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No Offence But


Just, lil teethy nuzzles pressed to your cheek, forehead and hand. Chillin then bae wraps his arms around you from behind and presses his teeth to the curve of your neck. The slightly awkward first kiss when it’s all tense romantic atmosphere and then haha you don’t have lips thisisfine. Intimate kisses when he parts his jaw and lightly traces the tips of his teeth to your skin and you can feel each puff of his breath. Heated nips and tiny bites.


I never thought I’d have to write this type of thing? Uhm, as an abuse victim, I’d like to apologize for anyone who ships 2doc and got like, death threats and such. You don’t deserve that bullshit. It’s kind of funny. The people who hate it because of the abuse, because it is abusive, but yet go to people and write such hateful things are promoting what they’re against.

Gorillaz is literally the only fandom where I’m terrified to like a ship and post about it. 

I wish we could be peaceful and respect others, but unfortunately rude people exist. (There’s a difference between letting people know you don’t like it, and taking the time to go to a specific persons blog and wishing them death) all in all, if you tell someone to kill themselves or any variation, I hope you pee your pants. (Like, actually urinate in your pants not kill yourself. Apparently that’s a thing now?)

vansnavi scene based on the beautiful one-shot @god-damn-it-miranda wrote upon my request, thank you so much!! this person is a great writer guys, pls check em out!

Link to the fic:


Im sobbing in every language known  to man

ok but can we talk about how damen caught a propelling spear. fucking caught it as if was nothing, as if it wasnt about to rip him apart and all he cared about was laurent

I want a Person of Interest post telling people to watch it to go viral.

Like, when’s the last time you’ve seen a queer, sociopathic, not feminine at all woman of color on a show that isn’t demonized? Or at all really?

Or the last time you’ve seen a hacker and killer for hire (another woman by the way) constantly flirt and have canon feelings for another woman?

Or the last time you’ve seen the broody, quiet, baddass main guy NOT be paired with the baddass, aggressive main woman, but rather, they have a brotherly relationship.

Or baddass female villains that are never ever sexualised and have deeply complex personalities.

Or a scifi show about Artificial Intelligence that doesn’t demonize or idealise AI’s?

And it’s a funny, action packed, incredibly well written show. And they all co own a dog together. Named Bear. BEAR!!

Person of Interest doesn’t get a fraction of the recognition it deserves and it pisses me off.


So I’ve been thinking.

For around maybe 5-6 years, I’ve been into first-person shooters (as well as an assortment of other dark games.)

I remember my huge Halo phase, the one that gave me my online name that I still use even though I don’t really play it anymore. I remember getting Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 and playing Transit practically 24/7 with my brother and friends. I remember getting my own computer, getting Steam and playing TF2. Certain game modes of Garry’s Mod. I remember how gory these games could get, and how they still get.

I remembered I played Grand Theft Auto 4 nightly. I got Grand Theft Auto 5 practically the year it came out. I’ve been there for every single update, from the Beach Bum one to the recent Smuggler’s Run.

(I also played Don’t Starve quite frequently. The nights where I had to panic to make fire freaked me the fuck out since I didn’t want to experience whatever had been in the darkness that night brought. The monsters that came when you became insane made me nearly never turn it on again.)

(On a smaller note, I’m a huge fan of The Walking Dead by Telltale Games. I remember crying like a bitch at the ends of both games.)

Around the same time, I got into Youtube. I remember watching the “adult” channels. Pewdiepie, Rooster Teeth/Let’s Play, SkyDoesMinecraft, etc. I remember all the swearing that could be in one video, all the jump scares and all dark games they would play (minus Sky for the last point).

Jump back to about 3 years, I get into anime and other Japanese related things. I can’t remember exactly what started it, but I know the game called Corpse Party had a huge impact. The game where it describes in great detail and picture how the main characters died. I remember how fucking depressing the bad endings could get. How sad I felt when the ending music/credit played in the true end.

I remember staying up until one in the morning to try and finish an Attack on Titan episode that didn’t have a cliffhanger. I remember watching Another, an anime where the plot was literally the characters dying the worst, most gory deaths for some unknown curse. 

I remember watching Panty and Stocking With Garterbelt and how it had dick/dildo jokes on the screen every five minutes. Black Butler’s main character was literally a 13 boy who lost his parents to a horrific fire, was nearly put into sexual slavery, only to escape by making a deal with a literal fucking demon.

Looking back at all the games I played, stories I’ve heard, videos I’ve watched, friends I’ve made and lost, hobbies I’ve gained, all the toxic fandoms I’ve seen and had to deal with, you wanna know what stands out to me the most?

I’m only 15 years old.

15. I’m still in high school, I’m still learning to drive, I still need to experience many new things, still have lessons that need to be learned.

But I still get straight A’s. I have many friends (at least compared to other people who do the same things I do). I go to band and choir. I’m in honors math and I’m constantly told by my friends, family and other adults that I’m kind, helpful, generous and one of the nicer students in the school.

But at the same time, I’m at home shooting and exploding cops while robbing banks. Fighting off zombies and monsters mostly seen in little kid’s nightmares. Reading some of the dirtiest smut/fanfiction and looking at art to go with it, swearing every other word, making dick jokes and horrible dark humor with my friends in the form of shitpost memes at 12 am.

I’ve doing this since I was 9 -10 years old.

And I turned out better than most of the kids at my school.

So I see these antis go on and on about “protect the children”, “I’m only a minor uwu”, “they don’t know what’s wrong with this!!!!” and I can’t help but think…

What drove them to this idea?

Why did they take the soccer mom conservative side? The main argument they use was and is the same one religious fundamentalists use as an excuse for not having LGBTQIA representation in tv shows and stories.

“The kids won’t know why a man is with a man this is wrong!”

“I can’t explain why it’s sinful harmful to them, they won’t understand!”

It hurts to see this. It hurts to see everything that people have fought for getting thrown out the window because “muh representation.”

What did they fight for? They fought for the fact that it was fiction and reading dark comics and playing bloody games won’t actually make you like that.

Also, have any of you realized “fiction affects reality” is another argument really similar to one radical conservatives use?

“I don’t want them to see that/hang around them, it’ll rub off on them and I don’t want my child to become one of them

I know that I probably shouldn’t and don’t have a say on the topic. I probably should leave this to professional discourse blogs. The ones with 2000 followers and a more mature understanding of the world.

But I’m just tired. I don’t care if this gets even 50 notes, I just want fandoms to go back to a time where your own life didn’t get threatened for accidentally using certain lightings and headcanons in your drawings.

Okay so let me get this straight...

If a white cop shoots a black person, regardless of whether or not it was the right move, suddenly that makes every cop a racist???

WHAT.  Where is the logic in that?

When a teacher rapes a student, is every teacher a rapist?

When a loss-crazed sports fan, or group of them, start riots and get violent does that make them all criminals?

No, it doesn’t.  In those situations, almost NEVER does the entire niche of people get demonized.  But as soon as a white cop shoots a black person, that makes every white cop racist and deserving of death?

How in the fuck does that make any sense at all?