im still making things

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You wanna stream so you don't focus so much on all this discourse?

WELL, actually… it turns out the class for tomorro was non existent bc of holiday and i forgot, so i dont have to focus on homework for the microsoft fuckin office class like i thought

i might still do hw things?? just to make sure im all set for awhile, but yeah honestly i dont have to do as much as i thought and id rather draw. and if theres something i need to so i can easily stream it

you guys down for a stream? then i am

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i’m going to be honest, this was literally one of the best things to ever happen in an anime. their relationship is so healthy and realistic and its actually treated seriously. its not used as a gag or bait to lure in lgbtq viewers, the series lets it develop along with the plot in a way that is so perfect and it


this normalizes same gendered couples and takes these kinds of relationships away from simply being a “weird sub-genre”. it’s proper representation, i really hope other production companies decide to follow in these footsteps. i don’t think i will ever be able to shut up about this

why do i gotta ask for people to let this 30 yr old man live his 30 yr old life. like. drink a beer phil. call dan a cheeky fucking cunt when he’s being an idiot phil. make a disgusting sex joke that’s so bad it’s funny phil. live ur life. do it for me babe. im sorry people still treat you like a 15 year old scene kid who wants to fuck a plant.

don’t disappoint phil lester by electing donald trump just don’t


my two most favorite people in the world


do you feel that too?