im still not happy about this show

i’m so happy all the guys went to franks show i’m so happy it was probably all organised on their stupid group chat and they all probably got really emotional watching him being so confident and performing for such a supportive crowd and afterwards they probably went for dinner and talked about mikey’s baby and gerard’s new comics and ray’s album and congratulated frank on all his success im so happy they’re all still friends even though they had such a difficult career and breakup i am so h a p p y

working @ starbucks, here are some things i experienced:

  • a girl dumped her cheating boyfriend by ordering a hazelnut frappe and asking me to write “cheating jerk” and i asked my manager if i could say that and she told me to go ahead - an argument broke out after that and then the girl pulled out the receipts and then called the other girl on skype and basically i and all my co-workers experienced something truly iconic
  • got yelled at by a customer once for being unable to make a drink from the “secret menu” because we were low on supplies, dude asked for the manager only to be told the same thing i said
  • without fail for the last three weeks a dude would show up in full-blown naruto cosplay, orders in THE VOICE, strikes a pose, and asks me to write “naruto” on the cup every time - they’re so serious about, but it’s funny so there are literally no complaints (we get excited when it happens)
  • coffee dates between an elderly couple every friday @ 1pm without fail - it melts my heart because they’ll come in and order and he’ll pull out her seat for her and get the drinks and then they spend about half an hour talk while holding hands over the table
  • sometimes, if im lucky (meaning im scheduled to work), this kid would show up and play their guitar - no one ever complains so  ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  • i once had a little girl give me a sticker because her mom told her i knew how to make her drink so well which made her happy and so the little girl wanted to pay me back (i still have the sticker)


also I’m so sad my baby hyungwon couldn’t be there, the boys kept saying that he was sad he couldn’t come and perform :(

also this isn’t in order

- wonho tripped in the beginning of the show but smoothly recovered
- they introduced themselves in the cutest of ways
- they each performed in separate units, shownu, i.m & minhyuk performed 24k magic, wonho was supposed to perform with hyungwon but kihyun stepped in last minute
- jooheon said that they tried chicago pizza and it was really good but needed a bit more salt (LMAO)
- the translator translated something minhyuk said in english as “this is the last song” and the boys got all worried because the crowd got upset and then wonho started laughing because he said that everyone looked like they were about to attack
- they went downtown by the river and i.m lost his wallet (its sad but I laughed)
- wonho took off his jacket multiple times and the crowd lost it so jooheon kept saying to cheer for wonho’s muscles and that he was the king of muscles (something along those lines)
- also kihyun is so much smaller irl it was so cute
- monbebes did a beautiful rainbow that wasn’t really a rainbow in my opinion but it was still beautiful
- wonho complimented the translator’s voice saying it sounds nice/handsome
- kihyun dabbed about 172962902 times
- wonho also fell at one point and walked off stage limping after that performance but nothing was mentioned afterwards (meaning neither he nor the other members said anything about it)
- they ended the show with very heart warming messages to monbebe’s and said that next time they come to chicago they’ll bring hyungwon and cooler songs
- jooheon, kihyun, minhyuk, & i.m spoke the most in english, kihyun said that because he was in chicago he had to say goodbye in english (his pronunciation is really good!)

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i swear I'm not trying to ruin your life but TOP 5 OTP MOMENTS

AHHHHH don’t worry my life was already ruined the moment I shipped JJP…anyways TOP OTP MOMENTSSSSSSS

1. This moment had me crying so much because Jaebum is always trying to show a cool, chic, and strong leader image. But even though he was embarrassed about crying, he just naturally melted into jinyoung’s arms and I just??? It just shows that he trusts Jinyoung so much that he would show his weak side.



look how ready he is damn jae calm yourself he’s all yours


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Infatuation — Peter Parker

idea: peter is completely infatuated with the new, artsy student 
words: 1k
warning: n/a
note: feel free to request bc im quickly going to run out of ideas :-)
     — (part two) (part three)

He remembered the first time he saw you. You had been wearing a pair of blue overalls and beat-up sneakers, various colors of paint splattered along the straps and pockets. The striped t-shirt you wore underneath was a stark difference, as there wasn’t a speck of color on it.

