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ok fuck it heres my autistic guardians of the galaxy post

(these arent headcanons just stuff i noticed while watching that supports reading the characters as autistic if u want)

quill carries headphones around to put music on whenever he needs it, and hes still listening to the same 2 tapes after 30 years

quill and rocket’s exchange about sarcasm ‘you’re supposed to do it in a sarcasm voice!’ idk i just like the idea of them each having taught themselves how to sarcasm in different ways so they miss it sometimes

actually none of them are great at sarcasm/irony like they miss each others sarcastic lines a lot. especially drax

also quill taking too literally yondu’s joking abt eating him maybe

in general how peter views so many things through familiar pop-culture lens (that he still knows so many details of despite not having access to it for rewatches for years)

groot nervous stimming by flicking the leaves on his arms, also desperately trying to pull off the uncomfy uniform

arguably groot only saying ‘i am groot’ is like echolalia / being semi-verbal (but im hesitant abt that bc isnt that just what his whole species is like?? idk)

groot needing really specific step by step instructions (i mean ik its just bc hes a lil babby but Same so im keeping it)

there was already a ton of posts when the first movie came out abt autistic drax that im sure i cant write any better so just. all that.

mantis’ empathy stuff maybe

gamora doesnt like to be touched especially without warning/permission (ik theres obv other background reasons for this but let me have it)

also gamora’s not liking dancing possibly

gamora also takes a lot of things really literally

there was another thing i had to say abt rocket but i forgot it now

oh quill being kinda upset abt gamora using a gun instead of a sword bc her thing is swords and his thing is guns like thats not The Rules, gamora

ahhhh there was lots i noticed im tryin to remember but feel free to add on anything or correct anything???

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theres this fic and basically it's like roman angst and has a lot of stuff about him faking being ok and it takes instances and quotes from what the others sides have canonically said and made it angsty?? i read it ages ago and im p sure it called fake smiles or false smiles or something ahh sorry its vague but it was really good and im p sure on ao3 do you know what it is?

Here you go i’m 110% this is the one. - Mod Dani

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Top 5 milex moments from the eycte tour!

chriist honestly there are too many to choose from im c ryinggfb

  • ok firstly i gotta begin with when they were at webster hall and this shit went down during eycte….alex on knees with miles stroking his fucking hair while staring lovingly into each others eyes…and then alex pulling himself up by holding onto miles’ shirt..and then they did some kinda interpretive dance???…chill for one second maybe guys???
  • ok so another one of my Fave moments was this…when miles was trying to play his guitar during used to be my girl and then alex came up from behind and hugged him and held him in his arms for like 10 years and miles mouthed what looked like “hold me” and it was so beautiful and i think i died right there and then and i havent really been alive since then but ok….i truly love my dads
  • right so next is……this entire fucking performance of eycte at rock en seine…..purely because it’s so moving and i havent stopped crying everytime i think about it….and the fact miles looked like he was gonna cry and alex supposedly did….and the fact that there literally just stood there holding each other for a few minutes….and the fact that eycte tour is over and im so sad and it hurts to watch this but im gonna watch it anyway and say it’s one of my fave milex moments because obviously i love to suffer
  • NEXT IS THIS fuckign mess!!!(bad habits at sziget) honestly i just spent literally like 5 minutes trying to find it but now i have and honestly ???? I HATE THEM lmaooo….when i was watching it i honestly thought they were gonna kiss….i literally thought this was gonna be the moment when they full on made out in front of everyone…..but they started singing instead and then alex started giggling and started shouting something random god knows what he was saying anyways 0/10 hate :( 
  • another….is THIS…..i cant belieb…. miles saying “i’ll give you the d” and alex replying “i wish you would” NOOO why are they like this i could honestly cry (i say ‘could’ as if i dont cry everyday over them haha ha aha) 
  • AND THERE IS THIS honestly what are they doing???….like ive seen people say that alex is licking miles??? but honestly it looks more like a kiss to me???but either way it’s Gay….and then miles quite clearly goes to kiss alex and they dont even finish the fucking lyric??? how beautiful
  • OK SO I KNOW THIS IS SEVEN and completely illegal as it’s supposed to be FIVE but u know what i got completely carried away because theyve ruined my life (in a good way) but you can’t think that i’d miss this gem.….. the! fucking! kiss! at! coachella!….this changed me as a person im sure….i cant believe They Did That…..

honestly im so sorry that ive written an entire fucking essay about this but literally all i do all day is think about milex and cry so i have a lot to talk about lmao!!!

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