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( ooc! ) ive got a headache and i’m nauseous so i’m going to probably lay down for the rest of the night. im pretty sure i welcomed all the new people, but if i missed you, you can come kick my butt later. i have two (?) random starters left to write and a bunch of plotting to do. hit me up if you wanna interact with my overly friendly child here. okay im going to bed and pray for death to take me


cut content - germ’s gramma

Random thought that might not make any sense (pardon any wrong things here):

You know how Matt was rescued by a rebel group? What if he was also trained to fight to the point where he could fight as well as the people from the Blade of Marmora? Imagine when Pidge ‘rescues’ him (or at least if Voltron forms an alliance with their group) all the sparring sessions - he’d be able to beat Keith, who’s basically the team’s best swordsman. (Pidge and Shiro’s mind would be totally blown because this is not who they knew, yet it’s still Matt.)

Or it could be that the rebel group forms an alliance with Voltron before Pidge or Shiro knew that Matt was in there. And since Matt is probably really smart (as smart or more so than Pidge probably) he’d probably get a high position in the group, like a tactician or one of the commanders. And then, what if the mission both groups are carrying out goes south. What if just then Matt from the command center realizes something wrong after staying quiet and just yells, “Something is wrong, you need to get out of there immediately!” And Pidge is taken by surprise and manages to gasp out “Matt?”

Katie? What are you–

“Matt, this is where you’ve been all this time–”

A voice full of awe. “Katie. You’re a paladin of Voltron. You’re… you’re crossing galaxies beyond what Earth would have even imagined, and you’re… you’re… actually making change.”

“Matt, please tell me where you are right now–”

An explosion. “Katie– Team Voltron, you need to get out immediately

“Matt, Matt, please–”

Find Dad, Katie. For both of us.” A soft smile. “Tell Mom I love her.”


A whisper. “I love you.”

They don’t even get to meet because they’ve been communicating through an intercom. The signal goes flat.

Pidge stays silent for the rest of the mission. She doesn’t hear from Matt again.

Shout out to all the trans aces who:

  • Don’t feel ‘truly’ asexual because you don’t know whether your dysphoria is having an affect on your sexuality
  • Feel that your trans-ness can’t be removed from your ace-ness but are told it should be
  • Don’t feel comfortable in hypersexual LGBT spaces
  • Have had your asexuality invalidated by people who say you can’t be ace and trans
  • Have had your trans-ness invalidated by people who say you can’t be ace and trans
  • Are happy that you’re trans and ace
  • Are sad that you’re trans and ace

Your feelings are valid. Your identities are valid. And you are amazing (ace, even!).

anonymous asked:

What are some good, active sh blogs you'd recommend following?

okay i love all the active blogs i follow so if i missed some out here i apologise but here are my faves

@lacoquistadora @alecsagitta @doddario @darlingalecs @gayizzys @quitemagicalbane @slytherinsimon @simonlevvis @simon-maia @matthewbane @thehighwarlock @bi-magnus @maureenbrown @claryswayland @clarystea @clarygaywood @claryisgay @softpinkjace @cclizzy @witchlights @alineblackthorne @whipsandredlips @alecgaywoods @highwarlok @victaj @softbodhi @clarybane  @ithilien-writes @crystallightwoods @pansexual-izzy @pansimon @bisexualluke @bisexual-clizzy @bisexualjewishvampire @lukegarrobane @abloodneed @softmagnusbane @dizzeeandthor @softdaddario @northernlightwood @queenclary @courageincombat @pansimongayalec @grayacejace @hoteldumorts @auclizzy @moonlightmaia @fraywoodbane @izzybabewoods @dearestalec @alecsplushpillow @canislytherinthings @sapphicclary @lightwoodlesbians @smolclaryfray @alishawainnwright @softbanes @nightfallgoddess

okay im sure ive missed a million people who i adore but ive based it mostly on my recent likes and whos on my dash right now and a few off the top of my head but you can see all the people i follow if you go to my blog amnd theyre all worth following i should be doing a follow forever when i meet my next goal so ill have everyone on that hopefully ily

i miss feeling secure with you, like even in the shittiest of times you made me feel safe. I really fucking miss that tonight.

