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hellooo, i was tagged (a long time ago) by @cherry-ten @babyisitme @jeno-jeyes @nst127 and i think someone else but i can’t remember who, sorry😢 to do the bias selfie tag!!

thought i’d shake it up a bit and do hanbin instead of taeyong because honestly i don’t know who my ub is anymore (don’t @ me ok, it’s hard) and also i liked the pose he was doing bc i never know what to do with my mouth in selfies lol

i’m not 100% sure about this selfie but this has been on my to-do list for ages and it’s stressing me out, also my eyes look a bit red but i promise i’m not high lmao plus my arm looks like a stump but whaTEVER

i hate tagging people in selfie tags so i’m sorry, and if i’ve tagged you in one of my selfies before then i’m extra sorry, i try to tag people just once in these kinds of thing but it’s hard and i can’t remember😢 plus i know some people don’t wanna post selfies so if you don’t want to do this then don’t worry!!💓 anyway i’m tagging @day6-127 @renjunz @bluemintyjeno @winwinnerchickendinner @bitchasschanyeol and @yutatour 💞

PLEASE stop reblogging that post about a 1,000+ death toll on the island of barbuda, it is FALSE! only one death has been confirmed by prime minister browne, although 90% of structures have been destroyed, and the island has been called “barely habitable” (source, source)

check your facts before you reblog, especially concerning something like a natural disaster. one quick google search can tell you if something like this is true or not. when you spread false info, you are responsible for causing needless fear and panic! always fact check!

Favorite Person: *has a busy life and cannot interact with me constantly*
me: why in the shit does nobody on this entire planet give a multicolored fuck about me

so i was rewatching s 1 ep 5 (lol) idk if this has ever been brought up but i noticed when after the team defeats sendak pidge helps shiro and keith helps lance. (seen in the picture below)

 now, yeah thats a given but i started thinking about it more and this scene is just so out of wack that it honestly just adds another point for klance. now youre probably thinking “well i mean thats just a given and of course it adds points for klance.” but hear me out 

as a given, we know that keith and shiro have a very strong relationship and keith is really attached to shiro. keith always has shiros back and is his right hand man. so in a situation like this it should be a given that keith would be at shiros side in a heartbeat. but…. that isnt the case here which doesnt make one ounce of sense. yeah, even though pidge was at shiros side and wanted to help her fellow paladin, pidge knows how much shiro means to keith, so wouldnt she give them space and help her garrison bud instead? but she doesnt for some odd reason. 

though, the most oddest part of this whole scene though is how keith reacts. he doesnt seem to worry about shiro too much, which isnt a bad or good thing, its just weird that keith wouldnt even go to shiros side or at least check on him. keith couldve easily said to pidge “ill check on shiro, you make sure lance is okay.” but he didnt. he was totally fine going to lance even though he always seems irritated with lance. 

then this happens:

keith literally starts holding his hand. now look at these pictures of shiro and pidge and keith and lance from the same screencap:

with shiro and pidge it seems like a normal teammate helping out another one, but keith and lance on the other side…. its a little different. i know it shouldnt be a big deal but honestly its the little things that make a big difference. especially knowing that keith and lance always bicker with each other.

i think the importance of this scene is the turning point of keith and lances relationship. in the very beginning of vld, their relationship was a more shaky, but after this scene, this moment, everything changed. keith started getting jealous over lance, their weird flirting thing that they have really took off, we got to see them work more with each other, and actually being a really good team with a strong bond.

in conclusion: this scene is really goddamn gay (well it is but) this scene is so damn important and is what started everything. 


The 20 most memorable moments from the Harry Potter books – as chosen by fans.


Hairstyles and realizations

hanzo is and will remain the most beautiful dude ive ever seen, like have u seen that jawline and those goddamn cheekbones????

also idk how to draw bows for shit so please accept the fuckery and embrace it like I did to my lack of skill thank you.

My bias show mostly in what I decide to draw for this type of episodes, don’t they

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