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GOT7 As Roommates

So I was reminded of the one I did for BTS (which you could find here) and I thought this would be a cute thing to do <3

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(hot ass)

  • he strikes me as a dad type
  • like he’ll be kinda protective of you, making sure you don’t stay out too late and come home at the right time.
  • he’ll say that it’s to keep a watch on you but he lowkey misses you.
  • typical dad always ends up falling asleep on the sofa.
  • so you always have to shake him to get him to actually go to bed.
  • you’ll feel really awkward when you accidentally call him dad bc he basically is
  • “is this a new fetish or something?”
    “shut up im jaebum”
  • also just another gross male that you have to deal with.
  • “leader of got7 or president of the US i don’t care, just wash the dishes”
  • people often mistake him for your boyfriend bc you guys are weirdly comfortable around him.
  • he’ll probably just walk around half naked with no shame
  • you’ll just throw his dirty laundry to get him to put clothes on.
  • does get a lil’ awkward if you’re ever upset.
  • will shyly admit he ordered take out to cheer you up and you chill for the rest of the evening.
  • he’ll get quite angry if someone has upset you or work is giving you a hard time but won’t show it.
  • since he’s a dad for thot7 as well, just expect the guys to often be over.
  • reliable dad friend roommate beom ™
  • you always make him cringe or make fun (in a friendly way okay)
  • you’ll be over sitting in a weird position on the sofa you’ll just be like “the a teaser, amirite” and poor boy would die of cringe.
  • with that weird dinosaur laugh he has

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shit that happened at hamilton according to angie

act one

• everyone clapped for SO LONG when anthony enters like damn
• brandon SLAYED as burr tonight
• anthony had SO MUCH ENERGY like SHIT SON this boy was TURNT
• i didn’t know just how uninterested burr is during my shot he liTERALLY READS A BOOK IN THE CORNER BAHAHAHAHAHAH
• thayne has a booty???
• my shot choreography is LIT AF
• there’s a cool transition between my shot and story of tonight and i really appreciate it
• okay WOW i understand why everyone ships lams so much now
• john and alex totally fucked that night and no one can convince me otherwise like even later during farmer refuted john be walkin funny boi got laaaaaaid
• wERK
• at first when peggy enters she looks excited then she realize where she is and imMEDIATELY LOOKS SO DONE BAHAHAHAHAHAH
• eliza is literally just dragging peggy behind her the whole time wtf
• eVeRyOnE??? is here during this song i did NOT expect that
• LITERALLY poor sam tho he came out to have a good time and got so attacked rn
• the rest of the hamilsquad has to distract burr so he can’t stop alex and i LOVE THAT DETAIL
• the choreography for you’ll be back is not what i expected AT ALL and it’s EVEN BETTER
• rip ensemble member
• hErE cOmEs ThE gEnErAl
• the liGHTING HERE DAMN (reprise)
• “close the door on ur way out” OHHHHHHHH
• alternatively: “close the door on ur way out” “we’re in a tent sir”
• that end choreography looks hard damn
• the lanterns are cool
• flower girl hercules mulligan is my spirit animal
• what if #2830404827: what if hamilton was a harem anime
• hAH
• salty unrequited romance song (feat. sisterly bonds and shit)
• the “you are the worst burr” line is even funnier live bAHAHAHAHAHAH
• why do i feel like theodosia isn’t real like that story is pretty fishy to me i mean a pretty girl?? married to a British officer?? who we never see ever?? *puts on skepticals*
• wAIT FOR IT (that cheeseburger i ordered an hour ago, where the fuck is it??)
• wait for it is such a small number live AS IT SHOULD BE IT MAKES PERFECT SENSE
• everyone hates that guy vol. 1
• counting to ten with increasing energy and homoeroticism ™
• the sexual tension between john and charles in this is fucking INSANE
• of course john shoots him he’s fucking amazing
• daddy issues vol.1
• sOn
• dOnT cAlL mE sOn
• eliza sings about support and that’s about it
• agsgdhshagsfadagshdgLAFAYETTE
• jk I can rap the whole thing
• bish u thot
• wait at least think about the letter you sending first tho
• i think you misspelled “right” dude
• daddy issues resolved song
• history has its eyeeeeeees ooooon-wait we have to fight a war fuck
• lets go win ourselves a war bitches
• monsieur hamilton MONSIEUR L A F A Y E T T E
• heh
• everyone claps at the end of the dance sequence AS THEY SHOULD
• that’s a big ass flag u sure that’s a handkerchief lafayette?
• dId YoU mIsS mE vol.1
• when he says “im so blue” he stamps his foot and the spotlight he’s in changes from red to blue bAHAHAHAHAH
• “bye felicia” - king george III
• dear theodoge what 2 say 2 u
• uH OH
• J O H N
• having to watch the rest of the hamilsquad reading the letter in the back does NOT MAKE ME FEEL ANY BETTER
• [through tears from last song] a-a…after the war i went back to n-new york
• this whole songs choreography is just WOWOWOWOWOWOWOOWWOOW



act two

• oh damn the slaves are here
• S A L L Y H E M I N G S I S H E R E
• thomas we are engaged.

• what
• seth is having WAYYYYYYY too much fun
• gonna just prance around here
• cabinet audience is unamused
• i love that tjeffs is totally chill until alex insults mads and he immediately just is like NO ONE INSULTS MY BOYFRIEND
• exCUSE ME?!?????
• “that’s an order from your comman-i mean president”
• oh please angelica your comma flirting is nothing compared to the shit alex and john exchanged
• my love interests are either upstate or dead therefore i shall have an affair and immediately regret it
• i like the lampposts they look nice
• alex still looks shook from his affair at the beginning of room where it happens lmao
• burr does some shit vol.1
• “daddys gonna find out any minute” [velociraptor screeching in background] “… sure he already knows”
• ….france
• salt squad unite
• daddy issues vol.2
• im sorry but fucking what
• shut up and have a drink
• dId YoU mIsS mE vol.2
• they all enter one by one and you can just see alex get more and more stressed out with each one that comes in
• [is lowkey salty about congratulations not existing]
• the song sounds so serious on the album but the choreography makes it SO FUNNY HAHAHAHAHAHAH
• oh no • OH NO • O H N O
• [DIES]
wait there’s an election fuck
• O H N O

Got7 Reaction: You not being able to spend time with them because of work

||| @kpopgrrl09 asked: Can I request GOT7 reacting to you working all week and not being able to spend time with them |||

Jackson Wang

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Would become a child after a few days of not seeing you and would always ask you to explain yourself why exactly you can’t be with him right now.

“But Jagi, what about me?”

Choi Youngjae

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look at this precious bun

Would make sure you don’t stress about anything else and stay well rested. He would take care of the house and would greet you happily when you got back home.

Mark Tuan

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He would start pouting whenever you said you had to work late again and would probably call you a hundred times just to make sure if you’re not lying.

Park Jinyoung

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Even though he would be kind of annoyed, he understands that work is important to you. He would pick you up every evening from it just to see you.

JB/Im Jaebum

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He would be irritated. Not seeing you for a few days is not okay but a whole week?! Nope. Not happening. But by the end of the day he would have to deal with it.


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Knowing you won’t be spending time with him, he would try to keep you to himself for as long as he could when you were home. You would have a hard time getting out of his grasp every morning.

Kim Yugyeom

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Not being able to see you, he would catch himself thinking about you even more than he usually does, getting distracted from his own work in the process.

Dating Bucky Barnes would include

- meeting through Steve
- for a while the dates were arranged by Steve, since Bucky still wasnt sure a relationship is what he needed.
- he would always show up with flowers
- he finally kissed you on the fifth date, when he realized you were growing on him
- pda isn’t his thing, but when he is around his friends or people he is comfortable with he would be constantly touching you
- holding hands, his thumb sliding over your hand slowly
- being best friends with Steve
- he prefers to stay home and cook over diners and restaurants
- being a mess when he goes on missions
- “im not kidding Rogers if he doesnt make it home you shouldnt either”
- Steve always makes sure Bucky makes it home with minimal damage
- Bucky always hugs you from behind, wrapping an arm around your waist and using the other to tilt your chin back to kiss you
- seriously like Steve is in Bucky’s apartment more than his own
- holding him close when he wakes up from a nightmare
- some nights he would rather sit by himself in the living room and watch the city lights while calming down
- falling asleep in his arms, almost on top of him when you’ve both had a bad day
- being called baby girl, doll and sometimes baby doll
- when you were in bed, Bucky would start saying sweet nothings in Russian
-he calls you “solnyshko” which means small sun
- he would do it in public just to see you blush
- when Natasha or Wanda were around they would either coo or smile and cover their faces
- asking, no demanding, he teach you Russian so you can finally understand him
- he refuses, claiming it just wouldnt be the same
- so you go to Wanda and Natasha who gladly teach you Russian
- hugging Bucky from behind while he is cooking and calling him “zvezda moya” (my star)
- Natasha is like a big sister
- Nat telling you how Bucky was when she met him
- Clint is constantly teasing Bucky, sometimes you would join in.

reasons why the “save josh” dlc would be actually really awesome

Alright hear me out on this actually. We really should get the DLC. Not only because the majority of the fanbase honestly likes Josh and wants to save him from a fate worse than death, but also because Supermassive could actually make good money on a bonus optional ending. Like, I’m serious. It would be good for them, for us, for everyone. There’s no reason to not do this.

