im still really happy about these

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even though this blog is full of shitposts, im glad you didn't make it some shit like wlw exclusive like every other dateagirlwho blog 😒

Thanks anon. That always bugged me about those blogs cause I’d see posts that really made me happy but I felt like I wasn’t “allowed” to have those posts. I mean even the “dateaboy” blogs I’ve come across don’t make those kind of exclusions.

And yeah there’s a bunch of shitposts on here but I’d still like to think it’s a pretty positive blog,

Despite what you think, I really do wish you the best. I hope you find what makes you happy and you hold on to it and that you can one day be comfortable enough in your own skin to understand that you dont require constant validation from people who couldnt give a fuck less about you.. that hurt you and fucked you over in the past. Because that isnt happiness. That’s actually really sad and it sucks to have to watch someone I care about keep themself stuck in that cycle. I’ll keep checking on you though. I never made an empty promise. I still care and im still here.

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Okay so I accidentally fell into hs hell and (totally definitely accidentally) became mildly obsessed with Dave. I remembered you drew some hs stuff which resulted in me possibly going through your entire Dave Strider tag and I just gotta say the way you draw him makes me so happy and then I hAD to see the little Hamilton ref in one of your works and.... yeah I seem to have lost my heart. Sorry for the long ask omg I just love everything about this ; v ;

cant believe its 2017 and people still havent turned homestuck into a taboo subject yet. BUT IM GLAD YOU R ENJOYING THE GAYEST WEBCOMIC OF THE CENTURY!!! 

thank you very much im glad you like how i draw dave!!! omfg the hamilton thing i think was based off like a textpost about theatre crews that i found really funny ahahaha 

i was tagged by @richonne ty babe haven’t done something like this in a while and ive gained so much followers yesterday so HI :D
Name: Suzan
Height: 5′6
Hogwarts house: Hufflepuff
Go to SSBB character: Pit… or kirby :’)
Fictional character I’d date: oliver hampton lmao too bad he’s gay. chandler bing maybe
Favorite band or artist: Bring me the horizon & foo fighters
When did I make this blog: summer of 2013
How many blogs do I follow: 144
What do I post about: connor walsh mostly and about how he deserves better. htgawm in general now that it’s good again i can go back to posting 24/7 about it :)
Do I get asks on a regular basis: not really im still surprised if i see that red 1 at my message box. makes me happy tho so feel free
Aesthetic: idk
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Your friendly neighbourhood medic and security chief would like to remind you to stay safe this festive season!! Happy Lunar New Year again everyone!

  • person: *talks about something they're passionate about even if I don't know much about it or can relate too much*
  • me: Listen. Listen. I love listening to what you're passionate about. It's fun listening. You don't have to apologize. It's good talking about things you like. Enjoy yourself.

I’ve seen heaven and it looks like parent AU Daisuga. 


ahaha wait, what the heck…? how does UNDYNE know anything about all that…?

i think alphys more than anyone would be very understanding of when someone makes a mistake or keeps a secret. but just what kind of mistakes were happening when they were all underground…?

this is another page that was originally 2 pages of 3 and 4 panels respectively, then combined into 1. so it’s technically like getting two pages! i guess. sorry if it’s one-page updates for awhile. it’s a busy time of year!

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my kink:  gerard posting about frank on social media. ray and gerard working together and playing music together. mikey doing his thang, being happy as fuck. frank doing what he loves and playing his heart out. gerard working on comics and drinking coffee and writing again. all the boys doing shit that makes them really happy while still maintaining their lifelong friendships.  

any other aro/ace people kinda tired of being consistently supportive of gay, lesbian, bi, pan and trans representation, while never getting the same in return?

like, don’t get me wrong, im genuinely happy to see more lgbt characters, and bi/pan and trans representation especially is severely low, and i’ll continue to do all i can to change that

but like

whenever i see people talk about how happy they are to finally have a character like them, to have someone they can relate to, or a story about the time they first came across a character like them and realised it was okay to be who they are, they’re really great stories, and i don’t want to take that away

but it just reminds me that we still don’t have that. i’ve never had a character i can relate to. i don’t have an acceptance story, because the only person who accepts me is me, and it took a long time to get there.

