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AUs! Bffs when they were little but moved away and meet each other again!USUK! Thank you!

“No way! Arthur? That you?”

Arthur turned to face the loud, cheery voice, coming face to face with a tall, broad man wearing a bright grin. He didn’t recognize him right away, and his puzzled expression must have been obvious because the man introduced himself.

“Arthur, it’s me! Alfred! Jones, I mean!” He laughed, rubbing the back of his neck. “How long has it been? Ten years?” He asked, shoving his hands in his hoodie pockets.

Arthur blinked, his cheeks flushing as his memories came flooding back. “Oh- Alfred, yes, um, twelve actually. I’m just here on a holiday, I wanted to stop by my childhood home-” He pointed, turning back to look at the now overgrown and abandoned house. He sighed.

“I don’t know what I wanted. I feel like I’d be jealous of any new family that was here, but..I didn’t want it to be so run down..” Arthur clucked his tongue, shaking his head at the state of his old home. He’d lived there from ages two to twelve, and considered the old Victorian style home his own.

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“Not Like This” - Peter Parker x Reader

Word Count: 5590 (oops) 

Warnings: Slight swearing, fluff, awkwardness (hehe)

Plot: Peter has had a crush on Liz Allen for months now, but hasn’t made a move. Being Peter’s best friend, you decide to help him and invite Liz over to the apartment to a small “party”. Liz unexpectedly agrees and now the task at hand was creating a memorable night. What could possibly go wrong at a party and a friendly game of “Seven Minutes in Heaven”?

Author’s Note: I’m sorry this isn’t a request and it’s sooo freakin long. But, hey! Dis is ma first fic of 2017! Wooo! Hope yall enjoy it :)

*The beginning dialogue in italics is from the Spider-Man Homecoming trailer*

Based off of New Girl, Season 2 Episode 15: “Cooler”

Cooler: Someone who is considered to be a “cool force” when another person is trying to pick up on a somebody (basically, a person who somehow finds a way to make someone else look less cool without realizing it)


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waffles // e.d

Summary: As you’re overthinking at night, Ethan comforts you and then agrees to make some waffles at 3am

Warnings: None, just fluff and me trying to be funny (but failing miserably)

Word Count: 1311

A/N: It’s actually a pretty old imagine that i wrote like a year ago, but i added some details and yeah, hope you like it. And forgive my terrible grammar, as english is not my first language and im still struggling so yeah, thanks ily all x

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“E…” you whispered and clutched the blanket under your chin. When you didn’t hear him answer, you decided to try again. “Ethan” you moved closer, feeling his calm breath on your cheeks. Obviously, it wasn’t enough, as the brown haired boy was still sleeping, probably dreaming about something pleasant, that little smile playing at the corner of his lips. You rolled your eyes and decided to nudge his nose with your own, hoping that it would wake him up. And it did just that. His one eye swung open and he shot a puzzled look in your direction, probably wondering why you’d woke him up in the middle of the night.

“What” he mumbled, his voice muffed by the pillows. He was pretty tired after filming a very intense video with Gray for their youtube channel and editing it right after. Before he fell asleep, you were both laying in his bed under a thin blanket, talking for over two hours, surrounded by the dark. In his opinion, it were moments like this that made the relationship special, and he loved it dearly. Not only because he could spend some time with you, his girlfriend, practicaly not saying a word and still have the best time ever, but also because you were a great listener and always knew what to say and how to lighten up his mood.

“ I feel like I have too many thoughts running through my head.” you sighed, at the same time playing with his fingers. “What’s going on?” he raised his eyebrows, but remembered that you can’t see his face as it was too dark to notice that small details. “I don’t know, it’s just…What if it’s just not gonna work anymore?”  He felt you became more tense, your voice shaking a little. It was hard for him to understand what you’d mean by saying that it’s not gonna work anymore. You were always very sensitive, so Ethan had to be very careful and try to get you to talk about the issue. “What do you mean? Listen, babe.” He sat on the bed and grabbed your hand, in order to pull you up. When you were facing him, a reassuring smile appeared on his lips and he brushed the hair back from your face and stroked your cheek gently. “Whatever it is, it’s going to be fine. I promise. We’ll get through this together.”