Ladies and gentlemen, I humbly introduce the Until Dusk DLC, where:

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Helping Hand

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Summary: Who knew that being saved by spiderman would start a blossoming friendship… or maybe something more?

Requested: No

​​​​​​​Word Count: 1k+


Warning(s)?: Swearing, violence

masterlist (x) requests (x)


Part 2  Part 3  Part 4

Helping Hand

You sat at your desk, currently immersed in the project you were currently working on for biology. Unfortunately for you, you were left with a useless partner… again.

You held the pen angrily in your hand, almost wanting to just destroy this project so your so called partner will get a zero. But that wasn’t an option, it was a joined grade so if he failed unfortunately so did you. 

*knock, knock* 

You were too busy focusing on your current formula to notice the faint knock at your bedroom window. Pushing the glasses further up your nose, you crossed out a few equations that wouldn’t work and decided to make a new one, but this time you weren’t just going to find a solution to the problem, you were going to figure out how to prevent the problem from even happening in the first place.


This one was louder so you heard it pretty clearly. You spun your head around to see a guy in a red and blue spandex… not again.

You shake your head and get up, walking over to your bedroom window and flip over the switch. You lived in a set of apartment blocks so to even get to your windows you had to climb the fire escape 20 stories up. 

You opened the window, noticing that ‘Bug Boy’ was again… injured. 

“What am I going to do with you…”

~Few months back

To say that walking this late at night back home wasn’t at least a little bit terrifying would be a lie. Though you have done this many times, it still wasn’t safe. This was Queens in New York city but still you were in the city, the crime rate at least being 60% higher than surrounding suburbs. 

You hugged your black coat closer around your body, it was just the beginning of winter which meant the winds suddenly felt like ice particles scraping against your skin. How can it seriously get so cold so quick? Global warming probably. 

You rounded the corner, with a little hop in your step you saw your apartment block just at the end of the road. 

“Help! Please someone help!” You halted. You glanced left and right, wondering were the shouting.. screaming was coming from. 

“HELP!” This time you started to move, closer and closer to the source of the sound. Pretty stupid idea isn’t it? Call the cops and let them handle this? 

So that’s exactly what you did. You reached inside your pocket for your iphone and began to dial 911. 

“Drop it” You froze, you could feel cool metal pressed against the side of your head. Gulping nervously you began to let the phone slip through your fingers. 

“Hello 911, What’s your emerge-” The sound of your phone being crashed into a million pieces. Sure enough the guy to your right had stomped on your phone causing it to shatter. 

What were you to do in this situation? You’ve done what he says now what? 

“Move” wow this guys vocabulary is so extensive. 

Without hesitation you did as he said, you began to walk slowly. 

“For fucks sake” You could feel the cool metal pressed against your head replaced by a firm grip on your upper right arm, he was literally now dragging you along with him. To say it hurt would be an understatement this man had an iron grip but you weren’t going to complain. Not unless you wanted a bullet planted inside your skull. 

He pushed you forward into a dark alleyway where you could see a women being held by her throat against the wall. You took a deep breath, not wanting the reality for your situation to sink through. This is just a dream, this isn’t real, you can wake up now Y/N.

Without realizing it you’ve stopped moving, causing the guy to become more irritated with you. 

The girl or… woman who was held again the wall turned her head slightly to face you, tears streaming down her face along with blood which seemed to be from the wounds across her face.

“Keep it moving Missy” Your eyes began to become blurry with tears and it wasn’t until now your heart was starting to beat at an alarming rate. You were too in shock to notice you were literally in a life and death situation. 

“W-what’s happenin-n-ng” You stuttered out. 

You were patiently waiting for a response from the guy holding onto your arm- wait a minute. You glanced to your right to see that the guy that was holding you was now in fact gone.

“What the hell!” You turned in the opposite direction to see the guy now.. tapped? across the wall. Wait tape doesn’t look like that. 

You heard a grunt and turned around again, seeing the guy that was holding up the lady in a choke hold now lying on the ground in pain. Without thinking about it you walked closer over to the woman, making sure she was alright. You helped her back up to her feet, while letting your eyes rapidly search the alleyway for who just saved your life. 

“Y-y-your h-i-i-im” Once you had your arm firmly wrapped around the woman’s waist you looked up to the guy who originally held you at gun point stutter. 

It wasn’t till now that you saw who your savior was.



After that he used his webs as mode of transport to take the lady from your arms and swung her back to safety. 

“Stay here and don’t move” All you did was nod.

Sooner than later he in fact came back, making sure you were alright and wanted to take you home. You shook your head saying to him you only lived down the road and instead of replying he just lead the way. You guessed he was taking you home. 

Ever since that night you thought you would never see him again or at least kinda hopped… seeing you didn’t feel like being in a life death situation ever again. 

Though not two nights later you found him at your bedroom window, the one he took you in so you didn’t have to wake your parents and explain what had happened. 

You were surprised to say the least but didn’t hesitate to open the window. 

“You wouldn’t happen to have a first aid kit on you by a chance?” He spoke out through heavy breathing, obviously in pain. 

Little did you know this would be the start of your guys little rendezvous. 


A/N: part two??

Hurt// Zach Dempsey

Requested by: @xwannabequeenx

I’m so sorry its so late I was sick but I hope you like it.

Y/N please stop ignoring me

I saw Zach send what seemed to be the 50th text. I watched as he started calling I stared down at my phone before shutting it off.

“Wow what did he do?” Bryce smirked.

“Nothing just drive.” I stared ahead at the dashboard in anger. It all started this morning.

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“You’re hair is so soft” with Guzma?

im actually gonna post fluff for once lmao


You weren’t sure how you ended up with Guzma staying at your place, but you couldn’t say you minded. After the fall of Team Skull, the police had taken back his mansion and forced him out due to he and the other resident’s criminal action. While you couldn’t say the police were wrong (they did cause a bit of chaos, and try to steal pokemon) you felt like it was cruel to take away his home like that. Seeing as you were dating, it was only natural to offer him your place to recuperate for a little bit. He was closer to Hala’s place this way, too, so it all worked out. Despite the state you always his hideout in, he was a pretty clean person. In fact, he made a pretty good roommate, as long as you didn’t mind him falling asleep in random places sometimes.

You’d just gotten home from working at the tourist center to see Guzma asleep on the couch, his pose as if he had just fallen over and passed out. You doubt he was comfortable like that, so you tried your best to shift him over so he was lying down. Thank god he was such a heavy sleeper, or else this would be so much more difficult.

When you were finished, you fished around your living room for a blanket, many of them not long enough to cover his tall body entirely. In the end, you opted to just cover him in multiple blankets to make up for the length problems. 

You smiled, looking at your work. He looked so comfy.

You bent down to quick tousle his hair, planning to go to your room afterward, but something stopped you.

His hair was so fucking soft.

Thrilled, you found yourself playing with his hair, working it through your hands as if it were a sensory toy. How come you were just finding out now his hair was so luxurious? What did he put in it? It usually looked so messy…

“Uh, what are you doing to my head?”


You jumped back a little, shocked. “Ah! Sorry! I just saw you were asleep and I…couldn’t help myself?”

He huffed, sitting up a bit. “What do ya mean by that?”

“Well I was just going to leave you alone, but I found out you’re hair is so soft and I just kind of went to town.”

He let a little smirk slip, amused. “I get it. Don’t tell me you messed it up, though.”

“It was already pretty messy to begin with. You had bedhead.”

“Hmph. If you say so.” He replied, shrugging. You sat down next to him, turning on the TV and covering yourself with a blanket.