and i know with all of the hate towards a-spec people at the moment, this post is probably gonna get misunderstood

but i just

wanna see myself in media, without having to write it myself

just once

(if your sexuality hasn’t been mentioned in this, then you’re probably also in the same boat, so you know, feel free to relate to this too)

a quick psa to fic authors writing post-the end tord

hi guys my names red and like the whiny bitch i am im here again in the ew tag to tell you a little something about our good pal tordy

if youre writing post-the end/future/red leader tord, and think he lost his one eye or was blinded in the giant robot incident

thats a huge deal

i get why youd think otherwise, since oh its only the loss of one eye and since he still has the other it probably doesnt affect him or at least not significantly. and i guess your logic makes some sense, but im blind in one eye myself and you couldnt be more wrong.

blindness in one eye severely limits ones depth perception, which may not bother most too much, but this is tord were talking about. yknow, the trigger happy gun obsessed tord? yeah, its gonna be really fucking hard for him to shoot anything accurately. especially in combination with the one robot arm too. 

i could rant about other things pertaining to this all fucking day but i dont want this post to be too long so ill just leave it at that one big point. carry on. 


the real reason fugoomatsu is so damn angry is because he always looses at games.i mean hes still an angry boy but, less so,,,,,. consider everyone bans him for being an absolute tool in the games he plays and with nothing else to do he takes up knitting and makes cute sweaters for his siblings???

shhhh i know koda crochets but listen,,, i forgot about that untill like just now

also kodas sweater is based off the meaning of the kadomatsu decorations put up in japan around new years,,,,👌 👌👌

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im really fucking upset about the "sex scene"... and now i have to here the damn straights tell me how "maybe Matt and Harry weren't comfortable with filming that type of scene uwu" that malec scene was pathetic im so pissed and kinda sad tbh

same :/ even if they apologized, the episode still left a bad taste in my mouth. we had to see several minutes of jace with random girls, but we couldn’t have 30 seconds more of the last malec scene so magnus could at least look happy/relieved and verbally consent?

and everyone who is saying that maybe harry and/or matt weren’t comfortable with anything more: if cishet actors are uncomfortable with being intimate in same gender scenes, then they shouldn’t be given lgbt roles. and they’ve already said kissing a man isn’t anything different from kissing a woman, and that it’s a job etc. any sex scene is probably a bit uncomfortable, a light scene with a same gender actor shouldn’t be an issue.

not to mention that they have been extremely racist this whole season, they’re treating izzy, aldertee, raj, raphael, etc. like garbage. and they definitely haven’t apologized for that. I think it really shows that they have new writers, this season has had several very disappointing moments and scenes.

in honor of the new flash episode i wanna share with you guys the time i met danielle panabaker she was so nice i even joked around with her saying *zoom really showed you how much he loved you by stabbing you through the heart* and she laughed when it was my turn for photo’s she asked how i wanted it taken which made me happy she’s one of the nicest people ive met and i believe she deserves an emmy/oscar for her performance tonight i hope i get the chance to meet her again someday and perhaps work with her to because my dream is to become an actor ive been in some small stuff nothing big yet but im still submitting and praying you know thinking about it the stuff caitlin said to barry hit me cuz ive been there being judged cuz of how i am i used to think if i could go back in time i could change how i  was delivered into the world but i look at other disabled people that have it worse then i do and they’re happy with themselves a friend of mine who is also disabled inspired me to act and i love it like barry told the gang *you have to live with the differences* like i have to live with cerebral palsy my goal is to be able to walk without a walker and i believe i will someday but right now im just enjoying life

The worst part about this is that @gooey-draws-shit didn’t do an abusive thing by breaking up with their babs. That’s not abusive. Their relationship was going to be a very happy and loving relationship. No one has the right to say it would’ve ended terrible just BC Gooey has trauma. something traumatic happened and they’re still really affected by it. This whole shit with ass hat coming back just shows how abusive HE is not Tobi. THE FACT THAT HE COMES BACK RIGHT AFTER TOBI IS IN A HAPPY LOVING RELATIONSHIP WHEN HE HAD A LOT OF OPPORTUNITIES TO SAY WHAT HE SAID JUST SHOWS HOW STILL ABUSIVE HE IS. Gooey is not being abusive or a terrible person by REACTING TO SAID ABUSER. STOP TELLING THE ABUSED THAT THEY ATR ABUSERS

Tumblr is actually not my thing. But i’m glad ppl here (even a little amount) still love my art and support me and my otp canfran. I really appriciated it. Like seriously really… not like everyone thought but canfran have really less supporter (and i’m not talking about fanmade lolo) BUT i still love them as hell, and if not bc of them i wouldnt be an artist.


and we viet actually have our main new year which is the lunar new year lol

Wish you guys all the lucks!