im supposed to be working on my canon

“i find myself at times wondering what might’ve become of the girl with the beautiful golden mirror, but such fantasies have no place amidst reality.”

so like, morrigan is ashamed of loving fancy stuff, and forces herself to dismiss them because her upbringing has forced her to only consider survival and power to be worthy goals, right? so i feel like she’d start out in origins with much more practical clothing and only start wearing stuff like her canon outfit after some time spent recovering from flemeth’s influence… but idk, that’s just my onion

(( a couple years ago i was involved in a big project that was supposed to accumulate data on how to roleplay every character, such as an overview of history, personality, relationships, quirks, etc. unfortunately, that project never came to fruition.

but we did compile a masterlist of every animal pun ever used in canon (fish, cat, and horse)

it’s been sitting in my docs collecting dust but it’s a super helpful reference if you’re stumped on what kind of horrible puns to be throwing into your rping. if you have more to add to the non-canon sections, IM me to request editing privileges.

@condescendingcalembour‘s mun was one of the people who worked on the fish puns section, i worked solo on the cat puns. i don’t know who else from the project is still even in the fandom, but if you happen upon this and want to be credited, lmk!

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apparently jason and piper are supposed to be in the next toa book and i am DYING for jason to be curious about nicos life. i doubt it will happen… but i mean he worked so hard to be nicos friend, wouldnt he care at all about him back at chb?? then again i have been severely disappointed before it will probably happen again

OH, the thing with that is that i no longer care for riordan books lol so even if they mention jason im like… thats not really canon in my head lol im sorry! the only way i would read something from this series it would be if they made a whole book centered about romans SIGH one can dream lol

but yeh, about your other comment i will never not care?? like im pretty sure ill keep writing little things here and there but im not as– active anymore i guess