“I didn’t mind it.”


“I said I didn’t mind it.” He repeated, looking a bit red, “You could do it again if ya wanted.”

You let a small laugh bubble at your lips, knowing he was just a bit too stubborn to admit he actually really liked it. You guided him back into a lying position so his head was just near your lap, and threaded your fingers into his scalp again. It was satisfying how he relaxed under your touch, knowing that he wouldn’t allow a lot of people to do this to him. In no time, he was back asleep, a content look on his face. 
Maybe you wouldn’t mind if he decided to move in permanently.


Description: You were just a girl consumed by wanderlust. Lin was just a boy determined not to lose you.

Word Count: 1108(short and shitty, just like me)

Note: I made this for a six-months-away-from-your-birthday birthday present for Taylor

Tags: @secretschuylersister

You were just a girl consumed by wanderlust.

You could never stay grounded or comfortable in one place. As you would settle in one, you would feel a calling in you, deep down in your stomach, that screamed out that there were new places; this time, places far away from anywhere you had been were screaming out for you. As if possessed by a wayward spirit, you left behind everything.

This time, you not only changed your location, you changed everything. You cut your hair, shearing it and letting your curls go wild and wind blown. You stopped wearing any makeup, and didn’t stay in one place for too long.

This time, you could never settle. You were always moving, and nothing was ever the same– well, one thing was.

You had been unable to change your phone number, too afraid to truly lose the love of your life. Lin was a constant, and you always updated him on where you were; postcards, letters, phone calls, texts. Anything and everything to make him feel less alone.

You had been in Australia for a while, spending time on the beaches, strolling through the Australia Zoo, and trying to get used to the differing hours when compared to the last place you’d been.

You were woken up at almost four in the morning, you phone ringing off the hook. You were considering not picking up and going back to sleep, until you saw Lin’s face pop up along with his number. You picked up instantly.

“Hello, love. How are you,” You said, trying to hide the exhaustion in your voice.

“Please come home,” he said almost immediately, barely giving you time to finish your greeting. “It’s just, Im miss you, and it ain’t home w-without you her.”

“Lin, are you drunk?” You sat up, prepared to call one of your friends in the city to watch him and make sure he stayed out of trouble.

“Yes,” he answered without hesitation, and you froze.

“Why are you drunk, love?” He almost never did this, never getting drunk and making phone calls like this without hesitation.

“Because it’s been a year,” he slurred, and ice spread slowly through your veins. Had it really been a year since you left? It felt like it had been only weeks, but you had truly spent a whole 365 days without getting held by and holding Lin in your arms.

“I’m sorry love, but-”

He cut you off, “I would offer to come to wherever you are, but I don’t know where you are right now. But if I did, we could watch The Shining mini-series together. We don’t even have to spoon! I-if we get comfortable, we can,” there was a long pause, “there are parts that are scary. But, we can-we can watch the miniseries.” He paused again, and you heard him audibly gulp, as if he was taking another drink of some sort of alcohol, “I’ll have the book, in hand. I have the old, first print edition,” he slurred out, and started to cry quietly.

“Don’t cry, love,” you whispered into the phone. You weren’t able to handle it. You were the reason he was drunk, the reason he was crying, the reason he sounded so heartbroken.

“I-I just miss you, so, so, so much.”

“I know, love,” you replied, trying to steel your nerves, “but I need you to call someone to pick you up, take you home, and watch you to make sure you’re alright.”

“I am home,” he spat, “and I’m on the phone with you.”

“You need someone to be with you in person. Call Oak, or Daveed. They can watch you.”

“Daveed, is off fucking some girl, and Oak is off trying to fuck some girl,” he replied, “and I just want to be with you.”

You closed your eyes, squeezing them shut, trying to keep tears from falling down your face. “I know, love, I know,” you took a deep breath, “just promise me that you’ll call someone. Try Anthony, or even Jasmine.”

“Anthony and Jasmine are-”

“Don’t say that they’re fucking each other,” you snapped. “Lin-Manuel, I don’t care who’s fucking who right now, I want you to call someone that isn’t me, and tell them you’re drunk. Or I will.”

“Fiiiiiine,” he drawled after a moment, “but, I still wanna see you.”

“I know, love.” You said your goodbyes, and hung up the phone. You collapsed back onto the pillows, burying your face in your hands. You stayed up the rest of the night, making a rock solid plan and booking flights.

When your plane touched down in New York, all the nervousness fluttered back into your mind like migrating butterflies, and you subconsciously bit at you lip, feeling it split open.

It was late, stars dotting the sky like pinholes in a black cloth, and you walked out of the airport alone, toting a bag. You hailed a taxi, jumping in, and feeling knotted up with apprehension, the butterflies refusing to leave you.

You knew Lin’s regular hangover routine, and by now he would be passed out all over again after a day of moping about and having a twelve hour headache.

You didn’t even bother knocking on the door to his apartment, choosing instead to grab the spare key from underneath of the mat and sneaking quietly into the apartment.

You were scared out of your skin when someone practically jumped you, pulling you into their arms and pressing you flush against their chest, murmuring into your hair that they couldn’t believe you were home.

“I’m here, love. I’m home,” you said, as Lin kissed your forehead after pulling away. “God, I missed you,” you breathed out, pulling him in for a kiss.

Soon enough, he had you pressed against the wall, his arms boxing you in, his mouth devouring yours. He was suddenly kissing you cheek, jaw, neck, shoulder. He pulled your shirt off, and you pulled off his, and you were being pulled into Lin’s bedroom, and everything was perfect.

“I missed you, so much,” he breathed out as he traced nonsense patterns along your bare side, kissing the top of your head.

“So did I.”

“Are you going to leave me again,” he asked, and you shook your head.

“If I ever feel like I need to, I’ll tote you along with me, or I’ll only be gone for a week. No more than that,” you promised, and Lin nodded.

“So,” you began, looking up at him, “do you wanna get to watching that miniseries you mentioned yesterday?”

“Absolutely,” he said, dropping a quick kiss on your forehead.

You were sure you were going to burn a rut into the floor with your pacing back and forth. The thing was no matter what you did you couldn’t calm down. You were on edge because your boyfriend was having his knee surgery done and while yes you were there in the hospital waiting for him, you were not allowed into his surgery even though you were a nurse. It was a “conflict of interest” they said and with that you had almost caused a scene in the middle of the hospital. Niall turning to you and placing a soft kiss on your forehead telling you “everything will be fine love, I’ll be out before ya know it and ya can be me nurse and take care of me after!” was the only thing that stopped you from doing so.

The sound of footsteps drew you out of your thoughts. You stopped pacing and looked up just in time to see a doctor approach you. “Miss? You’re here with Niall Horan correct?”

“Yes. Is he okay? Things went okay right? Can i see him” You realized you were rambling and chuckled a bit to yourself. “Sorry I’m just really on edge”

The doctor chuckled himself and led you over to a seat. “He’s just fine, still a bit groggy. You can go in and see him. Once he’s woken up a bit more and papers are signed you’re free to take him home”

Niall hadn’t taken long to wake up more from the anesthesia and not long after you two were pulling into the driveway. Once you parked the car you turned to Niall. He looked so peaceful as he had fallen asleep on the ride home. His head was smushed against the window and soft snores were coming out of him. You hated to wake him but you were sure he’d be more comfortable inside, in a bed.

“Ni…Niall” You ran your hand through his hair, scratching at his head a bit. He mumbled to himself and opened his eyes. He turned his head toward you, blinking his sleepy eyes, and yawned. “Babe we’re here, how about we get you inside and all cozy in bed.”

He just shook his head yes and leaned back against the window. You giggled and got out the car to grab the wheelchair and bring it over to his side of the car. Getting Niall into the wheelchair and into bed was quite of a challenge but you had successfully done so. He was now sat in bed with some pillows propping him up. You took a seat on the edge of the bed next to him, grabbed his hand and ran your thumb back and forth across his hand. “How are you feeling babe? Any pain? Anything you need?”

Niall turned to you and gave you a soft smile.
“I’m just fine love. No pain at all, ya know being a strong man and all. Id be set to just watch some golf and maybe eat some food. I’m starving! Since your my nurse and all would ya be so kind as to make me some food?” He gave you a big cheesy grin and chuckled.

You just rolled your eyes and smiled. “I guess I could do that. Remote is next to you so you can turn on golf. Your medication is on the nightstand as is a glass of water to take them with. Do not, I repeat, do not even attempt to move or get out of bed. If you need me holler okay?” You leaned over and ruffled his hair and gave him a soft peck on the cheek.

