im tagging this for cosplay


Widowmaker’s Under the Mistletoe Highlight Intro plus Junkrat’s Heroic Highlight Intro

aka I learned how to make gifs

hey guys, i thought i’d post a video of my cosplay since i’m so pumped i just had the best day ever!!! everyone was so supportive and asked me for pictures and everything and i just feel so happy jdkfhkjld aaaaa cosplaying is awesome

My girlfriend just gave me the best present ever. 

I will cosplay her eventually one day ! 

wig and paint is already on it’s way… also my Mercy stuff too !

As for Mercy :

Fabric is already here, but im waiting for my corsage and i can start her breastplate at the end of the month !



it’s the sea , the sea ! how wonderful ! it’s my first view of the sea!