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Any ideas on what types of trials would appear in a chunning exam? How should one think when coming up with something? Im horrible at thinking up with something thats not ben used in canon already...

You have a lot of freedom to work with. And you can get away with anything in these exams if you have the candidates sign a waiver. Apparently. Ninja life man.

They’re also supposed to mix things up so that the candidates can’t prepare but … Well there’s some inconsistencies there. So you don’t have to Forest of Death it if your in Konoha, but you also can if you want to.

So I’ll do my best to help you find a way to find some ideas.

Start off with a village. This will give you an idea of the terrain you have to work and also the system if we happen to know about it. If you don’t know about it, you’ve got some freedom to create environments to your heart’s content, as long as it fits the villages vibe.

As I said before, they’re supposed to mix it up. But, the general trend seems to be:

First stage: Starts off as a brain-question, but usually turns into a question that tests ethics, team works, skills, and problem solving.

Second stage: A survival-testing scenario with teams pitted against teams.

Third stage: Tournament time kiddos.

Occasionally there are preliminaries chucked in there.

Getting the village and the stage’s goal nailed down is important because it gives you something to work with. It gives you a goal for a trial, and you can figure out how to best subtlety incorporate that.

Even if it’s just a throw away character, you should consider the proctor developing the exam stage. Because their personalities do show through in their trial.

If you’re still stumped, I find brainstorming balloons help me work with rough ideas.

I hope I could be of help! Good luck with it! If you need anymore help along the way, let us know.


lirry fic faves

chasing nautilus: MY FAVE i read this once a week. harry buys a mermaid lamp and him and liam go on a road trip to get it. warning for daddy kink i guess

frostbite: canon fic angsty as hell. warning for tears

primal scream: endgame zarry but basically lirry first and liam tells zayn what harry likes its AMAZING. warning for absolutely nothing

standing in the way of control: two words: sub liam. warning for literally everything.

high like treble: liam and louis both fuck harry. warning for light sub/dom

emotions bottled up as potions: witch!harry gives liam a love potion

are we really THAT couple?: liam and harry work out together

making heads turn: a halloween party and they fuck

lay it all on me:  harry gets liam a sex toy for his birthday

the way that you are: you have a beautiful slut face”

by my side: this is mpreg but its really good 

all i want of the world: idek what to say about it just read it harry gets wrecked real good 

tell me when your eyes turn sad: the saddest thing i’m emo just thinking about it. it’s beautiful. 

i was a match before but you turned me into a wildfire: short and sweet and sad and amazing. i think about this one a lot.  

we’ll make a wish: it’s liams birthday! 

fucking harry styles:  liam is their company’s favourite porn star until harry comes along

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lips that need no introduction: zayn and harry are together but liam joins them

anything that you like: OK this is actuallly zarry but theres a zarriam threesome and its based off the kiss you video its too good not to be mentioned

ok sorry this is turning into a zarriam/zarry thing real quick so i’ll stop now also it’s 9 am and i’m at the office ENJOY