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omg i just got this idea one night and then i had to draw it. thanks for school, i’ve been very busy and it took me some time to get this done. 

well anyway i hope you enjoy this :D 


The Adventure Zone photoshoot, part 1
part 1 / part 2

Please feel free to tag yourself. We can update the post to include cosplay credit, if you want. Thank you!

Merle with Soulwood arm + flower crown: @ro-fo-sho
Merle, tall edition: @gnostferatu
Taako with blond braid and plum-colored skirt: @queerquestion
Taako with green and silver cloak: @femalemaincharacter
Taako with leopard print cloak: @trulybliss
Taako with black wave-hem skirt: @cocobutterpandart
Magnus with black leather amor: @maplehoofs
Magnus with red scarf: @bigjazzboy

The Director: @traveltigress
Angus McDonald: @bishounen-curious
Kravitz with red vest: @littlejazzboy
Kravitz with straight hair and black and white oxfords: @puzzlingprince
Kravitz with red shirt and scythe: burbanowl
Magic Brian: @wheatleylaboratories
The Raven with the Gaia Sash: @bookslegosnotherstuff

Katsucon 2017


heres all of the 3 photos i took at Sci-Fi Valley Con+Pics of autographs+A pic of me w/out flash on since Dameon insisted on taking a photo with flash for some gd reason 

but anyways! I had a surprisingly great time since I went by myself, drove for ~4 hours total and my contacts were fucking with me the whole time. I met some really nice people and being one of the few in cosplay I got a bunch of pictures??? many of whom didnt even know who i was 

David and Dameon were both so sweet! David just like word-vomitted compliments the moment I walked over to his booth and honestly I’m still on a high from that. I ended up stuttering a lot and being too shy to even ask for a picture with him (plus some randos came up and started talking to him while I was in the middle of a conversation??? like? cmon guys you can wait)

Art Credit: Print was unknown cause Dameon couldnt remember the artist and reverse google search isnt helping. EDIT: artist is @flvvt 

Comission: @oldzio-olditore​ (thank you so much for letting me get this signed!!!)


I made a bet with my boyfriend @autistic-vampire that if I could get a post to 100 notes he would cosplay the Greed version of the Onceler (Greedler I think is what the kiddos call him???)

Okay guys its fine I made it you can stop interacting with this post now xD thanks

i thought id share a couple more symmmetra pics 


Some photos of my Dio Brando cosplay from Desucon 2017!

Sorry for the quality and edits, we didn’t have time for a proper shoot (doesn’t matter since there’s a lot to fix in this, my hair was already a mess and I even took the wrong socks with me lmao)

bless @capn-rogers for taking these!