im such a dickhead

but steve calling the kids insults while caring for them is everything

“i promised to keep you shitheads safe”

“hey dickheads anyone gonna help me out here?”

“im gonna keep you safe, got it, dipshit”

Your bad driving caused you to not get hired.

(warning: long story)

Background: I work for a construction company that has many divisions but I work in the new construction section. I’ve been working at this company for about 5 years but actually worked along with my Dad who had 30+ years at the same company. Because of his long tenure in not only the field but with the company I got a lot of inside perks. I created a lot of very beneficial professional relationships through him. My dad recently became very sick (suffering from liver and throat cancer stage 4) and had to stop coming to work. My Dad and I were the only office guys in the department, so once he stepped away I became number 1 guy in the department, making all the decisions. This detail will come into play later.

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im so fucking annoyed some dickhead lost his ring in the river so i was like hey i’ll get it. so i did, and i got attacked by a bunch of frogs and it almost fucking killed me, we barely got out alive. so i say ‘heres your ring, how about a reward’ and he was like ‘what the fuck. fuck you. how dare you ask me for a reward’ LIKE. COME ON. I ALMOST DIED TO FROGS FOR YOUR RING

yeah uh im not tryna be a douche or forcefully explain no this is relaxed no awkwardness or tension here but some of y'all who don’t like the uh whaddaya call it uh “superwholock” newer musicals need to maybe chill yourself please.

i mean, can you just let people enjoy things, even if its cringey and simpler than you’d prefer? i understand and agree that some less mature, younger audiences unfortunately ignore the more serious realities in them for whatever reasons they may have, and that others treat them and exploit them as more serious than they actually are, but that’s all a pretty pathetic excuse to completely disrespect somebody’s favorite show.

if you want to explicitly disagree with it, maybe do so in an unbiased, approachable manner by explaining your personal, sound reasoning for why you’re not into it/why you have bad feelings for it. that’s sort of the most mature thing to do, rather than shit on some naive 13 year old just getting into the musical scene, only trying to have a good time w a show they’ve taken interest to.

its not that serious and you’re not superior or a better fan or whatever the hell for not liking those musicals and enjoying more classical pieces of theatre. still, just as you should be kind to others with different preferences, they should respect what you do and dont like, and its okay not to like things, so just please be considerate and kind to each other! i think im done, have a nice, full day!!! love you guys!!

the only thought of having the star wars trailer this month made me tear up, how am I gonna survive the whole movie

bite me  -  jihoon || pt 1

Originally posted by lobeu-my-carrots

summary; vampires have evolved…they’re just like you and me…but whether you’re safe from them or not….is a whole other story

genre; vampire!jihoon, angst, horror, action, romance (?)

warnings; blood mentions, graphic depictions etc all that vampire stuff

a/n: thank you to the lovely anon who requested this !!
also this is turning into a series i kind of got carried away with this one !!

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So Let The Love Tear Us Apart

this is a gift 4 my life partner @alrightevans as a congratulations for getting through her exams im proud of u, u dickhead xxxx

( love also to @prongsyouignoramus for her help )

Word Count: 3200


It’s been two weeks since Mr Evans’ funeral, James’ mum informs them sombrely she clicks on her left indicator to leave the train station carpark. Sirius shoots James a look, but James just stares out the window and counts the number of garden gnomes they pass.

(Nobody has garden gnomes in London, except Notorious Nick from halls in first year, and even then, he’d stolen them.

He’d let James help him go at them with cricket bats in the courtyard after exams. Smashing a ceramic gnome with a swing that would’ve scored a six was one of life’s finer pleasures, he’d decided.)

“How long are you boys staying for?” Euphemia asks, and this earns James another look from Sirius.

“Not sure yet,” Sirius says, but he’s still giving James that look, the one that tells James when he’s being too depressing, or too melancholy, and Sirius is this close to calling his mum about it. It’s a look that says why are you keeping secrets from us?

“A while, I think,” James says.

“Oh?” Euphemia tries to make eye contact with James through the rearview mirror, but he stares steadfastly at the back of the headrest in front of him.

“Is it alright if we go to Pete’s before dinner?”

She pauses, trying to weigh the situation. “Of course.”

James sits back and starts on the gnomes again.

