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No Offence But


Just, lil teethy nuzzles pressed to your cheek, forehead and hand. Chillin then bae wraps his arms around you from behind and presses his teeth to the curve of your neck. The slightly awkward first kiss when it’s all tense romantic atmosphere and then haha you don’t have lips thisisfine. Intimate kisses when he parts his jaw and lightly traces the tips of his teeth to your skin and you can feel each puff of his breath. Heated nips and tiny bites.


vansnavi scene based on the beautiful one-shot @god-damn-it-miranda wrote upon my request, thank you so much!! this person is a great writer guys, pls check em out!

Link to the fic:

›› here you will find about 220+ gif icons of jung daehyun from the korean boy group b.a.p. ! none of the gifs were made by me, i just resized and edited them so all credit goes to the talented gif makers ! if you see your gif here and would like me to remove it, please let me know. give this a like/reblog if you found it helpful !
tw: blood ( gifs from ‘ skydive ’ at the very bottom )

ok but can we talk about how damen caught a propelling spear. fucking caught it as if was nothing, as if it wasnt about to rip him apart and all he cared about was laurent

I want a Person of Interest post telling people to watch it to go viral.

Like, when’s the last time you’ve seen a queer, sociopathic, not feminine at all woman of color on a show that isn’t demonized? Or at all really?

Or the last time you’ve seen a hacker and killer for hire (another woman by the way) constantly flirt and have canon feelings for another woman?

Or the last time you’ve seen the broody, quiet, baddass main guy NOT be paired with the baddass, aggressive main woman, but rather, they have a brotherly relationship.

Or baddass female villains that are never ever sexualised and have deeply complex personalities.

Or a scifi show about Artificial Intelligence that doesn’t demonize or idealise AI’s?

And it’s a funny, action packed, incredibly well written show. And they all co own a dog together. Named Bear. BEAR!!

Person of Interest doesn’t get a fraction of the recognition it deserves and it pisses me off.

Okay so let me get this straight...

If a white cop shoots a black person, regardless of whether or not it was the right move, suddenly that makes every cop a racist???

WHAT.  Where is the logic in that?

When a teacher rapes a student, is every teacher a rapist?

When a loss-crazed sports fan, or group of them, start riots and get violent does that make them all criminals?

No, it doesn’t.  In those situations, almost NEVER does the entire niche of people get demonized.  But as soon as a white cop shoots a black person, that makes every white cop racist and deserving of death?

How in the fuck does that make any sense at all?



Now, I’ve seen comments being thrown around about the “offensiveness” of this outfit, and I just wanted to chime in with my 2 cents as a Chinese person (who is supposed to be offended at this, according to some people)

At first it might seem pretty racist, with the conical hat and everything, but it’s a legit thing that farming communities in China wear. The panel looking things on the boots and back resemble the terracotta warriors’ armor (commissioned in ~210 BCE by the Qin Shi Huangdi of the Qin Dynasty) and the beads look kind of like Buddhist prayer beads. This makes me think that the person who is supposed to be wearing this outfit died a long time ago.

So what does that mean?

I took it to mean that this outfit was supposed to represent a Jiangshi, a “vampire/zombie” from Chinese mythology. They’re “pacified” by sticking a tag on top of their heads, which is where I think those tags on the hat came from. Because they’re deceased, they have these long, sharp fingernails (present on the outfit, though you can’t really see them from the screenshot I took). The Jiangshi lore is believed to have started in the farming communities in rural China, which is where the hat comes into play. It fits in with the whole Halloween theme of ~spooky spirits and monsters~ and isn’t just HURR DURR STEREOTYPICAL ASIAN

Of course I could be totally wrong but hey 

TL;DR: don’t be assuming that things are inherently offensive, especially if you’re not too knowledgeable about the culture