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i swear I'm not trying to ruin your life but TOP 5 OTP MOMENTS

AHHHHH don’t worry my life was already ruined the moment I shipped JJP…anyways TOP OTP MOMENTSSSSSSS

1. This moment had me crying so much because Jaebum is always trying to show a cool, chic, and strong leader image. But even though he was embarrassed about crying, he just naturally melted into jinyoung’s arms and I just??? It just shows that he trusts Jinyoung so much that he would show his weak side.



look how ready he is damn jae calm yourself he’s all yours


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It’s nearly been one year since Undertale was released, and even though I didn’t know about it until christmas, I still feel like the game helped me to get through a very hard time in my life.
It’s a rough sketch, but I just felt like making something to show my appreciation.

Even though the hard times aren’t over yet, being in this fandom has helped me get through, and Im so so grateful.

The worst part about this is that @gooey-draws-shit didn’t do an abusive thing by breaking up with their babs. That’s not abusive. Their relationship was going to be a very happy and loving relationship. No one has the right to say it would’ve ended terrible just BC Gooey has trauma. something traumatic happened and they’re still really affected by it. This whole shit with ass hat coming back just shows how abusive HE is not Tobi. THE FACT THAT HE COMES BACK RIGHT AFTER TOBI IS IN A HAPPY LOVING RELATIONSHIP WHEN HE HAD A LOT OF OPPORTUNITIES TO SAY WHAT HE SAID JUST SHOWS HOW STILL ABUSIVE HE IS. Gooey is not being abusive or a terrible person by REACTING TO SAID ABUSER. STOP TELLING THE ABUSED THAT THEY ATR ABUSERS

First of all - a Happy New Year to all you out there!

I really miss ranting about YoI. Maybe I should just do it anyway lmao. I’m currently re-watching the show - something I’ve refrained myself from while it was running (and I haven’t done yet because … ugh … other obligations).

I wonder if I’m gonna find a lot of things that I missed watching it the first time around. Probably lol. 

How did / do you guys experience your first re-watch? Or are some of you even watching it for the first time, maybe? 

What are your feelings about season 1 being over? Are you still suffering from withdrawal symptoms, or have you already gotten over it (or are currently in the process to lol)?

What are your wishes and hopes for season 2 (and yes, it will happen because it has to happen - for the sake of my sanity!)? 

Okay so I don’t think we can officially say Dan ‘came out’ (as gay, bi, pan, etc.) in his latest video BUT I do think it was a huge step for him. Several years ago he wouldn’t have even likely joked about his sexuality. Or if he did, he usually seemed pretty uncomfortable. 

Dan being comfortable with the topic of sexuality is a good thing, no matter what sexuality he actually identifies with (or if he doesn’t identify with one at all right now) =^.^=

You're mine

Description: Jaebum isn’t happy about you moving on and shows you that you’re still his.

Jaebum x reader ~ SMUT

It had been 2 long years together. You were dating Im Jaebum, when you first met, you we’re drawn to each other. Speaking that he was controlling and has his mood swings, it spiced up the relationship for you. You loved him and he loved you. But he and you begin to go separate ways, he was a trainee when you first gotten together and then the contract had you guys sneaking around. But you hardly saw each other. 

 You had moved and he had a start on a new career. So you both stopped talking, there was no communication at all. Both agreeing it’s best to break up. You couldn’t deny that you missed him, missed the sex, missed how he held you. But you had gotten a new boyfriend, a new boyfriend who was different from Jaebum. He wasn’t as controlling as Jb was, he didn’t have those mood swings. But he was similar to you. 

Long talks in the middle of the night ~good sex. But still apart of you missed Jb but you were able to put the thought in the back of your head. That was until the skinship between you and your boyfriend started to get less and less. You both were busy and hardly had any time for each other.

You had so much sexual frustration but being with another man never crossed your mind.

You had left him to go to a bar. Sitting down at the bar, you wore a pink dress which wasn’t too skimpy, but you had came from work and didn’t think to change. You swirled the straw around the glass taking sips.

 “A light margarita on the rocks.” 

