im sure your sis will be ok

Inferior Si Problems

Pilot: Thanks for taking this flight with us, we hope to see you again. Have a great day.

Everyone: *Takes personal belongings and prepare to leave the plane*

Me: *Makes sure I have everything and am absolutely ready to leave*

Me: *Reached near the luggage claiming area*

Si: I think you forgot your bag, is it there?

Me: I’m putting it on right now

Si: Check

Me: *pokes and bag* *still skeptical* *squeezes it*

Si: I’m still skeptical but ok.. Did you check if you have your phone?

Me: *opens the bag, it’s right there*

Si: I’m not satisfied, check again.

Me: *opens bag again and checks, nothing new*

Si: It was a hallucination bro check if you have your phone

Me: *checks again* *twitches*

Si: I think you forgot your bag



This happens to me often idk about you guys

anonymous asked:

Hi! I don't send asks very often because I'm really shy about reaching out to people, but I wanted to let you know that I absolutely love your writing. :) Your stories are adorable and they always cheer me up. I hope you're having an awesome day wherever you are (or if you're not, that it gets better soon), and I wish you the best of luck in finishing whatever stories you're working on! I'm sure they're going to be great.

sis !!!!!!! it is ok that ur shy bc u sent me this anyways and it Made My Goddamn Day i love u & i love this msg & i love that u love my stories and im so HAPPY they cheer u up and i hope UR day is SPECTACULAR and i LOVE YOU !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! srsly thank u for this ur so sweet and the grammar of ur msg was A+ u lil cutie


I’ve hit 1k followers soo we’ll have a party. Okay? Okay. 
This rates are special. Detailed as fuck. Soo first of all I need you to be patient. It will probably take me 3 days to finish if this gets lots of notes *if not forget all of this lmao* Soo if you dont get it today, I promise you’ll get it in the next 3 days. Also if I don’t post it today on the blog *i will tag you*, then i will send you this on private :)

also update: i’ve hurt my knee very bad. i have to go to the hospital tomorrow. soo really guys be patient. ill start with rates now and i’ll do as much as i can :) love you!


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*drumroll* RATE (✿◠‿◠) 

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    » change it » meh » oh woah »omg wtf » fuck me in the ass »
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im already exhausted from making this post hLP