“It’s just that…” you sighed deeply, trying desperately to find the right words that could help express the emotions which were building up inside of you. “Sometimes I feel like all of this…” you looked up and met his gaze. “It’s just my imagination. Like, how I get so lucky? I’m not good enough for you, you should be with someone better than me, or some  Hollywood star sinc…” you couldn’t finish your sentence, because Ethan pulled you closer and kissed  passionately, not letting you speak any more words.  The kiss was long and light, as he enjoyed the sensation of your body becoming less tense. When he pulled back and saw your rosy cheeks, the hint of a self-satisfied smirk played across full, pink lips. “Don’t you ever think that you’re not good enough. You’re the best thing that ever happened to me and I don’t know what would I do, or where would I be, without you, Y/N.” No words needed,  you hugged him and rested your head on his chest, feeling your heart pump like crazy, while Ethan breathed in your fresh scent, rocking you gently in his arms.

“E?” you asked again, biting your lower lip, as the idea popped up in your head. “Mhm?”  he mumbled, slowly falling asleep again.

“I want waffles.” “It’s literally 3 am.” “So?” He sighed deeply and lifted himself up a little, just so he could look at you properly. You were definitely something else and he was loving it. As the days passed, he found himself more and more in love with you and it was, without a doubt, the best feeling in the whole world. “You’re unbelievable.” “Yes, and very hungry.” Ethan chuckled, amused by your response, threw back the covers and rolled out of bed.“You’re gonna get fat” a gentle smile appeared on his face, as he was watching you get up from the mattress. “Well, if it means that I’ll have a nice butt, I’m willing to give it a try” You shrugged, being totally serious, picked up the pillow that has fallen on the floor and threw it back on the bed. Then, you followed your boyfriend into the kitchen, remembering about being as quiet as possible, since Grayson was sleeping in the other room. “Just for the record, I really like your butt” he stated, two of his hands raised up in the air, as he stepped on the cold kitchen tiles. “I know you do” you laughed and passed him by, in order to kneel down in front of the cupboards, in search of a large bowl. You didn’t knew where to look at first, but with a little help from Ethan, you both managed to find not one, but three bowls, a whisk and most importantly, a decent pan.

“Give me the eggs, chef” just as he was about to hand them over, three of them slipped out of his hand and smashed on the floor, suprisingly making a whole lot of noise. You covered your mouth to stop yourself from bursting out laughing and when you met Ethan’s gaze, you couldn’t help it but make an inhuman noise, which was very similar to a noise that a dying animal would make. “SHUSH” he panicked, the fear in his eyes being slightly amusing. “Don’t you shush me, you dumbo! Look what you’ve done!” You raised your voice a little, still having tears in the eyes. You botch just stood there, praying, that all of that noise didn’t wake Grayson up, otherwise, you were totally screwed.

You tried to take a step back, avoiding the smashed eggs, but Ethan stopped you, raising one of his hands and putting a finger to his lips. He wanted to make sure you’d stay quiet, as he focused on the sounds coming from the corridor. Not long after that, you were both greeted with a similar voice coming from behind, that make both of you turn around.  

“What are you guys doing” Grayson crossed his arms, looking around the place. His hair were a total mess and he was squinting his eyes, affected by the bright light. There were many kitchen utensils laying on the cupboards, but he didn’t feel the need to ask any further questions. Yet.

“Oh, you know, cooking at 3 am. What’s new, right?” a nervous laugh escaped Ethan’s mouth, when he turned around and washed his hands in the sink. “You’re insane, people. Honestly, who coo…” there was just a loud crack and in this exact moment, you and Ethan knew, you were totally screwed. In the next second, Gray was laying on the floor, his shorts and the back of his shirt covered in egg’s yolk.

It took only 5 seconds, before all three of you bursted out laughing, the shock and confusion on Grayson’s face making all of it even funnier. Yes, he just slipped on the crashed eggs on the floor and it was truly priceless.

“Oh my god, are you alright!?” You tried so hard not to laugh, but it was just too much. He was fine, nothing serious happened, but you still felt so bad for laughing.

“Yes, thanks for asking!!” he muttered, struggling with standing up, as he tried to wipe his hands into his white shirt. “"You’re unbelievable! Both of you!”

“Anyone fancies waffles?” asked Ethan, waving a pan in the air, feeling pretty bad for his younger brother, still trying to stifle a laugh.

Wanna One when Their Crush says they like Manly Boys

i was originally going to make them all mess up at being bad boys but after a gc im in was talking about a bad boy au i can actually low key imagine them being bad/manly

okay after i finished writing this i realized that this might not be what ther requester wanted but I still hope you like it anyways! 