Ned had nudged him, still prattling on about the new Star Wars movie that was coming out next month. Peter had barely noticed, focusing every bit of his attention on the way your teeth worried at your bottom lip as Principal Morita jabbered on about the school. He turned as the pair walked past them, the smell of strawberry and vanilla chasing after them.

His infatuation had only grown as time went on.

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here we have jpparents and their youngest children showing us the true meaning of friendship while also doing perfect imitations of each other, truly a site to behold.

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I’m really sorry about the stuff you had to go through and I’m incredibly happy that you’re in a healthy relationship now

it was really really hard im not gonna lie and i still have lasting effects today from it, but my fiance is literally wonderful and understanding and he has been a major help with my self esteem and he supports me and it is,,, really nice ok. Like, when I first met alan i couldn’t wear anything other than baggy sweatshirts and band shirts and jeans. wouldn’t wear shorts or tank tops or ANYTHING that showed skin. i did my makeup to a minimum and was like scared to wear lipstick. When i first wore a revealing top i was SO SCARED of how he would react and i showed it to him and i told him that it made me look slutty and he was like “what no! youre so gorgeous!’ and now i’ve been wearing lipstick nearly every day and its just really really good. Like. Okay. i’m gonna show some pictures of myself from back then to now under the cut (sorry for the rant im just emotional LOL)

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even can’t sleep tonight so isak stays up with him watching little snippets of movies and youtube videos and cooking shows and they’re talking about all the things they still need to buy for the flat and whether or not they should have a housewarming party and even wants to be really cheesy and send out proper invites in the mail and isak thinks its rly extra but he’s gonna let him bc seeing even excited about something makes him happy 

Overall it was a good episode, certain could have gone differently especially with Raphael and Isabelle. I’m glad that Rizzy is finally over, I’m disgusted that Raphael’s coming out as ace was driven by the yin fin story line.

So the entire season has been 50/50.

I’m happy for the Malec scenes the show has been very consistent with their portrayal. No complaints with that.

Although I’m not trilled about Climon, and daylighter Simon. I’m happy that Simon and Clary still have each other through this mess.

IM SO IN LOVE WITH JACE! He’s so strong and has gone through so much!! He needs to catch a break though like honest take a nap son.

I was excited for more Luke but they really didn’t deliver, but the little scenes we did get were amazing, except for 2x09. He’s so strong and had to face his parabatai and lose so many members of his clan and Jocelyn and yeah Luke’s character has been so strong.

Maia, I love her so much. She’s so loyal to her pack! It’s amazing what lengths she’d go to to protect her fellow downworlders.

Aldertree I hope we get more of him, he could be a really interesting character.

Isabelle, she was so amazing the first couple of episodes and then what she did for the drugs was disgusting but that wasn’t all on her.

Raphael, I love love him so much and the show really didn’t do the character I fell in love from season one justice. I’m happy that we have ace representation but the circumstances which it was presented under disgusted me.

Magnus and Alec’s storyline outside of Malec was brilliant, we got to see them as respected leaders in their fields and how powerful they are individually.

Simon, oh Simon. He character development is amazing. He really handled himself in the last couple of episodes. He’s definitely grown a lot from last season.

Madzie, wow this child. I love her so much and I hope she get taken care of and get a nice loving family *malec*

Dot, wow she’s been through hell. Im glad that they didn’t kill her off. I expect to see more of her.

Rip Jocelyn, girl you really dead.

Meliorn. I missed you but you came in and fucked shit up and was badass and yeah I love you!

Raj, my son. I pray to the gods that they give you a proper storyline soon.

Maryse, I’m sorry your a shitty person but you don’t deserve to get cheated on by that bald little dude.

