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HENRY FINDING OUT WHAT EVERYONE'S MUSIC TASTES ARE AND COMPILING A PLAYLIST OF ALL OF THEIR FAVORITE SONGS AND PLANNING A DANCE PARTY AND THE GANGSEY HAS A DANCE PARTY THATS IT (and then they play spin the bottle and gansey spins it and it lands on ronan so he just shrugs and kisses ronan, and it's BARELY a kiss, but ronan's whole face still turns bright pink aND EVERYONE AWWWWS AND LAUGHS AND UGH IM SAD I WANT THEM BACK)(pynch is together in this but adam is so sweet and doesn't care SO)

there’s 100 things i love about this message omfg

  • the implication of henry sleuthing through ipods trying to nail down everyone’s favorite artists
    • (adam’s taste in music is especially elusive)
    • (ronan’s taste in music is especially intolerable)
  • everyone dancing??? together? big dance party? grooving all over the place? 
    • they dance until their heartbeats are louder than the music and they’re all a little sweaty and they’re all so silly and alive
  • spin the bottle!!!!!! my dude… u Know me….. 
    • blue is especially excited to play spin the bottle because she never got to growing up and now she can kiss everyone as much as she wants to without worry!!
  • ronan being bashful! 
  • let! ronan & gansey ! kiss !!! 
  • additionally: let them all kiss!! 

i think they kinda kissed somewhere during their duet skate (͡ ͡° ͜ つ ͡͡°)

quick doodle b4 going to bed. can you believe this is actually my first time drawing a mouth-to-mouth kiss ༼ つ ಥ_ಥ ༽つ im just sooo in love with these two i can’t stop now how am i gonna survive til season 2 /ugly sobbing
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aw man one more yoi post before I go to bed though because I’m still not over it

I’m so so so so SO happy they didn’t kiss in the parking garage. I got spoiled before watching the ep so I knew they’d kiss, but I didn’t know when, and I was worried it would be after Viktor made Yuuri cry. I was fearful of that cliche where conflict seems magically resolved with intimacy (and, usually, invasive intimacy - aka The Suddenly Kiss™, most despicable of all kissing tropes). 

BUT, yoi didn’t do that, instead we got a great scene where Viktor was totally confused; he fucked up, and he was remarkably helpless and human. Meanwhile Yuuri got to convey some deeper feelings and feel cathartic about it afterwards. 

What I wanna point out though, and what I appreciate most, is that this isn’t the first time this has happened. 

In episode 4, on the beach, Viktor makes an effort to understand Yuuri, and then asks what Yuuri wants him to be for him. He suggests being his ‘lover’ as if that’s something they can simply BECOME for Yuuri’s comfort, like that’s a solution to the problem at hand. Yuuri refuses, insistently; he’s more interested in having Viktor be supportive and honest with him, and to be his true self. 

In both instances, some form of romantic and/or physical intimacy is put on the table (both times by Viktor) as a solution to a problem, or a means to an end. Does that make sense? Viktor wants to understand his place in Yuuri’s life, but when he asks Yuuri if he wants them to be together as a couple, it doesn’t come off genuinely at all - it sounds more like he’s simply trying to do whatever works for Yuuri in order for him to succeed (although, to Viktor’s credit, I personally think he was at least half-teasing Yuuri with that line). It’s a really blatant example of ways Viktor is horribly inexperienced. I’d say not even in a sense of his coaching - in general, Viktor doesn’t seem to understand how deeper and more serious relationships are meant to work. 

This is exactly what happens with the crying scene too, and this time we even have way more relationship development under the belt. Viktor has no idea how to help Yuuri, and his (shitty and dumb) attempt to motivate the other man results only in a more distressing situation. Viktor doesn’t know how to handle the crying and immediately resorts to suggesting, once again, a form of romantic/physical intimacy as a means of fixing it. And, once again, Yuuri rejects the insincere offer and asks only that Viktor be there for him. 

When the two of them finally do kiss, it’s not because Viktor thinks he should for Yuuri’s sake. He’s not even doing it to surprise an audience - he’s doing it to surprise Yuuri. He wants to show Yuuri how much Yuuri’s affected him. It’s a way for Viktor to express himself and say ‘I understand you’! He does it because he wants to be close and share in those good feelings with Yuuri.