Jisung would totally be like, “ Oh yeah I got this, I can be a manly guy.” but when he actually tried it won’t work and he’ll just start laughing cutely and contemplate life because he’s so embarrassed 

“nevermind I can’t be as manly as I would want to be for you.”

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I feel like Sungwoon would actually pull off being a bad boy for a good while. but like one day you would he wanted to guys to hang out and when you get to the park he would be sitting with a picnic blanket looking all perfect like the gif and he give you the flowers in his hand.

“I may not be a bad boy but I hope you will still like me for who I am”

*And you accept ofc bc who can resist Sungwoon?*

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I feel like Minhyun being a bad boy would not only attract you, but possibly the entire school and more HAHA like just the gazes he gives off, he doesn’t even need to look at the people, one glance at him and they’ll be charmed. He won’t even be much of a bad boy but just the things he does will capture you. 

“Y/N Have you fallen for my charms yet?” *cue laughter following afterwards from him*

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Since Seongwoo likes making people laugh, i would think that when he trying to be a bad boy, he’ll also pretend to mess up in some stuff. Like if he was trying to scale the wall to skip class but failed and you’re high key laughing at him he’ll take it as a chance to just pin against the wall like, 

“Why are you laughing?” 

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Since Jaehwan is known for bluffing he’ll probably try VERY HARD in making it seem like he’s a very manly guy which you’ll probably see through and end up liking him anyways. Once he does finally confess to you, you’ll probably laugh a little and tell him the you already knew and he’ll probably be so surprised.

“What? How did you know? Was I that obvious?”

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Daniel would a great manly guy. He would try to do almost everything for you like helping you put on your shoes (as he said on happy together lfhkdfd) and carry your bags for you. And if ever got into a rough situation the gaze would immediately change in his eyes and he would try to take over if it got worse.

“Is everything alright here Y/N?” 

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Honestly i feel like jihoon would be more cute then manly but there will probably be more times that he will step up and be a very manly person which will charm you! Like lets say a fellow male classmate was making fun of you he would probably step in and tell the classmate to back off. 

“Hey, I don’t like fighting but if you keep making her feel uncomfortable I’m gonna have to step in.”

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Woojin would be the silent but manly type. Like you would be on the other side of the room but he would spot you just sitting alone looking at people drinking their waters since you have none. Then he would silently walk up to you and just hand you water. 

“i thought you would want this.”

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I feel like Jinyoung would also be the silent but manly type. If someone was bothering you he would secretly just talk to them without you there and when you find out he’ll be all nonchalant about it. 

“You needed help but I didn’t want to confront him in front of everybody so I did it when he and i could talk alone. I got him off your back though aren’t you happy?

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I feel like when Daehwi would try to be manly it would come off as cute. You would probably just be carrying a lot of heavy things and he would just rush up to you and take most of it out of your hands and give you this really cute look while also trying to act manly. 

“You looked like you needed some help so I’m here to lift the weight off your shoulders!”

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even though Guanlin might not act like manliest guy you will surely appreciate his attempt! He will usually pop up out of nowhere to help you will the most pointless (but very important!) things. Like since he’s so tall he’ll probably help you get stuff on high shelfs (probably put them there on purpose though HAHA)

“You need me around so I can always help you with these kind of things.”

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Headcanons for Namjoon who lives in the vents of a local office building: - he is exactly 102 feet long - falls in love with a person who works there (the reader) - slithers through the vents to get around - the spider man kiss (do what you will with this) - they end up living in the vents together