Clary, honey take a nap too.

Secret Idol Relationship With Hwiyoung
  1. -Dating this little pumpkin, you guys are the most precious secret couple among groups (basically rookie or small company groups all know you two are a couple and they all support you two). However in public among fans no-one will ever figure out that you two are dating because he’s too paranoid. Poker face is his best weapon, sometimes won’t even stare your way or act like you exist. A quick glance is all you’ll ever get from across the stage but that’s it. However, Just know he’s always aware of where you are and are always thinking about you. Whenever you look tired on stage he will look extra emo, sometimes forgetting fans in front of him are waving. Intensely watching your live backstage as well not being able to keep still with a small smile on his face as he mouths along to your song, wiggling around a bit but not too obviously. Protecting your safety is his main priority so you don’t mind him being cold. However when you’re finally together, the kid will give you his brightest smile and would want dive into your arms right away. “You worked hard today, I missed you. Your outfit was super pretty today and you were super pretty today ijustmissyousomuch. With you he’s actually super dorky, super hyper and the ultimate happy virus. Whenever you guys are back the your own dorms, you’d both still send pics and updates every moment of your waking day. Send eachothers what you two ate for dinner often and hwiyoung would be so distracted with his phone at the dinner table he will get scolded by Inseong or Youngbin alot but sass Hwiyoung will most likely still be like “alright im almost done” while still using his phone throughout the whole dinner. 
  2. The type to be dumb though and have matching bracelets but your smart enough to not wear it to promotions however the dummy will never remember to take it off ever until the stylist asks him to take it off before going on stage. “oh omg why do i still have it on.” You guys buy things for each other alot and he wears every thing you give him to promotions. Basically his outfit was a gift from you and it makes him happy to wear something from his gf without anyone knowing specially when your busy and he misses you. 
  3. Describes you perfectly though when interviewed on what his ideal type is but also say like “Im still too young though to date”. And when fans scream “I love u!!” he will just be like “oh good. thank you.” but thats only when your there as well at a music show and he wouldn’t want you to feel awkward. complains later to you though about how you remembered that one guy fan’s name like chill hwiyoung it’s not deep its fanservice. He might even stare down the guy without realizing until roowoons like yo chill dont make anyone suspicious. 
  4. The kid doesn’t have a car so your secret dates would have to be often at ISAC or waiting rooms since people around you all help to set it where you guys can see eachother often.And then its just cuddles cuddles and him never letting you get out of his arms and you feeding him snacks while being stuck in that hugging position. Falling alseeping together there as well happen super often and everyone takes pictures. Would just be really emo if you ended your promotions earlier than him because no more waiting room dates anymore. And it’s going to be a bit hard but it makes everything even more special because even a peck on the cheeks can make him go crazy and blush. You guys are still young but if done right and is patient, the relationship will go long and maybe one day you guys can go outside for dates. 

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“The most fantasy like moment in my life was *thinks about his days off with you where you guys get to actually go outside but late at night to like an empty movie theatre*” 

Can’t stop thinking about you

Finn Shelby x Reader

Request:  Im glad u like the idea,can u please write:(takes place at the wedding)u are Grace sister,you can see the hostility between the families,but u and Finn flirt,u get stuck in situations,Arthur & Tommy speech,the fire,u decide to move with Grace 4 Finn

Author’s note: I couldn’t fit everything in but i hope you still enjoy it, I thought it was super cute and happy just like finn is! Also Grace didn’t die in this imagine!

“You look stunning,” You say staring at your big sister as she twirls around showing off her dress, you both laughed at this. “And this house, I miss you so much Grace.” You and Grace looked completely opposite with your brown hair and dark brown eyes but you were always very close growing up considering the age difference, as she was 30 and you were 17.

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It’s nearly been one year since Undertale was released, and even though I didn’t know about it until christmas, I still feel like the game helped me to get through a very hard time in my life.
It’s a rough sketch, but I just felt like making something to show my appreciation.