I don’t even know what to say anymore but basically thank you guys so much and I love u <3

@hazel-the-space-ace, @reysfinn, @the-flying-elephant, @itsahsoka, @jedianakin, @jynnerzo, @atwells, @hermionee, @padmesanidala, @anakihn, @ivegotabadfeelingabouthis, @hvnsolo, @acrossthestarss, @padanidala, @nyvmph 
(i know i haven’t talked to some of u in a while but i still consider you all my friends <3) 

Italics = faves

@aahsoka@adamdryver, @ahsoka, @ahsokalano, @ahsokas, @alderaen, @aleclghtwoods, @alrightanakin, @anakinsboots, @anakinshouldnt, @anakinskywkler, @anakinslywalker, @aniikinskywalker, @asajjventress, @asianjedis, @aspiringwarriorlibrarian, @beebeeight, @bensolcs, @binarysunset, @bipoe, @boyeuga, @carterrogers, @cecilial, @christensen, @clonettroopers, @cutefinn, @daethvader, @daisyrid, @daisyridley, @darthvcder, @darthvvder, @dpoe, @eggsy, @elizabethgilliez, @emilyprentiss
@feline-fangirl, @finndamerion, @flywalkers, @franccastles, @frostytips, @fvalcon, @galaxystormpilot, @ganodi, @gaydameron, @georgeluccas, @girls-not-rey, @gwcnstace, @hanorganaas, @hansleiasw, @hanslo, @hansolostarwars, @havleyatwell, @herworshipfullnessleia, @houseorgana, @hrhleiaorgana, @hvnleia, @imperialmarches, @jakkew, @jakkutie, @jamillia, @jamillias, @jedie, @jedifin, @jjmkirk, @johnbouega, @juptiers, @jynerso, @jynskywalkerr
@kanjiklubs, @kcenobi, @kenvbi, @khaleseei, @kkenobi, @knightkylos, @kylc-ren, @kylo-rennn, @kyloxrens, @kylux, @leia-organa-solos, @leialuke, @leiaskywlkcr, @leiasorgana, @leiassorganaa, @leviosarose, @lightsaber, @lukeleiahan, @lukeskvwalker, @lukeskyvalker, @lukeskywalkersbutt, @maceswindu, @mariahill, @markhamillls, @moonjockey, @nellgwenn, @nerdisma, @nerdy-tom-boy, @obiwahkenobi, @officialvader, @ohanxkin, @oikenobi, @organasrey
@padmaes, @padmaynaberrie, @padmepilots@perfectpoe, @pettermaximoff, @phamsa, @phusma, @poedameroin, @poedameron, @poedamerpn, @poeedamerons, @poees, @poefinn, @poetdameron, @princessahsoka, @rcyskywalkr, @resistvncepilot, @reybabe, @reysfalcon, @reyskeywalker, @reyskvwalker, @reywallker, @rogrs, @scavengerrey, @sicksith, @sithlordsolo, @skyvwalker, @skyvalkers, @skywalkars, @skywalkcrs, @skywalkerapologist, @skywalkerpilot, @skywalkertrash, @skywalkrs, @skywalkuer, @spaceleias, @stardyne, @starwcrs, @suicidevsquad, @tatooinesandstorm, @tchlalla, @thefirstorders, @theprincessleia, @tknightsofren, @ughura, @wookieepedias, @wookiie, @xwlng, @xxtayleyxx

+ blogroll

Okay so let me get this straight...

If a white cop shoots a black person, regardless of whether or not it was the right move, suddenly that makes every cop a racist???

WHAT.  Where is the logic in that?

When a teacher rapes a student, is every teacher a rapist?

When a loss-crazed sports fan, or group of them, start riots and get violent does that make them all criminals?

No, it doesn’t.  In those situations, almost NEVER does the entire niche of people get demonized.  But as soon as a white cop shoots a black person, that makes every white cop racist and deserving of death?

How in the fuck does that make any sense at all?



Wow, so this is kinda exciting right? I think I made this Tony rp blog about a month ago and I was so scared [..well, still am] of not being any good, or being able to entice anyone to roleplay with me, let alone following me and doing threads.

Of course I’ve still got lots to learn, as I am primarily an actor, not a writer, but I will get there with all you amazing people supporting me

Now onto the Follow-Forever’s! 

