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do you have any advice for staying up late to study? some personal issues came up and i was unable to catch up on my work today and now im behind and it's midnight and im just starting (i have to wake up early, too ugh) :/

hey omg i’m so sorry for the super late reply, i was having a super packed day! i really hope the studying went okay, but for future reference, here’s some of that advice coming right up!

when it comes to staying up late to study, as much as i try to avoid it, it always ends up happening and some very late nights every once in awhile is inevitable. when it does happen, here are some key things to keep in mind while you’re studying away:

  • KEEP HYDRATED: YES!! I AM VERY AWARE THIS IS SAID SO SO MUCH EVERYWHERE but that doesn’t make it any less important!! i myself am really bad with this but it’s good to drink water (or some sort of liquid, preferably not sweet sodas) because dehydration can often make you groggy, which doesn’t help with the whole late night situation. just keep a water bottle or like a mug of tea (if you need the caffeine kick, for example) an arm’s reach away from you so when you look up from your notes, you’ll see it and maybe take a sip
  • try not to take breaks as frequently as you would in the day: the reason for this is pretty simple; when it’s midnight and you start getting a little to comfortable with your break, this almost always leads to lying down or a nap. this either turns into falling asleep or a decrease in productivity, so it’s best just to try and get everything done quickly as possible and then sleep. 
  • that being said, this doesn’t mean keep yourself awake all night working nonstop!!! if the studying is being done the day before a test/exam, try to at least get 4-5 hours of sleep. for example if it’s around 3 am and you have class at 9, try to use the next hour (from 3-4) wrapping up and summarizing what you know. don’t try to stuff brand new material in your head, especially this late. work with what you know and get rest.
  • breathe: literally just because more oxygen to the brain will help you stay awake better
  • for studying in general:
    • if you’re reviewing material, make use of highlighters, study as though you’re teaching yourself the material for the first time, and your review notes should be half as long as your initial lesson notes/handouts
    • if you’re learning material for the first time before a test: scan for main ideas and drill those into your head, use bullet points (keep it brief and to the point) and ask fellow classmates what they think the bulk of the material is
  • please put away distractions because if there was ever a time social media could be detrimental, it’s now. don’t even just close the app, shut off your phone or put it on do-not-disturb until you get at least 80% of your studying done
  • FOR GOD’S SAKE DO NOT STUDY ON YOUR BED, I REPEAT, DO NOT STUDY ON  Y O U R  B E D!! you will fall asleep. don’t argue with me on this one, because you cannot. if sitting gets uncomfortable, stretch or do quick exercises to get rid of stiffness. this will both keep you awake and help you avoid the warm, soft blankets that will undoubtedly lure you to sleep.
  • pull late night study sessions as little as possible! self-explanatory, but it’s definitely not good to get used to staying up late studying, unless you become nocturnal and are getting tons of sleep during the day. in terms of learning and being productive, there’s no real substitute for sleep: coffee tries, but frankly, it just can’t do the same job

i hope this was of some help, and if anyone has any additional tips, feel free to add them because i’m sure i didn’t cover everything. good luck to everyone who’s suffering through all nighters!

you can set yourself on fire || kidge week day 1

A/N: so so so i actually saw @88bulletsart​‘s kidge week prompts but i really wanted to write for @kidgeweek​‘s prompts as well so here you go. super late. i really hope none of you mind! 

i’ll be writing for both weeks tho, so expect a hell of a lot more of my writing! title is from crazy=genius by p!atd. and yes, i will base my story titles off p!atd songs and lyrics coz i’m panic trash 

Prompt: Burn

Summary: Pidge may or may not have accidentally singed herself in one of her technical endeavors but lucky enough Keith was quick to help out.

It was no secret that Keith was the most observant of all the paladins of Voltron, second only to Shiro who somehow managed to pick up on…well, everything. The only real difference between the two of them was that the older paladin would rely on this skill when in battle and rarely outside of it. Meanwhile Keith can’t help but notice all the little things in their daily lives.

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