Even though the hard times aren’t over yet, being in this fandom has helped me get through, and Im so so grateful.

Tony meeting your parents would include:

pairing: tony x reader

warnings: age gap between tony and reader, mentions of smut, drinking

a/n: its my moms bday and i drank too much champagne so this might be all over the place

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Nikki omg it's my 1yr anniversary with my gf. And like I found your blog back in January and I showed it to her and you really inspired her to start working out more. (not me tho bc I'm too lazy for that 😂 i still love you tho!) And like my gf has always been the cutest, but now she's hella buff + cute. So basically bc of your blog I am lucky enough to be dating that hot buff lesbian that everyone talks about, and honestly I have never felt so #blessed. So yeah I just wanted to say thanks. 😘


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Do you think kids (teenagers) and adults can be friends?

idk where this is coming from exactly but

it depends on what your defining as friendship? if you mean “interacts with and has a positive relationship with someone” then sure. if you mean “a mutual relationship in which people depend on each other” then not really. 

kids can come to adults with problems, but kids don’t have the mental or emotional capacity to deal with adults’ problems and comfort them. an adult should never ask a kid to provide emotional labor for them. and adults can have control over what they share and do not share. 

i have seen a lot of adults asking kids to provide emotional labor for them, comfort them, make them obligated to spend time with them, make them gifts to ‘cheer them up’ and then invite them into conversations kids should not be having with adults

i have a ‘friend’ who i 100% see as my sibling. i never go to him with problems because he’s a kid and im an adult. if i need help with adult problems i have a whole network of other adults i know and care about who are able to help me. he comes to me with issues and so long as its not about things like. well. too far into the realm of sex and things like that im happy to answer. we play games and talk about shows but i dont consider him my equal in any way nor does he. when he’s an adult maybe we can be on equal standing (we befriended each other when we were both in hs, and i have kept in mind the fact im still older) he also like has friends his own age he can talk abt romance and junk with 

but if you see an adult with only friends who are kids, who are regularly talking to kids about very serious adult issues, depending on them for comfort, and inviting them into discussions abt kink, sex, relationships, whatever– thats a BIG RED FLAG THEY ARE DANGEROUS. i can’t drive that home enough. these people don’t have friends their own age because they are toxic and are grooming minors. i really cant tell you how many times i have seen this go down

so like TL;DR: if you’re asking if kids can have a sibling/mentor relationship where they hang out with an adult and consider themselves friends, yeah, but if adults start asking you to comfort them or support them or talk abt sex thats very bad. and if adults only have friends who are much younger than them, and trying to keep you from friends your own age outside of who ‘they’ know run.  

kunikida w/tattoos

right. due to some of the posts ive been seeing (mostly by @kunikidazai, @mr-reblogbutton and @thelampisaflashlight) i decided to chip in and add a few of my own hc’s about good ol’ kuni and his tattoos

☆ as someone who’s been inked, it doesn’t hurt as much as a lot of people would think, but it’s still. irritating. like several thousand bee stings but without the poison and anxiety.

☆ now, kunikida? super high pain tolerance. tattoos would be a walk in the park for him compared to what he’s grown up with

☆ (this guy used to get into fights as a kid and canonically hates authority figures. my guy has to have some sort of tolerance for pain if he got away with constantly being in fights)

☆ you wanna tell a tiny, delinquent kunikida doppo he won’t get a job if he gets a tattoo? sure. but you can bet your entire bank account and your ass that he’s going to get the biggest, most easily hidden tattoos he can find and hold down a job, just to tell you that you were wrong

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can’t believe it’s 2017, nearly 2018 & people are still completely against the idea of their faves dating but they read fanfic imagining its them or they watch shows like “we got married” & gush about how “cute” it is but CANNOT stand the thought of their fave getting their dick/pussy wet,, im more for it, like they are human you know???