im supposed to be doing my homework and tests

i hate how schools expect me to come in to school every single day.

i hate how sometimes i don’t eat breakfast because i don’t get time because i don’t want to be late for school.

i hate how im forced to go to school with hundreds of miserable teenagers just like me yet i feel uncomfortable being around them.

i hate how i just don’t feel like i’m good enough to my friends at school.

i hate how when i first started school i put on pounds of makeup just so people thought i was pretty and attractive.

i hate how teachers set me 5 hours of homework every single day and expect me to do it within a day or in a short amount of time and give it my best

i hate how i’m supposed to study hours for tests for subjects i don’t even understand and are expected to know it all

i hate how sometimes i get detentions for things i don’t do, and can’t explain myself because teachers never take explanations

i hate how girls get in fucking trouble because their knees/collarbones/shoulders are too distracting to male students and teachers. if a teacher gets distracted by a girl’s body, it’s the teachers problem, not the girls.

i hate how i’m put under stress for 6 hours, 5 days a week.

i hate how some days i lock myself in my room or in school bathrooms to cry because i’m just too anxious over everything.

i hate how i’m supposed to set an example to the younger students, but deep down i know they’ll just end up like everyone else, stressed as hell and miserable.

i hate how i’m supposed to be prepared.

i hate how i’m supposed to know what im doing.

i hate how sometimes i stay up past 1 am doing projects because i had to get all of the other fucking pieces of homework finished first.

i hate how despite all this;

teachers still expect me to get a good nights sleep.