im sure everyone knows who this is about

I know its like a common fandom thing for Nursey to have two moms so here are some things to think about from someone who gets it:

- sure he has different names for each mom but half the time he doesn’t give a shit and just yells “Mom!” until the one he wants answers

- makes dad jokes a lot. Like maybe the guys are talking about their parents and Dex says “my dad did this,” Nurse will just quietly be like “I don’t have a dad” and everyone flips their shit (side note whenever he does this around people who don’t know he has two moms they get really freaked out)

- says “my mom” for everything and people have to stop him and ask which one a lot

- the boys call him a “test tube baby” in the most loving of ways

- always got to make double the mother’s day gifts in school, and always gave the father’s day ones to to grandpa

Just realized that Mohn, the guy who runs Pokepelago, is Lillie and Gladion’s dad. He’s got the hair, the eyes, the whole “my husband found out about UBs and alternate universes”, the fact he lives in a computer realm(???)

I’m just losing it though because while all the sad family angst was going on for who knows how long, their dad was just living it up on some islands in the middle of nowhere with pokemon 

Eating beans.

Hi everyone, just making this post to let you know asexuals are valid, part of the LGBTA+ community, loved, not broken, and deserve none of the hate they get. Stay away from blogs like @lovcare (who has blocked me for telling them just this, thus blocking me from fighting back on the debate they continued). They don’t get to define you or invalidate your struggles. You’re not a “cishet oppressor” you’re gr9 and beautiful and valid

guys im pretty sure we all know how MASSIVELY important it was for thomas müller to score this goal.

he’d lost confidence, everyone was talking and saying that he’d lost his form -because he had lost it- and the world was a mess.

but you know what happened? he received support from the poeple who matter the most, his coach, his team, his fans, damn, his club’s president even said “players of his class should always play”when asked about the topic.

we believed in him.

and now he scores again after months and months of goal-drought and shuts up everyone’s mouths with the happiest smile of relief plastered on his face.

this is so important and it proves -yet again- how wonderful and supportive fc bayern and its fans truly are.

@all my fellow bigender beauties

bigender friends who keep doubting themselves, you are valid and so is your identity
bigender friends who are sure about their identity, your courage to keep being yourselves is so admirable
bigender friends who feel like there arent any pronouns that suit them, i know that its so hard to find something youre comfortable with when everything feels like it refers only to a part of your identity and not whole you
bigender friends who found just the right pronouns, im happy for you and i hope that everyone you know will respect your choice

bigender friends, you are all gifts to this world and i hope youre having a safe day

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hi, i just really wanted to tell you that i love your art and the way that you are just SO KIND to your followers. I only found you just today, (through sherlock posts) and i'm sure you know about all the stuff going around for sherlock fans. :) i wanted to ask, have you ever felt 'afraid' of drawing? i can't really explain what i mean, but just that thought of that "oh, im never going to get better." I have had a wacom tablet for maybe a year now, (im 13) and looking at your art just amazes me!

This is one of the sweetest messages I was ever fortunate to receive! Everyone on here is so kind to me, and I owe them the same. I’m so grateful to everyone who has liked, reblogged, or commented on my work, and like you, sent me such nice asks!

I know whats going on with all the Sherlock fans and I’m kind of in the same boat, although I’ve never tried streaming before and I’m currently in a tricky timezone so I might just sleep through it. Someone please send me downloads if you can so I can hide from tumblr until I see the episode?

To answer your question, I definitely have. And I still am, a lot of the time. I’m quite self conscious about my work, especially on a platform like tumblr, where I see such talented, creative artists and how fast they improve, how frequently they make art, how they try so many new things, and I feel like my style and work can stagnate a lot. I can feel discouraged at my style, the simplicity of it and a myriad of other things. 

But I guess I’m learning (and with the help of other people), you can only improve at your own pace. Create because you want to do it, it makes you happy, and you want to share it. Let yourself be proud of what you have done. One does not have to be perfect to allow themselves to be proud of how far they have come? Your amount and speed of improvement doesn’t matter as much as just the fact that you’re improving?