I think it’s AMAZING that not once but twice is an inherently romantic proposal brought up as a means of fixing emotional distress and then soundly rejected in favor of honest conversation and asking for support instead. Not to say I don’t enjoy the romance, or the physical intimacy - these are both great aspects of Viktor and Yuuri’s relationship. But it’s never made into a tool to be used only to smooth over issues, or something that can magically make everything okay. We’ve all seen plenty of scenes between friends or lovers where an honest conversation or argument is shut down in favor of a Suddenly Kiss™ or supremely ill-timed confession. That doesn’t happen here, and I’m super grateful for that. 

No lie. I’ve been watching it for 5min straight. It’s been months and i’m still not over it.


Okay, so I meant to post this yesterday but because of that last episode, I decided to wait because I’m still crying over here. Honestly, I’ve been in the mood to do something feelsy/mild angst in this fandom because it needs more of it tbh-,,, but it has a happy ending, so you guys can’t hate me too much, right? ( ;;; ω ;;; ) If you’re wondering what happened, Yuuri got into a serious car accident before the GPF and Viktor never left his side after his surgery.
Now if you’ll excuse me, I’ll be dying in the corner until the next episode releases.



I hope requests aren’t piling up and overwhelming you just yet. Haha. Could I request a scenario where Newt and the reader have feelings for each other and everyone can clearly see it, including themselves, but they just never get around to admitting it but they’re still fluffy and adorably couple-like (ex. holding hands, playing with each other’s hair, sneaky kisses)? Thank you very much! :)

A/N: im so horrible at following the prompt sorry :P i did get a bit carried away😂 

Warnings: Fluff

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Everyone was over at the Goldsteins’ for Thanksgiving. Newt had decided to surprise the sisters by coming back from England, but that wasn’t the only reason he came. Y/N, a beautiful, kind, intelligent girl who he had fancied for quite some time was currently staying at the sisters’ flat- er, apartment. She was the only thing he regretted leaving behind when he left New York. He had decided to surprise her as well, with something a little extra than just showing up at the apartment.

Currently, Newt was walking up the stairs to get to the door of the apartment, carrying nothing but his briefcase and a new pocket watch. He didn’t want to be late for the get-together, especially when he was trying to impress you. Jacob had told him what time they were all meeting, though it was hard for him to keep it from Queenie for obvious reasons. As he reached the 3rd floor, he spotted their door and hurried over. He hesitated before he knocked. What if they didn’t want to see him? What if they would get mad at him for popping in uninvited? 

Newt took in a shaky breath and rapped his knuckles on the wooden door. There was a delay between his knock and an answer, presumably because they had all been preparing tonight’s meal. When the door opened, however, he was met with a glorious sight. There you stood, wearing a short coral dress that Queenie had made, looking beautiful as ever. Your eyes lit up as soon as you saw the man, and you ran over to hug him.

“Newty!” You exclaimed, wrapping your arms around his neck.

“S-still keeping the pet names, I-I presume.” Newt stammered, returning the gesture. You pulled away from him to examine his face.

“Crashing Thanksgiving dinner, I see.” You said, raising an eyebrow.

Newt could only divert his gaze to the ground. You laughed and grabbed his hand as you led him inside. The sisters’ attention was currently focused on their cooking, but Jacob smiled as you came in. He noticed the both of you were holding hands, and gave Newt a thumbs’ up in approval. Newt could only blush and look the other way. When the sisters finally did notice the two of you, they had already set the food on the table, waiting for you.

“Mr. Scamander!” Tina greeted, putting her hand on her hip. “How nice of you to join us!”

“Ah, so that’s what Jacob was hiding from me.” Queenie teasingly pouted, looking at Jacob. He could only smile in response.

“W-well yes, ah-I mean I was-er, hoping to.. s-surprise you! Yes, that’s it!“ Newt sputtered, an unconvincing grin on his face.

“You know I can read minds, Mr. Scamander..” Queenie reminded him, only taking a moment to glance at you. Newt looked down at the floor, rocking back and forth on his heels.

“Ah, bugger that.” You said, squeezing Newt’s hand before going to sit down at the table. “There’s an extra chair in the corner for you to pull up at the table.”
Newt smiled at you before going to fetch the chair. Neither of you noticed the questioning glances exchanged by the others.

Currently, you were down in Newt’s briefcase after stuffing yourself to your limit. You had intended on feeding Frank, the thunderbird, but you both decided on observing the animals instead. You currently sat together in front of a stunning waterfall, Newt’s head in your lap as you played with his hair. Many exotic birds flew above your head, as you recall Newt naming them tumbaliks. You two were very content in each other’s arms, not wanting to be anyplace else.

“Newty, what’s that one called?” You asked, pointing to a beast that looked like a human, only with a slightly larger nose and limbs.