  • Aight so stretchy!Namjoon was born with a special condition
  • He freaking stretches as he grows
  • And shit, once he was 6 years old and the size of a full grown giraffe, the adults started getting concerned
  • Y’already know they started looking up some voodoo shit once his classmates started complaining that his height got in the way of class picture day
  • He has to bend and contort himself to fit into the picture and by this point, his torso can bend around the length of the entire classroom thrice
  • So yeah, not fun
  • Eventually his peers start regarding him as a menace to society
  • or whatever
  • And his parents complain that there’s no place to find XXXXXXXXXXL clothes anymore
  • Custom-clothes-fitting is damn expensive
  • And Namjoon’s so freaking clumsy, every time he trips over his own feet he ends up taking out half the block and there’s a new crater in the road
  • Airplanes start crashing not because he gets in the way but because the pilots are distracted as to why his head is normal sized when the rest of his torso is so…
  • l o n g
  • It’s not even just Airplanes, the whole of Seoul is in pieces
  • So of course Namjoon does what he thinks is the heroic thing and disappears into oblivion
  • Nobody’s really that concerned
  • Like aside from his parents, who are super concerned because let’s face it, Namjoon can’t survive on his own
  • But he’s 102 feet long now, and though sometimes he’s able to contort and twist himself down, for the most part it’s fvcking complicated
  • Namjoon hasn’t slept in a bed for years
  • So yeah, that’s how Namjoon ends up in the vents
  • For a while, people are kinda concerned about how the vents seem to move and how there’s always loud exclamations coming from them
  • One guy swears he hears “OW, MY HEAD!” a few times in quick succession but like maybe’s he’s just had too much to drink 
  • Or he needs more sleep
  • Anyhow, you’re just average run-of-the-mill office worker
  • You just moved to Seoul from your small town
  • Big hopes and dreams motivated by your parents’ desires and pressures (so really, it’s just their hopes and dreams) 
  • But for now you have to take it slow
  • That whole 9 to 5
  • And you seem to be the only one who’s actually fvckING CONCERNED 
  • You decide to go all Sherlock Holmes with this shit
  • You stay back one day just to “finish up some work”
  • But you have like a bat and you’re prepared to rip the vents apart
  • Imagine your surprise when you open up the vents (don’t ask how you just do) tO FIND A FREAKING MANWORM
  • You start knocking the crap out of him with your bat
  • And he’s trying to stop you by screaming out that he’s harmless
  • But you’ve seen the horror movies, you ain’t stopping for shit
  • A long slinky arm sneaks out of the vents, pulling away the bat while you just stare in horror
  • You start flipping out because–
  • Well you already freaking know why
  • But all of a sudden his weird ass snake arm covers your mouth to shut you up and then you REALLY start working up a fuss
  • This is not how you are going to go, nuh-uh
  • Wormboy is strong enough (with what muscle, you wonder) and pulls you into the vent
  • You try biting him but he doesn’t budge and the two of you are left in the awkwardly tight space
  • When he finally lets go, he gives you a glare
  • “Can you ever shut up? You could have busted me.”
  • The vent is dark but you hope he can still make out the features of utter disdain on your face.
  • “I’d knee you so hard down there if I could just freaking reach it,” you give a pause, squinting down and trying to see where exactly that would be, “hey, how long are you?”
  • “102 feet.”
  • “holy shit.”
  • He wiggles his eyebrows at you and you’re like k I’m out byE sweaty
  • And that’s the start of an unlikely friendship?? Like eventually you are just sneaking food into the vents.
  • One of your coworkers clearly sees at one point
  • But he has a report that he needs to get in to the boss
  • And again, maybe he’s just had too much to drink. he doesn’t even drink but that’s irrelevant
  • And needless to say, the two of you start to catch feelings for each other
  • Because idk taboo relationships and working around the impossible and all that
  • And you start spending a lot more time in the vent
  • He shows you how he gets around, and it involves a lot of gross body twisting and you’re glad it’s dark in the vents because you’re sure it’s not the prettiest sight
  • It’s actually pretty cozy and Namjoon somehow manages to scavenge all of the essentials to make a living for himself
  • When you fall asleep one day against his snakey figure, you realize how livable it actually is and you think it might be nice to stay a little longer
  • And whenever you’re with Namjoon you forget about your obligations and he forgets about his condition
  • One day as you crawl out of the events, your shirt gets stuck and you are forced to crawl out in the opposite direction
  • It just works like that okay don’t question it
  • And as you crawl out, you have to squeeze by his head with your own and you’re in an awkward position and you can just feel his breath on your face and he smells like those candy canes you snuck in earlier 
  • Next thing you know, the both of you are tilting your heads ever so slightly so that your lips meet, and it’s kinda like the spiderman kiss except you’re the one with your body half dangling out of a vent but you guys keep going
  • And once you split, you’re s o e m b a r r a s s e d but he thinks it’s kinda cute
  • You slip out quite quickly, and to your surprise that one coworker is just watching you from his desk, sipping his cup of tea and looking on in mild amusement
  • Wonwoo is his name, if you recall correctly
  • You lift a finger to your mouth to tell him to keep quiet
  • He just shrugs so you figure you’re pretty safe
  • You and Wormboy continue your budding relationship
  • More kisses and more vent sneaking
  • And Wonwoo has suddenly become your best friend because he’s the only one who knows
  • Namjoon’s a lil jealous but you’re like nothing will ever compare to your snakey torso and he’s calm again
  • forgive me i have sinned
  • He highkey just doesn’t give a shit, and you’re starting to annoy him
  • “Why don’t you just move in with the guy?” You’re eating with lunch with him when he quips this sarcastically
  • LITTLE DOES HE KNOW, you’re a pretty literal person
  • How bad would it really be? The vents are cozy and for once you would be doing something for yourself
  • Your whole life you’ve been following your parents’ orders, it’s the whole reason why you’re in Seoul
  • And when you look thoughtful of the suggestion, Wonwoo wonders how he can get as far away as possible from you
  • Because obviously you’re insane
  • Namjoon thinks the same
  • Who would willingly want to move in to the vents with him?
  • Apparently you, and you’re too headstrong for him to really argue so he gives in relatively easily
  • so yeah, that’s how the two of you end up living together in the vents
  • wormboy and his human
  • k i’m out
A Pirate’s Life For Me || Kim Taehyung