Here is an example of a drawing I made around 10 months ago (my first drawing of John Watson) to one I made more recently. I often feel self conscious because my watercolor works look the same. But hey, I made some improvement with digital?

You will inevitably make works you don’t like. Maybe they are so disastrous that you end up throwing them away or deleting them. I deleted the first picture already. But that is okay, because those are still steps to improvement. Improving is not linear, it takes days of ups and downs but overall, you are changing and evolving your style as you learn. So never be ‘afraid of drawing’ just because you’re scared of it being bad or not improving. 

Thank you so much again for this ask, and sorry for my rambles! 

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So I don't understand this whole non binary thing with you. My friend is enby and they dont wanna start T and whatnot bc that would make them trans but here you are on t and now im confused. are you like really nb or are you just a fem trans guy? like i know everyone transitions differently but it seems you want everything trans guys want so im confused.

I mean I’m sorry to burst your bubble but there are many non binary people who also identify as transgender. There are also many non binary people who are on HRT. You probably shouldn’t generalize an entire group of people based on the things your friend does/doesn’t want to do. I’m not really sure what is so confusing about my expression. I present the way I do because it makes me more comfortable. I am on hormones because it makes me feel more comfortable. I want top surgery because it will make me feel more comfortable. I do/want all these things and still identify as non binary. Also, you shouldn’t say things like I want all the things trans guys want… there are many trans guys who don’t want surgeries/hormones. That doesn’t make them any less male than those who do. I urge you to reconsider your opinion.

Okay, but seriously, I REALLY LOVE how Lydia and Magnus respect, support and love (in different ways, but they love him) Alec. I mean, everyone is so rude with Alec, no one cares about how he feels and they make him feel like crap, always choosing Clary over him (they chose a girl who barely know over Alec, his brother, his partner). Then, Magnus came to his life and he shows Alec how it feels being the first choice, what it feels being wanted and appreciate for who he is, what it’s love. And after came Lydia, who shows him how is when someone respect you and cares about what you think, what you believe and take your opinion like valid; she sees Alec like an equal, like a leader, like the kind of person he tries to be and she respects him for that. I know they barely know each other, but they truly respect, trust and love him and it’s so beautiful because they’re probably the only ones who think that about him, specially now.

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2nite this Caps fan told me that I 'probably dont even know anything about hockey' and that im a 'bandwagon piece of shit' (even tho my entire fam grew up in Pit) He then blocked me before i could say anything back. Some hockey fans fr piss me off

zoinks scoob I’m sorry that’s a #mess

also like it’s hockey??? even if you were bandwagoning who cares????? like I sure as hell bandwagoned on to the pens train that’s just how some people get into sports

it’s a stupid iceball game everyone just needs to chill I’m sorry fam

thanks @notanoveltyaccountok aka tris for the tag~

Name/Nickname: noelle

Gender: fluid.(gender binary: destroyed. dick: out.)

Star Sign: aquarius but who cares

Height: 5′2

Hogwarts House: gryffindor i am p sure

Favorite Color: blue is a nice color

Favorite Animal: cat!

Average Hours of sleep: fuck if i know

Cat or dog person: cat


in no particular order

ruby and sapphire, korra, aang, the pines twins, moana, rj(pnat), mitch & jonas(long exposure), everyone in parks n rec, bb8, undyne, papyrus and mtt, PIDGE FUCKING GUNDERSON……im sure theres more but thats a pretty healthy list right there

Number of blankets I sleep with: usually just one but the other night i was really really anxious and overthinking shit so i put 4 blankets on at once and it calmed me down immediately

Favorite Singer/Band: panic and fob

Dream Trip: somewhere with crystal blue oceans where i can surf. alternatively, somewhere in scandinavia where i can stay in a log cabin, see a trillion stars, and watch the northern lights while laying in a snowbank. yes, these are polar opposite vacations, and yes, i want both of them equally badly. 

