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This post is multifunctional: in fanfic with college aged characters, many of y’all are in highschool and have never been drunk, so you inadvertently make some choices that make anyone who has ever been drunk laugh.

BUT ALSO: i had never been drunk until summer after senior year. I didn’t know what to expect, but I got to test my limits around people I trusted, and that’s not always the case. It’s a new school year, and I don’t want you freshies accidentally drinking way more than you should and getting in trouble, getting alcohol poisoning, or even just puking on your dorm floor, because that shit is nasty. SO STAY SAFE AND RESPONSIBLE, BUT USE THIS INFO TO HELP.

(disclaimer: i am a 5′5 under 150lbs 19 year old girl with low to med alcohol tolerance. If you/your character is, say, a 6′2, male 200lb frat guy who drinks vodka like water, scale up accordingly)

this got long so it’s under the cut:


1-2 shots: feeling nothing

3 shots: maybe feeling something? maybe just a placebo

4 shots: I’m fi–oh wait, i just stood and the ground moved. ok, maybe i’m almost tipsy. Starting to feel loose.

5 shots: definitely in the tipsy zone. feeling good. stumbling but not falling. whatever Kind of Drunk you are, here is when it starts to appear

6+ shots: I have not definitively documented these, because I am good at knowing my limits. Some people are not. Basically just looser and looser, easier to laugh, more outgoing, etc. But from what I hear, tipsy is the feel-good zone, and then you want to feel even more good so you drink more and then you hit Too Drunk and it’s a downhill slide into FeelingLikeShitville


jungle juice/tub juice: this varies based on recipe, but i would say it is USUALLY one shot per drink. Sometimes they amp it up to two, but guys. Alcohol tastes like shit. If you want it to taste okay, you’ll need way more parts kool-aid/hawaiian punch/orange juice than alcohol. So please, for the love of god, do not have your adult male college student take one sip of a “mysterious concoction” and start making poor choices immediately. He’ll need, like, 3 cups min before the bad choices start rolling in.

wine/beer: what you see as the usual serving size is typically equivalent to one shot, but it’s more liquid, so takes longer to drink and therefore longer to get drunk.


CHASERS: when you’re taking a shot of vodka, tequila, fireball, whatever, it can be hard going down. So you’ll have people using “chasers” like lemonade, sweet tea, sprite, etc. You’ll either drink it right after the shot or right before and then after the shot.

DIFF ALCOHOL TYPES: different types of alc affect you differently. For example, tequila and beer make me nauseous, so I avoid those. My friend says when she’s “wine drunk” it’s different from being regular drunk. Mixing alcohol types as well (like beer and liquor, etc) can make some people sick. Quick list of some types/brands of alc: tequila*, vodka*, wine*, beer*, champagne, cocktails(margharitas, mimosas, etc), whiskey* (usually, especially for college students, this means fireball, which tastes like those shitty cinnamon candies your grandma always had out and feels like an actual warmth in your chest). There are more but I’m a gross college student and * are most common for me

HANGOVERS: i have never had a hangover bc even while drunk im an overthinker, and after every drink i have a drink of water, and this has staved off every hangover. Also, it makes you pee a lot, and peeing at a house party is An Experience


there are “types” of drunk, and they often mix together including but not limited to: Chatty Drunk, (me. i cant shut the fuck up. every thought i have exits my mouth. this is less embarrassing and more tedious, since most of my thoughts are inane and boring) Sleepy Drunk (my best friend. It is important to know if your friend is sleeping or passed out: one is an effect of alcohol, one means they are literally dying and should be taken to a hospital) Annoying/Loud Drunk (this is obvious) and Horny Drunk (my other friend is notorious for pointing to a guy and being like “I am going to fuck him” and then I have to physically drag her away and call an uber, despite also being drunk)

Another friend will, without fail, Every Single Time put on “Break Your Heart” by Taio Cruz, and proceed to play her 2010 playlist. Drunk people have reliable quirks and do weird shit. idk man, but usually people will know exactly what kind of drunk their friends are, and prepare.

I’m sure I’m missing stuff and I don’t actually drink a whole lot so if anyone has anything to add, PLEASE DO. Also, if y’all want a part two I can talk about house parties or other college shit

if you’ve been bothered by this kind of stuff or made these mistakes in fic or if you just wish you’d had this knowledge PLEASE REBLOG: i never really saw accessible info like this because the only info about alc i ever saw was like “ONLY EVER DRINK TEENY SIPS ONCE YOU ARE 21 BC ALCOHOL IS BAD” and that’s just not helpful


it was the most magical night of our lives 🤴🏻❣️👸🏻 

so since today is national boyfriend day this is my shout out to the softest boyfriend ever, kim taehyung 💞☁️ but since i was tagged by @defendkimseokjin to do the bias selfie tag, so this is also that! thank you for tagging me sunshine :’)) 

this is like a prom themed selfie tag we won prom king and queen ofc bc i recently saw how much these pictures matched each other and i was so SHOOK like lakjdfhalkdjh 