“That my dear, is a Pukwudgie.” He explained while sitting up, eyes gleaming. “They are very rare creatures. I found this one in New Zealand.”

Ah. New Zealand. You were reminded that his stay wouldn’t be permanent; he had mentioned more than once that he was leaving in a matter of days. Your happy mood was instantly dampened, which was immediately noticeable by Newt. He turned to face you, as you looked down at the ground, a certain glint in your eyes that was all too familiar to him. He sighed, lifting his hand to your face. Lightly grasping your chin with his fingertips, he tilted your chin upwards to face him.

“Hey,” He spoke in a hushed tone, tenderness showing in his glistening eyes. “You’re n-not sad about me leaving, are you?”

“Hm,” you grunted, looking away. “I suppose it’s not impossible.”

Looking back into his eyes, you saw his gaze falter as he reached for something in his pocket. You became curious as to what he had hidden in his jacket. His cheeks became visibly redder as he pulled out an object- some sort of paper. Scratching the back of his neck, he handed you the object as he looked to the side. You gently took it from his hands, the words on it becoming now visible to your eyes.

“Royal Ferry.. admission for on- NEWTON!”

“I-I-uh- well y-you s-see I thought I’d- I mean you’d like it, I-I mean a-after all this rhyme- t-time-”

“No, no.. this is, perfect.” You said, cutting him off.
“I’ve always wanted to travel the world, a-and now I get to do it with you!” You said, beaming.

He smiled down at you lovingly, pressing a sweet kiss to the tip of your nose, causing the both of you to blush a bright red. You grinned uncontrollably, bringing the poor man into a bear hug and toppling into the water. Shrieking, you jumped at the sensation of the cold water, only to find yourself completely soaked. You sat up, finding that your eyes had been temporarily blinded by the change in atmosphere. You squinted, trying desperately to find Newt, only to be hauled out of the water and over his shoulder. He carried you under the waterfall as a series of shrieks and exclamations escaped your mouth. As he pulled you out of the water, you started to punch his back, ordering that he put you down, which earned a chuckle from him. He plopped you down in the water as you protested, looking at you as if to say, ‘I did what you told me to do.’

Grinning, you stood up and tackled Newt into the water. You never knew that he had a fun side in him. He playfully pushed you off of  his chest and threw off his trench coat, rolling up his white sleeves. You ran up to him, only to start tickling his sides mercilessly. As the two of you engaged in a full on tickle war, it seemed like you had drunken entire bottles of gigglewater. Eventually, Newt got fed up and wrapped his arms around your waist, hoisting you up and out of the water. As you laughed, you wrapped your legs around his waist and threw your head back, grinning like an idiot. 

Eventually, the two of you calmed down enough to where you could see the heat of the situation. After Newt awkwardly set you down with a red face, you tried to lighten up the mood by racing him back to the small cabin. You won, of course, getting a head-start after giving Newt a peck on the cheek and effectively stunning him for a few seconds. You and Newt counted that as one of the most hilarious days of your lives as you exited the briefcase, laughing like you two were schoolgirls. Neither you nor Newt dared speak about the embarrassing scene at the waterfall, brushing it off as if everything was fine. The only problem was, both of you knew that you had a mutual attraction, but neither had the courage to say it.

When you still didn’t get over your ex then she interact with you on social media and you know that 99% of your fans still ship you and her so hard, then you try to prove there’s nothing between you both anymore.

C: Hey Lauren
L: thank you
C: I’m so proud of you
L: thank you
C: But i…
L: thank youu
L: dont make assumptions
L: im kissing another girl
L: have you seen the picture?
C: oh
L: thank youu


favourite shadowhunters episodes (1/?)

1x12: malec


dudes trust me im an artist i know, i use arms to censor kisses too. Also his head was slightly tilted to Yuuri’s right. So his jaw was on Yuuri’s left, aND that means his mouth was RIGHT ON THE LOWER MIDDLE OF YUURI’S FACE. YOU KNOW WHAT THAT MEANS? A KISS.


(i still see comments about “they hugged” so im angrrry)

someone: hey are you ok?

me on the outside: yeah!

me on the inside: im still not over mark kissing hyuck’s cheek and i know all of my followers are so tired of me talking about them but oh my gosh it’s sososososo clear they love each other whether it’s platonic or romantic they still care about each other and that kiss must’ve been so djfjkbdsjsdfnj for them because a bunch of my guy friends can’t even hold hands and mark kissed his best friend’s cheek and hyuck WANTED THAT KISS AND MARK IS SUCH A DUMBO WHO WONT MAKE THE FIRST MOVE AND I LOVE MARKHYUCK