Niall grabbed your hand as you pulled away and pulled you back to him. He gave you a soft sweet kiss on the lips and gave you a smile. “Thank ya love, don’t know what I’d do without ya.”

You just blushed and left the room smiling like a fool. You went into kitchen and began making Niall some food. As you were heading back into the bedroom with Niall’s food you heard him grumbling to himself.

“Damnit. Why are ya so far away?!” You giggled silently to yourself as you walked into the room. There was Niall leaning over to the nightstand struggling to reach the glass of water. “Having trouble love?”

Niall huffed and stopped reaching once he heard your voice. He looked up at you and frowned. “Why is the nightstand so far away? I was jus trying to take these two pills but I can’t reach me water” He held open his hand to show the two pills he had mentioned.

“Niall James Horan what do you think you’re doing?! You can’t take two of these! You’re only supposed to take one every 4-6 hours!” You huffed, placed his food down on the bed and grabbed the two pills out of his hand. You placed one pill back into the bottle and handed him the water and pill.

“Oi! Why are ya yelling at me? I jus got me knee cut open!” He took the water and pill and looked up at you with puppy dog eyes.

“I’m just trying to make sure you stay alive babe. Taking two of these could of been dangerous. I’m not trying to yell at you, just trying to make sure you recover correctly. Im sorry if that makes me be a bit stern and such. It’s just how I get since it my job.” You sat on the bed next to him and gave him a small smile.

“I know love. And I love ya for it. And I am thankful for ya. Couldn’t of asked for a better person to take care of me. My own at home personal nurse.” He gave you a big cheeky smile and a wink then pulled you into his arms and rested his head on your shoulder.

“How about we eat and watch a movie? You can pick since you’re the patient” You giggled and got up to grab the food and remote. You sat the tray on Niall’s lap and snuggled in close to him. Niall flicked through the channels and finally stopped when he saw When Harry Met Sally" was on.

“Oi look love, it’s one of ya favorites! We can watch this one since it’s a good one and as a thank ya for taking care of me.” He turned to you with a smile on his face and planted multiple kisses all over your face. You giggled and swatted at him to stop even though you didn’t mean it.

You honestly loved him being goofy and already back to his normal self after such a long day. Plus you didn’t mind taking care of him at all. Yes being a nurse was your job, but it wasn’t why you didn’t mind taking care of Niall. You didn’t mind because he was your boyfriend and you loved him.

After he stopped attacking your face with kisses you shared a long sweet kiss. You rested your head on his shoulder and whispered in his ear “what would you do without me?”

You knew he was rolling his eyes you didn’t even have to look. You knew he really did appreciate all that you did for him, not just now but in general. Niall loved that you were always looking out for him, from making him his favorite meal to making sure he got plenty of sleep you always had his best interests at heart and he loved you for it.

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First off, holy heckle you two smol but tol beans are gr8. Second, how would the RFA's reactions to MC being a politician be?

A/N: why thank you (⁄ ⁄^⁄ᗨ⁄^⁄ ⁄) ive never been called smol but tol, this is a first i dont know how to react aaaa ^^;; (ALSO IM VERY BAD AT THE WHOLE POLITICAL THING I DIDN’T PAY ATTENTION IN CLASS I WAS IN THE BACK MAKING SMART-ASS REMARKS SO I WENT WITH GENERAL STUFF IM SORRY)  ~Admin 404


           -You work in the government??


           - just because we work in the government together doesnt mean we all know each other

           -He’s actually really excited for you?? Like, you know what you’re doing?

           -You inspire him!!! He works really hard in school from now on!!

           -Just wants to be as successful as you, but in his own way!

           -All the attention you get (and that he gets from association) is amazing, he lowkey loves it

           -He does get a little shy every now and then, though

           -But that doesn’t stop him from being extremely proud of all the hard work you do!!!

           -He’s always there and read for cuddles if you’re ever stressed out!!!! He will cuddle all the stress away!!!


           -People in authoritarian positions make him kind of wary

           -So when he found out that you held an office in the government

           -He was a little…. well, he had mixed emotions

           -So proud that you worked really hard for what you wanted!!!!

           -But also! Oh my god why are you in such a position!!!! Please don’t get authoritarian with him!!!!!

           - okay but i wont zen, why would you assume i would

           -He’s VERY worried for you because? Holding office is dangerous??

           -There are some PSYCHOS out there MC!!!!

           -He may be a successful actor but the amount of media coverage the two of you get is insane!! He never expected it!!! But he adjusts almost immediately

           -Overall he’s so supportive???? He tells his fans about you and what you stand for all the time, it’s almost as if the two of you share a fan base




           -She’s!!! So!!!!! Proud!!!!

           -She’s also kind of lowkey jealous that you worked really hard and got to such a powerful position

           -Never wanted to see someone succeed as much as you!!

           -She might dislike being Jumin’s assistant but….hey… if YOU ever want one let her know because yeS MC, YES

           -Because she works with Jumin, she’s alright with all the media. Some days though, it gets to her and you have to assure her that it’s all okay <3

           -Always ready with a cup of coffee at the end of the day

           -Can sit for hours listening to your day, how you felt about certain topics, what you all are working on

           -She just really loves you and that you love what you do. She couldn’t imagine what you’d be like if you didn’t do what you loved!!!


           -You… you what

           -500% ALWAYS BEHIND YOU



           -Seriously, being the head of a business is difficult some days, he can’t imagine working in government

           -Though he has…thought about it

           - can y'all imagine jumin in the government omfg itd be almost like….no change

           -He’s extremely used to the media coverage, there’s no problem there, it’s okay MC

           -Stressful day at work? He’s bringing you Elizabeth

           -If you need help going through some paper work, he’ll get jaehee to do it help you sort it out!! He knows what he’s doing, it’s okay MC



           -MC, BABY, NO

           -His father is also a politician and it scARES HIM



           -He hacks into CCTV’s around your office as much as possible to make sure you’re okay

           -He also likes to hack into your laptop and send you cute little messages or stupid memes if he can sense that you’re stressed out

           -Completely stays away from the media that follows you. He can’t be in it, there’s no way

           -He does help you come up with new ideas to bring up in meetings, and helps you out with anything and everything when you’re too tired to keep your train of thought though

           -He’s proud that you’ve gotten as far as you have, he really admires your passion and will do!! Anything!!! his hacking powers!!! Can do!!! To help you!! You need to spread your campaign?? He’s got you <3





           -He thinks it’s absolutely amazing that you’re a politician

           -Since he knows you on a very personal level, he knows what you want to do and what you stand for!

           -You’re probably the one politician he is 100% behind

           -When you advertise your campaigns, it’s always aesthetically pleasing to the eye because he helps you with the design and it is just amazing

           - seriously if it looks pretty more people tend to look

           -He isn’t in the media when he’s with you as much because??? He’s behind the camera a lot of the time anyway

           -“Who said I was with MC? I have a camera, see? I’m with the paparazzi” “V get over here what are you doing”


           -I’m sorry MC, I must have misheard you

           -Did you say you were a politician?

           -Do you KNOW how DANGEROUS that is?

           -He’s always so worried for you

           -Knows that you’re one of the good guys because?? He knows you

           -Does not trust anyone else in the government so he kind of hovers over you when you get home

           -Just wants to make sure you’re okay!!!! Listens to any rant you have to relieve your stress

           -500% stays awAY FROM ANY MEDIA THAT SURROUNDS YOU

           -TOO MANY PEOPLE. NOT HAPPENING. NO. Not to mention??? He wants to stay away from his father??

           -Cannot imagine doing what you do. Loves your passion, loves how you just want to make the government better, and do what you can to please the people!! mc you’re the only politician he likes

For the sake of love || Jack Maynard Imagine

Requested? Yes – 110 for Jack? Thanks!
                               Could you do 110 and 112 for Jack please?

o   PROMPTS:  

·110. “Quit stalling. Where’s your father?”

·112. “Is he coming home?”

[[just wanted to say im sorry for disappearing for couple days. school just started and my school doesn't let us have a breather. but im super excited for the next few imagines and i promise i’ll try to stay consistent]]

The voice of your boyfriend Jack boomed through your bedroom wall.

“Y/N?” he says whilst walking in, “I need to grab a few things from the store if that’s alright.” He asked, taking his phone off the charger and putting it in his pocket.

“Sure! You better not take 5 hours in the store; I’m excited to meet your family! Especially your dad.” You smiled, tying your hair up into a pony tail as you turned to Jack, nodding to say you were ready.