 You felt the presence of someone else beside you but you were to drowned in your own thoughts to pay attention to who it was. 



 “Oh my God it’s you” you were surprised to see him here.

 What was he doing here? 

 “What are you doing here?” You asked, half smiling.

 “I just needed a drink. Ya know? Had a rough day” he sighed.

 “Tell me about it” you groaned, chugging down your drink.

 “How have you been”, you asked, out of curiosity. 

 “Pretty good. Touring in a week.”

 “I’m so happy for you Jb” you beamed patting him on the back.

 “How did that fashion designer Job work out?” He asked.

 “I got the job! I’m actually the owner of the company. I really love my job” you smiled, “How about you?”

 “I miss you” he said randomly. 


 “I miss you Y/n. I miss talking to you every night. And I’m sorry that we didn’t work out because of what I wanted to do” he confessed, taking your hand.

 But you jerked your hand away. 

 Frowning,“Jaebum” you muttered.

 His eyes found yours and he stared at you for a good minute before he changed his facial expression. 

 “I have a boyfriend Jb, and I-I love him” you said. 

 “How long have you been together?” He asked, licking his lips.

 You knew that look.

 “A year now” you sighed. 

 “Did you fuck him?” He asked.

 “What?” You gasped. 

 “Did you fuck him Y/n?” He repeated. 

 “That’s not your business. We aren’t together anymore Jb.” 

 “That’s not what I asked. Yes or no” he said again.

 You sighed, knowing that if you didn’t answer his question, whether you guys we’re together or not; from experience you decided to choose to answer him, truthfully.

 “Yes. We did.” 

 “How was it?” He asked. 

You watched his fingers rub up your legs and you shivered from his touch. You missed it but NO. You were dating someone else now and he didn’t have that right anymore. But your words got stuck in your throat.  

When you didn’t reply, he took the chance to rub small circles higher just how he remembered you loved. You fought back a moan, biting your lip hard. His powerful stare staring deep into your eyes and you could see the lust brewing inside.

His hands raised up your hot skin and you wanted to so badly slap his hand away but the feeling of your neglected skin being touched felt so good. A small whimper left your lips unknowingly and when you realized it you sucked in your breath. He removed his hand, digging into his pocket to pay for the drinks.

“Call your boyfriend now and tell him you won’t be home tonight” he ordered, pulling you with him out of the bar.

Before you could even protest, he was driving off and heading down the familiar streets.

“Call your boyfriend now and tell him you're not going to be home tonight” Jb repeated as his hand squeezed your thighs.

You took your phone out, texting him to tell him you were staying over a friends house tonight. Before you knew it, Jb was dragging you out the car and towards some hotel.

“What are you doing” you choked, as Jaebum pushed you inside his room.

But he didn’t answer you, instead he pulled you towards him and his lips slammed onto yours. Taken you by surprise, you weren’t sure if you wanted to kiss him back but having some type of touching made you kiss back almost immediately

His hands finding the zipper to your dress and zipped it down as the straps fell down your shoulders. You wanted to protest to tell him no because of your boyfriend but when you spoke you sounded so needy and weak.

“Oh Jagi, I’ve missed that pretty little voice of yours” Jaebum hissed against your now burning skin.

You wanted to reply with a snarky comment but the way Jb was moving things tonight, you held your tongue for your own sake. His lips ghosting over the rim of your ear and down your neck ~ you forcing a moan back.

His hot breath on your skin was just enough to have you pooling and dripping uncontrollably. His hands intertwined with yours as he pushed you down on the bed, pinning them above your head.

“Let’s talk about you and your boyfriend?” he smiled and you gulped as you looked up at him.

That smile was anything but nice, in fact it scared you. The intense stare into your eyes making your heart thump- he was planning something so sinister. But you also couldn’t deny your panties sticking so close to your heated core that you wished he would hurry and fuck you if that’s what he wanted to do.

But NO, he wouldn’t win this, even if you were pinned down on the bed.

“Are you jealous Jb? Because it’s not my fault that I moved on” you scoffed, then suddenly regretted the second it came from your mouth.

