im sure this has been done before but whatever

this has probably been done before but how about a plot where a fan meets a celeb and they take a selfie together. he posts it on instagram and realizes he doesn’t have her sn so he sets the description as ‘ft this pretty face’ and her friends freak out when they see the photo. mind you, she doesn’t have insta so her friends make her make an acc. she does and her friends tag her and he follows her.

they don’t communicate for a long while and then suddenly one day he’s got a free day and he’s going through his feed and he sees a photo of her. he likes it and she believes it was a mistake until he comments on the photo and they finally start to DM but.. he’s in a relationship with another celeb and she tells him that she’s not going to pursue any feelings because he’s taken and he’s all, ‘so you have feelings for me too? ;)’ and the angst and confusion and sneaking around dates once he tells her the relationship with his gf is for pr only.

(this can be used for m/m and f/f as well. knock yourself out with a poly if you wanna too)

Jeremy Jordan and The Beef of a Lifetime

MY BOY GOT BEEF WITH HIS ENTIRE FAN BASE NOW AND I FEEL SO BAD FOR HIM. LIKE IM SURE HE SAID SOME MESSED UP SHIT TO BE CALLED OUT THIS BADLY BUT LIKE DAMN GUYS. JEREMY JORDAN HAS DONE MANY A GOOD THING TO POINT OUT THAT HE IS A FRIEND OF THE LGBT SO LIKE WHATEVER HE SAID SHOULD HAVE BEEN TAKEN WITH A PRECONCEIVED IDEA OF WHO THIS SON OF A GUN IS. A NICE GUY. I HOPE ALL THE HATE DOESN’T HURT HIM TOO BAD CAUSE HE SOUNDED REALLY SAD ABOUT IT. LIKE HE FELT SOOO BAD. I feel bad bc he felt bad. I knew Jeremy Jordan as Jack Kelly before I knew him as Winn. And I know that most people in the Broadway community have a fairly open mind about the lgbt+ so once I heard this whole situation I was like “what??? No?” Cause I honestly can’t fathom Jeremy Jordan being homophobic. Like that wasn’t even a possibility in my brain before this beef. And you know what. It still isn’t. I don’t know who Jeremy Jordan is. I don’t know how he lives or what he likes to do. But I would like to believe that he is a good person. That he actively supports lgbt and cares for everyone he meets. Because when I look at Jeremy Jordan that’s the kind of person I see. And you know maybe he did say some sh*t, but he apologized for it. And it was genuine. So I still see him as one of the good ones. And if you don’t, then that’s your choice. Choices matter.

  • Interviewer: How do you feel about being called the "Russian Punk?"
  • Yuri Plisetsky: I'm not a punk rocker. I don't have punk routines. Maybe I have some punk characteristics about me, but I don't walk around calling myself punk. It's more punk to tell people you're not punk than to sit there and say that you are punk. Whatever. If you wanna know what I think I am, I think that I'm just a rock dude, and I like to rock out, I like to throw shit around. I like to go nuts, I like to lose myself on the ice. I like to scream, I like to holler, I like to break things, I like to yell. I like to get my anger out and you know what everyone has their own opinion on everybody, but I'm not the one who went out there and called myself punk
Who Should You Fight: Animators Edition

Genndy Tartakovsky (Creator of Dexter’s Lab)
Who Wins: No One
Genndy’s family fled from fuckin’ Moscow. His dad died when he was a kid, his mom died of cancer shortly after college. Dude’s had a rough life and here he comes along with Dexter’s Lab and Samurai Jack. Please don’t fight Genndy.

Jhonen Vasquez (Creator of Invader Zim)

Who Wins: You (And Jhonen technically)
Dude tried to move on after years of dealing with the Hot Topic induced hurricane that was the Invader Zim fanbase. Unfortunately, the recent comic series says otherwise and there are plans for a series comeback. At this point he will beg you for the sweet release of death.

Lauren Faust (Creator of My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic)
Who Wins: Lauren
Fighting Lauren herself would prove to be a challenge all on it’s own. Girl’s been through some shit and she doesn’t back down lightly. That said though, in the thin sliver of a chance that you DO manage to beat Lauren there’s still her fanbase to deal with. Avoid Brony hell, do NOT fight Lauren Faust.

Craig McCracken (Creator of Powerpuff Girls)
Who Wins: Lauren
The fuck I told you about fighting Lauren Faust? Shit goes double for fighting her husband. Stay away from these two. I repeat: STAY AWAY FROM THEM.

Pendleton Ward (Creator of Adventure Time)
Who Wins: No One
Not only is he the chillest motherfucker in animation right now but the dude’s literally a big ol’ teddy bear. While it really wouldn’t take much to beat up Pen, would you really want to, man?

Seth MacFarlane (Creator of Family Guy)
Who Wins: Everyone
Every animator on this list will thank you. Well, most people will thank you. In fact, I think in the long run the entire world will thank you.
Please, go fight Seth MacFarlane.

Matt Groening (Creator of The Simpsons)
Who Wins: You (And Matt technically)
See above: Jhonen Vasquez.

Alex Hirsch (Creator of Gravity Falls)
Who Wins: Alex
No one knows where Alex came from. Some rumor that he emerged from the deepest, darkest woods only to animate. The dude’s weird but not in a charming “dude’s a bit goofy” way but in a “we swear his shadow laughs at us” way. Do not approach Alex Hirsch. AVOID ALL CONTACT WITH ALEX HIRSCH.

Dan Povenmire (Co-Creator of Phineas and Ferb)
Who Wins: You
Dan’s a werid dude but not Alex Hirsch weird so he’s not gonna pull any stunts. We’re uncertain but we’re pretty sure his brief stint with Family Guy and dealing with Disney on such a huge product has greatly weakened whatever power he may have had. Go on an fight Dan, you can take ‘im.

Natasha Allegri (Creator of Bee and Puppycat)
Who Wins: You
In all honesty it’s a miracle some papercut didn’t do away with Natasha years ago. While her work is cute, sweet, and fluffy, so is her fighting style. In fact, we’re pretty sure just a small punch on her arm will win you this fight.

Rebecca Sugar (Creator of Steven Universe)

Who Wins: No One
Why in the fuck would you fight Rebecca Sugar.

anonymous asked:

how long does it take you to draw and color a piece? so sorry if this has been asked before!

Aaa this is gonna be a half-assed answer but I don’t even know lmao D:
While drawing I just stop/do whatever so jsjdk
But the last photostudies I’ve done took me around 3 hours I think, and for a regular drawing (the one on my icon) it takes me maybe 10h in total or more? All of these hours separated on 3 days because I can notice mistakes that way.
Sketchy stuff take a few minutes tho, lineart and coloring take a looot of time. If you wonder what my speed is you can always drop by one my streams, I think the best answer is to see for yourself haha

Mutual Agreements

“You compromised our mission and let Volskaya go.”

Sombra twitched, swiveled round on her chair to face the source of the unexpected voice in her quarters. The Director’s pet spider certainly had a way of sneaking up on people. Sombra quirked a brow, leaning back. “Sorry?” She asked. “I don’t seem to recall.”

Widowmaker’s stony expression did not change, save for a slight narrowing of her eyes. Sinewy arms crossed, the jut of her hip resting against the frame of the doorway. Always work and no play, that one. Sombra liked her, mostly on the days she wasn’t sour from failing an assignment. Which was, with her appealing track record, most days. Sometimes, whenever she was present when Sombra endlessly teased Reaper, Widowmaker even cracked a coy smile. “Do not play stupid, girl,” she said, snorting in that dainty way she always did when she found something ridiculous. “You are not as hard to read as you may think.”

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