im such a fashionista


I should be working on school gosh. But @geek-fashionista, @edendaphne @kaethemonster,and @powerdragonmoon ya’ll are so enabling and I thought I should draw Sidekick!Adrien AU again.

More Ladrien makeouts ¬ 3 ¬


👑✨my favorite Jaebum looks✨👑  #14

      ↳ Incheon Airport 150320


Was tagged by these beautiful babies @yung-fern @sailormexican @lajotxdelnorte , here are some selfies from this year. Its been a rough one. Im glad its coming to an end.
I tag @mexicanayque @muchacha-mala @lasfloresdemay0 @fashionista-fab @atrippylion @favlatina @brown-diam0nd @sgv-626 and anyone else thats wants to do this.