Jaebum chuckled as he watched you from below him. Definitely something he missed- that pretty mouth of yours. His eyes trailing up and down your body, and then he smirked.


His hand left your hand and one hand continued to pin them above your head. His lips went to kiss the right side of your neck but you blocked all entrance for him and only a smile he replied with. Playing hard to get was something he absolutely adored about you…such a feisty thing.

His hand grabbed your jaw pushing your face over so he could kiss that bare area. His lips sucking harshly at your hot flesh, biting your lip to keep from making noise.  

Who were you kidding? You were fucking enjoying this.

“Have you missed my touch Y/N? he asked.

That feeling felt so good, having him manhandle and pin you down, you couldn’t wait. Your boyfriend never pinned your hands up or touched you like Jb did, and it took you almost a year to get use to it.

“N-no” you lied, rubbing your thighs together hoping to gain some sort of friction.

“Then why are you so wet for me?” he smirked, leaning closer.

Your core was throbbing and he was taking his sweet time with you and you needed to be touched. 

He then sucked lower, right by your collarbone and a moan left your lips. Just how he remembered- your weak spot. He kissed it again, getting the same reaction from you and you could feel his lips curved into another smirk.

“Does he know where all of your weak spots are? ”Jb asked, this time his finger trailed up your thighs, stopping just at your clothed folds.

“n-no” you breathed out.

Jaebum remembered all the places to touch, when to touch and how to touch it. He knew exactly how to get your breath hitchy; how to make you moan. 

His finger swiped over your throbbing core. Rubbing at your clit, you bit your lip, hoping he wasn’t watching your face right now. How you were practically begging him to fuck you- your face showed it all. He removed his hand from you completely and your eyes opened, wondering why he stopped.

“And you're so wet. I bet he doesn’t have you dripping like I do” Jaebum mumbled into your ear before giving it a nibble.

No he doesn’t… At least not like this.

You could feel the pressure burning through your body as you let out small in denial breaths. You closed your eyes, thinking about how good he felt between your legs. His finger rubbing the center of your heat through your panties and shaky breaths leaving your swollen lips.


“Y/N, can he touch you this good?” Jb taunted as his finger slipped inside your wet heat.

A gasp left your mouth as you squeezed at your hands, which were still pinned above your head. You know that if you had told him no, no Jaebum, you wouldn’t be under him right now and his fingers inside of you. But lust was currently taking over you and you were so freaking frustrated that even his hot breath on your neck turned you on.

Don’t give in 

“N-no he can’t” you moaned out.

Damn you Y/N

He slipped another finger in, his fingers gliding and curling against your velvety walls making your legs slowly open wider to give him full access. Trying your best not to give in so easily but who were you fooling? You really needed this..Him

“You're so fucking wet kitten” Jaebum moaned as his hands let go of your wrist to snatch your panties off.

“I missed how it felt to finger fuck you” Jb taunted in your skin, lifting up one leg over his shoulder.

His fingers pumping at a faster pace inside of you and you couldn’t bare it anymore. 

Your hands gripped his shoulders tightly moaning, “Mhm”.

Oh. He had been working out.

Your nails digging into his skin as his fingers created that small knot in your stomach, you were close so close.

“I bet he couldn’t finger you like this huh baby?” Jb asked, leaving your mouth dry and legs shaking.

But you didn’t respond, just shaky breaths leaving your mouth as you griped his shoulders. You closed your eyes ready to savor any sweet moments. Your thighs shook, as your orgasm washed over you, leaving you there panting on the bed underneath Jaebum.

Of course you mentally thanked him for helping you release but you wanted more than just his fingers. As you let go off his shoulders and placed them at your side getting ready to roll from under him, he stopped you.

He gave you that look, and knowing Jaebum, you gulped again and didn’t bother to move any further.

“I’m not done with you” Jaebum smiled.

You were done with Jaebum though… at least you wanted to think that.

You wanted him, and feeling that bulge rubbing at your bare thighs, he wanted you badly.. so badly. But you also didn’t want to give in so easily. You had a boyfriend for fucks sake.

