im sure its been done before tho

  • Seven: Hey bro?
  • Yoosung: Yeah, bro?
  • Seven: Bro, I want to show you the whole world.
  • Yoosung: Okay, bro,
  • Seven: *holds up mirror*
  • Yoosung: But bro, that's just me.
  • Seven: You're my whole world bro...
  • Yoosung: *tears in his eyes* Bro...
bs holoform headcanons bc ehehhhhh im bored as FUCK BOIIIIIIIII

Starscream’s holoform has claw rings and a fancy cape adorned with gold bc u know he’s that extra.

like look at this shit

Only the fanciest clothes will do. The more dramatic and flowy the better B) 

if he has to be casual then a business suit is aight i guess.
As for shoes, high heeled boots with a bit of gold

cant have too much gold

He has killer eyeliner and the Anakin Scar™ runnin down both his eyes, throw in a few lip scars too for self indulgence. also some sharp canines. lipstick is optional, color is red like the blood of his enemies


she’s like, middle aged lookin in terms of age. Hair in a ponytail, still rockin that eyeliner, perfect face. Her holoform clothes would be like, a police uniform imo

like something SWAT wears

and she has a riot shield bc she has to have a riot shield

or an army soldier’s outfit, but I’m not educated enough in military stuffs to know exactly which :U if i need to know

If she’s going casual, she’d probably wear a white tank top with a blue denim jacket n some jeans n a pair of regular working boots.

she isnt that showy lmao. the only thing really worth calling attention to is her biceps. and her fist that’s going to come in contact with ur face if u starin at smth else without her permission


You already know what her face would look like, so in my opinion she’d wear a kimono. 

like this ^

but tbh, if we need something she can kick ass in, she’d wear either a–[checks wikipedia]–an umanori hakama (the thing mi..m–fuck it i forgot her name but it’s what the archer chick from Inuyasha wears)


Just some regular red themed clothes and killer boots.

or she could wear a business suit 

so many possibilities



basically Soldier 76 but..taller, I guess. 

bout like, 6′5, 6′7? he’s pretty tall. Big.

His holoform would probably be like, the Country Dad aesthetic with the flannel n dirty boots n all that good stuff.

If you want something a bit more fancy, then I’d say probably military clothes or a police uniform like Chromia or somethin

My personal preference would just be Soldier 76′s origin skin but red and…he’s old. yeah. not that old tho.