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i know y’all are trying to be nice in uploading the content from the bundles for free for the people who dont have the means to get it, but really i find it kind of fucked up. the whole purpose of putting out this extra content only available through purchase is partially to help raise funds so that carmilla can make a better movie as kotex hasn’t backed them as far as i know.

a movie they’re making for us.

i understand how badly some of y’all want to see this content. i get it. but once links to the extra content are put out there for free, why would anyone else go and buy it later unless they really just feel like being nice. essentially, in the long run, you’re helping to steal money from both the creators, the crew, and the cast and the movie they’re planning on making.

and i find that pretty fucked up considering the amount of content they have right on youtube for free.

tomatoredd headcanons

im in too deep yall………… anyways here take this

@tomatoredd @doctorwily

  • theyve got 2 hearts. think the doctor from doctor who. its like that
  • tomatoredd has a LOT of stuffed animals. they probably stole tomee bear from Original Tom™ at some point. altho they did return it later bc edd and matt felt bad for taking it
  • since ringo seems to go outside a lot, tomatoredd will sometimes hang around their Original Counterparts’™ house literally just so they can pet the cat. ringo loves them
  • theyre strong as HELL (strong and tall. can u believe it). seriously edd lifted a tank once all by himself with no problems do you really think tomatoredd is anything but Strong seriously look at this

them strong……………

  • they dont listen to music very often due to the four of them all having different music tastes, but in the rare times when they do kick back and listen to something its normally a song from a video game soundtrack (zelda, undertale, zombies ate my neighbors, etc)
  • tomatoredd loves steven universe. like, a lot. they mainly got into it because edd adores cartoons but the main thing that kept them watching was the aspect of fusion. being a fusion themselves, and seeing the good and bad of it, really helped their self esteem. they were basically “born” a failure, a reject. they were told from the beginning that they shouldnt exist, and they felt ashamed to just be. but in time they learned to love themselves with major help from this show. especially from garnet, considering shes more than proud of being a fusion.