He could never pleasure you like Jb did, but you loved him and the sex was great too.

But you missed Jb whether you were accepting or denying it. Jaebum brushed his nose over yours, ghosting his lips past yours, thinking his was going to kiss you; oh how you missed being kissed. Your lips shivered under his, your eyes closing, but he only backed up and chuckled.

“Look at you Y/N. Has he been not pleasing you right that you're so needy” he grinned.

“W-what? That’s not true” you scoffed, knowing he was right.

Jb leaned in, biting your lip. You moaned softly as he began to kiss you in ways that heated your body. You missed the feeling, it has been awhile since you’ve been kissed and you wanted it to last forever.

You kissed him back, raising your hands to grab his black locks but he pulled away licking his lips and smirking.

“Does he kiss you like I do” Jb asked.

“N-no” you moaned, “Jaebum please don’t do this.”

His finger found your wet folds again, rubbing you through your panties. You bit your lips whining as he teased you, pinching at your clit and applying pressure as he rubbed it slowly.

“Does he touch you like I do” he asked and you quickly shook your head no.

“I can’t hear you princess” he said and you replied almost too quickly, 


“Good girl” he smirked.

His finger rubbed down from your cheek to your waist, taking his time as you arched your back.  You wanted to stop him but the feeling you were feeling, you wanted to rush him. To tell him to hurry up and fuck you but knowing Jb, every wait was worth it.

He then pinned your legs up, hooking his hands under your the back of your knee. Your face flushed from the position he had you in. His tongue lightly licking at your clit, and a long shaky moan leaving your dry lips.

“Has your boyfriend been neglecting this part of you?” He asked as his eyes stared deep into yours when his tongue swirled around your bud. 

He looked so fucking sexy doing that, throwing your head back in pleasure as your hands fisted the sheets next to you. And when you didn’t reply, seeing that look of pure bliss on your face, he knew the answer. And it only make his ego bigger.

“Oh god” you moaned.

“Can his tongue make you feel this good?” He again taunted and you bucked your hips to meet him mouth more. Jb noticed how you were unraveling under him and it turned him on so badly, his tongue licking up and down your folds then back to your clit.

“Fuck. Fuck.Fuck” you breathed out as your walls clenched together.

You were almost there, almost fucking there. Jaebum’s tempo slowed down and gave you pepper licks. Your body shuddered under him, releasing your second orgasm, you were so fucked out.

Before you could even catch your breath properly, Jaebum was pushing inside of you. Gasping loudly as your hands gripped the sheets. Mumbling curses, as Jaebum began to pound into you; skin slapping on skin and the sounds of the wetness slapping together.

“Fuck your so tight kitten” Jaebum moaned from above you, as he let one off your thighs go to pin your hands above your head.

Jaebum loved feeling in control, especially when it came to sex. He loved the feeling of his partner helpless under him, he loved having the higher power. Watching how you moaned his name, your head thrown back and completely vulnerable to whatever he did to you, it turned him on more.

“Jae” you whimpered under him, feeling your walls clench together as he continued to pound into your wet heat.

“Hold it for a little while longer” Jaebum said, pulling out and flipping you on your stomach.

Sliding you down to meet him, and pushing your ass in the air, he slid back inside of you. His hands on your waist and thrusting into you deeper and slower.

“Can he fuck you like this kitten” Jaebum asked, to distracted by pleasure you didn’t reply.

He quickened the pace, thrusting harder into you as your legs shook. Moaning Jaebum’s name, fisting the sheets and trying to hold onto your orgasm, your body tightened up and you needed to release.

“Can he Y/N?” Jaebum asked against, pressing the small of your back down more.

“No. Fuck Jaebum, you're the only one” you moaned out.

“Good girl” Jb panted from behind you.

His fingers digging into your skin and probably were going to leave a mark in the morning. His thrust became sloppy and stronger, bucking his hips deeper inside you. Leaving you moaning and gasping his name.


“Come for me kitten.”

You pushed your body back into his hip hard, feeling that amazing feeling that you longed to have, washed over you. Panting out as you felt Jaebums warm seed filling you up.

