your hands away. “greedy little girls don’t get to suck my cock, behave.” and with that you immediately became still. “good girl” he patted you and smiled before getting his hard cock out of his boxers.

Get to know me

Tagged by the lovely @what-if-im-a-mermaid  💕 Thank you so much, honey.

Name: Who really want’s to know, can send me an ask. :D But until then, it’s a mystery ;)
Nickname: Some people call me, sweety… does that count?
Gender: woman
Star sign: Lion
Height: *blushes* 5′1″
Sexuality: bisexual
Hogwarts house: I believe, I would love to be a Slytherin because of the green and silver, of their uniform.
Favorite animal: My cats, lions, bears, dolfins, tigers, dogs, birds, elephants …….. you see, where this is going to? XD 
Average hours of sleep: 4-5 hours
Dog or cat person: I cannot chose. Actually I have cats, but I also would like to have a dog, too.
Blankets you sleep with: A normal blanket, a rug and sometimes my fluffy bathrope to cuddle with + my cat :)
Dream trip: ISLAND!!
Dream job: I take this very seriously. Astronaut. I’m head over heels in love with the stars, planets, nebulas, just … if I had one wish, with the knowledge, it would be the very last thing, I could do, before I die … I would wish, to go up into space. I want to be in the most dangerous place, because it’s the most beautiful place.
When I made this blog: 2012??? Not sure anymore. Times so fast fading…
Followers: I love everyone of you. I never had thought, to have so many, lovely people, following me. I’m amazed, every single day. Thank you, for keeping up with me. 💕 Everyone of the (actual) 393 people. 💕
Why I made a Tumblr: Spirk. After I had dreamed of them, and curiously searching on the internet, because I didn’t knew at that time, that Spirk was one of the first ships ever … I was prompt meet with so many beautiful gifs, pictures, fanfictions, fanarts, ect … I just felt like home. And with time, I found many lovely people here 💕 Since then, I just stick with Tumblr.
Reasons for my URL: I hated the destuction of Vulcan. So, I thought, as a tribut, I would use it together with the most lovely ship, I have ever shipped, because it’s my OTP. So … I came to Vulcankirkspock.

I’m always so bad, at tagging people, because I would like to know everyone a little bit better :) But I also know, how it is, not to have the time to do some things. So, without making anyone uneasy … Everyone, who want’s to do this, just tag me, so I can read this. I would be very happy, to do so  💕



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Yes he did. Im sorry we couldnt stop him but what matters is that you guys take care of him. Its not your fault and it will never be your fault. You did not force him to punch the tree, he did it because it was something he wanted to do. You could not have forseen what would happen. Just take a breath and relax little love. It will all be okay. ~Aunt Hannah

im gonna hug him lots

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Can you do a youtuber!calum one where (im not sure what the name of the tag is or if there's even a name for it) you two make a video of how well he knows you and your relationship by you asking him questions like "where did we have our first date?" "What's my favorite show?" And stuff like that? :-) thank you in advance! 💗

u know what fuck u 

oH myGod okay so youtuber!calum would be so cocky because he knew absolutely everything about you and he wasn’t ashamed at all. he’d literally boast about it while you were recording, saying “babe there’s no competition, i already know everything about you,” while you’d just roll your eyes as you looked through the questions to ask him. “where did we meet? and since you’re so confident, date, place, time,” you smirked, folding your arms as you awaited his answer. “seriously?,” he huffed. “too easy. 3rd of October, That coffee shop down the road that you love so much, 10:06 a.m., when you spilt your coffee on me because you were late for work.” He smiled. You groaned. “Okay, favourite TV show?” “Y/N…. These are waaaay to easy..” He sighed. You raised your brow. “Fine. Parks and Rec.” He shook his head at your bright smile and then spoke again “Look, Y/N, i’m not saying we shouldn’t play this game but… We shouldn’t play this game.. I have one in mind?” “Oh really, what’s that?” You giggled, feeling his hand on your thigh. “Wait, don’t tell me.. Show me..”

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You know whats really sad? When Tim first became Robin, he looked up to Jason, he was like, im gonna make you proud, im gonna continue your legacy, and when Jason came back, he beat the shit out of him

do not tag as jaytim if you reblog

oh i know- this kills me every time. like especially when you think about tim running around getting pictures of batman and robin. if you think about it, it probably would have been from… idk, ages 10-13/14, right? because anything younger than that would have been a little too young, i think… 

then that would have been jason as robin. jason would have been the main robin that tim was chasing around and watching with batman. sure, he might have seen a little bit of the tail end of dick. and he had his realization of dick as robin because of his connection to the flying graysons… 

but at the key point of tim’s obsession with batman and robin, he would have been following jason’s robin.

and so he understands that jason died. he knows jason didn’t just go off to be a different hero. he might not have known the whole story, but he didn’t even want to be robin for himself at first. like his first reaction wasn’t to go to batman and say “take me”, it was to go to dick and say “go back”. it was only when dick refused that tim actually really decided to don the mantle himself. 

tim’s early robin run is filled with references to jason and it’s really sad to think that he might have looked up to him and wanted to do right by him and continue the legacy and help where jason was no longer able to. and then jason came back and nearly killed him because he was trying to help bruce and had taken his spot. 

it really hurts to think about the fact that one of tim’s role models when he was younger became so twisted and violent that he actually turned around and downright beat tim. it’s really, really sad. it probably hurt tim a lot more than just physically too– to know that someone he’d once looked up to and seen so highly hates him for just trying to do the right thing.

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ghost!luke being in love with the girl that moves into his apartment, but being too shy to come out because he doesnt want to scare her. at night, he'd put the blanket over her when it slips off, and he'd listen to her heartbeat and dream of being able to feel that. ghost!luke regretting suicide, ghost!luke getting his heart broken when he hears moans coming from the room next door. ghost!luke hiding in the closet, crying, and for the first time in years he feels human again. wtf im so emo


supernatural!5sos blurb night with @asickburnout​​, tag us in your writing and request stuff!

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How do you think Mark, JB and Jackson would react if you randomly get on their lap (like with your legs on their sides) and stare at them sensually and bite you lip?^^

Mark: Would look up at you questioningly, a playful pout forming on his lips. “Why are you looking at me like that?” he’d chuckle, running his fingers down the length of your arms. “Because that’s one way to say hello.”

Jaebum: “Well hello to you too,” he’d laugh, raising an eyebrow at you because wow, that was pretty unexpected not that he’s complaining though. “Is this our new way of saying hello? Because I like it.” (He’s never going to stop teasing you about this afterwards.)

Jackson: He might fail try to stifle a laugh from seeing you looking at him so intently but it would be obvious to you since you’re hovering right over him. “What are you doing?” he’d ask, wounding his arms around your waist to smirk up at you. “Trying to seduce me? Don’t worry babe, I don’t judge~”

Im angry. This plane crashed into a mountain, people died, there is audio on the blackbox where you can hear them screaming, you can hear the pilot trying to break into the cabin, you can hear the plane CRASHING.

It was no accident. It was the acting of a single pilot who committed suicide and took 150 innocent  people with him. And Im angry about that.

But now Im even more angry. Because what is the first, the fucking first thing you do, what is it I read most in the germanwings tag?

It is not rest in peace, we are with you.

“It would be terrorism if he wasnt white. Or male. Or privileged.”

So. Fuck you. Seriously, fuck you. THIS is the first thing you think about? Well hello, this is not America.

My country is in grief. There were minutes of silence all over the day. Nobody understands. Nobody is even close to understanding.

But you. You dont even know what you are talking about.

So if you dont want to say you are sorry, SHUT THE FUCK UP.