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i just had a prompt for a series fic. basically jimin and reader are huge kpop idols (jimin is still in bts) and they've been secretly dating for 4 years, so that means they dont get to see each other much, but they do meet at the AMAs. they meet at a hotel at the end of the night and they have the most kinkiest, smutty and hot night ever. im not asking you to do this im just sharing a really good idea

Okay. I am not mad at you or anything because I rarely ever get asks like this, thank goodness. So please read the following in a calm tone yet with a slight, almost imperceptible hint of underlying frustration that is threatening to surface, but never does because it is very well smothered.

At the end of the day, no matter what light any writer perceives this message, you are making a request. Yes, you are putting it under the guise of “sharing a really good idea” – but I am supposing it is an idea that you hope I pick up and decide to write for you, despite that it explicitly states in my FAQ that I do not take requests. If you have read my stories, you would notice that this kind of idea is definitely not my style. I am not trying to sound pretentious or put myself on a pedestal by saying that. It is just that alike many other writers in this fandom, I simply prefer to write stories that nobody is likely to have read before, and the “Secretly Dating Idols” AU is a generally common trope. I am certain you can find an abundance of stories that cater to your idea on here, I have definitely read a few over my time.

Anyway. Before you send messages like this next time, please check the writer’s FAQ and consider a few things. Does the writer take/is open to requests/ideas? Is the idea/request something that you genuinely believe the writer would be interested in writing, judging from what they have currently written and posted so far? Have they made it evident that they have a lot of WIPs to write as it is, or they are currently working through a story schedule? Does the writer take/is open to requests/ideas? Does the writer take/is open to requests/ideas? Does the writer take/is open to requests/ideas? Just. Please. Consider those questions. Because a lot of writers, including myself, deem it a tad inconsiderate when someone completely ignores the common courtesy of checking the FAQ before going full steed ahead and sending in a request. No matter if it is guised as “sharing a really good idea.”

  • midoriya at 3am: ok but can we talk about the fact that all might has managed to maintain his hero form for as long as he has despite the fact that he’s literally missing half his stomach? he literally sacrificed his own well being just to protect the nation from losing a beacon of hope for as long as he possibly could while risking his life far too many times to count. not to mention how he still possessed so much power despite having a time limit and breaking that time limit when he needed to the most. we really dont deserve him, we dont give him enough credit for the things he does and i 100% believe he deserves a thousand times more than he gets even if some people think he gets enough praise because he literally busted his entire ass just for ungrateful, ugly villains to ruin it all and im mad about that. im so mad. doesnt this all make you mad
  • todoroki: what are you doing in my room
  • what she says: yeah im fine.

Let’s just skip to step two. Trust falls!

a HUGE change of my theory

the girl represents jimin, so when jimin gets injured when he’s dancing alone, the girl who was dancing with hoseok also gets injured bc they re connected and shit

she could even represent his personality of how he pretends to be bc remember in this video the boys pretend to be all happy and show a good reflection of themself to the rest of the world, because they don’t want to show their true self

so these girls actually dont exist

that also explains why jungkooks girl disappeared when he got better and accepted what happened.

and why we couldnt see who yoongi was trying to shove away when he got mad bc at some points he was alone and at some point you could see him with his girl and trying to get her out of his way.

and thats why the actresses match so well with the boys, bc they represent the boys’ personalities

and thats maybe why everyone stans them bc they remind us of bts lmao

How i see the mars signs

Aries Mars:  HELLA ANGRY OMG. they talk with such anger and hostility and like can be so so so so brutal and mean and physically violent sometimes. 

Taurus Mars: Stubborn like if there pissed at you they probably won’t change what there stance is until to you until you apologize and maybe will still be pissed at you.

Gemini Mars: okay like every gemini placement THEY ARE ALL OVER THIS PLACE WITH THERE ANGER like “OMG IM SO MAD, wait cats are cool, no wait what i mad about again” 

Cancer Mars: “I GIVE I GIVE AND NO ONE LOVES OR APPRECIATES ME!!11!” a really angry crier like they probably are sobbing because they are pissed at you.

Leo Mars: Probably really in control with there anger tbh?? idk i feel like there are a tons of ways to piss leo mars off but i feel they try to keep in control of there anger.