“Jb” you called, you eyes slowly closing.

“No matter how many boyfriends you get, none of them can fuck you like I can.” He paused as he placed a kiss on your forehead.

“Because you're mine…”


i’m literally so fucking happy about it’s always sunny man like rcg are pretty much just being like “shitty year? not on our watch” and giving us everything and i love it. i was so happy just because mac came out but now he’s super happy AND canonically into dennis AND dennis still flirts with him even though he’s out now AND i’m mentioning again he’s happy and gets lap dances and the floofy hair is back and idk im so tired but i’m SO HAPPY MAN I LOVE SUNNY

putting aside the eah face mold i think i’d like their dolls better if they weren’t so samey. like if i were to get a doll of a character, i’d mostly just want their basic

like i still can’t tell the difference between legacy day and thronecoming if you showed them to me side by side without the book/mask accessories

the mh reboot is sorta veering in this direction so while i still like the media a whole lot im not particularly happy about the overall state of the dolls. like ppl have said before, it’s minidress hell. and the makeup isn’t as varied as it was before either, like i could deal with lipstick colors that i dont like if it wasn’t literally the only one they gave that character anymore

electrified was weird so that’s promising. both it and garden of frights feel like lines that would have happened pre-reboot to me, and we know the line isnt ending soon because that show was confirmed, so i hope they’ll get their footing back but if they don’t we’ll always have the movies
Gift - Sailingfreely - GOT7 [Archive of Our Own]
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Chapters: 1/1
Fandom: GOT7
Rating: General Audiences
Warnings: No Archive Warnings Apply
Relationships: Im Jaebum | JB/Jackson Wang
Characters: Im Jaebum | JB, Jackson Wang, A baby girl
Additional Tags: Domestic Fluff, just fluff, Useless drabble which urging me to get out, Shopaholic tendecy?, Anyway it’s just a small fic about their happy little family

“let me show you how good it feels to be a taker, okay? Let me spoil you too.” Jaebum deliberately avoiding to use the word ‘receiver’ knowing Jackson’s character, he would make a dirty joke about it even in this semi-serious moment.

He still did, “I’m a pretty good taker already, didn’t you know it best?” he had the audacity to look smug about it, making Jaebum laugh and the serious tension disappear like it’s never there.

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Anytime I think about shadowhunters I get filled with like. Pure honest rage. I thought I would be LESS bitter today?

honestly me. im still bitter and angry and upset. bUT i still love the cast and the characters. the writers and the showrunnes + the editing team fucked up big time but the show makes me way too happy to let a filthy gross episode ruin it all for me but still i get it and i hope we both calm down in the next couple of days ily (also pls know u can always come rant here about how upset u are cause honestly Big Mood)

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i wanted to stop by and thank u guys on dacn for all u do. im so happy to see darren get this roll and all the articls written about him he deserves itso much. not sure how d/dn calls themselves darren news when they post only 1 news about this new show an then a M tweet? how is that news? smh

You’re very sweet. We absolutely love the guys so it’s our pleasure to post about them. First and foremost, we’re fans. We care about them. If we didn’t, we wouldn’t be doing what we’re doing. Thanks for following our news blog.

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I'm very excited I just got properly referred to someone who can diagnose me!!! I was referred to someone else back in September but I'm still on the waiting list for an appointment but this place can get me in next Thursday!!!! I'm so happy and flappy and you were the first person that made it seem okay to be autistic and not know until later and show me traits that I didn't know about!!! Thank you so much Spooks!!! 🦇🦇

aw yay im so so happy for you!!! good luck with it!!! let me know how it goes!!!