Dream Job: im not sure yet but i want to be able to work with people and language. im currently majoring in linguistics and i love it

When was this blog created: i had to go check; apparently march of 2013. oh boy
Current number of followers: 1603~! thank u all

What made you decide to make a Tumblr?: i kept seeing screenshots of tumblr posts on other social media and i was like ‘i gotta get in on this’

Birthday: 1/26/98

Relationship status: single B) (im dying)

Siblings: two younger siblings! my brother is 16 and my sister is turning 13 soon

Wake up time: on weekdays? about an hour and a half before my first class starts so i have ample time to get myself out of bed, put on my eyebrows, decide what to wear, and pack my books and snacks for the day, and then actually GET to class

Lemonade or sweet tea: i like iced tea! 

Day or night: night. the sun hurts my eyes and its homophobic

Coke or pepsi: pepsi only bc i like saying pepis instead

Calls or texts: depends who 

Ever met a celebrity?: no..? i met the winner of survivor once though in manhattan by accident

Smiles or eyes: look into my eyes when u smile and ill die

Country or city?: both. both. both is good.

Last song i listened to: She’s My Winona(fob)

ok i dont know who to tag so im just gonna @ and then put each letter of the alphabet and click the first suggested result . u dont have to do this of course

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lmao im sure u think everyone forgot about that btsmom drama but people still fucking hate you for it i still see posts going around about it. just dropping by to let u know yall were and still are gross people smh

this is gonna spill some tea. ☕
oh no I hope nobody forgets about THAT mess. if you really think about it btsmom has done a lot of shit ngl about that but like one thing she DID NOT do wrong was help someone who she had no relationship with anymore not commit suicide lmao. If you read my super sick gross post saying only truth you’d see that btsmom was concerned to the point where she stayed up all night on the phone with police! If you were her friend at one point you’d feel like shit because of how those losers demonized her because of their petty as fuck nature!! People over the Internet literally ‘exposed’ her to save humanity and the BTS fandom as we know it!!! They’re literally God’s!!!! And I mean beagletae and that other lovely human being deletehoseok or whatever her stupid ass url is now. Gotta love them. Cant forget the Lords that saved us from btsmom right? Deletehoseok tried to make it seem like shes not mentally ill and told her friend that she was going to commit suicide because it’d make her look bad for shitting on btsmom who was trying to help her!!! Ahhhh get the fuck out of here. You’re literally saying it’s gross to do everything in your power to stop someone from taking their own life and like ❤️ that’s so fucked up sweetie! I hope people hate me for being disgusting and terrible and proving stupid cunts wrong 😘 😘 😘 😘 😘 😘 because it felt damn good seeing their 300000 responses of more pettiness lying to a bunch of anonymous people for attention. No shade but actually thanks so much for reminding me about this because it just reminds me of how I always keep shit real even if egotistical teenage girls pretend they’re just trying to cleanse the world of evil and that they’re always victims ✌️

what i know about RvB from tumblr, having never watched any of this show:

  • there are 2 teams (red and blue)
  • except there’s a dude that wears orange so im not so sure…
  • fight fight fight (kiss kiss kiss)
  • someone called church? he might be dead though
  • donut wears the pink but it’s actually lightish red
  • i think there are robots?? or AIs?? something like that
  • idk what it means but people say project freelancer a lot 
  • everyone seems to be named after a state
  • except grif who might have invented grifball but im not sure
  • everything is happy and then suddenly its sad
  • capture those flags
  • they live in a place called blood gulch which doesnt sound like a very nice place to live
  • ur favs will die