The Hulk

gammagreen, gammaxbomb, angrygreenscientist, angrygreen, greenwithgxmma, starks-science-buddy, arrowsandradiation, @sciencewithashield, whatkeepsmeundercontrol (female hulk), 

Captain America

shieldintheice, captainamericarogers, captain-outoftime, captainrogersblog, captainspangly, steverogersx, steverogerscpt, doyoufxndue, sciencewithashield, ivehadenoughrest, americas-misguided-soldier, heros-quandary, yourmanonthebridge, chxvalrous, seventyyearsgone

Black Widow

nrblackwidow, nochildrenintheredroom, thewidowsweb, @natasha-widowbite-romanoff, widowswxb, alongcamenatasha


mightofasgardian, bringerofthestorm, crashing-thunder


hawkeyeagentbarton, arrowsandradiation, shieldshawk, @clintbartonrp, thebartonboys

The Winter Soldier/Bucky Barnes

thebuckysoldier, russianghoststory, @thefirstyoungally, consumedbywinter, he-let-me-fall (stefan rogers as Winter Soldier), askjbuckybarnes, redeemxd, metalbarnes, ofmetalandwar, soldierjamesbuchanan, @winterxassassin, coldwinterbarnes

Sam Wilson

feathersofiron, thefalconsxnest

Howard Stark

daddyofstarks, firstdeathmerchant, agenths

Peggy Carter

agtxcarter, peggythirteencarter, peggycartxr

Phil Coulson

broken-weapon, govthookercoulson

Pepper Potts



ourlovelyloki-rp-and-ask, you-crave-subjugation, littleblueloki, king-loki, loki-of–asgard, theassimilatingasgardian, lieofasgard, thatgodofmischief, oncedeadliesmith, thebrokengodofmischief, thehornygod, shadesofdistortion, @midgardanddick, regentofasgard, loki-trustmyrage, kneelforme-godofmischief, mischievouslywitty, mendxcium, xprinceyx, xmagicandmayhem

Justin Hammer


Darcy Lewis

thescienceintern, of-ipods-and-interns

Harley Keener


J.A.R.V.I.S (human or not)

foryousirxalways, verysassysystem


dedpaul, goddamndeadpool

Spider-Man & Gwen

simplypeterparker, theweblesswonder, @ohnosmallknives, boywithwebs, theamazingspiderman, i-love-peterparker-more

Harry Osbourn


Original Characters

themagnetprotectingstarksheart (Arc Reactor OC), cameronxstark, the-god-of-asgard, epialesknight, greasefeather, myforteiskillingyou, youxheardxme, weakx, @darkarcherprince , i-am-just-a-reflection, dainty-philanges, xbritishxloonxhiddlestonx, leelamarch, rebeccambarnes, halfalive-halfdead, baldxr, forxnsic, sonofanavenger, blaiddddyn

Other Fandoms, 

sir-dalyk-of-skaro, captain-jhwatson, crowerry, officialsammich, wehavemommyissues, pinkandyellowwolf, @soulessbobbysinger, unusual-trine-mates, tinyblackhairedgirl, boomtanknotboombox,  johnwatsonishere

Mundanes <3

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Cooler Tony Starks

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Team Fuck Sleep

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As for the art give-away, I put all ya’ll names in a randomizer and I decided to do three:





So when you see this just let me know what you’d like drawn and I shall do me best.

Until next time, kittens!

2016 has been a shitty year for everyone, and especially a lonely one for me, with having started uni. But the community I’ve found here in the last month or so has really made everything seem much more manageable. I’ve never done one of these before, but I really wanted to show my appreciation for everything you’ve done for me, whether you’ve known it or not 💖💖💖

(bolds indicate you hold a very special place in my heart)

 @324queer21, @amtrak12, @arcticmonkeysphile, @batmanisagatewaydrug, @billhaderismycriterioncollection, @bisexualpattytolan, @carriedadstein, @cassiopeiasara, @crowmage, @fakegamerwoman, @fuckyeahrogueone, @ghost–tits, @ghost-hunting-bitch, @holtzedmckinnon, @holtzmcinn, @holtzy-baby, @holtzyspatty, @httpdersite, @ilovekatemckinnon, @isingforthethings, @kirisakis, @kirst003, @melissagodcarthy, @merganfm, @mykitcheniswasted, @natashasbanner, @neworder1980@nurse-strangelove, @ohippiegay, @pearls-rose, @princessdameron, @pts-m-d@thegirlsinthefirehouse, @thiscurseonmytongue, @wanhedonewithyourshit, @x-y-and-zee