  • Kira: he likes her doesn't he?
  • Scott: yeah.
  • Me: MOM MOM MOM!!! Stiles still likes Lydia!!! MOM IM SOO HAPPY MOM I LOVE YOU I LOVE ... Oh shit the dread doctors are coming..
  • Mom: the dread who?
  • Me: mom I'm scared lock all the doors and set the alarm..
  • Mom: alright honey , you still haven't really explain what your talking about
  • Me: mom just watch the show or don't unless you want to suffer emotional pain with a dash of fear
  • Mom: I'm good... Love you
  • Me: mom don't love me love stydia
  • Mom: okay then I'm going to bed

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You keep growing in popularity because you're a sweet and talented artist. You have an adorable muse, and I continue to enjoy her and your blog greatly. Watching your art change as time goes on since I first started following you brings a smile to my face; you're very talented and show yourself to be putting forth work as well as care and love as you keep growing as an artist. I hope you're doing well, or if you're not right now that you do so soon. You deserve so much love and more <3

oh,,, dear anon i was ta l king about emma but i suppose im growing too actually,,,,,  o h  m an I still just did that thing where you fling your hands around, just because you’re so happy,,,, I’m very happy that you enjoy Emma and the blog, and I hope to only make her better and my blog as well!! gah I’m blushing so hard while reading this— thank you so much— I’m also really glad you like my art and think I’m talented, it just makes me want to work harder and draw more aAAA!!! (ˊ̥̥̥̥̥ ³ ˋ̥̥̥̥̥) *smorch* im actually doing fairly good right now, and aaaAhHH its really nice to know that someone wishes happiness and love (and more? :’’D) for me!!! I wish you a life full of kindness, joy, and safety, sweet anon!!!))

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Sister, You've gifs of L&L have me about ready to scream at 10:16 pm Don't know how you do it. Lolz But L&L are just the most beautiful couple and I cry I miss them so much and I wish I had more. Still thirsty for more. 💕

i feel ya, pal. im actually kind of bummed bc lauren’s having a new show which means there might not be a follow up to the gilmore girls revival anymore. don’t get me wrong, i love that lauren’s getting a new show i’m really really happy and excited but i was actually hoping for some more gg episodes because COME ON we need more L/L scenes for crying out loud!

Jealous - Peter Pan Imagine

Rating: G

Warning: A cute little mad Peter Pan and some friendly Felix. Also, an OC of mine, Rufio.

Summary: Requested by Anon. Peter brings Wendy to Neverland to try and get you jealous. However, you are actually quite happy to have a girl around camp.

Word Count: (I went overboard with this one) 1129

“Hey, Rufio!” you shouted, sitting next to the new boy. Rufio was still pretty skeptical about Neverland, so you kind of took him under your wing to show im the wonders that is Neverland.

The boy smiled up at you, relieved that he didn’t have to interpret Tootles’ charades. “(Y/n), hey.”

“Have you seen Pan?”

He shook his head. “Nah. He probably is collecting some other innocent boys off the other realms,” Rufio mumbled grumpily.

You placed your hands on your hips. “Pan is a great leader,” you defended.
Rufio stayed quiet.

You smiled weakly and plopped down right next to him. “Hey, Rufio, you’re lucky that Pan took you in. I mean, most people are left in the World Without Magic, and trust me that place is not all it seems to be.” You gestured to the campsite around you. “Look around you, Rufio. The freedom to do whatever you want, whenever you want. There’s no limits to anything. In fact, Rufio, what’s your favorite food?”

He shrugged. 

“Come on. Just pick something.”

“Well,” he thought for a bit, “my friend used to bake me these little fruit pies.”
You concentrated and held out a closed fist. Slowly, keeping your eyes on your hand, you xposed your palm. Green smoke covered your hand and disappeared, leaving a beautiful pastry in your hand. 

“Woah!” exclaimed Rufio. “That’s amazing.” He examined the pastry. 

You beamed. “It’s yours.”


You nodded. 

He took it delicately in his hands and took a few small bites. "It’s so good! Thanks. Where’d you learn that trick?”

You smirked. “Pan taught me. See, he’s not that ba-” You stopped. Behind Rufio was a girl. Now, sure it may not have seemed like a weird occurrence, but in Neverland it was. All Lost Boys were, well, boys. You were the only girl because you were the one and only exception Pan made. 

This girl was actually quite beautiful, maybe even your age. It actually made you smile. You sometimes were tired of all the testosterone in camp. 

Peter sauntered over with his signature smirk on his face. “(Y/n), have you met Wendy?”

