im surprised she likes it as much as she does

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can you write more lena author x kara, post the latest development of 2x16.

the bar is dark & a bit dingy, never the place they expect a luthor to be so it’s perfect for kara & lena.

they’re five drinks in & lena is considerably more drunk than kara for obvious reasons they don’t talk about but that lena makes clear she understands in laughing, slightly slurred, comments.

“your liver is just, wow, must be out of this world, kara,” she laughs & she tilts a little when the elbow she’s using to prop up her chin slips. kara catches her & lena flashes her a grin. “my hero.”

“do you want another?” kara gestures to her empty glass & lena shakes her head no. they sit together in silence for a while. then, “i broke up with m-mike. mon el, whatever, him.”

lena’s eyebrows shoot up & she scoots along closer to kara. “why?”

“he,” kara scowls down at her glass. “where to start, honestly? he never listened to me, he kept making these decisions that made me so uncomfortable, he lied to me from the start about who he really was,” she shrugs. “sometimes he was funny but it always felt like i was chasing after him, like i have to be the bigger person always and i just felt so tired all the time. it’s…it’s not supposed to feel like that, is it?”

lena shakes her head no, gently.

kara sighs. “come on, i’m going to take you somewhere i can get properly drunk,” she decides with a nod & she takes lena’s hand without another thought, tugs her to standing. she’s the tiniest bit shorter than kara & her hand is soft & warm & kara is surprised by how much she likes holding it. “um.”

“bar,” lena reminds her. “drinking?”

“yes. yes,” kara laughs. “and then tomorrow we can make up for that lunch date i missed?”

“sounds good. tell me wherever we are going has human people drinks too.”

“it does.”

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What's your au about?

OH GEE ANON HOW KIND OF YOU TO ASK. oh gosh let me figure out a way that i can condense this

  • jeremy is the prince of a kingdom whose royal family specializes in ice magic. jeremy is neither good at ice magic or at being a prince and hes tired of both, frankly, so when a wizard (named The Squip, Hm, Weird) offers him an out, he jumps at it immediately. take him Far Away from here
  • hes taken to a secluded tower that has basically anything he could Need. he just has to Stay Here, which, like, okay. he can do that. no biggie.
  • (the truth is that the tower is warded by spells so that its nearly impossible to find without help, plus, the point of it is that its siphoning the magic from jeremy, also, but like. whatever)
  • jeremy spends years here but theyre not exactly spent alone as originally planned. a witch named christine ends up setting up a home very close to the tower after she accidentally stumbles like right into it (much to jeremys surprise and horror. she doesnt know that hes the prince though so its fine). a harpy (? im still figuring that one out 100%) named jenna comes and visits and fills him in on the things happening in the realm (shes sworn to secrecy because she DOES know that hes the missing prince)
  • things are fine until one day a knight from the kingdom does come riding up, able to breach through the protective wards thanks to his brand of disruptive magic. he explains that the king sent him because theres now suddenly a dark force thats threatening the entire kingdom. jeremy doesnt think that this is his problem because he isnt the prince anymore like that SUCKS but theres nothing he can DO
  • michael tells him the dark force goes by the name of the squip
  • well uh. yeah that is his problem huh. guess he better go… help and fix that
  • everyone else becomes relevant but this is already long

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What kind of drunks would the RFA members be around MC?


• Hes a sleepy drunk
• as in, he just wants to fall asleep
• someone literally has to carry him
• trips a lot
• if hes not asleep, hes sad
• sobs in public and the bartender is like??? buddy?? is everything okay??

• a flirty/ silly drunk
• also VERY loud
• does it move? he hits on it
• once flirted with a pole
• Seven got it on video

• a quiet drunk
• she looks kind of like a statue
• and then she gets up and its like shes never experienced gravity before
• and she doesnt move; she just… stays there on the ground
• “Jaehee, are you alright?!” “…Yes,I think so??? Do I still have legs??”

• a happy drunk, much to everyones surprise
• gets more charming when hes had too much
• way too touchy feely
• if hes at home, then poor Elizabeth
• “you are suuuch a good kitty” “Mrow?” “SHH I LOVE YOU ELIZABETH”

• a sad drunk
• he rants about life a lot
• by the time he leaves the bar, the bartender knows way too much
• questions all his life choices out loud
• “and its JUST? i TRUSTED him and he BETRAYED me and just i dont know” “ its okay buddy”

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No problem! I'm going to see the movie tomorrow and you are doing me a solid by listening to my shipping drama. With all that heteronormativity going on, it makes me worry for Roy's character. What kind of role do you think she will have in this movie? Think it's going to be the same size as the last movie?

Tomorrow? O: and im always here to listen haha! I’m super surprised anyone chose me to go to to talk abt kingsman/hartwin bc like, there are so many more people w much better blogs around lmao so it’s super cool to me!
I really hope she does get as big of a role but… I hadn’t seen her in much if any promo stuff for tgc until Very Recently and even then it’s been real small shit /:
THAT being said, movie trailers rarely show full stories of anything so like, fingers crossed she’s at least in it more than everything so far would imply? bc I love and would do anything for roxy oml
(One of the things I did see about her was about her potentially having a relationship w eggsy, iirc, and the little blurb or w/e that they used sounded straight up like every single mediocre fic summary I’ve ever read holy shit)

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why did chloe pull away when max kissed her? I really hope it gets addressed in episode 4 if/when we get back to the original timeline

Chloe probably didn’t expect Max to kiss her back (basing this on the fact that she trips a little bit when she says “damn…you’re hardcore, Max”) and that whole exchange before she actually dares Max just sounds like she was psyching herself up for this. She wanted to test the waters.

It’s quite obvious she’s having romantic feelings for Max. When she watches Max get into the pool and she looks away all shy, or when she says “I’m never leaving you.” and there’s this can tell Max is incredibly important to her. She keeps a ton of Max’s stuff in her room from when they were young, you can get Max set as her phone background, and of course the comment “I don’t think anyone’s good for you…besides me.” And when she dares Max to kiss her she was probably expecting Max to turn her down. Like when you’re stealing the money from the principal’s office and she looks down dejectedly  after she says “I hope you (rewind) instead of lecturing me.” If you opt to take the money her face fucking lights up. She’s not used to things actually going the way she wants them to. So when Max actually does kiss her she is hella surprised (and because she’s a huge dork it was probably too much for her).