You and Jack walked out, heading towards his car as he drove you both to the grocery store on your way. The reality was that all Jack really needed was some bread, and he knew he could easily get that after they finish their visit. But Jack wanted every excuse to take up time to come up with an even better excuse to not go to his parents’ house.

You and Jack went down to the grocery store, you wandered around, decided to grab a little car ride snack, Jack on the other hand, tried to lose himself from you.

You wondered around the store trying to find your blond headed boyfriend, rolling your eyes as you spotted him silently staring at rows of bread packets.

“Jack?” you asked as he snapped out of his trance.

“Yes, Y/N?” he smiled your way, grabbing some bread and walking into another isle.

“The checkout is that way.” You stated. He nodded, indicated that he heard but wasn’t really listening. “To be honest, I don’t want to arrive at your parent’s house with a bag of bread and bags under our eyes at 3am, Jack.” You softly laughed, “do you want to hurry it up or..?”

“Yeah, yeah. Of course.” Jack nodded, walking slowly to the checkout as you both finally made your way back to the car.

At the beginning, the drive was silent; the only noise being made was from Jack tapping his fingers on the steering wheel.

You knew something was bothering him, from the slow pace he was going at today to the trances he kept falling into.

“Jack, I’m the one meeting your parents. If anything, I should be more afraid, so why are you so on edge?” he asked, trying to lighten the mood with a soft joke.

Jack just shrugged his shoulders, continuing his driving as he changed the topic, conversing about things other than meeting his parents.

As you pulled up to his parents’ house Jack finally spoke up. “I may have lied about my parents being home.”

“What? We drove all this way just so I could meet your garden plants then?” Jack laughed at your statement before turning to face you.

“You ready?” He simply asked, getting out of the car and grabbing both your bags.

You followed him towards the front door as his mother greeted him with a smile. “Hello Jack, I’ve missed you darling!” she smiled brightly, giving her son a hug before adverting her eyes to you. “You must be the lovely Y/N.” she brought you into a hug before welcoming you in.

“I’m finishing up dinner. By the time you and Jack unpack, it should be ready. Jack show her up.” Jacks mother smiled once more, moving away towards the kitchen.

As Jack took you to the room you’d both be staying for the night, you decided to break your silence. “And your father?” You vaguely asked, hoping Jack understood your question.

“He sleeps in the room with my mother of course. This is our room Y/N.” Jack joked, unpacking his bag.

“Quit stalling. Where’s your father?” As much as you loved a bit of banter with Jack, you were excited to meet BOTH his parents, and yet Jacks father wasn’t present.

“He’s off doing work crap. I knew he’d be busy this week, that’s why I insisted we visit my parents this week.”

You were still slightly confused, “is he coming home?” Jack nodded back.

“In around 2 days or so, he’ll be back.”

“Then we will wait 2 days. Why didn’t you want me to meet him?” You always heard Jack and Conor talk about their father; he seemed to be a genuine, kind and funny guy. So you couldn’t think of a reason Jack wouldn’t want you meeting him.

“It’s just that, almost every girl I’ve brought home didn’t get along with my dad. And I care about you more than anything. I really don’t want to see two people I love not like each other.” Jack gently stated. You smiled and walked towards him, taking his hands into yours.

“You said it yourself, you love me and you love your father. So, for everyone’s sake, I’m going to like him because you do, and I have hope that he’ll like me too, especially if it’s for you.” You soothingly said, as he smiled your way, bringing you into a hug.

“I love you; I don’t know why I was afraid. Now let’s go done and eat what my mums made.”

You nodded with a grin. “I agree, it smells amazing.”

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"You talk to your mother with that mouth" with Rafael Barba. im highkey jealous of your writing,btw❤

Drabble 5/10

“You talk to your mother with that mouth.”

Originally posted by danchanandwhatever

Thank you so much, sweetie <3 You’re so nice! Enjoy your drabble….

Rafael downed yet another whiskey, already asking for a refill before the glass was down in the counter. It’d been a stressful day at work, after having a witness turning down on him during the cross examination.

You decided to keep him company after listening how he began to mumble in both English and Spanish, deciding it was better to make sure he arrived home safely.  

“You don’t have to stay, estoy bien. You should go home, it’s late,” he insisted, as his cheeks reddened even more.

“It’s fine, Barba. There ain’t no one waiting for me to come home.” You shrugged, trying to repress the smile his drunken state was causing you.

“Yo te esperaría con gusto,” he muttered.

You simply stared at him silence, and continued on drinking your soda. He seemed to be less stressed, maybe because of the eight glasses he had drank already. Much to your relief he decided to stop drinking, and just sat in silence with you.

“You look bored,” an unknown male voice called behind you, closer than you would appreciate.  

“Leave, I have company,” you immediately spat, not even turning to look at him.

“Company that has you bored.”

Rafael turned his green eyes from his empty glass to the man behind you, menacingly glaring at him. “Didn’t she asked you to leave, cabrón? Está conmigo, es mía,” his raising voice caused you to jump, and laugh at his outburst.

“You talk to your mother with that mouth?” You kept on laughing, unable to keep a straight face.  

“You know what cabrón means?” His brows furrowed, as he turned his attention to you completely.  

“I… I speak Spanish, Rafael.”  

You could swear all the color was drained from his face, while his lips formed a small “o”. His green eyes stared deeply into yours.

“So, I’m yours, huh?” You teased, while you wondered how he would try to get himself out of the predicament he’d put himself in.  


It was just a normal day. The Markiplier Team had spent a long day at the office editing videos and had finally come to relax. After dinner, they all split off their seperate ways for the night. Ty and Eth ended up in the living room watching TV, cuddling on the couch.
Suddenly there was a knock at the door. Eth got up to answer it while Ty paused the show they were watching so Eth wouldn’t miss anything. Right after he heard the door open, Ty heard a sudden shout that had unmistakably come from his boyfriend, so he decided to head to the door to make sure everything was okay. When he got there, he realized what all the ruckus was about. Apparently G had decided to come to L.A. to surprise Ethan with a visit. He watched at his boyfriend hugged the man and instantly started rambling on and on about how surprised he was. G just stood there listening and occasionally laughing at Eth.
Ty couldn’t help but feel the slightest tinge of jealousy, but tried to brush it off since he knew what good friends the two men were. He decided to walk back to the living room and wait for Eth so they could finished watching the episode they were on. After what felt like forever, but was really only a few minutes, Eth and G finally walked into the living room, smiling and laughing like children. “Hey Eth, are we going to finish this episode?” Ty asked his boyfriend.
“Actually, G hasn’t eaten in a while since he was travelling, so we’re going out to eat. Wanna come with?” Eth offered. As much as Ty didn’t want to be around the two of them, he knew it would only feel worse if he knew they were alone. He reluctantly nodded and stood. They told Mark they were leaving before heading out, eventually just ending up at Denny’s.
When they were seated, G sat down first on one side of the booth. Ty expected Eth to sit on the inside other side so Ty could sit on the outside, but instead Eth sat next to G, leaving Ty alone on his side of the booth. Ty again felt a pang of jealousy but still tried to ignore it. However, his jealousy only got stronger as the meal progressed, as his boyfriend practically ignored him the whole time to talk to G. He had no choice but to sit there and listen to G and Eth talk abiut anything and everything while he just messed around on his phone, not even bothering to try joining the conversation. Not that it mattered, the two barely acknowledged Ty’s presence.
After G had finished eating, he got out his wallet to pay, but Eth insisted he wanted to pay for G’s meal. He said it was “repaying him for his surprise visit.” Upon hearing this, Ty couldn’t help but roll his eyes, his jealousy flaring even more. Eth paid for the meal and they headed home.
“Where are you staying G?” Eth asked once they had arrived back at Mark’s house.
“Nowhere yet. I figured I would rent a hotel room somewhere around here,” G answered.
“You should just stay here! Im sure Mark wouldn’t mind,” Ty heard his boyfriend offer enthusiastically.
“Nah, I’d rather had a bed to myself than be invade someone’s couch,” G said with a laugh.
“You could stay in my room, you want.” Upon hearing his boyfriends offer, Ty finally gave up on trying to be civil, walked out of the living room, and headed to his bedroom where he slammed the door shut and sat on his bed. It was barely a few seconds after he sat down when he heard his door open and close again.
“Ty?” He heard Eth say timidly. He didn’t respond, but Eth continued anyways. “What’s wrong Ty? Why are you mad at me?” Eth asked innocently. Ty couldn’t help the fact that his heart melted when Eth used his whiney voice, which made most of his anger go away.
“Nothing, just go back with G. I’m sure you have to set up your room so you two will be comfortable in there,” Ty said bitterly.
“What?” Eth asked dumbfounded. After a few seconds of silence, Eth asked, “Are you jealous of G?”
Ty stayed silent, not wanting to admit the obvious.
“Ty, c'mon, don’t be silly. You know G and I are just friends. You are my boyfriend and the only person  I ever want to say that about. I’m sorry I didn’t pay much attention to you tonight. It’s just that I haven’t seen G in a while and wanted to catch up. But you know that you’re the one I love, not him. And just for the record, I wasn’t planning on sharing a room with him  I was going to stay with you, you doof,” Eth reassured Ty before leaning over to kiss him. Ty kissed his boyfriend back, all thoughts of jealousy replaced with our love for his amazing blue boy.