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Summary of Got7's Eating Live

I have a bad memory idk why I’m doing this 

  • Okay so Youngjae and Bambam were sitting next to each other and yes, their side of the table was the loudest and brightest thanks 
  •  In the middle were Yugyeom and Jinyoung and honestly Jinyoung was honestly pushing the mom thing today he kept on patting Yugyeom on the back and the neck and pinching his ear and giving him napkins I was shook
  • On the other side was Mark and Jaebum and for the most part they were buzy stuffings their faces so it was moderately quiet on their side lol
  • Jackson wasn’t there but they kept on saying that he would be with them “next time” 
  • At first they were all reading from the script and it was noticable af 
  • After a while tho they just kinda dropped it 
  • At one point Jaebum told them smnt like “Yo its not word-for-word” and they just had a chill time 
  • When they started reading comments, Youngjae and Bam only read the ones asking for Jaebum to do aegyo. He didn’t and started reading the ones complimenting Youngjae and Mark 
  • ALSO JINYOUNG HAD THE SHEEP THINGY ON HIS HEAD and I think it was kinda cute 
  • They had a pissing contest about who could fit more rice in their mouths and I think Yugyeom won?? 
  • When it was Jinyoung’s turn, Yugyeom tried to bother/make fun of/ be Jerry but his mouth was still full of rice so Jinyoung just laughed at him I think. It was  cayoot 
  • “Yugyeom is a good boy” at least three times 
  • There was a comment saying “it’s wine time” or something and they spent like a full minute going “wine time”
  • Jaebum said that if he was born as Mark he wouldnt hold back on eating lol
  • Yugyeom is into hamburgers right now 
  • Aparently Jaebum has 2 tummies- one for food and another for after food time food (midnight snacks) 
  • “Mark is in a happy place” 
  • Also they kept on saying how big bammies lips are!! And there was a close up and I fainted hes so pretty 
  • “They take up 1/3 of his face”
  • They had to pretend to be on a call with ahgase and be  super sweet and whoever laughed would get spankies 
  • When they started, they sang out the Kakao ringing theme and I though they it was really cute:(
  • Yugyeom did his message to male ahgase and I think I cried twice 
  • Anyway Mark ended up spanking Youngjae, Jinyoung spanked Bambam, and Yugyeom got to spank Bambam, Youngjae, AND Jinyoung 
  • “With jeans you cant see it bounce” 
  • They talked about Youngjae’s squishy butt for at least a whole solid minute thanks
  • At the end Jaebum says something about their necklaces and how they made them themselves! Cuties 

And yeah! That’s about it! I’m pretty sure I missed out on a bunch of stuff cus my biased booty was only paying attention to Bambam so make sure to watch it when you have time lol it is a great hour of happiness 

how to make artsy geometric aesthetic thingies

today imma show u guys how to make these kinds of backgrounds

okay so ur gonna need two apps for this: Pixlr and Toolwiz (i provided the links there, well for android users anyway, sry if ur on something else)

imma put this on a read more bc this is gonna be kind of long and I’m a Mess

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im tired and my Internets being indecisive on whether to work or not sooo uhhh *shoves art in ur face*


tagged by @endernadra​, ty frend


1. Post the rules
2. Answer the questions given to you by the tagger
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4. And tag 11 people

Endernadra’s questions

1. How many books do you own?

TOO MANY. I’ve cleaned out the basement at least a dozen times but I get too nostalgic to donate my precious books ;A; I have a bunch of crates and bins full of books that I read YEARS ago ajkfbfa

2. Favourite song?

oh boy don’t make me choose. I can’t choose my favorite band or even genre. I’m all over the place. The song I’ve liked for the longest is A Team by Ed Sheeran but it’s definitely not my current favorite. idk man, anything by Dodie Clark, Owl City, We the Kings, or Set It Off is my favorite song

3. Favourite book?

oh god I really don’t know I’m bad at these questions im sorry

4. Sign? Aries, Taurus, etc.

Leo. I live off of attention, love me 

also snake for Chinese sign thingy

5. How long have you been in fandoms?

I joined tumblr about a year ago? I think my first actual fandom might have been the Dodie fandom lmao and I only discovered her about a year and a half ago

i’ve been a fangirl all my life tho :’) me and my cousins were cringey af when we were like 8 and wrote bad fanfics together about Fairy Tail and Inuyasha

6. Do you have any pets?

Yeeeee I have two dogs, Oliver and Mason. Oliver is a boofy bichon frise and Mason is a brown Shih-Tsu Poodle Mix. Ye they’re small but they don’t shed so its grEAT.

also i have two turtles, Athena and Ares but I haven’t much to say about them. Athena is constantly hungry and Ares is aggressive af.