AKA a festive appreciation list of my favourite beautiful mutuals that never leave me out of things to reblog and brighten up my dashboard daily (and will also hopefully forgive the shocking excuse of a banner I have) I love and appreciate all of you


@agentsofsheild @ahslydias @ailaikmonti @alisonfields @allisonargrrnt 

@allisons-malia @allydi-a @allydiasparrish @alphaclarke @argentless @argnthunter @arkstation @arlamontgomery @arrystarrk @ariasxmas 

@aprohdites @banshee-cheekbones @banshee-stilinski @barneswalds @barryoftheallens 

@beautyinfiction @bellamiyblake   @bellamyblqke @bellamybutts @bellamyheartsclarke 

@bellamyscllarke @bellarke-olicity @bellsblakers @bellslarkes @betasbark 

@bilesbilinksi @bisexualscottsmccall @bitchcankeepasecret @blakemccall 

@bleusargnet @blvesriley @bobbimmorse @bobbimorxmas @bobs-morley 

@borryallun @bravenheart @bringmeamerrychristmas @can-i-lahey-by-your-side @capdamn 

@carolineforbvs @charlesdilawrentis @christmassyfitzsimmons @christmastydia @clarkent 

@clurke @coffeeequaltolife @communitythings @coyotesqueen @crankbridebrenda 

@daenarystorms @daeneyrstargaryen @daigehale @deaconhills @deanwinchcster 

@delinguents @derekshvle @dereksnowflakes @desmondhumes @dropshipp 



@eichenlydiamartin @everbellarke @eveskeating @felicityqueenotp @felicitysmoak 

@finndaumeron @fitzjema @fitzskimmuns @flareteresa @fyeahstilinskis

 @ggrinted @ghostdrives @ghostofliarspast @gladerlydia @goldenlydia 

@grifffins @grmescarl @grontward @grounderstiles @halecupcakes 

@hennigsdiana @herondiale @hollandhaynes @hugsbellarke @huntressblake 

@hustlepuff @hwells


@ianmitchells @idkliamdunbar @illuminatedlahey @isaaclayeh @isauclaheys 

@jacks-falahees @jasperjordan @jchnmurqhy @jemcvrstairs @jessicajonvs 

@jessiicajoans @johnmurphysass @jordarparrish @joshutchersno @jscajones 

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@lydiamartinsel @lydiamartinskie @lydiamrtun @lydiasfears @lydiastilinks 

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@wolfedhale @wollfsmoon @wrxnkingston @yeahstydia @yukimurua 


I’ve had this blog for like 3 years ?? maybe?? and I still haven’t made a follow forever so here’s some of the people that have made my experience on tumblr a gr8 time:)) I love everyone on this list dearly and thank u all for having amazing blogs. I’m also pretty positive that theres at least a few people I’ve left out so I’m sorry!! 

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Wow I really can’t believe that this little blog dedicated to my obsession with fictional characters has reached 2k followers. Thank you so much to everyone who follows, whether you admire from afar or reblog every post, I really appreciate it!

I love every single one of you and I follow so many amazing blogs that I obviously couldn’t fit everyone on here but make sure you check out my blogroll in addition to these wonderful blogs (and know that I love you all so much!!) (bolded are the loves of my life)

