im sure everyone has seen this before

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we dont "dislike" himchan. & im not a troll. like i ask user himdaes before, what did himchan contribute to the group for music? no one has yet been able to give me a solid answer. everyone just talk about how he is nice to the members & fans, his old university degree which isnt even utilize in his idol career. ok sure he only wants to act? but firstly bap prides itself as a MUSIC group so why is himchan there. second he isnt even auditioning for roles like all the other idol actors. so ???

Oh okay you must have felt that you’ve been called out. Anyway anon, I’ve seen a video where daehyun talked about himchan a little bit (sorry I forgot), it was when they were practicing before concert I guess, how he praised him for having a great hearing and all, and I could see that he interacted with the staffs about the sounds at the concert. He may not have a lot of singing parts, but he must have contributed a lot behind the scenes and with the technical aspects.

I’ve seen a lot of hates (or “critics” if you want to call it lol, since you’ve seen my comment and even come to my ask) towards him, all these “anons” ACTIVELY ask himchan biased blog and attack him, like ugh. Stop.

is his name yuri or yuuri

im sure this has crossed everyones minds before but like, where did yuuri even come from? in the show many times weve seen it spelled yuri and come on its in the title of the show

exhibit a

this is like very VERY solid proof this cannot be any subs or anything like that come on

exhibit b

exhibit c

or this show just cannot spell names right because

oh boi it’s yuri katuki

like whenever i see it tagged victuuri im like should i tag it that or is it only one u jesus christ

can someone who’s more knowledgeable tell me about this lmao because i have no clue


so i think y’all already know that we’ve been blessed with amazing calum pics BUT HAVE YOU REALLY APPRECIATED LOW QUALITY CALUM LIKE YOU SHOULD??? well here i am to educate™ :) (this is going to be so long but it might be worth it pls continue)

look at the blurriness of this picture but the beauty is so clear :’( amazing

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