im sure i didnt ruin her

Hunger Games/Percy Jackson AU

During math today when I should’ve been paying attention I came up with a list of some headcanons inspired by the lovely @lililibird for her Hunger Games AU

~Reyna lives with her father, her younger sister Hylla and their pet cat Scipio. Her mom died when they were young and they lived with their father who had a hard time dealing with their mother’s death. Reyna and her best friend Grover go hunting almost everyday, as it’s one of their main sources of food. 

~Hylla gets reaped for the games and Reyna volunteers for her. On the train, Reyna meets the Capitol woman, Aphrodite, as well as the male tribute Jason and her mentor Dionysus.

~While in the games, Jason joins the Careers which consist of Drew Tanaka, Clarisse La Rue, and Octavian. Reyna teams up with a boy from District 11 named Nico. He dies and Reyna is determined to win this, for Nico. Eventually, Jason finds Reyna and they team up, Jason severely injured. They win the games together by using nightlock to coerce the gamemakers into letting them both win.

~Next year in the quarter quell, Reyna and Jason (both reaped once more) create alliances with an older lady named Hazel and a dashing young lad named Percy from District 4, an older man named Leo and an older woman named Calypso from District 3, and Thalia from District 7. Hazel and Calypso both die in the games, while the rebels break Reyna, Percy, and Leo; however, failing to retrieve Jason and Thalia.

~They’re taken to District 13, where they are taken care of. 

~Some of the soldiers later manage to break out Thalia, Jason, and a girl named Annabeth from the Capitol. However, Jason is half-mad from the tortures done to him.

~Reyna spends her time making propos with the camera woman Piper, and her assistants Castor and Pollux. Life isn’t totally horrible in District 13 though: Percy and Annabeth get married.

~Reyna claims she wants to fight, so she requests to join a team. She does, though it’s more for the TV than actual fighting. The team consists of Piper, Castor and Pollux, Grover, a set of twins named Travis and Connor, their leader and second-in-command Frank and Gwen, and Percy, and later, Jason.

~They still shoot the propos, but they still have to fight for their lives. The Capitol is ridden with pods which kill Frank, and indirectly the Stoll brothers. They go down to the sewers, and mutts go after them, killing Gwen, Castor, and Percy.

~Soon, Reyna and Jason both travel near the President’s manor, where he kills Capitol children. Rebel medics come in, Hylla among them. But more bombs go off, which kill Hylla, and injure Reyna. The rebels take the Capitol.

~After healing and the death of both presidents, Reyna returns to the ruins of District 12, joined by Jason and Dionysus, where she rebuilds her life.

How it would be if team CRMENA got snapchat. (Some spoilers)

Chatting with @ xnightdx  and we got this idea. also a pic i saw but i cant remember where >.<

Neo: “Roman,look im flying!”

Roman :*thumbs up emoji on the griffin stomach*

Roman: Could you wait a sec and say Cinder i might get late? Im…having some issues now

Cinder: Unacceptable get ur ass over here now.  

Adam: *snapchatting stabbing blake* Guys,i changed my status from ‘complicated’ to 'just stabbed my ex and cut her gf’s arm’ one 

Merc: WELCOME TO THE DOUCHEBAG GROUP! *snapchatting himself* I kicked Ruby on the stomach before the invasion!

Neo: “Nice!”

Em: “Im…not sure this is being right.”

Cinder: “EM! DONT RUIN THE FUN! Dont think…Obey.”

Adam: “You just made some weird ilusions over people,I freaking face my ex!”


Merc; “You didnt got your legs amputated!

Neo: U’re not flying in a shitload of grim

Em: Sorry! sorry!” *sad emoji* *Em snapchating herself with a sad face*

MTG Skype Group

Here’s a current list of Tumblr MTG players who are up for meeting new people, talking Magic, and organizing games over Skype. If you’re interested in being added/removed from this list, PM me.