Virgo mars: Emotions??? VIRGO???? *insert laughing here* I mean i think they are super critical and cant see there own faults but like come on, its virgo…

Libra Mars: probably really like peace actually, fightings just not for them. probably a little lazy and finds issues with motivation.

Scorpio mars: The god of murder. little tip DONT FUCK WITH THEM. they will probably wish ill on you for the rest of there life if there pissed. (pleasedon’thurtme)

 Sagittarius Mars: they’re like super carefree most of the time but if they are pissed at you they probably have a good reason. 

Capricorn Mars: Blunt, brutal and probably have no mercy when angry. probably dig deep for wounds. 

Aquarius Mars: I don’t think they’re capable of getting too angry. like honestly really cool and chill and just want to relax and sleep.

Pisces Mars: really really passive aggressive when hurt. pls don’t hurt them. they mean well. 

(I wasn’t being serious just heads up)

Perhaps in another world

  • Hoseok: Do you ever just want to gently place your hands on someone's cheeks and hold their head there in your hands and look right into their eyes and then violently twist their head at a right angle and snap their neck?:)
  • Yoongi: you're still mad at me.
  • you: mary's death is important!!! it is important so sherlock stops being arrogant!! and it is important the show has conflict!!! john and sherlock need conflict or the show is stagnant!!!!
  • me, an intellectual: in episode 5.8 of elementary, Jonny Lee Miller's Sherlock Holmes decides that he is far too clever to continue attending recovery meetings. Joan "played by Lucy Lui whose character is not a cheating hypocritical white male" Watson points out to Sherlock that addicts who continue going to meetings maintain their recovery better than those who don't. After some crime solving and self reflection, Sherlock takes Joan's advice and returns to regularly attending meetings wherein he acknowledges his arrogance and starts on the path of unlearning his arrogance. This happens as a result of mutual honesty and respect between him and his best friend/equal partner Joan "played by Lucy Lui whose character is not a cheating hypocritical white male" Watson and Sherlock's disposition for self-reflection and the best part??????? No women were killed to make male characters more interesting because Elementary is not written by misogynistic wankers who openly admit to not reading valid critiques of their show, but is written by decent humans that care about their audience AND the sensitivity of their content.
  • P.S. If you are anti!elementary, or a tjlc person pretending your fetishistic misogyny is lgbt representation, this post is not for you so please kindly don't interact with it.

just heads up for the anime watchers (since I feel the need to), in this scene in the anime

it’s supposed to be this

you’re welcome

i know i’ve made a lot of posts about this but if you have any respect for mlm or trans people or are just a decent person in general, please please PLEASE know that @bext-k (pi/dge’s voice actor from voltron: legendary defender) has had a record of shitty behavior and yet this hasn’t spread past the realm of the vld fandom.

not only has she bullied a 13 year old (bex is 23 now) off of tumblr, she gave a bullshit apology, called ke/ith (a TEENAGE character from the show) a powerbottom (she also ships him with sh/iro, another character who is 25 years old) and absolutely REFUSED to give an apology for her straight up fetishistic behavior (this can all be seen/talked about more in depth here). but most recently now she has reblogged a/b/o fanart of some of the vld characters, which if you didn’t know already is fucking disgusting (further explained in my post)

i know a lot of people have tried defending her behavior now and in the past, but she has not even apologized and/or deleted the post. so since i have personal knowledge that people have been sending her asks about this, and considering the fact that she has continued to reblog posts after reblogging that a/b/o post, this shows how she has most likely seen the asks but has chosen to ignore them. 

there can be no excuse anymore. you are a va on a childrens show - you should NEVER be talking about the characters in an explicit sexual sense, and as an adult you should know better. just because you are lgbt doesn’t mean that you can’t fetishize other members of the community and be a shitty person overall. 

please, from a mlm trans boy, reblog this if you can 

Listen what if everyone has been telling us to stay away from ez bc everyone knows abt his relationship with Eweleïn and he has a reputation for only wanting similar relationships so if Erika got attached to him they figured their relationship will be similar to Eweleïn’s, the filthy asshole has been the real playboy ever since the beginning @nevra im so sorry for ever dragging you for only wanting women’s bodies you’re an angel