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it’s actually hilarious seeing bell/arke shippers claiming to care about raven when they go on about how ‘raven deserves better’ than being shipped with bellamy because 'bellamy can’t put raven first over clorke’…. as if their fandom hasn’t been a large part in hating raven the moment she became a threat to their ship. as if that fandom hasn’t been hugely ableist towards raven even going so far to want her dead or wish harm on her if she has scenes with bellamy or dares question clorke grifbin… & like?? braven shippers have been active raven reyes fans since the start. blarkes are acting like we don’t care about her when we’ve literally had to defend her against that fandoms hatred & underappreciation of her since the beginning. when raven was being sidelined or shoved into a toxic relationship with wick before she even had a chance to deal with her trauma of her disability or losing finn & how most if not all of her scenes that season were all about wick & she was heavily sidelined that season, braven’s were the only ones who spoke out against that & no it didnt have to do with our ship. but it is interesting that raven had multiple scenes with bellamy in season one & then once season 2 came along it just vanished??? as did most if not all of raven’s other personal relationships with her friends from season to season. braven shippers have been active in treating raven as more than the ‘fanon raven’ that most of blarkes like to pretend she is. braven shippers have been the most active when it came to the mistreatment of raven in all the seasons & mistreatment & underappreciation from the media & fandom. as if blarke fandom doesn’t actively ship her with people who actually treat her like shit or she barely interacts with if at all because they need to get her away from bellamy… lmao it literally went; wick (gross), then jasper when that was over they moved onto luna & roan???? & then there are the ones who ship ableist murven like the ableists they are & now most hilarious of them all is echo) literally the only time raven & echo had a scene together raven was short with her & very business like (which is fair cause she did kill her friend)

& like claiming bellamy would automatically choose clorke over her or leave raven for clorke is so ugly & shows how little they actually value raven? they want raven to do all the work, they want her to save them & fix the ark & use a few witty one-liners while being involved with random people cause who cares? they just want raven as the lesser sidekick to clorke. they don’t care about raven other than that & it’s so transparent. they’re saying they 'care about raven’ but then actively claiming clorke is better than her? that raven is lesser than clorke? that bellamy doesn’t care about raven

I know this is going to be a Controversial Opinion but like
Boy Howdy am I pissed the fuck off at Lapis Lazuli and I wish people would stop giving her a pass on literally every single one of her actions because she’s experienced trauma.
Like I GET IT. She’s DEPRESSED. Binch me too the fuck but like, you still have to police yourself and take responsibility for your actions and realize your shit has consequences.

Sorry to be so damn blunt about it but she’s been an insufferable, insensitive dick with a chronic need to be the one in control in all of her relationships, which has only resulted in her pulling Jasper into a toxic, abusive fusion, being a general shithead to Peridot for having the AUDACITY to live in the barn before her and make a genuine effort to help Lapis feel at home, breaking Peridots things and never apologizing for it (that seems to be a trend with her), and making Peridot feel like she needs to literally bend over backwards to please her, to the point where Peridot is afraid to speak her mind in fear of upsetting her. And of course, when Peridot DOES finally give her two cents, Lapis immediately accuses her of lying and then flies off with hers AND PERIDOTS entire livelihood in tow, leaving Peridot with NOTHING.
And Lapis just ends up making herself suffer as well in the process.

Listen, I’m not saying you can’t like Lapis, and I’m sure they’re are tons of Lapis fans who DO recognize her behavior as an issue and that’s great but like, I am just so sick of people excusing everything she’s done because she’s been hurt, as if she hasn’t also actively been hurting almost everyone she’s ever interacted with.

John boyega points out that game of thrones lacks diversity when it comes to their cast. And someone on facebook just commented that the show has women, men, dwarves AND GINGERS. Like damn son, you’re right, hold my tea, sorry John can’t argue with that, they’ve got gingers.

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but think about hl going at it while their sex playlist is playing and slow hands comes on and louis just groans like "why would you put that on our playlist" and harry is just like "i was supporting niall" and then theyre laughing too hard

All I imagine is Louis riding Harry and the moment that the first chords start, he literally falls off of Harry because he refuses to have Harry inside of him while Niall talks about dirty laundry

when i was twelveish i was watching cartoon network one day at maybe like… i wanna say 11am? it was a school day, it was spring, no breaks, all the little children were in school but i was skipping because i missed the bus

anyways an episode of camp lazlo came on. it was probably like… the second episode. i’d just seen the first the previous week while i was playing games and eating dinner. i knew it was new because there were ads for it every few fucking seconds on that god forsaken channel

anyways i watched it. i laughed, i was a kid and it was a cartoon and i had fun.

then about 3pm my 17 year old sibling gets home from school and a couple hours later i’m hearing a commercial for “the newest never before seen episode of camp lazlo!” followed my a preview clip that shows…. the exact episode i saw.

i say “i just watched that this morning” and my sibling says “no you didn’t, liar, they just said the one coming up is new.” i said “it aired this morning, i watched it, it’s about (blah blah i remembered it then but idk now) dont call me a liar” sib says “no shit you know what it’s about, it just showed it on the commercial”

so i wait til it airs and i speak along with the episode at parts, and dictate what happens next, and sib is telling me to shut up the whole time. i say “i saw it already, they probably aired it accidentally. dont call me a liar when i’m not lying.”

sib says “what ever! who cares! shut up! leave me alone!”

this didn’t have a point im just sharing. older siblings under 25 are dickheads