im super rusty

A rustic party in the woods….

Alright so in my high school, some of the kids would be so weird and have like a ‘’‘Rustic’’’ party in the woods with like the floating lightbulbs on the trees, the classis red solo cups, with barrels and metal wash basins full of drinks and ice like… Okay well anyway-

I had imagined that Gregg, Casey and Mae were invited to a party like that back in high school (probably invited by Cole) and Gregg just happened to see Angus there. He goes up to him like a smooth criminal, and he stole that nerd’s heart.

Long Drive

Prompt: Road Trip

Word count: 1,995

Rating: T

My quick and hopefully pretty lighthearted drabble entry for the @spdrabblebomb  ;v; I had some fun with the main four but hope ya don’t mind some k2 lol




“Come on.”

Kyle shifts in his seat. “You really have to stop braking for squirrels so much, dude. It’s going to slow us down.”

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