Genre: Action/ Fluff/ Smut

Pairing: Taehyung x Reader

A/N: oh wow, hi. I’m back and im sorry i lied about this coming out like three days ago. my allergies ended up getting to me and then i had work D: but aye, i’m excited for this! My first BTS fic and yeah. :D so, tell me how you like it so far! If you also have a request, let us know! We’ll be happy to create something for you! <3

~ admin courtneycat =‘-’=

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You weren’t too sure what you were watching. Was this idiot drunk? Did he always act like this? Oh god, was he always drunk? Still pondering in thought, you continued to watch the strange guy as he fought with the seller on the pier. He was caught stealing apples from the cart and was shamelessly trying to flirt his way out of the situation with the male seller. What in the world. Rolling your eyes at the man, you couldn’t help but notice that he was young- quite young- if not, your age at least. He was tall, dressed in a dirty white button up that was two times his size and had the top buttons undone. My heavens, the skin that showed was perfectly tanned. His pants seemed a bit tight on him, but that didn’t change the fact that he was incredibly handsome.

Shaking your head at the unruly thoughts that entered your brain, you hiked up your dress, and climbed up the stairs to assess the situation. Sauntering closer to the commotion, the strange man had a bandanna wrapped around his forehead and another one tied in a belt loop. His cat like eyes were sharp, yet very youthful. He was smirking, his lips were full and pink. He was very strange indeed. Where did he even come from? You were positive you haven’t seen him before. And trust me, you knew everyone in this small kingdom. You were close enough now to stop the bickering between the seller and strange man.

“Excuse me? Yeah, you,” you raised an eyebrow at him and he could only do the same back at you, “What’s going on here?”

The mystery man took a bite from the apple before answering you. The crisp crunch of the apple alarmed the poor seller and he went to protest but you held your hand out to him to stop him from speaking. He dared not try to fight you knowing you had the upper hand in this situation. Looking back at the strange man, you caught a glimpse of mischief glittering in his eyes along with something else you couldn’t quite figure out. Who was he? Most men here were either royals or beggars.

“Well, m’lady, that’s quite the question there. You see, I was only trying to- “you cut him off, already knowing he was trying to stall the problem.

“To what? To steal? Is that what you were trying to do?” The strange man’s mouth bobbed up and down and his eyes widen. Your lip curled up a little at the sight of him. As ridiculous as his facial expression was, he was still beautiful god damnit. His skin glowed as the sun light bounced off his honey tone. He took in a deep breath and answered you.

“Look, ma’am, I’ll pay him back tonight, I’m only passing through for the night and needed something quick. I promise you,” he grabbed your hand softly and kissed your knuckles. Letting out a soft gasp, you couldn’t deny the softness of his lips or the tingling sensation that ran up your arm and throughout your body. His dark eyes were still trained on yours and you felt almost paralyzed. A warm blush spread across your cheeks at the contact. Not one man has ever made you feel like that ever.

“What is your name?” you asked him. He stood up straight, still holding your hand.

With a slight tilt of his head, his left eyebrow quirked upward.

“Kim. Kim Taehyung,” and with a wink, he dashed off. Spinning around to catch him before he’s too far gone, you only get a glimpse of his back and then he’s gone. Huffing a breath out, you turn back to the seller and hand him a pouch of coins.