Sorry if there’s a lot of typos I’m this! I had to type it all on my phone and I usually do fics on my laptop. I might go through and edit it tomorrow, but I hope you like it!

Fire Meet Gasoline Part 2

Chibs slowly opened the door to his room so he wouldn’t startle you. Opie had told chibs where he hid you on the way out to help Jax and the crew to secure the perimeter. You heard the door and sunk deeper into the corner by the bed.

“S’ Ok Lass. It’s me. My names Fillip. But please call me Chibs.” said the handsome man with the scars. You recognized him as the man that saved you when you ran inside the garage. “Come sit up here on the bed so I can get ya checked and cleaned up”

You were still terrified and didn’t move, but you did loosen up a bit.

“I’m not gonna hurt you lass. Promise. Come on. Sit. I’ll go get some first aid supplies.”

The man had nothing but sincerity in his eyes. You knew then he would never hurt you. You rose slowly and walked around to the end of the bed and as you did you passed a mirror on the wall. You assessed the damage done to you. You were horrified when you saw the condition of yourself. You had blood everywhere. A few bruises here and there. Thankfully not too much swelling. The tears started fresh when you saw the battered woman in front of you.

Fillip came out of the bathroom with the supplies and saw you sobbing in front of the mirror. “Hey, no tears. You are alive and he will never hurt you again. Come sit.” You obeyed and sat on the edge of his bed as he pulled up the desk chair and straddled it in front of you. “May I?” He asked. He was very respectful and wanted you to be ok with him helping you. You nodded as you sniffled. “Lass, this will hurt a bit. Not gonna lie to ya.” Again you nodded. He began to carefully clean off your cuts for you. He didn’t lie. It hurt like hell and you sucked your breath in your teeth. But he was extremely gentle and his touch soft. Big bad bikers had a soft side you never knew you thought to yourself.

He took tremendous care of you. He cleaned the blood out of your hair. Cleaned up all your cuts and removed the dirt from your skin. Thankfully he told you he didn’t think you’d need any stitches. He also told you the bruising would go away quickly.

“Alright, let’s have a look at ya” he said as he took your face in his hands and turned it this way and that. “Gorgeous”.


The word ran through your body and touched you deep in your soul. No one had ever called you that unless it was your parents. And they had to say that. Because they loved you. You knew you weren’t a one. But you most certainly didn’t think you were a ten. But as you looked into his beautiful eyes you saw the sincerity inside. This man thought you were stunning. Slowly you raise your hands and rest them on his on your face.

Chibs couldn’t deny the electricity that ran through his hands and into his body at the touch of you. You were truly a beautiful woman. And he hated the man that did this to you. Marking and cutting your perfect soft skin. He wanted nothing more than to kiss your lips. He began to lean in waiting for your approval. You didn’t move to stop him. He got closer and suddenly jerked back as he heard a knock on the door followed by two men walking in. Both wearing the same black leather kuttes. Sons of Anarchy. Redwood Original.

“Hey Brother. How’s she doing” Asked the blonde one you didn’t recognize. He stood next to the one that helped you hide.

“Aye she’s not going to need stitches. And she may keep a few scars here and there. But overall she’s fine”

“What’s your name darlin?” The Blonde one asked.

You sat there a second before you remembered how to speak. “(Y/N)” you said softly.

“(Y/N), i’m Jax. And this is Opie.” Opie nodded. “That asshole will never step a foot near you again. We may have had run ins with the law but the thing we will never tolerate is the abuse of women or children. No matter what. Does he know where you live? He your old man?”

You shook your head no. Words failed you again. You visibly cringed at the the thought of dating that guy. Finally you found your voice. “No. He just attacked me when i got off work. I work at the corner Floral shop. He attacked me on the way to my car. Dragged me into the alley and started beating me.” The tears welled back up in your eyes. “He continued to beat me till i found a rock and smashed the side of his face and ran off as fast as I could.”

“Thank god you did darlin. When you’re ready and want to go home let us know and we’ll take you. And we’ll even keep one of our guys there overnight. Or you could stay here the night if you’re scared to leave. It’s completely ok. I’ll have my mom find you somewhere to sleep”

“She can have me bed. I’ll be ok for the night. Shes already hurting bad Im sure. Doesn’t need to be on a couch somewhere.”

“That ok with you darlin?” Jax asked.

“Yes thank you. That’s very kind of you all”

“Ope see where Juice is on finding out who that guy is. Then send Tig and Happy to get her car for her. She’ll tell you where it is. Make sure that dirt bag didn’t do anything to her car.” Jax turned and said to Opie. Opie nodded and walked out. “Chibs brother i’ll leave her in your hands. You’re safe now (Y/N).” He turned and left.

“I’m going to get your something for the pain. You hungry? I can bring ya some food too” Chibs asked as he grabbed your hand and gave it a reassuring squeeze.

“That would be amazing thank you.” you smiled back.

“Make yourself comfortable. I’ll be back soon lass”.

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Henlo!!! Please write some dad!bakugou headcanons theres a lack of them and honestly im so deprived of cute baku baby fluff ok ty

HIII!!!!!! I wasn’t sure if you meant as in Katsuki and his dad or if you meant Katsuki as a dad so I did both. I did this mainly in gifs

Mr. Bakugou and Baby Katsuki:

Katsuki totally was the kid, before he got his quirk, who would try to get his dad to explode things. Mr.Bakugou wasn’t able to say no if it was a reasonable request

Katsuki was a daddy’s boy, until he realized that mommy was the fun parent.

Mr. Bakugou was the parent who stayed home most with baby Katsuki once Mrs. Bakugou was off Maternity leave.

Mr.Bakugou would definitely watch baby Katsuki sleep, in fact Mrs. Bakugou has found him asleep in a chair in front of the crib more times than she can count

Never once did they spank Katsuki, instead they would put him in time outs, or take a toy or something away

Total sucker for Katsuki’s puppy dog eyes as a kid.

It took a while for him to learn to say no.

He never put Katsuki down much as a baby

Blowing raseberries on Katsuki’s belly was a sure fire way to get the baby to laugh

Katsuki was not a binky child, so it took a lot to quiet him down.

Originally posted by moosamuel

Dad Katsuki and his child:

would have to ask his dad for a lot of help

totally brags about his kid 24/7

worries his kid may have his attitude, and hopes to god they end up more like his s/o because he will admit he is a jerk

first time he saw his child he knew that there was nothing that would keep him from protecting the bundle of joy

plays peek-a-boo, and sticky feet a lot

tries to get out of changing dirty diapers

spoils the kid completely, but surprisingly the child ends up ridiculously kind and considerate of others.

jealous of his child liking uncle Izuku’s hero costume better, until he realizes its because his kid likes to yank on the ears on the hoodie part

thanks whatever higher being is out there that his kid likes binkies.

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Part 7 - Call Me Daddy.

 This week has been super busy. College , Deadlines , dinner dates. Packed schedule a few regulars hit me up on Grindr but sadly I wasnt free, not that I dont want to have that dick right up in my ass tho haha…but it happen.

It was yesterday afternoon. Was having my haircut at Sunway Velocity with my sister. And this guy late 30′s with beard, black short hair with a beautiful jawline feature on his face and thick natural eyebrows. We’ve been chatting on Grindr for awhile 

Daddy : my baby boy is so near me (500m away)

Me : hey handsome. yeah getting a haircut nearby.

Daddy : which floor ? I’m coming to get you.

