im straightedge

hi im diana! im 17 and i live in houston texas. hispanic. im currently a senior and am involved in marching band. i also partcipated in colorguard/winterguard my sophomore year. im straightedge, but i can tolerate. i do dye my hair often but am trying to grow it out.

being friends : i love talking to new people, no matter where you live! im always on my phone so please dont hessitate to message me, im pretty talkitive and blunt, and have the mouth of a sailor. 

dating : yes i am single, and looking. im not very picky, age doesnt matter to me, lets just not make it drastic! my most successful relationships have been long distance and i dont plan on closing that door anytime soon. if i fall for you, i fall for you, no matter race, age or the distance between.

with all that being said, im looking forward to see where this blog takes me! (:

kik ~ capndianaa / IG ~ dianasosassy