im supposed to be working on my canon

ess999  asked:

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  • 3. What is your absolute favorite kind of fic to write?

UHH general fics in the eyes of characters we don’t usually get to see in canon. And angst- always angst. 

  • 9. Do you ever have plans to write anything other than fic?

Ive been wanting to write something original for a while now! I don’t have the courage and inspiration tho ;-; but!!! im working on something thats not a fic but requires writing atm (is it a script??? its kinda a script) which is original so i suppose its my first step?

  • 18. How old were you when you started writing?

i dont know. I used to write poetry at 8 or 9 and around that time I started writing stories- i loved writing creative stories since 4th grade? or 3rd?? but really cant remember i just knew i sucked at it and i still am kinda bad at it today but here i am! 

  • 19. Why did you start writing?

I like reading a lot + i liked movies a lot + poems so i started making scripts and poetry and stories and basically how i started in the first place. But why did i start writing fics? its because it allows to combine games I love with writing! 

  • 20. 4 sentences from your work that you’re proud 

… i dont have anything specific im proud of? ill just go with the introduction of my latest berseria fic which ‘Follower of The Wind’ just cuz im pretty proud of tht fic. (I just added it below the cut and its exactly 4 sentences. ) 

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