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…okay who the fuck are you and WHY ARE YOU DOING THIS TO ME

i a such a fucking mess what the fuck what the f u c k

WHY is he looking at me with that face hes fucking sexing me up with those eyes and his ARM IM FCUKGIN AIJSNHCANT

idk why youre out to get me girl WHAT DID I DO WHY

but ill just have you know i’ve already completely fallen and im pretty sure he is my bias or one of my biases (im a hoe sorry) but yeah i’ve been feeling him extra hard lately and i just want to date him and bang him hes so cute and sweet and beautiful and everyhting and i just want to join in on him and ten because i believe theyre lowkey banging


Hi! sorry about the depressing posts. Ive hit a bit of a rough patch atm. You probably read last week that Im officially in remission after beating cancer, and I guess it hasnt fully clicked in my head yet- both the fact that I actually had a life threatening disease and that I was strong enough to beat it. Its taken a toll on my already bad mental health and Im trying to be ok again but I keep falling further and Im not sure how to stop that. I think i might take a break from tumblr for a while, but if i get messages/asks Ill come back and answer them. Dont worry about me, this is just a step I believe I need to take to feel ok again. Thank you for understanding and for all the kind words ♡

this is really important so please pay attention ♥

please read this i know its long but im begging you! ok so a while ago markiplier responded to someone calling him ugly by sarcastically posting a screenshot of him wearing badly applied make up. while the video that screenshot was from was completely harmless because he wasnt making fun of men putting on make up but of himself putting make up on badly BUT the screenshot by itself can be easily misinterpretated as being the usual ‘men in make up are ridiculous’ trope that has been used in media for a really long time. now lets me explain why this is very harmful for the trans community: people who may see that post could easily think that Mark meant it in a transphobic way so they start believing making jokes about trans people is ok and when people tried calling him out Mark treated like a manifestation of the 'tumblr special snowflake syndrome’ which basically silences trans people. i know it seems small but its the small things like jokes on the tv or a celebrity saying something offensive then refusing to apologize that make trans people feel helpless. please reblog this! im sorry for asking for this but trans people go through enough shit already so please help me so Mark sees this! Im sure he didnt mean it in a transphobic way but offending someone by mistake still warrants an apology!

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i dont know if something like this has been done already because mobile tumblr is stupid im sorry OTL (this might need a tw im not sure) but can you do a first time with suga scenario where you guys have been dating for a while and you're ready to go further with him but you're a little afraid because you were sexually abused in the past

Trigger warning! Suga scenario.
This became extremely long but I hope that’s ok!

-admin G

You looked at yourself in the mirror as you smoothed out the lace material of the lingerie you were wearing. Suga had been busy for the past week, not coming home to you because he would be up all night working. You had both decided it would be alright for him to stay at BTS’ dorm that whole week since it was closer to the studio and he could quickly get to and from work.

“I’m just so tired Jagi. I really want to see you but-”

“Don’t worry Yeobo. I miss you, but it’s better for you to just stay with the boys until you finish this project. We can always see each other when you’re not so busy. Besides, I have a lot of work I have to do to and I can’t have you distracting me.” You said happily, trying ot but your boyfriend’s mind at ease.

“____ you’re the best you know that? I love you so much.”

“I know. I love you too!” You said.

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