You beamed. “I haven’t had the pleasure!” You stood up and held out your hand. “Hi, I’m (Y/n), the other girl on this island.”

Wendy beamed. “It’s a pleasure to meet you, too, Miss (Y/n).”

“Oh, please, no need for the Miss. We’re all friends here. Would you like me to show you around?”

Wendy was smiling, ready to answer, but Peter cut her off. “Actually I was gonna show her around. you know, if you don’t mind, (Y/n).”

You backed off, not wanting to ruin anyone’s day. “It’s ok, if you want. I was gonna go practice my sword skills today anyway.” With that, you strutted away from the two. You turned back and shouted, “Wendy, stop by my cot sometime! I could show you the flowers!”

“That would be lovely,” she replied. 

You grinned and turned your back on them, marching into the forest with a tight hold on your sword. Too bad you didn’t notice Peter scowling and trying to glare a hole in your head. It would’ve made a shorter and much easier story.
Everyone hates those stories anyway. 

Anyway, you already were training when Felix approached you. You greeted, “Felix!” while continuing to cut the branches of the tree off. “Whatcha doing here?”

“The tree isn’t a good opponent,” he remarked with a smirk.

You rolled your eyes, panting. “Fine. Get over here and spar me then.”

He shrugged and suddenly lunged at you. Easily you avoided his blows. You knew he was stronger than you were, so you kept on evading his blows and defending yourself. However, Felix knew your strategy. He easily cornered your in the tree grove. But, you were not gonna lose just yet. You observed him and found his open side. You swug there. When he blocked it, you moved from your spot and kicked his feet right out from under him. You pointed your sword at his throat. “I win,” you announced with a smile.

He smirked. “So you have.”

You helped him up and strolled back to camp.

“You know,” Felix started, “Peter seems pretty mad.”

“Why? Did Wendy try to escape or something?”

He shrugged. “I have no idea. Just try not being, well-”

“What?” You smiled.

“Can I say you?”

You elbowed him lightly. “Shut up, Felix.”

The day went on. you talked a lot with Wendy. She came from the Land Without Magic, just like you. She came from Britain actually. You had to ask how your country was doing. Last you knew, countries were in war. The two of you continued bonding, talking about what you missed from the other realm.

When dinner came, Peter swooped Wendy away, wrapping his arm around her shoulders, brushing his hand through her hair, and even went as far as to kiss her hand. Did you notice? Not one bit. You were too busy laughing with Felix, talking with Rufio, and trying to understand Tootles’ language of hand motions.

Peter hated you for it.

The next morning you jumped out of bed and dashed over to Wendy’s cot. It was empty. You gazed at the empty cot in confusion. Where was she?

“She left.”

You jumped a little and stared at the figure in the shadows. “Peter! You scared me. Wendy’s gone.”

Peter grit his teeth. “Why do you care so much about her anyway?”

You tilted your head in confusion. “Because she’s from my realm, has my same interests, and - you’ll never believe this - but she’s the only girl I’ve seen in all of Neverland!” You gasped sarcastically, then laughed right afterward. “Come on, Peter, lighten up!”

“I’m not in the mood. In fact, you should be the one not in the mood,” he mumbled. 

“What’re you talkin’ about, Peter?” You walked up to him, trying to catch his gaze. “Peter?”

He sneered. Peter’s green eyes gazed right into yours. “Why weren’t you bothered by me and Wendy?”

You stiffened. Then, you smiled. “Peter, were you trying to make me jealous?”
“I was not,” Peter sneered sternly.

You shrugged. “That’s too bad. I kinda liked you, but I guess those feeling will just go to waste.” You turned away from him and stepped away from Peter. “Oh well,” you sighed. “I guess, I’ll just have to rush to Felix or Ru-”

Suddenly, you were pulled back. You spun around right into Peter’s arms. The boy leaned down so your foreheads touched. Peter smirked down at you. “I like you in my arms way better.”

You smiled. “Good.” You stretched and crashed your lips onto his. Let’s just say there was no more talking about Wendy anymore. 

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