# - d: because-you-want-meblowmiakisscolincalmdowntigerjonescaptain-outlawcaptaindixonscaptainswansourcecaptainswantrashcaptnswancarmibelievesinlove • charmingrapscallioncolin–odonoghuecolindonghuecolormyheartredcruelladarlingsdashingrapskilliandevilishly-handsome-captaindoomsdayy

e - j: emmas-princeemmaskillyemmaslovebugfirstbeanstalkflirtyhookfractured-moonlight-on-the-seasfrozenswnfuckstruckswanhaleigh91happinessisbloominghiseyestellnolieshook-come-back-to-mehook-found-emmahopeandbeanshotchocolateandcinnamoni-kissed-hooki-love-you-swani-swear-on-captain-swanimhookedonaswaninloveswaniriciousiswearonemmaswanjennymorrisonjocpedersonn

k - m: killian-comeback2mekillianjonesekillians-dashingrescuekillians-tinkabellekillianslonghaulkimidakewooooo • kissmelikeapiratelieutenantducklingslillyanjoneslivvmooreslovestruckswanlumadreamlandmagic-alwayscomeswithapricemissfordsmodernkillianjonesmontanarosaliemryddinwilt

n - s: navykillianofkillianandemmaoh-my-ouatohmycapswanoliverqeeenonce-upon-a-captain-swanoncelandoncertwiceonceuponadisneypotterredcinnamonswansheriffswanskypeopleandswansstorybrookestorycaptainswanscaptnswanslightswanvalkyrie

t - z: that-first-glance-feelingthe-lady-swanthe-swan-girlthejollypiratevividpixiewenchswan • xoxogossipgrumpy


We just passed Vegas… And it’s still sort of sinking in that it’s over. I want to gush and talk about how amazing everyone is, and how much it means to me… But I don’t think I can even put it effectively into words.

Mostly, I just miss everyone so much. I know when I get back to my room finally, I won’t know what to do with myself. I just wish I could be around that atmosphere all the time.

God, I miss it so much already. gabs-magical-abs sonofabacchae forevertween ezpez awoodlandfox fuckyeahxenagabrielle xenaissogay

                      alright, so i apologize for the shitty graphic because i’m terrible
                      at this shit, but holy shit guys it’s been less than a month and all
                      of you lovely people are following me. i pretty much started tulio
                      out just to futz around but now i love all of the interactions I have
                      with him and with all of you guys. this actually means a lot and
                      i don’t know how you guys tolerate/put up with my shit. you’re all
                      pretty and awesome and pretty awesome too. so this ff is not in
                      any sort of order other than the beginning ones are the newest
                      people i’ve followed and the last ones are the people i followed
                      much earlier in this blog’s lifespan. i would do shoutouts to the
                      people i hold close and dear but i’m a bit of a dork and a wimp
                      and i can’t think of shit to say. but know that i love you all and
                      you will never get rid of me now!!! also, this is people i rp with
                      and stalk because i just decided to keep everything together
                      instead of putting it into different categories.

coronianthief, xinigoofloxxleyweestley, memoxr, sxphir, incendiiare, dianran, gildheart, courtxsan, derangcd, oflearning, albiinonxtbadtxdie, lycanstark, princesslxttie, bofuriisms, xstrange, littlebxdger, ofhealings, survivorunderfire, ectoenergy, coozco, forgottenxibalba, tocheldorado, hiistoricalpuns, playfrxmtheheart, ofhawkins, starloon, gaisgeachd, reubalach, boliinism, ineverrob, merenkxhre, skuldxggxryhesaphantom, offfae, bupagentkent, durasilex, meaningmoon, friigus, txrrakinetic, legacycaptain, saorachd, untamedprince, phoeebus, thepromiseofredemption, toshootfirst, obsessiiones, xstarjunkie, whatsthesiitch, kahmunrxh, creatiivist, nxretreat, lacalavera, xanodite, thaneuerebor, motheringwaitress, otobaibitch, junkyardaesthetic, youngestwarnersib, hamahero, inhumanistic, santalamuerte, xpadfoots, alohaxe, notyouraveragethief, ahkmenrxh, talentforlying, matriarchofarendelle, kingofthefortythieves, jarxth, thattrailweblaze, futuriistic, naxoma, waterbxnding, ratiisms, truander, hamadisms, prayersofanoutcast, xrecludet, slippingintoacomabored

                         i’m sure i might have missed a couple of people, but these guys
                         are the ones i picked up while going through everyone i follow.
                         remember, even if you’re not on here, i love all of my followers
                         and you guys are just the absolute best.

sooo, i’ve wanted to make a follow forever for a while because i’ve been following most of you for a long time!! and also because i’m about to change to a lame but cute christmas url.. anyway hi ily thanks for making my tumblr experience lovely!!! 

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