  1. VedalkenGhurl —- Skype Name: kewlkilometer424
  2. commandertheory —- Skype Name:
  3. Bakujin —- Skype Name: Kithkin119
  4. b321gonzo —- Skype Name: b321gonzo
  5. iprizefighter —- Skype Name: iprizefighter
  6. mynameisnotjacoba —- Skype Name: jacoba.watson
  7. Balazin —- Skype Name: uberbalazin
  8. Selfshrevident —- Skype Name: SelfShrevident
  9. thatoneguyzach —- Skype Name: thatoneguyzach
  10. toon-summoned-skull —- Skype Name: havahdyahd
  11. mtgfan —- Skype Name: Mtgfan.tumblr
  12. coolflashyname —- Skype Name: Dan94ever
  13. atorrentialdownpour —-  Skype Name: graylonwright
  14. apetisdave —- Skype Name: apetisdave
  15. mistercakesblog —- Skype Name:  wingkondunne
  16. zombifiedcorpse —- Skype Name: jeremy.swim
  17. jackandsydneystories —- Skype Name: Chandler.guarde
  18. im-sure-i-didnt-ruin-her —- Skype Name: sam.jordan87
  19. eternal0aranel —- Skype Name: eternal_aranel
  20. makimonstrous —- Skype Name: makimonstrous
  21. treago —- Skype Name: keychainzero
  22. Uplifted-Chaos —- Skype Name: briantherisen
  23. mentalpopcorn —- Skype Name: shadowguardian92
  24. ??? —- Skype Name: frankalbenesius
  25. stranglerootguyst —- Skype Name: brock.verm
  26. nackoninja —- Skype Name: nackoninja
  27. samleague —- Skype Name: sam.stiyer
  28. ??? —- Skype Name: hiromifletcher
  29. Polish Tamales —- Skype Name: polishtamales
  30. Ralphio —- Skype Name: ralphcolby
  31. beyond-the-entombed —- Skype Name: noahbear9
  32. firecloud —- Skype Name:  qbanpete21
  33. m00tzman —- Skype Name: m00tzman
  34. evitron —- Skype Name: evitron2
  35. curseofcj —- Skype Name: caleb.brown21
  36. grimmyfandoodle —- Skype Name:  the_endless_paradox
  37. n3rdzftw —- Skype Name: albatrossed
  38. joshphinny —- Skype Name: joshisbored
  39. stay70573 —- Skype Name: renton.wong
  40. aliensimilarities —- Skype Name: masteralex
  41. sheth —- Skype Name: Shethblade
  42. grandpanacea —- Skype Name: Tobi2x4
  43. mirrodinscore —- Skype Name: meysonelder
  44. underyourland —- Skype Name: wazor.brett
  45. supershinyginger —- Skype Name: raithsable
  46. madmattdog —- Skype Name: madmattdog1337
  47. supasqueegee —- Skype Name: supasqueegee
  48. trollkinggod —- Skype Name: nick.rossy2
  49. methodoflogicalmadness —- Skype Name: tim201944
  50. izzet-aetherling —- Skype Name: xenocartographer
  51. cruelultimatum —- Skype Name: juztinzane
  52. sol-ring —- Skype Name: mrhappycakes
  53. kiora-the-crashing-wave —- Skype Name: i_r_caboos
  54. entersthebattlefield —- Skype Name: entersthebattlefield
  55. intrinsicinfinity —- Skype Name: Subvert_invert
  56. berceuse —- Skype Name: kayla_agentcoke
  57. lichesgetstitches —- Skype Name: raidpiasecki
  58. ivenoideawhattodonow —- Skype Name: erabel212
  59. bioweapon-0073 —- Skype Name: t.w.10100.10111.
  60. thebuttramexperience —- Skype Name: samwise.buttram
  61. intrepidguardian —- Skype Name: guardianjohn
  62. profblahson —- Skype Name: profblahson1
  63. gamingneverdies —- Skype Name: DGphelpso
  64. elnshaw —- Skype Name: Elnshaw
  65. servingmytwenty —- Skype Name: brettmccaskill
  66. shawngonepoopin —- Skype Name: Shawngonepoopin
  67. gaynalbeads —- Skype Name: CardiacHero
  68. recapdrake —- Skype Name: Recapdrake
  69. baseballhatguy —- Skype Name: gouda12889
  70. kruphix-god-of-horizons —- Skype Name: indignant.divinity
  71. phalanxrobot —- Skype Name: Shieldmanalpha
  72. randompeaches —- Skype Name: realpeaches
  73. dirksteve —- Skype Name: renwick.bromiley
  74. theartofmtg —- Skype Name: drojas20
  75. ??? —- Skype Name: aceyschmacey