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the existence of many people makes your opinion (not yours as amanda, but yours as any person who supports trump) unworthy of respect, and we choose the people we surround ourselves with based on many things, when of witch is who they want to lead them. I'm not hating on your friends at all I'm just saddened by this change :(

i don’t speak up much about politics, im not sure why that’s a bad thing. taylor swift has yet to really speak on the election and everyone is able to respect that, so why not respect my decision? many, manyyyy people i know are trump supporters and rather than get into a political argument every time politics arise, i would rather talk about how i feel, what i believe, etc instead of what THEY believe. i believe in love, acceptance, equality, faith etc. and that’s what ill speak about. my roommate as well as my entire family supports trump and i’d rather keep the arguing at a minimum. i know where i stand, what i want, and what i believe it. nobody else needs to dig into my business. just as my sex life, relationship life, school life etc is private, i choose to keep this private as well. much respect to people who are able to speak up, but personally i have always believed in keeping things that could spark friction in a relationship to a minimum. i do speak up about my beliefs to my family and friends and they respect it, but when it comes to the presidential candidates i wasn’t educated enough to speak on either of them. call me a coward if you’d like, but i choose to be civil and as long as i do my part as a citizen and vote for what i believe in.. im not sure that could be a bad thing at all.

@sleepingmagpie I’m honestly so glad to hear other people don’t like using a headset either cause I felt like everyone used them and I was just the odd one out! I made an attempt yesterday to play with a headset, but literally no one talked so I was in the clear. And yeah, I would love to play OW with people who I know don’t care about using headsets, so if you ever wanna play with me, shoot me a message! :)

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About the Milo Stewart thing- it's more that they claimed EVERYONE is racist and sexist and transphobic (which is untrue) and claim to be nonbinary and can't be?? Not nonbinary myself but I'm pretty sure you can't say "hey I don't have a defined gender but I'm also a trans male!"

this is an old argument but honestly shut the fuck up dude im literally nonbinary and trans any nonbinary person can call themselves trans if they wish also i know quite a few nonbinary trans men who would beg to differ 

also by the way i haven’t seen stewart’s videos but i absolutely agree with the “everyone is racist and sexist and transphobic” thing because guess what we live in a society that profits off the oppression of marginalized people so it’s basically ingrained in there so yeah everyone is these things at least to some extent even if it’s internalized 

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i just want to let you know your art is incredible and i love the way you draw everyone! your art is so amazing and your josukes always warm my heart! if you dont find doing this anymore is fun though, i think you should put your happiness first! im sure your friends on here would understand

Idk man I just had a lil breakdown and I cried but it felt good and I think I needed that 👌✨
I’m the type of person who keeps a cry calendar and I only let myself cry once a month so.

Tho knowing people care about me on here enough to send me messages or asks makes me very happy and I’m sorry for being dramatic 😭
I enjoy drawing Josuke and interacting with people which I can actually do now!

Thank you for enjoying the way I draw, I actually got a laptop/tablet thing so I’m using an actual pen and real drawing programs now, I’ve been practicing as of yesterday and it’s tricky..

I did all my drawings with my finger ( like a caveman 😘 ) and it’s soooo different!! I’m trying my best to get the hang of it so I’m hoping you like the new stuff I’ll be making ))

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Literally everyone?? But okay mostly Karen (obviously), Joshua Henry who was Burr and Chris Lee who was Laf/Jeff. Like I knew Karen and Josh would be incredible because I know them as performers but I wasn’t sure what to expect from anyone else aside from what I heard in the audio. And like. Chris was such a standout from the people I didn’t know anything about. I really really loved him in both of his roles. It’s been so so long since I saw a good Laf/Jeff (like. Not since Daveed.) so it was super refreshing to fall in love with those roles again.

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who are your tumblr friens? how did you meet them? I really wanna make friends here but I don't know where to start, can you recommend some nice bloggers?

im not really sure how i meet them tbh! i just kinda scream about stuff on here and then they come to me screaming about the same thing or vice versa and BOOM FRIENDSHIP. literally everyone i follow is pretty nice, i dont follow anyone who’s mean so i would check out my blogroll you cant go wrong with anyone on there! :D