7. If you could spend $1000, what would you buy?

I actually… don’t need anything substantial. I’d probably just hold onto it and accidentally spend it all on food cause i hang out with my friends too much

8. Are you into makeup/hair?

nope. i put on wonder pencil (which is like foundation in a pencil, it’s gr8) when there’s an event and ik there’ll be photos. that’s kind of it. i touch my face too much for makeup tbh, id smear it everywhere by accident

also my hair is TOO GODDAMN SLICK for me to do it up. it doesn’t stay in braids nor pony tails very long, much less anything fancy

9. Can you play any instruments? if not, what intrusment would you like to learn?

nope i play vocal chords and not very well. if i could, though, I want to learn ukulele *-* ukuleles are by far my favorite instrument, it’s so goddamn cute and i immediately fall in love when i hear someone play it

10. Do you write fanfiction, or make fanart?

i make fanart !!! i have an art side blog cause i feel weird posting it on my main account :’)

i don’t write fics cause i’m like trAUMATIZED from reading the fics me and my cousins wrote when we were in elementary school. goddamn.

11. Can you speak another language?

Yeeeee except it’s not useful at all. I speak Teo Chew, which is a type of Chinese that noBODY KNOWS ABOUT. NOT EVEN OTHER CHINESE PEOPLE. but it’s fine cause i can freely gossip with my family in teo chew without having to worry that someone will understand us. 

My Questions (I’m gonna answer my own questions cause im extra)

1. Cats or dogs

dogs cause i used to have a cat and he was a goddamn jerk, i’ve never met any jerk-y dogs

2. Do you have any pets?

3. What fandom(s) are you super into rn?

bnha and voltron :’)

4. What fandom(s) do you wish weren’t dead/were more popular? 

oNe PiEcE G O D D A M N

5. What’s your favorite blog on tumblr?

ipxakachi. xeiv is so goddamn cute and kind and talented and I’m tears over them

6. Do you write and/or draw?

7. How do you feel about rain? fog? candy?

ew, ew, and ew

8. What kind of music do you listen to?


9. Hows/how were your grades in school?

eh. As and Bs.

10. What shows (esp anime) did you watch as a kid?

ICarly, Inuyasha, Fairy Tail

11. Are you good at math?

n o p e

Optional: What’s your sexuality?

pan/bi cause everyone is lovely and deserving of love

I’ll tag…

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as always, y’all don’t have to and if you don’t want me to tag you in stuff, just tell me (i dont bite lmao)


Word Count: 1470

Genre: fluff, a bit of angst, very very domestic parent!phan

Warnings: denied adoption (not explicitly mentioned, but strongly hinted at)


Thomas knows something’s up with his parents. They had forgotten his bedtime story the last few days, so he goes to their room to ask for one, and is instead confronted with the sight of his Papa comforting a crying Dan.

A/N Don’t worry, this has a happy ending, I promise.

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anonymous asked:

can you please rec your absolute favorite klance fics? i love your taste and im down for anything!

Anon: A bunch of people ask you to find stuff but I wanna know what some of your favorite ones are. So here I am, asking. What are some of your favorite fics?

aww this is actually really nice! I have a tag and ill put down one i read recently that i loved <3 - Karri

karris favs tag

blue, buried deep by aknightley (1/1 | 22,449 | Teen And Up)

“So,” he says casually, “Anything else happen on the planet? With Shiro?” When Keith shoots him a look, he holds up his hands defensively. “Hey, look, I’m just saying you looked like you weren’t sharing everything, I thought maybe you’d want to share with someone, and who better than the guy you had a bonding moment with, huh?”

anonymous asked:

What was the thing that sealed the deal for you with the a team? Like what made you go "yep they're together"???

i went really far back in my tags to give you a ~good answer~ but tbh im not sure? i guess it was always the fact that they were both obviously in a loving committed relationship and the only person they seemed to be close to was each other, but i do have some moments that sealed the deal for me x x x x x x x x x x x x

draconicempress  asked:

hello! I had an open space where I could afford to pay for more patreons and I was like "hmm u know who does good work and deserves nice things my pal toasty" so anyway im donating to your patreon now! (feel free to use this as a shameless plug for more cash dollars IF I CAN DO IT SO CAN YOU ALL)

AW DAMN DUDE thank you so much!! I really appreciate it!!!

(also, since I have a go-ahead, Patreon is where I post most of my art these days–animation WIPs, concepts for stories in progress, speedpaints, WitS progress art and early updates, original short comics like Okay and Cutting Ties…)


was gonna write some shitty edgy caption but lets be real man dealing with watching yourself die? killing your alternate selves that didn’t make the cut? thats some rough stuff. if you could go back in time would you?