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Tagged by @moonbinss to do the bias selfie tag!! Thank you for the tag!! I love ASTRO and I’m so proud of them for winning such awards, what’s new?

Because I want to kill 2 birds with one stone… let this be my photo for AROHA selca day for the month of January!! I swear these pictures took me like an hour to take kms

Tagging: @moon-hyuks @astropopsicle @asterocky @eunoow @jinjinisasinsin @rockynroll @binsblush @binjinjin @parkminhyvks @minhyuknotrocky @do-i-still-love-rocky and honestly anyone who wants to do it! Don’t be shy :D I want to see who are your bias and how you all look like!! ♡♡

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(( This wonderful little tidbit of script (and picture used) belongs to @circus-baby-and-friends-show and was presented without context so WHOOps. I really love Bon-Bon and couldn’t help it :> Can’t wait to make longer clips and give some other characters a try! ))