Me : So sudden ? haha I’m shy in person

After my haircut. I saw him walking around in the mall in his singlet and tight short jeans with broad shoulder and chest together with his perfect jawline damn he is an A grade eyecandy. Totally would let his dick slip right in my pink hole. We chatted, walk around, buying some grocery. 

I told him I have to my car keys to my sister and ask her to head back alone first. I told her someone’s giving me a ‘ride’ (Of course she didnt know that im riding a dick haha).

while on our way back I put my right hand on top of his thigh touching in.

Daddy : how old are you by the way ?

Me : I’m 20 this year

Daddy : you’re cute you know ?

Me : (I blushed a little and just smiled at him)

Headed straight back to Daddy’s place at 4pm and I received at text.

Eddie : see you tonight at 7 baby ?

Me : sure. Im gonna take a nap just got home from college

Eddie : alright.

Daddy stays alone in his Apartment with 3 rooms. As I sat on his bed he began hugging me laying down next to each other. He started kissing my neck , licking from the left to the right all the way up to my ear as I moan softly. His beard touches my skin and I felt so good. Slowly removing my shirt he touches my chest gently with his rough palm and playing with my nipple next. My legs were on his hips and his hard cock was pressing against mine..licking and sucking my nipples got me so high that I moaned.

Daddy : oh yes i love it when you moan. So sexy

as he stood up and removed his singlet. His body was so hot. Perfect chest with his hard nipple I dive into his chest the moment I saw it groping his big chest to my hands licking his nipple gently and sucking it as he moans too. God I love his chest so much while my my hands are slowly removing his pants. His cock was average with 6 inch , perfect body perfect face perfect cock what did I do to deserve this ? 

I went all the way down from the chest to his belly and his cock with precum all over. I was madly sucking his cock wanting to make my Daddy feel good while my hands were on his chest. As his hands slowly moving towards my ass grabbing it. 

Daddy : god I love your ass. Clean it next time..I rim you good.

Me : Yes daddy.

I kissed him on his lips while Im sitting on him. with him Facing my chest he went again to my nipples sucking it as I moan , sliding my hands through his hair. And his hands grabbing my ass from behind, my hard cock was pressing against his belly with my precum leaking all over. As he slowly slide his hands into my ass with the lube, I was in Cloud 9, getting fingered and my nipples suck. My all time favorite position !!!

as he stood up taking the condom. I kneel on the bed sucking his cock more. I lay down on the bed with my legs up in the air. He teases me with his cock placed between my ass.

Daddy : you want it ? 

Me : yes daddy please stop teasing me i want it inside

God I swear it felt so good. The charisma we have was amazing. As he fuck me quite roughly , slowly adjusting the position from Military , I found ourself in a new position with my ass facing up and he squat-ing down to fuck me. The view was amazing , my hard and wet cock was directly facing me and his fuck face , hot body and cock EVERYTHING I saw everything.

Me : daddy fuck fuck Im so close. Im gonna cum

Daddy : yeah Im close too fuck. FUCK !

Fucking hell it felt so good. All my cum was on my chest and face while he cummed inside the condom.

Daddy : its been awhile since I fuck someone 

Me : So how was the sex ? 10 out of 10 haha

Daddy : I’ll give it a 9/10. 10/10 is when I rim you 

Me : haha alright. Im sorry tho your bed is full of hairs (after haircut)

Daddy : nah its ok. maybe tomorrow you could come and help me with the bedsheet :) 


Fandom: Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles
Characters: Donnie
Relationship: Donnie/reader
Request: Do you still take requests? If you do can you do 1, where Donnie is frustetated and when Reader tries to comfort him, he snaps at her, they get into an argument that makes Reader really depressed, but at the end make it really fluffy?
It doesn’t matter if it is 2012 or 2014 tmnt :)
Thank you!
“Donnie, it was just an argument.” You tried to calm him down as he paced angrily in your flat. He had come to yours in a foul mood thanks to an argument with his brothers. He hadn’t actually told you what it was about but he had spent the whole night complaining about what was wrong with them. From what you could gather, they hadnt listened when he said there might be a fault with something he made and it had malfunctioned and that had lead to a massive blow out between all 4 of them so no one was speaking now. You knew this because you has seen blue, red and orange masks glance in the window and then leave after seeing Donnie had beat them here. You also knew from his ranting that Raph had said he wasn’t needed that much. You knew it was a heat of the moment thing and Donnie had to know that too. He was always working on things to improve their life’s and they wouldn’t be anywhere without him.
“No, I am fed up of this.” He half growled as he twisted once again on the spot. You knew he was upset but it had been 4 hours since he had first arrived and you were getting a little annoyed with his mood. Normally, he would stay angry for an hour or so and then cool down a little and the two of you would watch a movie till he thought he could go home. But he had been snappy with you since he had got here and you didn’t like it.
“Im sure its nothing.” You stood up from the couch and were about to go over to him when he turned sharply to you, his eyes on fire.
“Don’t say its nothing, [y/n]. God, you have no idea what its like. Its not like your needed.” He snarled, his anger and words stopping you in your tracks.
For a moment, you stood there and stared at him with wide eyes. You couldn’t quite believe what he had just said to you. You had always been close friends and you were the first he came to in any situation.
Your heart broke in two as you stared at him, the words sinking in. You had always had deep feeling for him and maybe that was what hurt the most. You never thought he would ever be like this with you. He was always so sweet and kind to you that it was alien to hear such nasty words fall from his lips. Tears began to fill your eyes as you saw Donnies whole body seem to tense up at the sight of the tears.
“Get out.” You growled, crossing your arms across your chest. You were filled with a mixture of sadness and anger.
“[y/n], i-“ Donnie took a step forward, his eyes filled with guilt and fear as he reached out to you but you pulled back.
“Get out!” You screamed, pointing to the window with a shaking hand.
Donnie glanced between you and the window as if you were condemning him to his death. But you didn’t care.
“I didn’t mean-“ Donnie took a step closer to you but you stepped back.
“Leave. And don’t come back.” Your voice was low and dangerous. Your words took him by surprise as he jumped a little. You didn’t give him time to respond as you turned on your heel and darted into your bedroom, slamming the door.
You spent most of the night crying into your pillow. Anyone else and you probably could have just brushed it off but it was Donnie. You loved him, respected him and he treats you like that.
In the morning, you opened your bedroom door cautiously. He wasn’t there but judging by the pillows and blanket on your sofa, he had stayed the night but would have had to leave before dawn. You noticed a piece of paper sitting on your table and picked it up, instantly recognizing Donnies hand writing.
“[y/n], please call me today. I need to speak to you. Im sorry. -Donatello.”
You could see his hand had been shaking and there was tear stains on the paper but you didn’t care as you crumpled up the page and dumped it in the bin.
You werent getting spoken to like that by anyone.
————–time skip ——————–
It had been three weeks since that night. Every day was worse than the one before. You had not gone more than 2 days without speaking to Donnie before and now you had nothing. He kept trying to call you and text you but you ignored both and turning off your phone. He had tried coming to yours a few times but you locked the window. Donnie knew better than to try and pick the lock but you heard him trying to open the window.
You went to work as normal but they noticed the dark bags under your eyes. You hadnt had a proper night sleep in weeks and it was starting to affect you badly.
Tonight, you sat on your sofa with your knees pulled up to your chest.
With every passing day, the fear that his words were right cracked your confidence little by little.
A fresh set of tears welled in your eyes as you tried to blink back the tears with no success.
The TV was on in the background but you weren’t paying attentions. It was now 10pm which meant it was pitch black outside. The weather had been terrible today and hadn’t improved. It was lashing down with rain and the wind could easily be heard. You knew no one would travel out in this weather, especially Donnie who often had tech on him so you kept your curtain open to watched the rain fall.
You moved forward, placing both your feet on the floor and sobbing into the palms of your hands.
Your body shook as you sobbed, feeling your breathing becoming erratic.
“[y/n]?” A muffled voice made you jump to your feet and stare at the window where there was now a familiar face.
You could see he was struggling to hold himself up on the ledge due to the weather. He was soaked to the bone and you could see him shivering. You cursed yourself for not closing the curtain. You couldn’t bring yourself to let him in after what he had said and you knew he wouldn’t leave if you stayed in the living room, so you started to walk to the bedroom. You heard a creak of your window and remembered your hadn’t locked your window from earlier when you had it open for fresh air.
You darted inside your room and slammed the door before he could catch you.
But almost the second you closed the door, you heard him banging on the door which you held closed.
“[y/n], please, come out?” Donnie begged, his voice was horse but filled with a desperate tone.
“go away.” You didn’t mean for your voice to sound desperate and weak but thanks to the crying from earlier and the fresh tears now didn’t help.
“don’t cry.” He whimpered, trying to open the door but you held it shut. “Please, I need to speak to you!” He rattled the door, sounding desperate but you didn’t budge.
“No, now go!” You cried out, falling to the floor with your back pressed against the door to keep it closed.
“Please, I NEED you.” Donnie stressed the word ‘need’ which made you let out a laugh.
“Yeah, you made that clear 3 weeks ago!” You snarled through the door, your cheeks nipping with the tears.
“No, I do. [y/n], I need you. Please. Im so sorry. I didn’t mean it. I-I know your hurt. When I said what I said, I didn’t mean it. I was stressed because I always have to be perfect and you make it look so easy. Because to me, you are. I swear I didn’t mean to hurt you. I would never want that. These last weeks have been hell, [y/n]. Please, I need you. I need you more than anything. Im sorry.” Donnie then broke down into sobs outside your bedroom door.
You stared in front of you.
He needed you. And Donnie was a horrendous liar. You had always been able to tell when he was lying or when he wasn’t being truthful with you. But you couldn’t find that in his voice. He sounded genuinely desperate for you to come out.
You spent most of these weeks in your own mind. It had wounded you more than you let on but judging by his actions, it hurt him too.
You pushed yourself up and you were about to open the door when he said one more thing.
“Please, I love you.” He sobbed like a broken man.
You froze.
He loved you. Donatello loved you.
Opening the door, you didn’t realize Donnie was leaning against it while on his knees. He fell forward, landing at your feet. You jumped as he pushed himself up back to his knees but not getting up any further. Instead, you dropped to your knees in front of you. He stared at you, a desperate need obvious in his eyes as you looked at you lap.
“Did you mean what you said? About you loving me?” You asked, not looking at him.
“Yeah, I always have. [y/n], im so sorry. I was just angry and I shouldn’t have taken it out on you like that. It’ll never happen again.” He reached forward, taking your hands in his larger ones. You glanced at him, seeing his tear-stained cheeks, his bright red eyes, the dark circles that seemed to match yours. His hands shook and he was taking long breaths to try and calm himself.
“I-I-“ You trailed off, looking at his hands as you tried to find the words.
“I understand if you’re still hurt and upset.” He mumbled and you felt his hand shake more. But that wasn’t what you were trying to say.
“I love you, too.” You looked up and into his eyes for the first time in 3 weeks.
Donnies mouth fell open and he let out a small sound. He took a deep breath.
“Really?” He breathed, moving closer to you as he spoke as if he could believe his ears.
You opened your mouth to speak but you could so you nodded.
Donnie let out a airy laugh but before you could say anything, he leaned forward and pressed his lips to yours.
You froze for a moment, unable to think straight but then you begin to kiss back. You wrapped your arms around his neck and he reached forward. He wrapped his arms around your waist and pulled you onto his lap, holding you close.
You moaned a little into the kiss, feeling his heart beating hard against his chest.
You pulled away, breathing heavily as you leaned your forehead against his.
“I’ll make it up to you.” He whispered, holding you close.
You smiled, closing your eyes.
Donnie spent the night with you, whispering sweet nothings in your ears but most of all, he told you how much he needed you.

