im sure she's a babe

To cis allies

If you’re cis and you have a friend who just recently came out as trans, and they misgender themselves, can you please shut the fuck up. They know what they said, they noticed just like you did.

Do not correct them. Do no question their gender. It is so hard to change pronouns, it takes time, and it hurts to misgender yourself, so when your friend uses the wrong pronoun for themselves, just remember that it is a process, and shut the fuck up.


not pictured: dave doing some ridiculous pool shenanigans off-screen to impress karkat.


i do not deserve to draw luna tbh.. @frogopera @supernova-remnants

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she said mom but in some weird language im sure that means babe which means calvin is there. yup i solved the whole thing, ur welcome.

It was right in front of our faces how could we have missed that thank goodness we have you