“For the apple and the trouble, sir. Notify me if you ever see that strange man again, please,” you ask of him and he nods quickly, bowing at you as well. You nod your head in thank you, and begin your walk back to the castle.

Well, he did have a nice behind.

so idk if anyone remembers but i got “hacked” at some point so i was a little paranoid about that for a while, and after that big hacking fiasco a while ago i turned on the two-factor authentication
Bc im perma logged in everywhere i completely forgot about it and well now my old phone number doesnt work anymore
And when i got my new phone i was still logged on my laptop so i could do it from there
But now that my laptop is dead too ermm
I gave it to repairs earlier today but i doubt ill still be logged into tumblr when i get it back
SO BASICALLY i cant log into my tumblr anymore
I contacted support about this and they havent gotten back to me yet but since i dont even have access to my email of that account (for the same reason) it may be that they cant do anything for me bc honestly thats probably a fishy request asgfkd

But yeah in that case i’ll have to remake which i rly dont want to ahjsjd but such is life

So tl;dr: im a complete mess, i may have to remake my blog and ill need yall to follow me again then or my fragile ego will break and i’ll cry

update on mah life: VACATION TIME

i’m back! nows its vacation wooooo

now i can focus more on playing and working and just tumblr stuff~ well maybe..

well anyway how are you guys?

i still have some requests and stuff to finish but i also want to spend more time relaxing and spending time with my family,so i wont do much personal stuff here.i will still allow you guys to send me requests,challenges,asks and other stuff while im vacationing~

also once again i will also focus more on my DA,i piled up my work so biggie though

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(Here’s a quick colored doodle of Yuri because he’s literally my spirit animal don’t ask)


yeah, i think that’s evil enough! now then, i WOULD make up a proper caption for  this, but i’m still laughing over what i said last night

[11:06:49 PM] lawrence: So,
[11:07:05 PM] lawrence: i call this the ‘if someone tags this with sabezra i’m gonna snap their neck’

Heya howdy doodle doo~

Alright, so, i have my list of RFSpook requests, and I wanna do them all!

So im gonna!

Its late in the month and theres no way i can get them all out in a few days, (i tried to get them all earlier but i ended up busy;), but im still gonna post them whenever theyre done!

Cause um? Spooky time? Is all the time.

anonymous asked:

"Hey ive been thinking about you" jikook prompt

thank you for sending a prompt!!! oh my god this is really cheesy how am i so cheesy. jikook makes me weak

 i hope you like it!

title: thinking about you
word count: 344
genre: fluff fluff so much fluff

Jeongguk stood in the middle of the store when his cellphone suddenly started ringing. He was about to ignore whoever was calling him, but when he saw it was Jimin, he hurried to answer it.

He quickly apologized to the store attendant and pressed the phone against his ear.


Jeongguk felt a smile tugging at his lips and something warm spreading inside of him. He missed Jimin’s voice so much, and that quiet and sleepy hey already had such an effect in him.

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So I’m sorry for all the requests I haven’t been doing, I still remember them I’m just finding a hard time to find motivation (and yesterday was a bit stressful) I haven’t done digital art in a while so I felt I should try something, and as always it’s Natsume Takashi. I really almost gave up but… well… yeah it’s here anyway. quick and probably tons of mistakes but I’m tired.

2junbros  asked:

Yes ! I woke up just in time !! Can i request a fluff with Kagami’s ex-gf from US coming in Tokyo for a volleyball game (yeah haikyuu!! got me) and they somehow end up spending time together, like a suprise date bc they still have mutal feelings?

AYYYYE HAIKYUU!! I really wanna start writing for it too /sparkly eyes/ And yay you finally caught the ask box, I remember you kept missing it back then so this one’s for you! im sorry this turned out to be super long but i hope you like it and more under the cut! 

“Taiga?” That voice. Why did it sound so familiar? He whirled around to meet eyes with none other than his ex-girlfriend.

Instantly his thoughts were filled with blasts from the past. You and you bright smile, holding his hand as you dragged him along the fair. You comforting him after the crazy roller coaster. You kissing him for the first time and him freaking out.

At the thought of the last one, he blushed and blinked at you in confusion. “___? Holy crap.” He let out a laugh and threw his arms around you as yours circled his huge waist. “It’s been years now. How have you been?”