Save Me

Request: Can you do a Peter Pan imagine where the reader has lived in NeverLand for a while and she likes Peter, but doesn’t know how he feels. One day some of the lost boys decide to do some STUFF (if your comfortable) against the readers will and Peter saves her and tells her that he likes her too. Fluff? Thanks. Love your blog

Originally posted by pans-dreamshade-of-neverland

Neverland had been my home for a few weeks now, the shadow had taken me from my home while I was sleeping and brought me here. Peter was ferious at first but the shadow told him I was important in keeing peter alive. How? Im not sure, they never told me, but after learning that, peter let me stay but kept his distance. 

Since then I’ve become friends with mostly the younger boys, The older ones still dont know how to feel about me and Felix gives me the creeps, but my best friend here is thomas. Hes shy but once you get to know him he can be really funny and a great friend.

Originally posted by die-jou-bu

Finally! dinner time.

“Hey Y/N!” I hear thomas say from behind me. I look behind me smile at him signaling him over. He sits down next to me and we eat our food in silence while watching the campfire. He doesnt usually talk while he eats, but its fine with me.

after we finish eating peter starts to play the pan flute, and the lost boys start to dance around the fire. Thomas turns to me and holds out his hand. I smile and take it. We dance around the fire together laughing and spinning. Some of the lost boys look at us funny, some look proun sinse thomas usually doesnt participate that much, I’m just glad hes having fun. 

Then the music stops and everyone turns to look at peter, he doesnt look to happy.

Originally posted by piedpeter

“Parties over, everyone go back to your tents.” Peter spits out, glaring at me then leaves for his tree house, slamming the door closed after he enters. We all look at each other but not wanting to make pan angry we do as he says. I say goodnight to thomas and go to my tent.

I lay down in my bed and think about what had happened, it was weird for peter to stop a party so early. I had always had a crush on him since I got here, but peter never seemed to notice me until tonight. 

My thoughts were interupted by my tent flap being opened. Two of the older boys and felix walked in. I think their names were Trevor and Joey.

“Um hey guys, what do you want?” I say, not knowing why they even wanted to talk to me, they never have before.

“Oh, we just wanted to play a game.” Felix says, His expression was one i’ve never scene before, but it still made me feel uneasy. “What kind of game?” I ask.

Felix nods to the two older boys and before I could stop them they had me pinned to the bed. I tried to get out of their grip but Trevor was holding my hands above my head with one hand and kept my mouth shut with the other. Joey was holding my legs apart. Tears were forming in my eyes thinking about what they were going to do to me.

Felix stood to the right of me and stroked my cheek with the back of his hand.

“Been a while since a girl could fufill our needs, since peter is in a mood he wont be interrupting us.” Felix purrs with a crooked smile. My heart rate increases with the hope of peter saving me deminishing.

Felix pulls his knife out and starts cutting my clothes off until im left in nothing but my bra and underwhere. Tears stream down my face as I think how I’ll be used for their enjoyment. I try to scream for help but me screams are muffled by trevors hand. They all look at my body with hungry eyes and felix starts to undress.

“Hey y/n I uh just wan-” Peter walks in but stops mid sentense when he sees whats going on. My face is full of relief while his is full of hatred towards the boys. Then suddenly I’m not being pinned down anymore.

With a wave of peters hand he had the boys pinned against the wall, no way of escaping. He walked up to a trembling half naked felix and laughed darkly.

“Did you really think you could take away whats mine and get away with it?” Peter says mockingly. He plunges his hand into felixes chest and slowly starts to squeeze his heart, making felix scream in pain. I wasnt expecting Peter to kill him!

“Peter wait! You dont ha-” He didnt let me finish.

“Dont worry darling, they’ll get what they deserve, I’m going to take their lives.” He says looking over to me. but his eyes were black as night. He was consumed by hatred.

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He turned back to felix and continued crushing his heart. I didnt know what to do, I didnt want peter to be consumed by this darkness. I did the only thing I could think to do. I ran over to him and pulled his face to mine, connecting our lips. He stopped crushing felixes heart and slowly started moving his lips with mine. He put one hand on my waist and pulled his hand out of felixes chest and put it on my waist. 

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We slowly broke apart, breathing heavily. He smiled down at me and picked me up. With a snap of his fingers the boys were gone, I didnt really care where they went.

Peter brought me back to his tree house and gave me one of his shirts to where, even though hes not the most well behaved on the island, I’m glad he still knows how to have manners. I told him I didnt want to talk about my near rape expierence, he agreed and we fell into an akward silence.

I sat quitely on his bed, he broke the silence. “So I’m guessing by the way you kissed me back there, you like me to?” he smugly asked.

I couldnt help the blush that appeared on my cheeks. I knodded and hid under the the covers. He laughed and went under the covers with me and grabbed my waist, pulling me to him. He tickled my ribs and waist making me giggle and try to squirm away. He laughed and pulled me into a hug and kissed my nose.

“God I love you, I’m sorry I kept my distance, I didnt know if I could ever love, or more importanty, get you to love me.” Peter says looking down.

“Is that why the shadow brought me here? To give you someone to love?” I asked

He knodded and looked away embarressed, I turned his face back to face mine and gave him a quick a peck on his lips. 

“I’ve always loved you peter, and I know you’ll always love me too.”

We stayed in each others arms all night long…