You smiled at his question. He’s always been the thoughtful one and you were glad that you ended on fairly neutral terms. It had been a bit difficult since he wasn’t only your boyfriend but also your boyfriend. You cried, of course, when he left but you wouldn’t ever admit that you actually mourned your relationship with him too. Everything had been wonderful and sweet and memorable. You knew it wasn’t possible to completely let go of your feelings for this sweet man.

Sighing with a grin, you replied, “I’ve been good. I’m here for a volleyball game actually. And you? Still playing basketball? You got bigger, didn’t you?” You poked his rock hard abs with cheeks painted pink. He got harder and bigger. Maybe his dic— Nope, not gonna go there.

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For Some Fun

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REQUESTED BY ANON: Namjoon fluff + slight smut where he comes home from tour and spends a day with her gf and he keeps smitten over her (sorry it’s cheesy [like keeps closing his eyes and leaning for a kiss but keeps getting interrupted]) and at the end of the day they’re cuddling in bed and it ends up to lead to something else? I love your writings by the way


GENRE: Fluff + Slight/Suggestive Smut ;) hbd nams haha

okay, im sorta mad at myself bc i kind of took this request in a slightly different direction. i began writing this at school, and since tumblr is blocked at school, i was remembering this request from the top of my head, so if it’s not want you wanted, i am so sorry anon! D: however, it’s namjoon’s b-day so i hope you’ll let it pass once. i swear there are still some stuff you wanted on here tho! so yeah, lol…i hope you’ll like it ^^ enjoy!! :)) happy birthday namjoon! <33 

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HIII this is an instagram request
still living off of data unfortunately
in the meantime, have this! i inked it on paper then used a scanner app to clean it up then colored it on my phone (BTW I NEED SOME TIPS WITH COLORING IM NOT TOO FOND OF THE BEARD SHADING IT LOOKS WEIRD)
so um
yeah hope u like it

ily @markiplier
Unexpected Getaway

Anon: Cameron imagine, something cute


Sunday nights were always a drag, like seriously, the day before school, everyone hated it. I did nothing productive all day, and I hated the feeling. It was about 8:00 pm, so the night almost over. Sitting on the couch watching Phineas and Ferb was getting boring, so I decided to go to bed a little early.

Right as I’m getting up, I hear a knock on the door. “It better be important” I whisper to myself. I put my hand on the knob, but don’t open it yet “Who is it?!?” I yell, but not loud enough that my parents would hear. “Babe, it’s me open the door.“ What would Cameron want at this time of night (not like it’s late anyways).

I open the door and he immediately crashed his lips on mine. “I’m taking you out, lets go get you dressed.” He blurted out so quick I almost didn't understand what he said. He grabbed my arms and pulled me upstairs to my room, and turned the lights on. I sat on the bed and watched him search through my closet, looking at various items of clothing. “Cameron, what are you doing?” He held up a black Nirvana shirt, scanned it, then threw it on the bed next to me “I’m picking out your outfit, since you don’t move fast enough.” he said tearing through my closet again.

"No I mean, where are you taking me?” Then a pair of grey ripped jeans hit me in the face “That’s a secret. Now get dressed, I’ll be waiting in the car.” He stepped out of the room so I could change. I was utterly confused, but excited at the same time. Where was he taking me, but I liked the mystery of it all.

That was my favorite thing about Cameron, he was unpredictable in every sense of the word. No one knew what he would do next, and I kinda liked that.

After I got dressed, I went into the bathroom to tidy my hair a little. Just a simple brush and beanie couldn’t solve, no make up though. He hated when I wore make-up, not because it took long, but because “You don’t really need it, your beautiful without it.” To bring it all together, I slipped on my black Converse that he brought me last month. I grabbed my jacket and phone then headed out to Cams car.

“Finally, now we can leave.” he said when I closed the door. He started the engine and drove on. No music because he enjoyed the silence. He kept his eyes on the rode, hand on the steering wheel. Momentarily looking at me and smiling.

“Can you at least give me a hint?” He shook his head and grinned “You’re so stubborn.“ You gave him a confused look. You tried your hardest to figure out what he had planned, just as you were thinking he cut you from your thoughts “Just let it go, and trust me, okay?” He looked at you waiting for an answer, but you weren’t cooperating so he gave you puppy eyes and said “You trust me, or not?” You couldn't help but laugh, you shook your head realizing that he had won, once again. More so, how you put up with this dork. “Yes, I trust you Cam.”

That drive was taking a long time, and soon the sound of smooth road, turned into a noisy rock, and dirt path. We I looked out the window, and we were driving on a cliff surrounded by water. He turned the the corners until he reached the top of the cliff, and came to a complete stop. He shut down the engine, took off his seat belt, and looked at me with pure excitement. “Are you ready?” I took off my seat belt “Yeah” I said.

When we got out of the car he led me to the front of it with my eyes covered. I couldn’t see anything but I felt the rocks crumbling underneath my shoes, and a cool breeze leaving me with chill bumps. Only a few steps we took before we stopped, and he revealed what he had to show me.

What I saw was so beautiful, I was speechless. It was a sky full of glowing stars, but it wasn't just a few of them it was literally filled with star clusters, but what stood out the most the Moon. The sun of the night gleamed in my eyes as I stared in amazement. “Do you remember this place, well you probably won’t because we've never been here at night.” Cameron said breaking me from my daydream. I had to think for a second, but then it all came back to me. “Wait is this the place where we first met? That one day at camp?” He grinned and shook his head “I've never seen it like this before. Why did you bring me here?”

He licked his lips and put his head down for a minute, then looking back up at me. “I brought you here because I wanted to give you something.” then he reached in his coat pocket and pulled out something. I couldn't really see it because it was dark and he wasn't standing in the moonlight.

He stepped a little closer coming into the light and held out a black velvety box. ”Oh my God, What is happening!!!!!!“ I thought to myself, as I felt my heart rate start to rise. He got closer to me, closing the space between us. "I’ve been wanting to give you this for a while now..” he started. He grinned as he opened the box to expose a diamond encrusted ring. “Cameron, what the fuck! I’m sorry, I’m just really…..I don’t know.” I couldn't even put my feelings into words.

His large hands took my left one and slid the ring on. Perfect fit. “I promise to, love you on your worst days. I promise to pick you up whenever you fall. I promise to never hurt you, or lie to you. I promise that, as long as we’re wearing these rings-” then he held his hand up showing me his matching ring. “I’ll be yours, and you’ll be mine.” He intertwined my shaky hands with his and continued. “Do you accept my promise ring?”

I tried to speak, but again, my mouth refused to make the words come out. I just stared at him, still trying to wrap my mind around what just happened. He looked back at me waiting for my answer. Then a grin ran across his face “Y/N, say something, your making me nervous.” I let out a long exhale, almost like the life was coming back to my body. “Yes, Cameron, I accept.” A big smile grew on his face “YES” he screamed then he picked me up and spun me around a few times. He put my down and kissed me softly but filled with passion. “I love you so much.” he said in a low voice

“I love you too, Cameron.”

That was the start to our forever


Other Imagines

I tried to make it as cute as possible. Yeah I know this one took waaaaay to long, and im sorry for that. I just want these imagines to great for y'all. Im still taking requests atm…so yeah….

anonymous asked:


i’M gOnNa VoMiT OKAY imagine sitting on the couch in his living room after dinner with his family, and you’re watching something on tv and his sister’s out but both his parents are doing stuff in the kitchen. and you’ve got a blanket over the both of you and calum’s hand is on your thigh and at first its just a nice pressure but then it starts to creep up higher and higher and then he presses his middle finger against your core through your panties and your breath catches, and you’re like ”cal. stop. everyone’s right in the next room.” but he just smiles smugly and gives you a soft kiss against your shoulder and is just like, ”guess you’re gonna have to be quiet then.” and he rubs you through the fabric, and even though literally anyone could catch you you didn’t stop him because you’d been horny all night and he knows it so he teases you under the blanket, before really goin in on your clit and rubbing you at the same rhythm that he kisses your neck (luckily you’re both hidden by the back of the couch) and you can feel your hips rising up to meet his touch and the building sensation in your lower stomach and then he gets his fingers in you and starts pumping in and out and you’re trying to keep quiet but he’s getting you at all your sweet spots and right when you’re about to come he covers your mouth with his and swallows your moan to keep you quiet. and after you do, then he kinda withdraws his hands from under the blanket all smugly and notices the little hickey he left on your neck during all that and thEN ALL OF A SUDDEN HIS PARENTS COME IN TO JOIN YOU AND YOU’RE STILL REALLY FLUSHED and they’re just like, “honey, are you okay?” and you’re like yeah yeah yeah totally im fine and calum is literally trying so hard not to crack up and you hate him so so much in that moment (but you totally get your revenge next time he makes the mistake of taking you out to eat with the boys and you trail your hand up and down his leg the whole evening)